Daron Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Daron was born 1983:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 8 6
Age 3
December 1986 "My teeth are hungry."
December 1986 I told Santa what I wanted but all he gave me was a sucker. He didnít give me any toys.
1 9 8 7
Age 4
August 21, 1987 Daron declared that if we all got locked out of the house by Uncle David we could all climb down the chimney. That idea did not appeal to all of us.
September 6, 1987 Daron wanted to keep me within earshot and if I wandered off he would call and I might say 'upstairs' or 'downstairs'. He would then ask, "Are you upstairs or up, up stairs?" He meant the very top floor where the bedrooms were. I only am adding this for future generations cause there were four floors in that house.
October 17, 1987 Daron and Dave were wrestling, etc in the living room and Daron fell off the top of Dave's head. Daron came to me and said, "I fell off of Uncle Dave's head and got all bended up!".
October 18, 1987 While reading Halloween stories to Derek and Daron, Daron looked up at me and said, "Boy, that sure was 'pookey'".
October 18, 1987 Derek, Daron and I were cleaning out the garden area behind the house and cutting off the rose bush limbs which were flopping all over the place. After two hours of this trimming and putting the stuff into barrels Daron asked, "Nannie, is this fun?" I said it sure is. Later I heard Daron comment to Derek, "This is sure fun". Still later he said to Derek, "This is really fun did you know that, Derek?!
October 18, 1987 One day Daron crawled on my lap and told me he was really sad. I asked why and he replied that only Shelly and 'me's' Mom knows why he would be sad forever. I asked if he wanted to share with me why he would always be forever sad and he said sadly, "But, I forgot what it is I am so sad about!".
October 18, 1987 Derek and Daron had the clever idea of cutting down the willow tree in the back yard so got one of Tom's golf clubs and started whacking away. I saw them and soon decided they were going to harm the tree and the club so went out to retrieve the club. Strange looking club. Looked sort of like the letter "S".
1 9 8 9
Age 5
June 5, 1989 Daron thinks out loud like Grandpa Tom but Derek does not.
June 7, 1989 While trimming the dead branches out of a rose bush it got dark on us and Daron asked, "Are we going to cut on this bush till morning?".
June 7, 1989 I was reading a book to Daron and Derek about a person at church. There was a graveyard beside the church. Both boys asked questions about the church and the graveyard and they decided between them that they were not going to church anymore so they wouldn't die and go to a graveyard.
June 7, 1989 Derek broke Daron's 'Burger King royal crown' and Daron asked Derek how come he did that when he had worked on putting it together for his whole life . . . (all of 15 minutes, anyway.)
June 8, 1989 I asked Daron if he went barefoot at home and without a pause he asked, "Go where?".
June 8, 1989 Daron said he just saw three kittens. One was black and one was gray and one is striped black!
June 9, 1989 Daron ran outside and excitedly said he was going to get my mail off of the driveway for me. . (the daily newspaper). Thanks, Daron.
June 9, 1989 Daron is still worried that he won't be able to tell the Grandma by the church (in Monroe) from me if we are together. Thanks a lot, Daron. I didn't know I looked 85 years old!
June 9, 1989 Daron asked how old Grandma by the church is and I told him. He was amazed when I said 85 and he said, "Oh, she is older than my mom, then".
June 9, 1989 Daron excitedly showed me a picture of a baseball player in the Chicago paper and told me it was Uncle David. No way, Jose!
June 10, 1989 Daron asked me if the water runs back into the faucet if you step on the hose. Then he picked up Dave's 'jock strap plastic holder' and put it over his nose while asking what it was.
June 10, 1989 Daron was looking for Derek one morning and said Derek was already up before him because he looked on Derek's pillow for his head and it was gone!
June 10, 1989 Daron and Derek were having a great time scouting out the neighborhood. They came walking in with a 'Huge' leather chewing bone for a big dog. I told them to take it back from where they had gotten it because it belonged to someone's dog and the dog likes to chew on it and will miss it. Both boys suddently had a very forlorn and sad look on their faces and Daron said, "We thought it was a dinosaur's bone". Boy, I could sure see where they got that idea from. I had never seen such a huge chewing bone before. Don't you know how sad they were to have their discovery turn out to be a mere dog's bone to chew on?
June 10, 1989 Daron was admiring the very green and prosperous looking garden Tom had planted to fill the garden space. Daron said that "Grandpa sure has good crops!".
1 9 9 2
Age 9
June 24, 1992 The boys (Daron and Derek) wanted to stay up past 10 PM and I told them no because Daron would be here a lot of nights yet and no need to burn the candle at both ends. Shortly after that I looked up to see Daron looking high and low around the fireplace and then in a puzzled voice he said, "I don't see any candles." I laughed and laughed and then he said, "Oh, that was just a figure of speech, wasn't it?".
June 25, 1992 Took Daron to our bathroom to see what the Master area looked like. When he opened the door to the stool area he said in amazement, "Well, what do you know. A bathroom inside a bathroom!".
1 9 9 8
Age 15
September 9, 1998 Debbie Jean walked past Daron and he stretched his arm out and put the end of a toilet paper roll on her stomach. When she asked him what he was doing, he very calmly and seriously said "life o suction".
Age 17
March 1, 2001 "Interestingly enough I got my ACT score back today. My English dropped from a 29 to a 27. I mean this is bad, but seriously, a 30 in both math and science with that 35 in reading doesn't make it all bad. After all, a 31 composite does put me in the upper 2% of the nation. With the envy of all my peers. Though my English did drop and my math is below my standard. Yet that Bright Flight scholarship... $2,000 every year for four years. Not bad. The $3,500 curator's at UMSL isn't so bad either. Then there is that $1000 physics scholarship I needed a 28 for... Oh well maybe I will do better next time."

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