Daniel Hosea Smith Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Great Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Daniel Hosea Smith was born 2006:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
2 0 0 9
Age 2
October 30, 2009 Daniel was wanting a drink of cold water so he led his mom to the fridge and asked for a "cold shower."
2 0 1 0
Age 3
November 12, 2010 Daniel pooped in his Pullup after having 4 great days free of accidents when he tells his mom what he’d done. Jennifer said aloud, "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel" in which he replied "I’m just one Daniel, mom" Ha! Ha! Then she said, "Oh, is that right?" He replied, "Yea, and there is only one Hunter too!"
2 0 1 1
Age 5
February 4, 2011 There was 6" of snow on the ground. Jennifer’s dad called to talk to him Daniel and said, "Daniel, can Papaw and Uncle Matt go play in the snow?" Daniel replied, “Nah.” Papaw asked "Why not?" Then Daniel answered, "No Papaw, you’re too big. It’s just for kids."
April 14, 2011 Daniel pointed to the space between his two front bottom teeth and told Hunter he lost a tooth.
April 14, 2011 Daniel and Hunter were eating corn on the cob. Daniel told Hunter that corn was for eating and the handles were for… um… um… handing.
August 16, 2011 So Daniel comes up to me and says, "Mom you're my girlfriend." So I ask him what does he know about or where did he learn about "girlfriends" and he says, "Cuz Mom, you're a girl and your my friend so you're my girlfriend" LOLZ Whew scared me for a min there son!!
June 24, 2012 Daniel decided to "try" and climb into Hunter’s crib and give his brother some company. I woke up this morning to Daniel crying "Mama, whaah, ouch, whaah, whaah, ouch, Mama." So I looked up and saw Daniel dangling over the side of the crib. Funny thing was his face was hanging right in front of Hunter’s and Hunter was grabbing his ear. Ha! Ha! That’s where the "ouch" came into play.

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