David Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my 9 children have said to me over the years. David was born 1973:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 7 4
Age 8 Mo
January 5,1974 This is a day in the lives of the Dierkes family. Rick burned his toast while I was on the phone. Bill knocked over a 6 qt pack of pop while at the grocery store. (Nope, that child is not mine!! I have never ever seen him before!) Becky turned over a full glass of tea. Dave fell down the basement steps in his stroller! Bill fainted twice in the bathroom after taking a hot bath (aftermath of his broken neck surgery) Scared me out of six years growth, sweetie! Ages Rick 18, Bill 16, Becky 13, Dave 8 months.
Age 18 Mo
October 2, 1974 David was swiping mashed potatoes off of Teri's plate every other bite and I said, "Dave, I put more potatoes on your plate already." Dave looked down at his plate and said quietly, "Oh,"
1 9 7 5
Age 2
June 4, 1975 Dave saw a piece of hot dog lying on the floor and pointed to it and said, "Puppy, puppy."
August 3, 1975 Dave stuffed a bunch of marbles up the bathroom tub spout but they all came back out when the water was turned on, thank God.
August 5, 1975 Dave was hunting a holder for the football so he could kick it. He finally decided his old pot from the potty chair would be a great holder and it was!
September 5, 1975 I spanked Dave for not minding and he was lying in bed telling Teri between sobs that "Mommie spanked her baby, he was a bad boy, and right here" while pointing to his bottom.
September 25, 1975 Dave was supposed to be napping but instead he dumped a bottle of Teri's perfume on the bed and pillow. I just glared at him and he said quietly, "Oh, oh, a bad boy, spank me, Mommie." So, I did and he said, "Thank-you, Mommie", and laid down and went to sleep.
October 4, 1975 Dave awoke with a tummy ache during the night and while crying he led me to the hall closet and asked for a band aid to make his tummy all better.
October 15, 1975 Dave awoke with a tummy ache during the night and crying and tugging on my hand he led me to the hall closet and asked for a band aid to make his tummy all better.
November 13, 1975 Dave got his forefinger all dirty while rubbing it on newsprint and I told him to look at his finger. He did and with his nose turned up he looked at it in disgust and said, "Oh, yuk."
November 15, 1975 I said, "Good-by, love" to TJ as he left for work. TJ detoured and made a fast trip to the bathroom and then started out the door again. Dave was watching cartoons and without a change of expression or taking his eyes from the TV he said, "Good-by, love."
1 9 7 6
February 4, 1976 David was crying because he didn't want to go to use the potty chair because his soda pop would all come out.
February 7, 1976 When Dave got up from his nap I told him Grandpa and Grandma might come up for a visit and sleep in his bed and he could sleep in my bed. He started to cry and then said, "I don't want to go to bed now, cause I just got up."
February 22, 1976 Dave started getting quite upset because I didn't put any water on his cereal like Tim had on his. . . (milk).
February 25, 1976 Dave awoke with a nightmare and wouldn't stop crying. Finally he said he was going to go find his Daddy. Good luck, Dave. Your daddy is in Denver, so you will sure have a long trip.
February 26, 1976 While I was getting allergy tested Dave looked at my arm where the tests were being done and said, "That there guy did that." (Doctor Cox).
March 5, 1976 I asked Dave if he knew who Aunt Joy Calamia is and he squinted up his eyes and said she looks like this and she can't see. (Joy really does squint her eyes and even closes them when she is laughing!)
March 16, 1976 Tom was playing with Dave and kept asking him who the boss was. When Dave was high in the air and felt defeated he would say, "Dad", but when Tom let him down he would quickly change and say he was the boss. After six or seven times doing this Dave changed his tune to "We are the boss, you and me."
April 1, 1976 Dave insisted on getting out of bed and going to check on his Dad to see where he was. Tom was reading in the family room.
April 13, 1976 Dave awoke with the flu, tossed his cookies and cried because he had "spilled all over". First time he had ever had the vomiting flu in his whole almost three years.
April 14, 1976 Dave is the Dierkes who continually wears a hat or baseball cap almost since birth. Bill runs him a close second.
April 15, 1976 Dave still has smelly signs of the flu and when he passed gas he said, "Oh, oh, I burped out my poop."
April 18, 1976 Dave awoke from his nap and stopped at the bathroom door and studied all the people standing in the family room. . . Uncle Bill and Aunt Billie McClintic, Joy, Don and Donna Calamia, Grandpa Fred, TJ and Debbie Jean. Dave turned around and went into the bathroom and closed the door quickly and turned on the light. I hurried in to him thinking he had the trots again and found Dave opening the drawer while saying in a low voice, "I've got to comb my hair becaues all those people are out there."
April 19, 1976 I was counting up people to let Teri know how many seats to reserve for the play 'Oklahoma' at St. Mary's High School. I counted ten but excluded Dave. He was listening, naturally. I paused and Dave said, "David wants French Fries and a coke and a hamburger." He thought we were counting up for a trip to High Point or McDonalds or Big Boy's.
Age 3
May 5, 1976 A lady asked my name at the door and I said "Dorothy Dierkes" and Dave immediately challenged me with, "Why did you say that? Your name is not Dorothy, it is Mommie."
May 6, 1976 Dave laced up his shoe lace all crooked and then handed it to me to tie. I asked if he wanted it tied right there and he said, "No, on my sock" and held up his foot.
May 7, 1976 Becky received a rose from her current flame and asked if she should press it between the pages of a book. Davie, in the other room, overheard and misunderstood and came in wide eyed and whispered to me, "Are you going to put David between a book?"
June 3, 1976 Dave came in the house calling for Aunt Debbie,. (TJ's wife and Dave's sister-in-law, not Aunt).
June 6, 2976 When TJ and Debbie Jean were leaving Dave whispered to me, "Is Tommy (TJ) going to sleep with that girl?" I said, "Yes, Dave, they are married." Dave started crying and said, "I don't want them to go yet."
July 3, 1976 Dave went out in the street on his tricycle and his daddy spanked him. Later Dave said to his daddy, "Did you spank Mom when she was a little boy and went out in the street, too?"
July 3, 1976 Pat Hays and wife from Monroe City had twins and named them Susan and Matthew. Dave said, "And Pat, too?" Dave's little friends on the street are Matthew and Pat.
July 6, 1976 When Tom and I returned from driving around downtown to see the Shriner's Dave asked where we had been and Tom said, "Oh, driving around downtown" and Dave said, "Oh, you mean in circles?"
August 5, 1976 When the car would not start after Deb's wisdom teeth were extracted I prayed silently that it would start on the next try. It did and Dave said, "Tell God thank you, Mother."
September 3, 1976 Dave asked Chuck Zeikle what position he plays in football. Sounded so big!
September 7, 1976 Dave saw a big German Shepherd dog and was afraid of it because it had big fingernails on his feet.
September 8, 1976 Dave saw my splatter screen for frying food and said someday he can use it at church like John and Tim do when Father gives people something to eat. (A Communion paten).
September 9, 1976 Dave asked me if my name is 'Dorfy' and I said it was and he said, "Is your name mother?" I told him it was that, too, and Dave said, "You be mother and not Dorfy, okay?"
October 5, 1976 Tim went to Totta's to catch a ride to the football game. I asked Dave if Tim was going to ride in the van and he said, "No, he can't ride in that because when you pull the rubber band like this ------------------- it might hurt you."
October 6, 1976 Dave asked if his Daddy had gone to the Ridge Mall Blue. (Supposed to be Blue Ridge Mall.)
October10, 1976 Dave brought me a record for the record player and asked if I'd put this "noise" on and added, "Please and play it."
October 12, 1976 We saw an old, old truck drive by and Dave said, excitedly, "Look, Mother, an old fashioned truck." (Where in the world did he learn those words?)
October 12, 1976 Dave watched John and his football team practicing and exercising Saturday morning and said, "Look, Mother, they're exercising in the back field." And they were!
November 3, 1976 Dave was watching water go out of the tub and told me the water was going around and around over the hole like this and turned around and around in the tub to demonstrate.
November 4, 1976 Dave wanted me to read to him and I kept putting him off. Finally he said in experation, "Mother, tell me about this story or do I have to tell me about it myself?"
November 4, 1976 We had been to Grandma's less then 15 minutes when Dave came in the house (didn't even know he was outside) and happily said he had been walking in the river! (Grandma's creek). Both shoes soaked and pant legs wet, too. I was aghast because he had no more socks and shoes but he said he'd packed some and he sure had. PTL.
November 19, 1976 Dave left the Montgomery Wards Beauty Salon to wander around a bit and came back all excited because he found a bathroom and insisted I come and look at it, too. I got up and followed behind a hurrying Dave (curlers and all) and as Dave started to pull down his pants so he could potty in the stool I saw these were display bathroom fixtures and started yelling "Stop, stop, Dave." I told him there was no water in the stool and he had to put his hand all the way to the bottom to prove it to himself. One of the hairdresses asked him he he was going to buy the tub and he said, "No, it is too big for me."
November 20, 1976 Dave was watching me take a bath and asked about my breast. I explained they were there to nurse babies and that is where he had nursed milk when he was a baby. He said, "Now, there's tea in there, right?" Now, where have I heard that before!
November 21, 1976 I picked up an order from Montgomery Wards and Dave was checking the people out and suddenly asked me what these things were (eyebrows) and looked at everyone's and said he liked mine the bet. "Why do we have them?" was his next question. Told him to keep the rain and sweat out of our eyes. Anyone with a better answer?
November 22, 1976 Dave gave a beauty operator a piece of gum and she said, Thank you dear." Dave chuckled and said, "She called me a 'deer', Mother."
October 31, 1976 Monroe City, Missouri. David was talking about Debbie and we asked him which Debbie he was talking about. He said, "Our Debbie that lives down there, pointing to the floor (meaning the basement at home) and we said, "Do you mean Tommy's Debbie" and Dave answered, "NO, I mean Doug's Debbie."
November 9, 1976 The children watched a movie Saturday night about dolphins. They were all quite impressed with the movie and dolphins. Today I went downstairs because I heard Dave crying. He was sorting his soldiers into blue, yellow and red piles and sobbing as he worked. He said, "The bad guys are going to kill the dolphins. They said bad words to them and now they took them away." Tears were streaming all the way to his chin and his nose was running like 60. I tried to reassure him the dolphins were safe, but he just knew otherwise. This is not something funny Dave said, but I am putting it in this diary to remind all of you how impressionable little minds are and they often interpret things differently than we do. We never did get this one straightened out.
November 13, 1976 Mary Thompson asked Dave to go home with her and he backed away slowly and shook his head and said, "No way." Mary said, "But, why not David, I need a little boy like you at my house." Dave smiled and said, "I hit people." Mary dropped the subject for awhile and then later she tried again and asked him to please come home with her. Dave then said, "No, I am mean."
November 15, 1976 Tom bought David a big bunch of balloons. He gave him one and hid the rest. Soon Dave wanted some more and said to his Dad, "Dad, where did 'we' hide the balloons?"
November 16, 1976 I was putting Vicks VapoRub on Dave's chest and he asked why I was doing that and I told him it was because he had a cold. He whined, "No, Mother, I am not cold!"
November 17, 1976 David was listening to a Bible recording on the phone and copying his sisters. He took the phone to the steps and sat down and then asked me to close the door so he could listen without any interruptions. He sat there for a few seconds then up he hopped and went to the fireplace to sit there till the recording ended. I figured he had done so much dilly-dallying around I had better redial the number and try again. I did and Dave said, "Hold the phone, Mutter, I've got to get my homework to do while I listen." He got scratch paper and a pencil and was all set but the recording ended again. Oh, well. This is to remind all of you how much Dave is emulating all of you.
November 19, 1976 I like to run through the house for exercise and to get to my next job faster. I took off for the bathroom to brush my teeth, and Dave came running in behind me and asked, "What did you forget, Mutter?"
November 19, 1976 Dave told me Mothers are short and Dads are supposed to be tall and fat!
November 19, 1976 Dave wanted a 'Sucret' and said he needed it because his head hurt and all the while he is rubbing his tummy round and round.
November 20, 1976 Dave likes to talk about Great Uncle Alfred Parson's cows and his tractor. He said Great Uncle Alfred has a fat cow that looks just like his dad.
November 22, 1976 I asked Dave if he might like to be a priest when he grew up like Rick and Dave answered that he couldn't because he doesn't have whiskers! I told him Rick doesn't have whiskers either, so Dave pointed to Rick's upper lip and said, "But, Rick has all these whiskers or hairy stuff under his nose."
December 6, 1976 I was reading Dave a story about two boys in a row boat tossing mercilessly over the waves. Dave got very excited and wanted to know where their 'sweepers' were. I asked him what 'sweepers' were and he said, "Those things you sweep the water with" and then got up and demonstrated how one pulls and tugs an oar.
December 13, 1976 While making a visit to Nativity to the Blessed Sacrament Dave decided he had to go to the restroom so we got up to go and then I reached back for my purse and he said, "Do we have to pay to go to the bathroom?"
December 16, 1976 Jimmie Collins came to see Teri. Dave became very excited when he saw who her company was and kept telling everyone that "Teri's Jimmie is here" and then he said to Jimmie, "Come in and see all my people."
December 20, 1976 Dave sneezed and I said, "Oh, Dave, you sneezed, God Bless you." He said, "No, I didn't sneeze, I 'achooooed'.
December 22, 1976 Dave awoke from his nap and said his temper was gone now. He said it had gone all the way down to his feet. (Temperature, in case no one figures that out.)
December 30, 1976 Dave was throwing dirty laundry down the chute for me. I gave him three hangers to throw down and he asked in all seriousness, "Are the hangers dirty, too?"
January 1, 1977 Bill and Billie Mcclintic were visiting us and talking about their son Dennis. Dave said, "Is he our 'dentist', too?"
January 2, 1977 Dave was sleeping in our bed and about 6 AM he suddenly awoke and raised his head up and looked all around the bed and discovered he was in the middle of the bed and not on my left side as he usually is. He likes to sleep on that side and suck his thumb and fiddle with the end of my pillow slip. He said, "Im on the wrong end of the pillow'swip'."
January 7, 1977 Dave looked so funny trying to get his 'sleeves', as he called his pants legs, down over his legs before they froze. Cold in the house and colder outside.
January 14, 1977 Dave was talking about my birthday, which is today, and then started crying because I didn't take him with me so he could see me being born. Then he said he was born once when he was young and there were a lot of babies there, too.
January 14, 1977 I was going out to dinner with some of the family and said, "Wait, I've got to go put on my face", and Dave said, "Why, are we going Halloweeing?" Dave insisted he had to have a face put on, too.
February 3, 1977 Dave came upstairs carrying Tim's 'Walkie Talkie' and I told him he was going to get into trouble if he used Tim's things without permission and Dave said, "No, I won't, not till he gets home from school, anyway."
March 1, 1977 Dave said he used to babysit Tim when he was a baby and I told Dave he wasn't even born then. Dave declared very vehemently, "Oh, yes I was. I was laying out there watching TV."
Marcy 2, 1977 Dave, while talking with me, suddenly asked, "Why does everyone's tongue lay on the bottom of their mouths?" Good question, dear.
March 17, 1977 Dave was in a hurry to get his clothes on so he could eat ice cream He said, "If we don't hurry I am going to lose my 'temperature' (temper)."
March 18, 1977 I asked Tom to put Dave to bed and Dave said, "Wait till someone hurts me and I'm crying."
April 19, 1977 Dave is very lonely so I told him to go get Amy (2 1/2) from down the street and bring her back to the house to play. He said in a very exasperated tone, "I'm only going to marry Amy and that doesn't mean I have to play with her, too." He refused to go get her, period.
April 24, 1977 Barbara Higgins was trying to talk to Dave about where he was born and when his birthday is. Dave was drawing and finally said, "I think I am too busy to talk about this right now."
Age 4
June 3, 1977 We went by Jimmie's Barbecue place on 35th and Noland in Independence, Missouri and Dave saw all the cut fire wood stashed outside the building for barbecuing and said excitedly, "Oh, they've cut down a tree. Let's get some for Tommy Joe."
June 5, 1977 We were driving back from Paris, Missouri after visiting Grandpa at the nursing home. Grandpa has a habit of laying down and getting up every two minutes and continuing this up and down business all day. Dave was very restless on our trip home and up and down a lot. We finally got after him for it and he said, "I'm just like Grandpa. Get up, lay down, get up, lay down." (Did anyone notice the similarities of Grandpa and Grandma in their resting periods? January 31, 1991.)
June 7, 1977 When Dave saw our old house on Spring he said, "Why did I have to be borned, why couldn't I just have 'stayed' here with you in your stomach? Let's move back here."
June 8, 1977 Dave saw the eight other children's pictures hanging in the bedroom at Grandma's house and asked me where his was and I said, "You weren't born yet." Dave said very emphatically, "Well, I am now!"
June 9, 1977 I showed Dave the Mississippi River and he asked, "Is that where Debbie lives?" (No, Dave, she lives in Biloxi, Mississippi. The river is too wet to live in.)
June 10, 1977 Aunt Mabel Jacobs said she wants to be called Grandma by Dave so Dave said to me "We'll call her Grandma and 'her' (meaning Grandma McClintic) Mom and you're YOU and I'm ME."
June 11, 1977 Dave asked how many Gods there are for everywhere in the world.
June 12, 1977 I'm always kidding Dave about being all dirty and telling him he must not belong to this family but to someone else's. Today he came to me and said, "Am I dirty?" I checked him over and told him he was not and then Dave said, "Well, then I belong to this family then, don't I?" I felt very sad that I had ever kidded him because he took it very seriously and probably even frightened him some.
July 18, 1977 Dave asked me why we are saving Debbie's wedding punch in our freezer. I told him I didn't know why we were. He said, "I bet I know why, it's for "MY" wedding." I asked when he is getting married and he said, "Oh, next year when I'm five years old."
July 24, 1977 Dave saw a pussy willow cut off and told me Greg had cut it off of a cat and it is a cat's tail because it has two ends.
July 28, 1977 Tom asked the two little boys how they liked their vacation. Tim said okay and Dave said okay, too, but then Dave added, "There sure was a lot of it." (Think he meant we were doing too many things.)
August 13, 1977 Dave had gotten hurt a bunch of times while playing with Rick and finally he said to Rick, "If I get hurt one more time I am going to cry all the way to Grandma's house." (We were getting ready to leave for Monroe.)
August 25, 1977 Dave went for a ride in JoAnn Fields station wagon and I asked if he rode in the back or front seat. "No," Dave said, "I didn't ride in the trunk, I rode in the middle."
August 26, 1977 Dave's nose keeps running and I suggested he go get a tissue before it ran all over the floor. He looked around on the floor in amazement and then went to get the Kleenex without a word. Wonder what in the world he was thinking.
September 3, 1977 Dave asked how old Debbie is and I told him nineteen. Dave asked how old Doug is and I said nineteen, also. Then Dave said, "Then I'll be nineteen when I marry Amy and Amy will be nineteen just like Debbie." Dave then asked how tall Doug is and I told him six foot and, of course, Dave said he would be six foot, too, and then how tall is Debbie and I said 5'4" and he said Amy would be 5'4", too. (Sort of missed on Doug's height, didn't you, Dave?)
September 11, 1977 Dave just kept exclaiming over what a beautiful day it is outside at Grandma's house and we all thought that quite something for a four year old to be aware of.
September 14, 1977 Dave asked if his daddy or I had painted the picture of flowers beside our bed and I told him Bill had painted them. Dave was utterly amazed and asked, "He painted the flowers and put in everything?" Guess he figured Bill was too young and then he said, "It's so pretty."
September 14, 1977 Dave said when he marries Amy he will be David Smith and Amy will be Amy Smith.
September 15, 1977 Dave wanted to help me mend and run the wheel on the sewing machine so he could make the 'nail' go into the fabric.
September 18, 1977 Dave wanted an eraser and couldn't think of the word and with many gestures he said he wanted one of those things with a scrubber on it so he could use it on his paper.
September 19, 1977 While at Grandma's we heard the 'Angelus Bells' and then Mass bells fifteen minutes before Mass time. Dave finally commented, "Boy, they sure have a lot of churches down here."
September 22, 1977 Dave awoke (barely) at 7:15 and said through half closed eyelids and in a drowsy voice, "Wake me up at 20 o'clock" and turned over and went back to sleep.
September 22, 1977 Dave saw a bug flying in the bedroom and came to get me to bring the 'whacker' so I could 'whack' the bug.
September 22, 1977 Dave's first day of pre-school and he loved it. What a drastic change from the first attempt at pre-school one year ago. Dave cried for two days while he was there the first time and the teacher finally told me to take him home and not try again till kg or he would grow up hating school.
September 30, 1977 I asked Dave what I should have for supper and he said to have meat like I always have and I asked what kind that was. He said, "Oh, the black stuff." Doesn't that sound awfully tasty?
October 27, 1977 Dave asked why dogs have all those nails hanging out and then quickly said, "Oh, I know, it is to hold the dogs together." (Of course, you all know he was referring to the female dog's nipples.)
October 27, 1977 Dave now does not like pre-school at all and asked how much longer it would be before he was my age so he wouldn't have to go to school. (That certainly lasted a long time, didn't it?)
October 27, 1977 Dave saw an Eskimo Huskie and wanted to know all about the dog. I explained the dogs pull sleighs for Eskimoes. Dave then wanted to know what an Eskimo was and I explained they live in Alaska and play in the snow. Then he commented, "Are we Eskimoes, too? We play in the snow." Good logic, Dave.
October 15, 1977 Dave did his 'big job' at Whitworth's house. I asked him what he did when he needed a wipe job. He said, "I yelled to Mrs. Whitworth that I was ready to be wiped, and she came and wiped me." Oh well.
October 29, 1977 We went to Tim's football game and watched his team get thoroughly tromped. Finally Dave said in disgust, "Are we the good guys or the bad guys?"
October 30, 1977 Maureen asked Dave who made him and he said God did and then added, "We've got mud inside of us cause we're made out of dirt."
November 1, 1977 Dave got hurt while romping with John and Greg Gardiner. I told Dave he shouldn't romp with them because they are twice as big as he is. Dave said, "No, they aren't, they're bigger than me."
November 6, 1977 After I spanked Dave he was sooo upset he tearfully told me, "Just for that I'm going to sleep with you till I am big like Rick."
November 16, 1977 Dave was answering the phone and very nicely telling the caller that Becky was not there and would be back in a half hour or so. Then he asked, "May I take a message?" Becky called home later and Dave told her who had called and then said, "Wait a minute while I get a piece of paper." Now, the question is whether he is going to take a message from Becky or be prepared for another message for Becky. We all laughed because Dave can't read or write and does not know any letters in the alphabet. He was mimicing what he hears his siblings say and do.
November 18, 1977 Dave said he and Amy are going to get married in Rick's church and they are going to live in Mississippi for five months. Then he said, "Mom, you have to drive because I don't know the way." He stopped and thought and then decided he might drive part of the way if I showed him where to go. (Let's see how you feel about me driving you on your honeymoon in 25 years, Dave.)
November 18, 1977 Dave was showing Theresa McAdams his wallet and she told him it was really neat and that she had never seen one like that before. Dave said, "Yes, you did, I showed it to you over the phone before." (Superman?)
November 18, 1977 Dave came in from outside, looked around and said, "Where's everybody?" I told him we are all here. He said, "No, we're not, nobody is here!" I told him that Tim and I are here and he is here. He said with an impatient sigh, "Yes, but that's not everybody, Mother." I decided he wanted to know where 'everybody else' was so told him that Dad was at work, Teri and Greg were at the Mall, Becky at work, John at work and Bill over at Maureen's house. Dave thought a minute and then said, "Oh."
November 19, 1977 Dave had a nose bleed and his Dad made a big deal out of it and probably scared the wits out of Dave. About 2 AM Dave comes crawling in our bed and whispered, "Mother, I see Jesus dead on the cross every day so how can He be not dead?"
November 24, 1977 Dave asked Becky to wash the celery and she asked him just who did he think she was and Dave said, "Oh, a washer." Becky washed the celery.
November 24, 1977 Everyone said one thing we were thankful for before our big Thanksgiving Dinner. Dave was very impatient for his turn and kept butting in and asking if it was his turn yet. Finally it was his turn and we found out why he was so impatient. He was thankful for 'Whip Cream'.
November 24, 1977 Dave said to me very doubtfully, "Not one word?" Bill and Billie McClintic and I asked him to repeat that and he said, "You said to Dad you didn't say one word to Grandma." I then corrected his misinterpretation because he thought I was fibbing to Tom. Tom had asked if I had said anything to Grandma about the Hawaii trip and I said, "Not one word." Dave, on the other hand, knew we had just finished talking with Grandma, Aunt Kate, Uncle Dick and Uncle Wheel who were visiting in Texas and pretty impossible to have had a conversation and not said one word to Grandma.
November 24, 1977 Dave came in to sample pumpkin pie and I said, "Oh, everyone loves pumpkin pie, Dave." He tasted it and made a terrible grimace and managed to swallow the bite, got down from his chair and said in disgust, "Well, I don't!"
November 25, 1977 Dave was telling me he was fishing in Rick's lake (Conception) and had caught a BIG fish but it wasn't a shark cause there weren't any sharks there , but it was a whale instead.
December 8, 1977 Dave wanted to see Santa at the Mall and I told him people would be standing on top of each other because there would be so many people up there. He said, "No, the people will be standing in a circle and not on top of each other!"
December 8, 1977 Dave saw a minipad and said, "Oh, I know what that is, it's a Maxi safety pad, I saw that on TV." Told you kids it pays to advertise on TV!
December 20, 1977 Dave's Christmas letter. "Dear Santa Claus, I love you so much. I'll even give you some presents. I love you about twelve feet. We've got to be friends." Signed David.
1 9 7 8
January 1, 1978 Dave said he saw a toad on TV and Bill asked how he knew it was a toad. Dave replied, "Because it's breathing while it's hiccupping in his throat."
January 11, 1978 Dave called Marsha Kapp to ask if he could play with Amy and immediately said, "Good-by" and hung up. I suggested to him it would be advisable to ask Marsha if it would be okay to come and visit and not just tell her he were coming, as he did. So he called and asked and then hung up the phone, grabbed his coat and was scooting out the door before I could catch my breath. I called after him that he should have said good-bye when he called the second time and he said he had already said good-by the first time. (Okay, already.)
January 12, 1978 I told Dave I was going to bed and he looked at me very sadly and quietly said, "Are you going without your little son?"
January 22, 1978 As I was putting Dave's new knee-hi socks on him which he had received from Great, Great Uncle Alfred for Christmas, we were kind of taken back with the length of the socks. They came to Dave's hips. Dave looked at them and asked if this is what little boys are supposed to wear when they go to the farm.
February 11, 1978 Dave and Tom came to visit me in Menorah Hospital where I had undergone surgery for removal of my colon and Dave saw a man smoking a cigar. Smoke was coming out his nose and Dave whispered, not too quietly, that the guy looked like a dragon!
February 13, 1978 Dave said when I got home from the hospital he doesn't ever want to be lonely like he was when I was gone, ever, ever again.
March 16, 1978 Dave asked if everyone was home and I said all but Teri and he said if Teri isn't home then Greg isn't home either because wherever Teri goes, Greg goes, right? This was at 11 PM at night. What wee you doing up so late, Dave?
March16, 1978 I was commenting on some of the plants turning yellow from over watering and Dave asked in all seriousness if that was why the Mums were yellow (the blooms, that is.)
March 16, 1978 I was going to 7:30 PM Mission at Nativity and Dave announced he was going with me. "Peter Pan" was on TV and I had thought he would be easy to babysit since he would be wrapped up in the show, but instead he questioned everyone again if they were going with me, too, and no one was going so Dave said he still was going and did. On the way home I asked him why he went and he said to protect me from robbers. (I know you young parents can now relate to this. Dave will soon be 5 years old and this was right after my surgery and my 3 week stay in the hospital.)
March 18, 1978 Tom called from work to say he was now in a good mood. (Had left in a snit.) Dave's comment was, "Now, will he smile at me?"
April 12, 1978 While driving through our old addition in Fairway Gardens we neared our former home and I told Dave that Tom and I used to walk on the streets we were passing. We walked the area many times and I even carried him part of the time in my tummy while we were walking and that was right before we moved over to Harris Street, where we live now. (We moved 2 months before he was born.) Dave looked at me very sadly and said, "Why didn't you carry me 'all' of the time?" Does that sound as though I had a friend help carry him through part of this pregnancy? Think I could get a patent on that?
April 12, 1978 Dave said now Amy will have to marry the new Matt that just moved in beside her house cause he's 3 like Amy and when he (Dave) is 20 Amy will be just 19 and they have to both be 19 like Debbie and Doug to get married. Age 4. (So much for deep abiding love, eh, Dave?)
April 17, 1978 Dave asked me if I remember what a bird fish is and I did not. So he tried and tried to explain. I finally caught on. He meant a 'Flying Fish'.
April 17, 1978 Maureen got her engagement ring from Bill tonight and she showed it to Dave who had a new football game and he only briefly looked at it and went back to his game and said, "Well, my football game is neater than getting married anyway."
May 10, 1978 When Tom, Grandma, Bill, Dave and I left the Sizzler restaurant after eating a big supper, Bill put his arm around Grandma and Dave said he'd better duck down if we meet Marueen on the road and Grandma had better duck down, too.
Deb's Wedding Aunt Helga Dierkes said she would never forget Deborah's wedding when the white runner was put down right before Deborah walked down the aisle. David, age four, looked at it in astonishment and said in a not so quiet voice, "What's the matter, does Debbie have dirty feet????"
Age 5
May 11, 1978 Dave said he hadn't grown at all while Tom and I were in Europe and I asked how he knew. Said he could tell by the weight/pounds thing. (Scales)
May 11, 1978 Dave said he wouldn't be an uncle till he got to California where Debbie's new baby is (Leticia Olivia). Dave's friend, Matt is so sad because he isn't an uncle, too.
May 11, 1978 On Dave's first plane ride we taxied and taxied and Dave became very impatient waiting for take off. Finally he decided this must be one of those slow airplanes because they are driving so slowly.
May 14, 1978 Celebrated Mother's Day at Debbie and Doug's in California helping out with Leticia. Mother's Day subject was brought up a number of times and finally Dave said in disgust, "When is it going to be boy's day?"
May 15, 1978 Tom gave Dave $2.00 before we left for Debbie's and said he is to take care of Mommie and be a little man. So, when we got to California Dave told Doug that his Dad made him a man today and gave him $2.00.
June 5, 1978 Dave brought a feather from a bird into the house and said, "Here's a leaf from a dead bird."
July 3, 1978 On our second trip to California Tom was driving a rental and we were checking out the scenery. As we drove through one town after another with Teri, Becky, John, Tim, Dave, Debbie, Doug, baby Leticia and myself as passengers Dave finally decided he knew exactly where we were. Becky asked him where and he pointed and said, "Blood Vessel Cemetery" meaning Precious Blood Seminary in Liberty, Missouri.
August 4, 1978 Dave came in with his hand on his forehead and we asked him what was his problem and he said he didn't know but thought maybe he had a headache. So, we all tried to figure out how one didn't know for sure if they did or didn't have a headache.
August 5, 1978 While Dave and I were walking around the block he suddenly said, "You know Leticia is almost as cute as Baby Jesus."
August 6, 1978 Becky walked in on Dave when he was in the 'all together' and Dave was soooo mad at her. Later he told her to knock before she came into his room and Becky said, "Well, okay, Dave, but you've got to knock before you come into my room, too." Dave said he did not have to. Becky asked him why not and he declared, "I've never seen you naked, that's why!"
August 9, 1978 Dave is still thinking about Leticia and said she is cuter than when he was a baby and asked me to 'affirm' that. Figure that one out.
September 5, 1978 Tom wore green pants and a navy jacket to work today and Dave kept commenting on how funny Dad looked.
September 18, 1978 Dave told John to quit hurting Tim cause every time he hurts somebody he gets a 'soul' on him. Does that mean a sin???
September 1978 After Bill and Maureen's wedding Bill called me 'Mom' and Dave very pointedly said, "Bill, don't you call 'MY Mom' Mom any more cause she's not your Mom now, Maureen's is your Mom now."
September 19, 1978 Dave saw some Jergens hand soap and said, "Is this soap as good as Amway soap, Mom?"
September 20, 1978 Tim asked me if I was going to be a Crown in Amway and Dave cut in and said, "But, you've got to be a Direct first, right Mom?" Who says little people don't listen to what is going on around them.
September 21, 1978 Tim asked if I would sponsor him in a 'Walk-A-Thon' and Dave apparently only heard the word 'sponsor' because he came to me and asked if I would please sponsor Tim into Amway and I asked why and Dave said, "Just because I want 'you' to sponsor Tim, that's why."
October 23, 1978 Dave said at the supper table that he is going to be the last member of the family to become a Direct and we asked why and he said, "Because I'm the youngest, that's why." So I asked him what's so good about becoming a Direct and he said, "They make more money." (Got that Teri and Bill and TJ?)
December 11, 1978 When Dave and I walked to school today he spied a sleigh (big one in LecCluses yard) and became very excited because he was sure that it belongs to Santa. The next day Len stopped and talked with us and Dave was doubly sure this was Santa's house cause Mr LeCluse even looks like Santa Claus. (And the last I heard Mr. LeCluse has Alzheimers. How sad.)
December 12, 1978 A car drove by as Dave and I were walking to school kicking rocks and someone waved and Dave happily waved back. I asked him who it was and he said it was Tommy 'S'. All of the kg students sign their names with their first name and last initial so that is how he knew this particular student. Guess he is David D. to the other kids.
December 19, 1978 Dave called his friend and during the conversation he told him we were going to a PTA meeting tonight to hear Tim sing. After a bit more chattering Dave said turned around and said, "How do you spell PTA, Mom?"
1 9 7 9
January 11, 1979 Dave was looking for Bill in a football group picture and kept looking from the picture to Bill to see what he looks like.
January 23, 1979 Dave informed me at the supper table that I was the first one born here at our house and I asked why that was and he said I had to be so I could born Dad. Guess he's never seen Dad's parents (both deceased) so figures I am the only adult female around that he knows and since I 'birthed' so many I might as well have 'birthed' his Dad, too.
January 25, 1979 Dave said right out of the clear blue sky, "Last night I beat your husband playing chess, Mom."
February 20, 1979 Dave was very upset with John for pestering him and as John had just returned from his TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) weekend Dave tearfully said, "I think John slept all day when they were teaching him to be good."
February 21, 1979 Dave was looking for the spray after he passed gas and asked where the 'poop stinker' what meets (eats) it up.
February 26, 1979 Dave said I have more holes in my body than he does and I asked what he meant and he said, "Well, you have your 'George' (stoma) and your two hearts where babies drink milk out of." (Aren't you embarrased to put some of this in printing????)
March 4, 1979 (En route to our new home in Texas) Dave excitedly said our motel bathroom uses Amway, too, and I asked how he knew and he showed me the back of the stool where it said, 'American Ceramics' and he thought that spelled Amway. Both start with an 'A' he further stated.
Marcy 9, 1979 We went to McDonald's to eat. John and Tim went to the restroom then Dave decided he needed to go and came back and said, "How do you spell girls?" I asked why and he said he didn't know which one the boys went into and he can't spell boys yet."
March 10, 1979 Dave informed me I can't spank him because he has Jesus in him and then I would be spanking Jesus, too.
March 23, 1979 Dave filled up his Dad's hot water bottle and put it beside his bed to use as a 'fire extinguisher!'
March 28, 1979 I was signing Dave up for Tee-Ball and the application asked for his shirt size and he said 7 and while I was writing it down he volunteered the information that he wore size 8 underwear and size 7 pants.
April 8, 1979 Bill recieved a call and Dave answered the phone but the party hung up and Bill was questioning him about the caller. "Was it a male or a female? and Dave just looked at Bill like he had asked the question in Greek, so I told Bill maybe Dave does not know what the words mean, then Bill asked, "Was it a boy or a girl?" Dave thought for a bit and said, "I don't know, they didn't tell me."
April 8, 1979 I was sawing off a dead limb and Dave came over and said, "Here, I will help you 'scrape' it, Mom."
April 9, 1979 Dave saw the hairs that were coming out of my chin from the Prednisone I am having to take and he asked me if they were whiskers and I told him they were and he said he didn't want a 'whiskered' Mom." I don't want to be one either, dear.
Age 6
July 3, 1979 We placed a bowl of applesauce on the table and it happened to be in front of Dave's plate. He looked at it and sadly said, "I can't eat that much applesauce!"
July 3, 1979 Dave saw a picture of someone receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and wanted to know all about what was going on. I explained how the Sacrament helped us to be Soldier's of Christ. In a few minutes he came to me with tears in his eyes and said, "I don't want to be a Soldier in Jesus' army till I'm real old, cause soldiers get killed."
July 4, 1979 Dave came into the kitchen carrying a towel full of brand 'X' hand soaps and said in a quiet, shocked, subdued voice, "I found all of this in Dad's drawer. Let's throw it all away." (A true Amway kid, wouldn't you say? But, what were you doing in your Father's bathroom cabinet drawers, Dave??)
July 10, 1979 Tom bought Aim Toothpaste and Dave really gave him a hard time about it till finally Tom had to tell him to get off his back. Before Tom bought it and had been talking about it instead, Dave tried to talk him out of it and said, "Amway Toothpaste is better, isn't it, Mom?" I nodded my head yes and Dave said, "Say yes, Mom" and all the while he was nodding his head up and down.
July 11, 1979 Maureen and I were discussing a couple who are Pearl Directs and Dave said, "Wow, how did they get so high?" Then he wondered when 'we' were going to be Pearls. Boy, is he ever picking up on Amway lingo.
July 18, 1979 Dave was sitting on the 'throne' and suddenly he asked if Amway makes toilet paper. I told him they did not and he said if they did we would buy it, wouldn't we?
August 6, 1979 Dave started sleeping in his underpants and said, "Now, I'm a real boy cause I sleep in my underwear just like John and Dad and Tim."
August 10, 1979 Maureen, Megumi Suzuki (our Japanese Foreign Student for six weeks), Dave and I drove to Aunt Kate's and got lost and Maureen kept turning around in the middle of the streets (U turns) and Dave told her she had better watch out or she would get arrested for making so many 'O' turns. That's what they looked like to him, anyway. We would go north for awhile then 'U' turn and go south for awhile so it seemed to Dave as though it ws a big 'O' turn all the time.
September 6, 1979 Tim, John, Dave and I flew to Kansas City and Dave was so enthralled by the whole trip he could hardly sit still. He loved the square fields and he told Tim those were countires and Tim told him they were not and Dave then asked if they were at least states then?
September 7, 1979 During Bill and Maureen's wedding ceremony Dave drew pictures for them and while they wre kissing Dave told me Father Paul Turner was the Bishop marrying them.
September 8, 1979 I asked Dave to get Bill to come out and play football with him and he said Bill couldn't anymore because he is married now.
October 19, 1979 Dave heard shooting on his Dad's TV show and said that was not a good show for him to watch so he might as well not go watch. Then he said he bet I wondered how I knew he should not watch the show. I said I didn't know how he knew and he said, "Because of the shooting." (Naturally)
October 20, 1979 Dave wanted eggs for breakfast and I said I would fix him some and his Dad is planning to fry up some sausage which he will share with him, too, but I told Dave he probably would not like the sausage because it is so hot. I had just gotten it out of the freezer and laid it on the cabinet to thaw. Dave went over to touch it and told me it was NOT hot, it was ice cold! (I meant spicy hot, Dave.)
December 1, 1979 I awoke Dave for school and with his eyes barely open and laying all stretched out he whispered, "Will you unzip me, please, I haven't regained my strength yet." (He was wearing a one piece flannel pj set that zipped from the neck to the toe.)
1 9 8 0
February 20, 1980 I told the boys they would have to walk to school tomorrow because the weather was going to be very nice. Dave got all shook and started to cry because he just knew he would be late. We assured him he would not be late. He awoke at 4:53 AM and woke me to tell me he was going to eat breakfast, get dressed and start walking to school so he would not be late!
March 3, 1980 Dave asked me if everyone who got a new baby got reversed (transferred to another city or state).
April 10, 1980 Dave was looking at the road map from Bedford to Kansas City as we were en route to Rick's Deaconate Ordination and exclaimed over the crowded roads all around Dallas and then looked out the window and wondered where all of those roads were!
April 10, 1980 Tom got an Oklahoma map and told the boys to look for two green trees and that would be a rest stop. Dave looked out the window and pointed to the west and said seriously, "There's two trees over there." They were in a farmer's bare field and hardly what Tom had in mind at all.
April 11, 1980 During the Deaconate Ordination ceremony the four candidates were lying prostrate on the floor in front of the Bishop and Dave asked Debbie Jean if they were tired and taking a nap.
April 11, 1980 Dave was so impressed with Ken and Lou Hubbard's house. He called it a mansion. Only one problem. Squeaky floors and he said the house was too spooky for him. He liked the bathroom so much he even used a towel to keep the sink dried out.
April 13, 1980 While reading the map coming back to Texas I noticed Dave kept looking at the map and then looking out the window and then back to the map and then back to the window. Finally Dave wondered aloud where all of those big squares in the road were. (The squares were small communities seemingly without names. Glad we didn't run over any big square blocks, aren't you?)
April 20, 1980 Dave game me a ruler and asked if I would please size him. (Don't worry, kiddo, I have you sized up already.)
April 24, 1980 We saw a long haired, rather unkempt fellow and Maureen remarked about how ugly he looked and Dave agreed. Maureen asked Dave if he was going to look like that when he grew up and Dave emphatically said, "No, cause then I'd have to go to a girl's bathroom!"
Age 7
June 2, 1980 Dave got after Tim for wrestling with his Daddy. He told Tim he should not wrestle with Daddy because he is an old man and he might get a heart attack and die. I started to tell Dave I was older than his Daddy then remembered that Dave thinks I am 30 so said nothing, but Tim piped in and said, "Well, how about Mom?" Dave assured Tim that Mom won't get a heart attack because she is so young. She is only 30. Thanks, Dave, and I love you, too. (Gee, that was young. . . a whole 11 years ago when I was really 49.) (And now I am 66 and still not so old.)
June 12, 1980 I was singing 'In my Father's House' and it goes, "We will clap and sing and we will laugh and play and we will, etc, etc." Dave said, "Gosh, I don't know if I want to go to my Father's house someday cause it's going to be so noisy."
June 13, 1980 Dave said someday he is going to get married and have some children and I told him that would be nice and he said, "Well, you know kids help out in the house." I said, "Really?" and Dave said, "Sure, look at John and Tim."
June 14, 1980 During Communion time Dave eyed three ladies wearing hats going back to their pews and leaned over and said in amazement, "Look, Mom, those ladies are wearing hats IN church!" Boy, you can sure tell he is from the new generation! Little does he know that in my day females could not or would not dare enter a church without something covering their heads even if it was a sheet of Kleenex pinned to their hair!
June 15, 1980 Dave saw a picture of a river on TV, which was supposed to be the Red River, but Dave decided it could not possibly be the Red River cause it looked too Black!
June 16, 1980 Teri served Gumbo over rice and when Dave saw the rice he poured it in his dish and then very happily asked for the milk and sugar and didn't realize rice could be used any other way than for cereal. He did not like the idea of Gumbo on top of it at all!!!
June 17, 1980 When Becky, Dave and I drove through a town in Oklahoma on our way back to Texas at 10:00 at night Dave was amazed at all of the people still up and exclaimed, "Gosh, why are all of these people up so late. Do you suppose they are staying up all night?" (I'll remind you of this some day, my dear, when you are up past 10:30 PM.)
June 17, 1980 Becky was driving and Dave kept urging her to coast like Mom does and save gas. Would you believe he meant for her to use the Cruise Control and not use her foot on the gas pedal? I did not know he thought I was coasting all of the time. Live and learn, I guess.
June 24, 1980 Dave asked what being fat is called. . . was it a beast? Believe he was looking for the word obese, don't you?
June 24, 1980 I heard a couple talking as they came out of a Wards store in Houston and by their accent I figured they were from the East coast and I asked Dave to read me their license plate as they drove off in their car. He did readily and I asked what it said and he told me "UTK168". Oh, gee, Dave, I meant what state not the number!
June 25, 1980 The Thompsons, along with Tim, Dave, Tom and I, attended an open air theater in Galveston called "The Lone Star" and Dave sat alone down in the front row. During the battle scene between the Texans and Santa Anna's army while the bullets were flying and the cannon roaring and actors dropping like flys Dave was spending his time dodging bullets right and left!!!! I had told him not to get shot and he sure was trying his darndest to do just that! Saving his own hide no matter what. He was the star of the show since people were also watching him and enjoying his show immensely. It was soooo funny to watch him.
July 3, 1980 When we were enjoying our outing at the Wildlife Zoo (a drive thru) we saw the Rhino's eating and Dave said he just could not figure out why Rhino's are so big and heavy when all they eat is straw.
July 7, 1980 Dave came in from outside (a record heat wave with over 100 degrees was going on for days and days) and asked if he was still peach (meaning tanned).
July 8, 1980 Dave said the Rangers played a double 'hitter'. Think he meant a double header, don't you?
August 8, 1980 Tom and Dave were going to the Ranger's game and Dave said, "Oh, my gosh, I think I am having a heart attack!" He was clutching his chest and I calmly asked why he thought he was having a heart attack and Dave said, "Because I'm so excited that Dad is finally taking me to see a Ranger Game and I am 'really' excited!"
November 3, 1980 Dave reported his teacher is absent because she's sick, but he quickly added, "I don't know what she's sick of though."
December 7, 1980 Dave kept asking me to ask his Dad if he could have his very own Christmas tree and I kept saying he's not in a good mood and finally in exasperation Dave asked if his Dad was ever in a good mood!
December 8, 1980 Dave ran into the clothes hamper (it is brown and kind of blends with the decor) in the upstairs hall and apologized saying, "I didn't see it, Mom, it's brown like the air up here."
1 9 8 1
January 1, 1981 After we attended Mass in Independence, Missouri Dave questioned me as to why Nativity didn't have Holy Communion under both species like at St. John's in Texas. I just said they would some day but had not started yet. Then he asked about Holy Rosary in Monroe City and I said the same thing. When we moved to Lisle we discovered our new parish, St. Margaret Mary, is not giving under both species and again the same question from Dave and I gave the same answer. On New Year's Eve we all went to Mass at Saints Peter and Paul at Naperville and halfway through Mass Dave leaned over and whispered to me that he had finally figured it all out. The reason these churches don't give wine at Mass is because they don't have enough money. So much for the answers I had been giving him.
January 6, 1981 John was working problems on his little calculator for Dave and kept saying this is uh, and uh, and uh, and then here's your answer. He had been punching different numbers as he went along. He gave it to Dave and told him to do it. Dave kept looking at the calculator and finally said, "Well, where are the uh, uh, uh, buttons?"
January 8, 1981 Dave was ill and he told me his temperature is 98.99 and that is not what it is supposed to be. Think he looked at the thing wrong.
February 5, 1981 We were at the peditrician's office (remember Doctor Kudchadker, Tim and Dave?) and Dave saw both of the practicing doctor's certificates hanging on the wall and in an awed whisper said, "Boy, Dr. Kudchadker sure has won a lot of prizes, hasn't he?"
February 7, 1981 When Dave saw the Pope's picture in the newspaper he was surprised. He said the Pope looked well and he sure is happy about that. I didn't even know the Pope had been ill and said so. Dave asked if I didn't remember Father had told us that the Pope was sick and couldn't move his body except he was able to communicate by batting his eyes and he was about to die. Sorry, Dave. Right church and wrong pew. Father was talking about 'Bishop Blanchette in Joliet, Illinois who has Lou Gehrig disease.
February 7, 1981 Debbie and Leticia and Chandra brought Grandma up to Lisle for a visit. Debbie kept calling me Mom, naturally. When Dave talked about me he would say 'My Mom' this and 'My Mom' that and referring to me as 'My Mom'. Debbie challenged him by saying I was her Mom, too. Dave disagreed. Then Debbie asked him what 'his' Mom was to her then and Dave said, "She's your sister." Debbie was flabbergasted and asked him who was her mom then and Dave told her Grandma was her Mom. Guess that makes me my own Grandma or something like that.
Age 8
May 23, 1981 Tom told Dave to get dressed and Dave was wondering what to wear and Tom told him his birthday suit, of course. Dave said, okay, thinking it was his first Communion suitt (and Easter suit, and wedding suit and ordination suit, so why not birthday suit, also???) Then after he was dressed Tom told him what a birthday suit really is.
June 1, 1981 Dave asked me what Debbie gave him for his birthday and I asked which Debbie he was referring to. He said, "Oh, you know, Doug's 'daughter', the one who's going to have a baby." Boy, is Dave ever confused!
September 1981 When Dave was a new student at St. Joan of Arc School in Lisle he was asked to talk about his family. When he told the class that he had 8 brothers and sisters one little girl put up her hand and asked him if he knew all of their names. Not the first time that happened to him, is it?
October 21, 1981 I was talking to Dave about the good and bad angels and he was playing with a toy and maybe only half listening, so I asked what the bad angels are called and he pondered awhile and then answered, "Jews?" WRONG, WRONG, WRONG DAVE!
October 24, 1981 A neighbor tinted her hair and it was too dark. She shampooed it seven times and even used LOC full strength. When she said LOC I was quite amazed. (LOC is an Amway product.) Later I told Tom about it and still later Vi called and asked me to come and see her hair now. I was hoping it had not all fallen out! Dave piped up with "Is that the lady who washed her hair in Drain Mate?" Right company and wrong product, Dave, since this product is for drains.
October 25, 1981 While eating chili for supper, which Dave hates, he said, "This is why I don't want to go see my cousin Joe on Friday. He has to eat stuff like this because he plays soccer and hockey and it keeps him strong."
October 26, 1981 Someone mentioned a dozen and Dave said he used to think that meant a thousand. He then said one time Becky went to a store and asked for a dozen donuts and he could hardly believe she was getting a 'thousand,/b>' donuts!
October 27, 1981 John, Tim and Dave saw a rabbit squatting in the yard and Tim got after Dave for not trying to catch it and Dave said he thought it was laying a rabbit and he didn't want to bother it. Tim made fun of Dave and Dave said he just gets mixed up about what lays eggs and babies and what does not.
1 9 8 2
January 1, 1982 Dave and I were watching an 'Au Grautin' Potato advertisement on TV and Dave looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said, "Mom, did you see that? Betty Crocker is advertising 'rotten potatoes<.b>'."
January 21, 1982 Dave ran his fingers over my birthmark on my wrist and asked why I had that wooly thing on my wrist. Beats me.
January 26, 1982 President Reagan was approaching the podium to make his State of the Union address and Dave said he looked like Grandma and Mom. That floored me! I asked why in the world he thought that the President looked like us and he replied, "Cause he has all of those things on his face like you and Grandma." What things I wanted to know and he pointed and told me all of those lines! (Those are called 'Wrinkles' my dear, and your time will come.)
March 6, 1982 Dave and I went to Friday Stations of the Cross at church and the background music was from the St. Louis Jesuits recording (Gregorian Chant, no less) and Dave kept looking and looking for the source of the singing and was asking who was singing. I told him I thought it was the St. Louis Jesuits singing. He turned sharply to me and whispered, "Do you mean you can hear them all the way up here?"
March 7, 1982 Dave and I were talking about the toe nail the Doctor killed on Tim's foot and Dave looked so surprised and said with a mighty swing of his arm, "Did the doctor take a hammer and just go "WHAM, WHAM?"
April 5, 1982 Dave, John and I were at Good Friday services at 3 pm and the service was very unique. Twelve or so people each got up and said they were such and such at the crucifixion. When a black fellow got up and said he was Simon of Cyrene who helped Jesus carry the cross, Dave was just floored. and said in an awed voice, "Is he really?"
Age 9
May 7, 1982 While in Monroe City Dave was concerned about Grandma looking so frail and he told me he sure wished Grandma had Social Security. Now why in the world would one wish that odd wish? He said because he is afraid someone is going to break in and hit her over the head with a lead pipe and she needs 'Social Security' to protect her. How about that logic???
May 22, 1982 While at Mass Dave heard Father Ted say there would be Mass at the graveyard on Memorial Day and Dave told me that is where John works, too. And, then Dave wondered why they were having Mass at John's work??? (Graveyard shift at Denny's is not the same thing, Dave.)
May 23, 1982 England is fighting the Argentines in or over the Falkland Island and Dave finally asked where in the world England is. We told him and was he surprised, cause he thought it was New Hampshire or Maine or one of those states, (the New England states, right.) He heard us referring to England as being across the ocean and he could not figure out our geography.
May 7, 1982 Dave filled an order blank for team pictures and then read the form and panicked and ran for the 'white out' Tom uses to correct his errors. I reread the form and it was fine, but Dave was scared and said, "But, I've got to erase it all. See it says to return the order form 'blank' to the coach."
May 8, 1982 While reading 'Life of the Saints' to Dave he said, "Only people who suffer can be Saints, right, Mom?" Sure seems like it while reading the about the brave lives the saints lived and died. Kind of scarey for us ordinary folks.
June 2, 1982 While Dave and I were cleaning the garage floor with Concrete Cleaner and really scrubbing away on the oil spots, or at least I was. Dave finally asked, "Just how much of this green paint are we trying to scrub off, anyway???"
June 19, 1982 A little girl was visiting Dave and he told her how many brothers and sisters he had and she asked in awe, "Oh, do you know them all?"
July 26, 1982 David saw a rabbit hunched down in the yard and said, "It's laying rabbits in eggs."
1 9 8 3
Age 10
September 5, 1983 Dave started to school at St. Joan of Arc in Lisle, Illinois this month. He attended 9 monhts of kg at Nativity in Independence, MO; first grade in Bedford, TX; second grade at Steeple Run Elementary in Naperville, ILL and now third grade through eighth at St. Joan's. Onward, Dave!
October 7, 1983 While watching the movie "Oklahoma" Dave commented on how ugly the dancers legs were. He hated them because they looked like men's legs. Turned out they were wearing fishnet hose!!!
November 5, 1983 Dave baked pumpkin bread and I caught him laying a knife on top of the batter. I asked what in the world he was doing that for and he showed me the directions which said to bake 45 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. We certainly interpreted that differently, didn't we? He still looked doubtful when I popped it in the oven 'minus' the knife.
1 9 9 5
Age 25
December 23, 1998 Dave was sick with a sinus infection and wanted some Tylenol. I told him where the bottle was on the kitchen shelf and he took care of the dose. When he finished his second pill after lunch he said, "Man, those are the biggest horse pills I have ever had to swallow." I knew immediately what he had taken and started laughing so hard I could hardly tell him what was so funny. He had swallowed Tom's Galveston pills which are for heartburn and upset stomachs. Tom put them in the same bottle as the Tylenol so he would have both together when we were on trips. Dave had taken the bigger pill cause he thought the dosage was stronger! Those pills are supposed to be chewed and taken with a full glass of water. Told Dave if his sinus infection cleared up right away we would have a new cure for the sinus infections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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