Chandra Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years.

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 8 1
Age 2
July 1981 Chandra kept falling and falling and finally said, "Jeez. (like Dave) I keep falling."
July 26, 1981 David and Chandra were drinking water and David asked Chandra, "Isn't this delicious?" Chandra said, "No! This is water!"
October 1981 Leticia and Chandra were going for a walk down to the store with Robert Nance (a neighbor) when Leticia suddenly stopped and came back to the door. She leaned her face against the screen and told me, "Don't cry, mommy, okay? We'll be right back." Then she ran to join Robert and Chandra waiting for her at the gate.
October 16, 1981 Leticia and Chandra were busy washing their play dishes in the kitchen sink when Chandra made her 3rd huge mess. As I was busy wiping up the floor Chandra said to me "That's a no, no, huh, mommy? That's a no, no." Couldn't help but smile and cleaning up that mess was a little easier.
October 16, 1981 Leticia lost her bar of soap while washing her dishes. She wanted me to come in and help her find it but I told her to put both her hands in the sink and to feel for it. She was getting frustrated and putting her dishes in Chandra's water all the while telling me, "I know it's in here somewhere." It's so hard to believe she's only 3 sometimes.
October 21, 1981 Chandra was eating some cheese and I told her no more. When she got finished, she got down and told me, "My tummy hurts. I need a piece of cheese." Sly. Sly.
October 31, 1981 While waiting for our company to arrive so we could take the girls trick or treating, our first trick or treaters arrived and Leticia and Chandra were ecstatic. "Mom! Come see our friends! He's ---- Are you my friends?? Look! Here's my friends!" After they left Leticia was still keyed up. "Are they my friends? Do you like my friends?" So cute and funny.
November 1981 After saying our prayers and blessing our meal with our hands clasped Chandra always puts in her 2 and sings "Pocket Full of Posies." Her own little game.
November 18, 1981 Chandra was telling me she needed a drink because her tummy was getting so full. Then as if that wasn't moving me fast enough to suit her, her stomach started hurting. She wanted that drink NOW!
November 30, 1981 Chandra found the cookie cutter and said, "Look, Mom, here's Stoopy! (Snoopy) Where's Woodstop?" (Woodstock)
December 10, 1981 Chandra was checking out Leticia's birthmark and exclaimed, "Mudder, look! Tisha has a birthday!"
1 9 8 2
Age 2
January 12, 1982 Doug took the girls outside to make a snowman. Oh, how excited they were. At first they were having trouble getting it to stick together but then lo how big it soon became! Taller than Doug! As Doug was pushing (Pant! Pant!) the huge balls around the yard, I knocked on the windows to wave hello. Chandra was proudly following Doug's path and she just looked up and smiled, "we're making a snowman and Daddy's helping us."
February 17, 1982 Chandra playing with Brenna's cardboard toy box brought it to me saying, "Oh, dear, I broke Brenna's box." So worried over such a minute thing.
April 16, 1982 Chandra was asking me where Cecil was taking Anna Mae's car and said, "Where's Cecil taking Anna's-----Anna's-----I can't think of her name."
April 16, 1982 Cecil was sneaking up on Chandra playfully when Chandra said, "Don't frighten me. I'm a good girl."
1 9 8 4
Age 4
May 5, 1984 Chandra told me that her light bulb was bad. It had a bad bruise on it. (black spot)
1 9 8 6
Age 7
July 7, 1986 Chandra said her boy friend likes her because she has so much 'sense in common'. . . suppose she means 'common sense'?
August 8, 1986 While driving Leticia, Chandra and Brenna back home to Independence, MO. Tom, Dave and I stopped off in Monroe City, MO at a motel to register and spend the night. The girls knew we were going to visit Grandma while in Monroe, too. An older lady brought in a rollaway bed for Dave to sleep on and as she left the room Leticia said, "Nannie, I've never even seen that Grandma before."
August 8, 1986 While driving Leticia, Chandra and Brenna back home to Independence, MO. Tom, Dave and I stopped off in Monroe City, MO at a motel to register and spend the night. Chandra asked if they were staying at this apartment (motel) for the night and I told her only Grandfather and Dave and I were spending the night in the motel. Chandra then wanted to know if we were going to let Dave drive them all home all by himself. (Oh, sure, Chandra, all the way home at the tender age of 13!)
1 9 8 9
Age 10
July 12, 1989 Chandra helping mom in the kitchen began to work with tartar sauce mixing bag. To blend the contents of the packet, she dipped the packet into the dishwater and was ready to go onto direction #2. (I believe, darling girl, that the 1st step wanted you to "add" water.)
1 9 9 1
Age 11
February 24, 1991 Chandra had a blood test and in a subdued voice asked me if she was going to die because she gave so much blood. . . (two whole vials!) Age 12 years.
February 25, 1991 Chandra was complaining about her sweaty feet and I asked her why they sweat and she said, "Because I have black shoes and black shoes absorb heat, you know." Well, no, I didn't know but guess I do now. Then I asked her why she didn't use Dave's foot powder and she said, "No, way, he has athlete's feet!!!".
March 15, 1991 Chandra found a big safe in Rick's rectory basement. It is almost room sized (if you are thinking pantry size like Teri's, that is). There were numerous old paint cans on the shelves in the safe and Chandra asked in bewilderment why they needed a safe for their old paint!!!
April 19, 1991 Chandra was wanting to learn to sew and I kept running out of time. Finally, in exasperation she said, "I wish Grandpa knew how to sew!. He's the only one with spare time around here!".
April 19, 1991 Chandra was wanting to learn to sew and Nannie kept running out of time. Finally, in exasperation, she said, "I wish Grandpa knew how to sew! He's the only one with spare time around here!"
Age 12
July 6, 1991 Returning home from Missouri, Chandra asked why people sell fleas. She saw a lot of 'flea market' signs. Don't know if she was serious or not. Probably.
December 9, 1991 Chandra put a 15 cent stamp on her letter and I told her it wasn't enough. It costs 29 cents to mail a letter. She looked amazed and disgusted at the same time and said hurriedly, "When in the world did they go up in price? I didn't even know it. Pretty soon they'll charge a whole dollar!!" Chandra, just how long has it been since you mailed a letter, anyhow?
1 9 9 2
Age 13
January 5, 1992 Brenna saves everything and Chandra informed Becky that Brenna is a 'Muskrat'. Believe she meant pack rat.
1 9 9 2
Age 13
March 14, 1993 Chandra was talking like a 4-year-old and Leticia said "Talk you age." Chandra said, "thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, etc."
Age 14
1 9 9 4
Age 15
June 14, 1994 One of Deborah's girls were stretching the skin wide beside her eye during Mass and DJ whispered to the child (Chandra, I would bet!) to quit and why was she doing that to Deborah anyway. The 'child' whispered back that she just wanted to see how Deb would look without any wrinkles around her eye. Aren't the little darlings just darling???!!!
1 9 9 7
Age 19
June 1998 Chandra recently saw Jeff for the first time in a few months and looked at him in surprise and said, "Gosh, look how long he is!!!" (Jeff is 13 & 5'7")
2 0 0 5
Age 24
December 2005 Chandra, Brenna and 7 year old Cody were driving to visit their uncle Dwayne Smith and Chandra asked Brenna a question she did not want to answer and instead of answering Little pitchers have big ears as the saying goes, she said Pictures have ears.
2 0 0 8
Age 28
January 22, 2008 I have no idea why I wrote down that Chandra said fairy dust. Darn it! Help?
January 22, 2008 I put Cody's insulated lunchbox in the cabinet over the microwave and told Chandra what I had done and asked her to repeat it. Then I asked her where I had put it and Chandra said, "You put it where I can't reach it."
2 0 0 8
Age 30
June 27, 2009 Hunter was in the hallway saying "huh, huh, huh, huh." Chandra tells David and Drew that's what you're supposed to say back. So here's all these "big" people, and the baby huh, huh, huhing away in the hallway. (Who's leading/teaching whom?)
2 0 0 9
July 12, 2009 I was putting my blue tooth (earpiece for my cell phone) away when my phone rang. It was Jennifer's name on the caller I.D. Chandra said, "Don't answer. She'll talk your ear off."
Age 31

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