Deb Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my 9 children have said to me over the years. Debbie was born 1958:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 6 0
Age 21 Months
January 21, 1960 Debbie dumped the pan of tea grounds in Tom's tea glass while I was looking for paper to wrap them in. A little later I found her sitting in the bathroom sink!
January 21, 1960 Instead of napping peacefully as she was supposed to be doing I found Debbie had completely made herself up with lipstick. . . face, hands, knees, lips, legs, feet, hair, shirt, and then the pillow slip and the bed spread. She also had torn her daddy's cigar into a million tiny pieces and tossed it all over the bed and floor. Had earlier found her on top of the dresser investigating things, plus attempting to eat Tom's aspirins. Definitely not MY day!
January 20, 1960 Found Debbie at 3:45 AM sitting on the kitchen table finishing up Billy's birthday cake. She was 21 months and Billy had just celebrated his 3rd birthday the previous day.
1 9 6 1
January 23, 1961 Debbie wanted a lid for her one slice of sandwich. . . meaning the other slice of bread to make a complete sandwich.
Age 3
March 10, 1961 Debbie had a sore throat and asked me for a bandage for her throat.
March 19, 1961 Debbie said she wants cornflakes for breakfast so she can have a big muscle. . . then demonstrated her arm muscles and then added, "Billy is strong because he eats cornflakes."
March 30,1961 Debbie is coughing and has the measles and said to me, "I have a bad cold, Mom, so I can't go outside today."
April 14, 1961 I was using the egg beater to mix up pumpkin pie mix for pies and Debbie said, "Quiet, Mom, or you'll wake the baby." It was a bit noisy at that and Becky was 9 months old.
July 17, 1961 I sent Ricky outside to take care of Teri and Becky and Debbie said, "I'll go out and take care of Billy, Mommie." Billy was 4, Rick was 6, Teri was 24 months and Becky was 11 months.
July 21, 1961 Debbie fell and hurt her finger. She came to me and said, "That's too bad Debbie hurt herself. . . then she added, Poor little Debbie."
September 4, 1961 Debbie and I were walking across the street and I momentarily let go of her hand and she became panic stricken and said loudly, "Mommie, you forgot my hand." We had a close call with a car whizzing by and Debbie said, "Boy, we about broke all to pieces, didn't we, Mom?"
October 14, 1961 Debbie said, "Mommie, I don't know why but I just don't feel very good." I said, "Oh??" I had an idea what the problem was and sure enough she then said, "Maybe some candy would make me feel better, right, Mommie?"
October 25, 1961 Debbie had the trots and a slight tummy ache this morning. At noon I asked her how her tummy ache was and she lifted up her skirt and glanced at her tummy and said, "Yes, it's okay now."
October 30, 1961 Debbie noticed Becky's birthmark on her arm and said, "Becky is turning into an apple and she's getting rotten, Mommie."
November 11, 1961 Debbie said she was getting fat from my good cooking.
December 28, 1961 Debbie said, "Mommie, you don't say 'leave me alone to me, do you?" I said not that I know of and she said, "You just say 'leave me alone to Daddy, don't you?" Whoops!
January 20, 1961 Debbie saw a dog walking in the snow and exclaimed, "Oh, look, Mommie, that dog is walking around in the snow without his boots on".
1 9 6 2
March 11, 1962 When I walked into the house after giving birth to baby Johny, Debbie took one look at my stomach and said, "Mommie, do you have a broken stomach?"
March 19, 1962 Debbie saw the baby Johny's dirty diapers and said to get the jelly out of his diapers and I told her there was no jelly in them. She said it smelled like it. . . but, actually, the diaper smelled like peach juice.
April 17, 1962 Debbie said to me, "Hurry up and get me lunch. My throat is getting ready to come out."
April 26, 1962 Saw Teri 'basting' Debbie in the tub with water and Debbie said she was cooking. Walked by the door a bit later to check on the girls and Debbie was pouring water over Teri with two little cups and said she was salting and peppering Teri.
April 26, 1962 I threatened TJ about finishing his work and told him if he didn't hurry and get through I would. . . Didn't finish the sentence because I just walked back into the back room and figured he'd turned a deaf ear anyway. Debbie finished the sentence to TJ instead. She said, Clobber you." I laughed because that is exactly what I was going to say, as usual, and Debbie said to me, "You always say that, Mom."
Age 4
April 29, 1962 Debbie saw a nun's veil blowing in the wind and told the nun her hat was about to blow away. Fourth Birthday!
March 19, 1962 Debbie told Juanita (our next door neighbor) that her daddy has bigger muscles than her daddy (husband, Bob) and she bet her daddy could beat up Juanita's daddy. Fourth birthday.
May 2,1962 Debbie brought home a dead robin and I made her throw it in the trash. She kept wanting to feed it, but I would not give her any bread so she fed the dead bird all of my lilacs that were in bloom.
May 9,1962 Debbie received a belated Birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa McClintic and it had a little ring in it, which she was so proud of. She said she wanted to go to church and show God. Said God would say, 'What have you got, Debbie?' and she would say, 'A ring' and God would say, 'Oh, come here and let me see it,' and then He would say, 'That is so pretty, stay here with Me.'
September 21, 1962 Debbie saw my healing burn and said, "Oh, Mom, your burn is melting"!
October 1, 1962 Debbie was playing with an Easter basket and I told her to put it away or the Easter Bunny wouldn't bring her any eggs next year. She said, "Oh, Mom, the rabbit doesn't bring us eggs. Grandma and Grandpa bring the eggs". They do indeed bring us eggs every time they come for a visit from the farm!!!!
October 6, 1962 Debbie asked me if I could pull my teeth out and I said no because my teeth are real. Debbie then said, "Well, why don't you buy something to take them out with"? I said I couldn't and she asked why and I said because the dentist takes them out and she then said, "Well, so does my Grandpa"!
October 7, 9162 While putting Debbie's shoes on her she reminded me to be sure and pull the plug (tongue) up.
October 25, 1962 I was helping Debbie put on her socks and I said, "Oh, Debbie, you have been running around with cold feet" and she said, "No, Mom, walking".
October 25, 1962 Debbie said her back is pushing her chest and making a round ball in there that hurts. Guess that was a pretty good description, at least to her.
October 26, 1962 Debbie said I was going to be a grandmother because I know how to cook.
November 2, 1962 Debbie showed me her new rhinestone earrings I had bought at a rummage sale for her and said, "Oh, these are rich because they have such pretty 'plastic' glass in them".
November 4, 1962 Debbie was reminiscing about when I used to nurse John and said, "It's all gone now, isn't it, Mom"? I assured her that it was, indeed. She thought awhile and then said, "Why don't you get some tea and put it in one side and then John can drink tea"!
November 10, 1962 After Debbie finished washing up with scented soap she came to tell me her face and hands are milder now. (TV ads again!).
November 10, 1962 Debbie got up from the supper table and claimed her tummy was done and may she be excused. She then proceeded to get an exercise book because she ate so much she thinks her tummy is getting fat and before long she is asking what is for 'yert'. . . (dessert).
November 24, 1962 Debbie was waiting for lunch and after six of the children had already been served Debbie said, "I'm just an ole poor Deb, cause nobody will feed me".
December 14, 1962 I caught Debbie with the clear nail polish and she immediately defended herself by saying she didn't get out of the line of her fingernails!
1 9 6 3
January 2, 1963 I was telling Debbie about her birth and how excited and surprised we were to have our first girl and when I finished telling the story to her she said, "Oh, Mommie, read me that story again".
January 4, 1963 Debbie was using Ricky's water colors and I told her she had better leave Ricky's paints alone or he would pull her teeth out and she merely looked at me very solemnly and said, "Well, he can't do that cause I'm going to keep my mouth shut"!
January 6, 1963 Bill is sick with the measles and Ricky has the flu and Tom is uptight about inventory at work and TJ is shook up over school, so after Tom left for work and TJ left for school, I said, "Oh, I'm going home to my Mother". Debbie chimed right in with "Me, too, cause this is just too much for me, too. I am just going home to my Grandma".
January 10, 1963 Teri was playing with some blocks around the radio and Debbie heard a record playing with the sound of gurgling water and came running to me and told me Teri was pouring water into the radio.
January 10, 1963 Debbie told me she has milk in one breast and tea in the other.
January 11, 1963 Debbie saw a picture of the three wise men and kept referring to them as the '3 wise guys'.
April 27, 1963 Debbie was caught sucking her thumb and watching TV. She defended herself by saying her thumb has water in it and she was just thirsty.
Age 5
May 7, 1963 Debbie told me the babysitter (11 year old Susan Reiff) does not pull her hair when she makes a pony tail and asked why I did. I asked her why Susan doesn't pull and she said, "Because Susan is older, that's why".
May 10, 1963 Debbie was asking me where her brain was and I told her in her head. I asked her if it didn't seem like she was thinking in her head and not in her tummy. She then wanted to hear my tummy to be sure she couldn't hear my brain in there and put her ear up against my tummy and got very excited and said, "I hear a baby in there and it is kicking the side of its bed"!
July 25, 1963 Debbie asked me if the Civil War is over yet.
August 27, 1963 Debbie said she hates to be growing up to be a mother and I asked her why and she said, "Because when I grow up I can't play with Vickie and Terri (across the street) anymore and I will have to play with 'PEOPLE'". (Terri Vetter died from cancer soon after this.)
August 28, 1963 Debbie wanted to know if people ate when they were dead and I told her they didn't and asked why she wanted to know. Debbie said cause she just wanted to eat when she was dead.
August 28, 1963 Uncle Bob McClintic (age 18) took seven of the kids and myself downtown to Kansas City ( in his old beat up van) so I could go to my Internist appointment. After the office visit I walked to the Swope Park Entrance where we had agreed to meet. I waited and waited and waited and Bob finally arrived. He had gone to another entrance and then gotten lost. He had taken our pet rabbit (Christopher) to the children's zoo and left it (as previously arranged). He had also left four of the children at the Katz Drug Store while he took the rabbit to the zoo. (Can you imagine four little children running loose in a drug store for any length of time???) When Bob finally found me we went back to pick up the kids and were over half way home before I realized I had not heard Debbie's voice!!! I quickly turned around and counted heads and discovered she was missing! We turned around and went back to Kansas City and found Debbie being royally entertained by some of the Katz personnel. One of the people told us Debbie had run after the van across a very big and busy parking lot but had enough sense to stop when the van turned out into the busy street. Someone had seen her and taken her back into the store to wait for us to miss her and come back for her. Praise the Lord for another Mini-Miracle. Could have turned out quite differently!
September 13, 1963 I asked Debbie this thinking question from a childeren's magazine, "Why couldn't you run all day?" She thought a bit and said she might fall down and skin her knee. She thought a bit more and then decided she would get too tired and have to take a nap.
September 21, 1963 Debbie said it would be fun if we had a whole bunch of children in our family and we could play so good and not bother Mom at all. I asked her how many was a whole bunch anyway! She said, "Oh, ten, I guess"! (Only three to go, Deb.)
October 10, 1963 Debbie asked me if I had 'spreckles' when I was little and I asked what she meant (already had an idea) and she replied, "Oh, you know, those sparkle spots like Ricky has all over his face".
November 10, 1963 Debbie was telling me about the donkey that drank from his mother. She said it had a big chunk to drink out of like a cow!.
November 12, 1963 Debbie assured me her kiss would stay on my cheek because it was hooked on.
November 23, 1963 Bill and Debbie were having a real difference of opinion and Tom told them to kiss and make up and Debbie absolutely refused. Tom asked her why she was so adamant about not kissing Billy and she said, "Cause he doesn't taste good!"
December 7, 1963 On learning that Tom was to have throat surgery that would require him to not talk for 10 days Debbie commented, "You mean he can't get mad and yell at us for 10 days"?
January 14, 1964 TJ kept turning the kitchen light off and on while we were eating supper and Debbie finally lost her patience and said, "Tommy, stop that or you will ruin the battery".
1 9 6 4
February 2, 1964 Debbie saw an ad on TV about a product called "Metrical". The lady in the ad is saying she could not fit into a size 12 and doesn't want a 14 so is asking, "Is this the day you will use your will power" and next a Lazy Susan swirls around with some cans and a glass of Metrical in it. Debbie pointed and said there was the glass. I asked her what was in the glass and she said, "Will Power".
February 9, 1964 We were watching the Beetles on TV and saw a girl swoon. Debbie's comment was "They sound awful. Just look at that girl getting sick.
February 17, 1964 We watched a TV commercial about colleges needing financial help and to dramatize the need a man was shown drowing and calling for help. Debbie's thought a minute and then said, "We should help the colleges learn how to swim, shouldn't we"?
March 3, 1964 TJ came in tattling on Debbie because she had run over her daddy's good Sunday pants which got knocked down on the floor somehow. Debbie very indignantly denied running over the pants and said, "No, sir, I walked over them"!
March 7, 1964 Ricky was talking about Great Uncle Alfred's impending visit and Debbie got quite upset and declared Alfred was not our uncle cause Wheel is our uncle. Ricky tried to explain that Wheel is Mom's little brother and Debbie had a very doubting look on her face so Ricky kept repeating it till finally Debbie cut in and said, "No, he's her big brother cause he is bigger than Mom".
April 9, 1964 Debbie was getting ready to leave for kg and had her months milk money in an envelope. She said the 2 teachers were soon going to be rich because all the kg kids were always taking them money.
Age 6
July 27, 1964 After numerous things going wrong all day Debbie finally concluded that this just wasn't her day.
1 9 6 5
May 30. 1965 Tom took the family thru the grave yard and explained Memorial Day to the children. Debbie was awed by all of the graves and exclaimed suddently, "Mother, almost everyone is already dead"!
May 6, 1965 I was reading to the children about a mirage. Debbie said she knew what a mirage is cause the neighbor's have one in their back yard. Turned out to be a cactus.
1 9 6 6
June 4, 1966 Debbie was listening to a severe weather report which was reporting a section of Kansas City as receiving hail the size of golf balls. She brought the report to my attention and said, "It is raining hail and golf balls in Kansas City".
June 6, 1966 On our trip to Grandma's farm we were discussing Daylight Savings Time, which Grandma and Grandpa have on the farm, and we do not. Debbie said very sadly, "That's not fair, the years go by faster for Grandma than for us".
June 8, 1966 We were discussing 'hydrophobia' and we learned that animals who have this are shot. Debbie asked if she had it, because she didn't want to be shot, too.
September 11, 1966 Debbie and TJ had quite a lot of pony rides together at the farm and at supper while Debbie was spooning up a generous portion of Lima Beans for her plate Grandpa said, "Well, here's my horse back rider". Debbie continued spooning up the beans and then said, "No, Grandpa, Tommy was the horse back rider, I rode in the front".
September 14, 1966 Debbie was complaining to her daddy because he played with the baby (Tim who had just turned one) so much and not with the rest of the kids and told him they were just little children, too.
September 26, 1966 We gave Sister Karen a lift from school to the convent house (one whole block) and she commented that all the Dierkes' look like their mother. Debbie piped in and said, "Tommy looks like Daddy because he has the same name and because he even parts his hair on the same side as daddy does."
October 17, 1966 Debbie said she wished Mr. Tuttle was my husband because he buys his jeans too little and his underpants keep showing in the back. She further explained that if he were my husband I would scold him till he bought larger jeans.
November 2, 1966 Debbie is tired of school and asked, "How did anyone discover school, anyhow?"
November 6, 1966 Debbie was so worried about Tim being sick. She was tearfully lamenting the fact that Adam and Eve commited sin and doomed us to illness, hunger and death. I asked her how she knew that some of Adam's children would not have commited the first sin if Adam and Eve had not. She decided we would cut down that tree in the Garden of Eden and then they could not eat the forbidden fruit. I asked how she knew God said not to eat, maybe He said not to touch and then what? Never at a loss for words Debbie then said, "Well, then we would build a big fire around the tree and keep it going all the time!"
1 9 6 8
Age 9
January 24, 1968 Debbie said Robin Tuttle had gone to a bride's bath. After some thinking about that statement I asked her if she might mean bride's shower. "Oh, yes, that is what it was," she said.
February 3, 1968 We were coming home from Uncle Bill and Aunt Billie's little farm up by St. Joseph at 10:30 PM when we saw two school busses full of students pull up to a stop sign. Debbie exclaimed "Well, what d'ya know, night school!"
May 4, 1968 Debbie was disgusted because Teri flunked her pretend school test that Debbie gave her. She said that Teri doesn't even know what some of these words mean. I pointed to shift and asked Debbie if she knew what that word means and she said she does. She said, "It's in a car or something about moving a car."
May 7, 1968 We were given some home grown lettuce and when I made a salad I gave some to Debbie. She had not seen homegrown lettuce before and when she saw it she said, "Gosh, what is this stuff, leaves off of a tree?"
March 29, 1969 Debbie saw an envelope marked First Class which was from my Graphoanalysis school in Chicago and she said, "Mom, are you still in the first class? I thought you would be in the second class by now."
April 27, 1969 After I told Debbie about the parents having no children joke from several lines above, she puzzled and puzzled over it and finally asked me if it is always that way for sure!
July 3, 1969 Debbie, while eating a radish, said, "Be sure and show me a horseradish when I get one."
September 14, 1969 Tim had a bill from Doctors Pope and Mount and both Debbie and Teri picked up the envelope and in hushed tones asked if Tim had really gotten a letter from the Pope.
December 31, 1969 Debbie asked me how old Uncle Dick is and I said 34 or so and she said, "Wow, he sure gets around good for that old!"
2 0 0 9
Age 51
June 21, 2009 Dad was teasing Rachel (newly engaged) about liking older men. Chandra agreed. I said I preferred my "men" in diapers. Ha! Ha!

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