Cody Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Cody was born 1998

_____Date_____ They Said What?
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Age 2
June 9, 2000 I was showing Cody how to fold a little plastic diaper with Velcro closures to form a diaper. As soon as I finished I assured him that is the way it is done. Cody looked up at me with a strange expression and said, "But, you forgot the baby."
August 17, 2000 Tom and I were caring for Cody who had been ailing earlier in the day. Tom remarked he did not care for the tail on Cody's hair. (Really Cody's natural hairline!) Cody looked at Tom and pointed to his bottom and said, "Tail?"
September 10, 2000 Cody got a brand new 3-wheeler for his birthday today and kept getting caught between the refrigerator and the cooking island. To solve the problem, he insisted I move the refrigerator!
September 30, 2000 Chandra, Cody, and Leticia were singing "Old McDonald Had Farm." Leticia sang "and on that farm he had a" and let Cody supply the animal. He chose "cow" and away they went "mooing." The next round she waited for him to pick another animal and Cody picked "cow" again. Leticia said, "not cow again. We already did the cow." And Chandra said, "It's a dairy farm!" Ha! Ha, Chandra!
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Age 3
March 2001 Deborah (DJ wants to be called by this name) told Cody Aunt Leticia has a baby in her tummy. Cody looked up and said, "Did she eat him?"
February 15, 2002 Cody went for a blood test two days in a row and he knew what was going to happen. He asked his mom for his gloves and even though they were in the doctor's office Chandra gave them to him to wear thinking he was going to use them to pretend about something or other. Chanda asked him why he wanted his gloves and he said to stop the bleeding on his finger when they took his blood out. Now, that is pretty smart thinking for a wee little one.
May 14, 2001 Cody's mama was trying to change his clothes and he quickly ran off into another room, jumped on his horse, and said, "You can't catch me now!" Of course not. She can't run as fast as a horse!
August 19, 2001 Chandra was at the table making a few disparaging remarks to me when Cody asked her, "Are you talking bad to your mother again?"
September 23, 2001 I got a Sonic hamburger for me and a hot dog for Cody tonight with tater tots and onion rings to share. While I was trying to get his movie running (failed), Cody helped himself to everything. Lettuce everywhere, pickles back into the bag, onion rings and tots sorted. He was a little unhappy with me at first when I took the hamburger for myself and started putting it all back together again. (Never found the pickles until I was cleaning up.)
2 0 0 5
Age 6
January 2005 Cody:   "Nannie, did you get money from the tooth fairy when you were little?"
Me:   "We did not have tooth fairies when I was little."
Cody:   "Oh. I bet they were just growing up then and that is why you didn't get any money."
Age 7
December 24, 2005 Cody received a gift from Sarah and Eric. "The Rhews." When asked if he knew who gave him the present, he proclaimed, "The Morgans."
December 24, 2005 Christmas Eve when gifts were being opened we asked Cody who his gift was from as he tore the wrappings off. He hesitated a second and then said, “From the Morgan’s” (Cody's cousin). He could not think of Sarah and Eric’s last name of Rhew, obviously. Cody McClain great grandson.
2 0 0 7
Age 8
April 6, 2007 Cody McClain (8) and Morgan Rhew (7) were playing baseball out in our front yard. Morgan was at bat and Cody was catching as Brenna Smith (25) threw pitches to them. Morgan swung the bat and then let the bat fly from his hands. It flew backwards and was aimed straight toward Cody. He jumped out of the way and Brenna said in a stern voice, "Morgan, what did you do wrong just then?" Morgan looked sad and in a quiet and innocent voice he said, "I threw my bat." Brenna said, "Was that safe?" He shook his head and said, "Noooo."

Then Brenna said, "What could you have done differently?" He said, "Hit him." Five minutes later he did hit Cody with the bat and we had a bloody eyebrow.
2 0 0 8
Age 9
July 19, 2008 Cody passed gas quite loudly and I wanted him to use his good manners and asked him "What do you say?" "It was loud" was his only comment.
Age 10
December 26, 2008 Cody and Chandra were playing a word game and Chandra told Cody she needed a past tense verb. He said "jamped."
2 0 0 9
April 2, 2009 Cody 10 I was reading questions to Cody at the doctor's office and when I asked him what it meant when he heard a siren. He popped up with "Somebody needs a prayer." Yes! Correct answer! This is what I'd tried to teach my own children for years.
April 9, 2009 Cody, Brenna, and Chandra were playing school. Cody and Chandra were students and Brenna the teacher. Cody keeps passing notes… and getting caught! What fun.
Note 1: do you like the teacher?
  • ? Yes
  • ? No
  • ? Maybe
  • I think she's crazy.

Me 2/She's mean.
Note 2: Call me
April 15, 2009 Chandra told Cody to pick up his toys and stuff before his dad came to pick him up. Cody said they'd pick themselves up. Chandra asked, "They'd magically pick themselves up?" He said, "Yea." (When he left they were all laying there and when he got back they were always all picked up.)
April 16, 2009 Cody was yack, yack, yacking away trying to get out of the chicken casserole on his plate. Chandra told me Cody had a game that night and Cody said he probably wasn't going to make it. (Meaning he'd still be sitting there eating.) Ha!
July 2, 2009 Cody overheard on the phone "I think you should do it. I'm the child. You're the parent."

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