Becky Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my 9 children have said to me over the years. Becky was born 1960:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
Age 2
November 3, 1962 Becky kept saying 'all wet' and then she showed me her shoes she had taken off and stacked in the dish drainer to dry with the 'clean dishes'!!! They really were not wet but certainly not spotlessly clean either.
October 12, 1962 Becky fell and cut her eye brow requiring three stitches.
January 8, 1963 I held Johnny up to the window so he could wave by-by to Tom and when I got to the dining room I looked around and Becky was holding her doll up toward the window and telling it to wave by-by. . . only thing was, she was about one foot too short to reach the window ledge so was facing a bare wall.
January 11, 1963 Becky had a convulsion from her high temperature and I was petrified since I had never seen one before. I took her to Dr. Van Biber who said the cause was her sore throat and high temperature. Just had to throw that in.
Age 3
September 21, 1963 Becky said if I didn't give her a piece of paper she wouldn't play with me anymore. . . (in a very pouty way, of course!)
April 19, 1964 Teri and Becky were looking at a Lysol box and it showed pictures of numerous places in the house to be cleaned with Lysol. Teri said you can wash any where with it and Becky piped up with, "Yea, lots of where's".
August 9, 1964 Becky came in all excited because the children had found a walking stick (insect) but she was calling it a walking tree.
August 11, 1964 Becky kept saying Marsha Kay (little girl next door) is going some place. 'Her' is nice, and 'Her' likes me and I finally said, "Becky, 'Her' is incorrect. It is supposed to be 'She' instead of 'Her'. Becky looked at me a minute and then said, "She-'Her' is going someplace".
Age 4
January 25, 1965 Becky asked me to blow up her balloon because she is all out of gas.
June 3, 1965 Becky was having Grandma comb her hair and informed Grandma she was fixing her ponytail just right. Grandma asked her how she knew since she couldn't see it and Becky said, "It's not hurting, that's how I know".
October 17, 1965 I discovered Becky's fingernails needed cutting badly so I cut them for her and Becky thoughtfully said, "That's good that you cut my nails, Mom, cause now I can't pick my nose".
May 16, 1966 We were planning to have strawberry shortcake for supper and Becky after getting up at 6 AM said, "Don't forget, we're having strawberry 'shortcut' for supper today".
August 3, 1966 Becky said her skin was dripping water from being so hot (perspiration).
August 20, 1966 I sent Grandma and Grandpa an anniversary card and Becky in complete amazement asked if they were married. I assured her that they were and then she said, "Is Grandma going to get a baby then"?
September 13, 1966 I was driving to Raytown High School to enroll in an adult education class and as we approached the building I informed the three little girls that this is the high school I will be attending. Becky looked up to the full height of the building and in awe said, "Debbie, this is the 'HIGH' school Mom will go to. . . Wow!"
September 24, 1966 We were looking for a parking place at the Englewood Doctor's building and I read the doctor's names as I drove by each parking spot and finally Becky asked what our doctor's name was, thinking we were supposed to be parking in our doctor's spot. I told her that is not what I was looking for and kept looking and finally Becky asked, "Are you going to park in the nurse's place instead?"
March 4, 1967 Becky had laryngitis and I asked her if she did indeed have laryngitis. She kept asking me to repeat the sentence and after the third time she said, "No, there is no one in my room by that name."
January 20, 1969 Becky was telling Tim she was going to buy him a new truck and I reprimanded her for telling Tim that because she has no money and I said, "Becky, you're telling Tim a bad story and you mustn't do that." Tim interrupted excitedly and said, "No, no, mom, that's a good story."
April 30, 1969 Becky asked me what kind of boxes the boys sit on at the ball park. Tom had box seat tickets for the boys at a baseball game several weeks ago. Sure took her a long time to finally ask that question.
July 13, 1969 I took Becky and Tim to Jefferson City to visit Tom's sister and family and Becky said, "Gosh, it sure is quiet in this car."
November 11, 1969 Becky heard the news commentators on TV talking about the Apollo 12 Flight and they were discussing the landing party. Becky looked surprised and asked, "What kind of party is a landing party?"
January 5, 1970 Becky said Aunt Patricia should have a maid because she is so rich!. (& Becky is what today?)
Age 12
December 15, 1972 While unpacking china in the house we had purchased on Harris Street in Independence, Becky said, "Isn't this exciting? Just like "we" just got married?" (I reread this on 6-2-1981 and Becky and Gary had just finished unpacking in their new home after their wedding. I am hoping it was as exciting for them as it was for Becky in 1972.)
Age 13
December 13, 1973 Becky wanted to mash potatoes with the potato masher instead of the electric mixer so they would be bumpy like Grandma's. She succeeded!
January 5,1974 This is a day in the lives of the Dierkes family. Rick burned his toast while I was on the phone. Bill knocked over a 6 qt pack of pop while at the grocery store. (Nope, that child is not mine!! I have never ever seen him before!) Becky turned over a full glass of tea. Dave fell down the basement steps in his stroller! Bill fainted twice in the bathroom after taking a hot bath (aftermath of his broken neck surgery) Scared me out of six years growth, sweetie! Ages Rick 18, Bill 16, Becky 13, Dave 8 months.
January 6, 1974 Neither Becky nor I noticed if she had sneezed while talking with TJ on the phone in Columbia, Missouri, but when she hung up she said her nose felt like she had 'snoozed'.
Age 15
July 7, 1976 After the second or third trip back home to check the house before we left on vacation Becky finally had enough and said, "Gee, we're going to spend our whole vacation just driving around the block."
July 9, 1976 After eating breakfast in Monroe City with Grandma and Grandpa McClintic we drove to Bagnell Dam and couldn't find any motel or hotel accommodations (except for a terrible place for $78.00 a night) so ate lunch in the area and drove back to Kansas City. Becky said, "Gee, we drove all the way to the Ozarks just for lunch." Then thought a minute and said, "Breakfast in Monroe, lunch in the Ozarks and supper in Kansas City, wow!" (Monroe City is about 25 miles from the east Missouri line (Hannibal), Ozarks is central, southern Missouri (below Jefferson City - capital), and Kansas City is on the west side of Missouri.)
July 19, 1976 The girls were wanting to stay a few more days at Grandma's but I said, "Dad is restless like Grandpa and needs to be moving on or doing something else." Becky said, "Well, let them do something together, then!"
Age 16
October 31, 1976 We were at Grandma's too small of a house this Halloween. Guests were TJ and Debbie Jean, Wheel, Bettie, and their five children, Chuck 9, Camille 7, Emily 3, Benjie, 2 and baby Jonathan, plus Becky 16, John 14, Tim, 11, Dave 3 and myself. Very, very loud and utterly chaotic, of course. Chuck suggested going to a spook house. Becky, in a very quiet and subdued voice said, "Just turn off the lights and we have our own spook house!" Very, very true, Becky!
1 9 8 0
Age 19
June 17, 1980 When Becky, Dave and I drove through a town in Oklahoma on our way back to Texas at 10:00 at night Dave was amazed at all of the people still up and exclaimed, "Gosh, why are all of these people up so late. Do you suppose they are staying up all night?" (I'll remind you of this some day, my dear, when you are up past 10:30 PM.)
June 17, 1980 Becky was driving and Dave kept urging her to coast like Mom does and save gas. Would you believe he meant for her to use the Cruise Control and not use her foot on the gas pedal? I did not know he thought I was coasting all of the time. Live and learn, I guess.
1 9 9 4
August 8, 1994 By Friday night Becky was wiped out with the added stress and so on from the week at the Lake. Beth was getting ready to fry fish and I asked Becky where she frys her chickens (meaning, where do you fry any of your foods) and Becky looked completely blown away and said in a quiet, surprised voice, "Chicken? We're frying chicken?" The look on her face was worth a thousand words.

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