Derek Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years.

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 8 6
Age 3
July 24, 1986 I told Derek to say thank you to Stephanie for sharing something with him and he very promptly replied, "thank me."
1 9 8 7
Age 4
October 14, 1987 When TV advertised daily the Brookfield Zoo Derek would get excited and say to whomever was around, "I was there one day".
October 15, 1987 I had to go up to the Parish Center office and took Derek and Daron with me. Derek was so afraid I was going to drop he and Daron off in the babysitting room while I did something else that he grabbed Daron's coat lapel and hung on for dear life. Derek would not anwer anyone's questions or even acknowledge anyone. We got out of there safe and sound tho, didn't we, Derek? Age 4 years.
October 16, 1987 Derek coughed one night a lot and I said, "Oh, oh". He said he only coughed because I open the windows all of the time. Hmmm.
October 16, 1987 Derek was very excited about the 'Ding Dong' church in Naperville (St. Peter and Paul). We had gone in and looked around and Derek liked the church a lot and talked about it off and on all day. Needless to say, the bells chimed out the time once while we were there and he thought that was great stuff.
October 16, 1987 Derek told me had a smashed fingernail on his foot.
October 18, 1987 Derek and Daron had the clever idea of cutting down the willow tree in the back yard so got one of Tom's golf clubs and started whacking away. I saw them and soon decided they were going to harm the tree and the club so went out to retrieve the club. Strange looking club. Looked sort of like the letter "S".
1 9 8 8
Age 4
May 17, 1988 Derek was trying to get me to understand what he was saying, "You know those rocks in the sky where people live?" (Planets)
May 25, 1988 Grandma was helping me with laundry by pulling a few things out of the washer and setting them on the open lid and around the edges. Derek saw it and exclaimed, "Look, the washing machine spit our clothes out!"
Age 5
September 1988 Derek says he has a milk leg and an eat leg. When he drinks his milk, it goes in one leg and his food goes in the eat leg.
September 22, 1988 Derek chatting away at lunch. I commented to Grandma someone was "full of hot air." Derek points to the top of the microwave. "All you have to do is put the fan right there."
September 22, 1988 Derek assigning jobs. Santa Clause gives kids toys. His buddies (elves) make them.
September 26, 1988 I pride myself on being able to walk through the house in darkness without incurring bumps or bruises. Pride cometh before a fall. I stumbled over a child "Derek" sleeping on the bathroom rug and just about went into the toilet headfirst.
October 13, 1988 Uncle Bill and Derek stopped to get some sodas. Bill got 2 candy bars for him and Bob Quinn and asked Derek what he wanted. Derek chose the chewing gum but when he got in the truck he reached for one of the candy bars. (What? I don't get one of these too?) When asking Uncle Bill where to put the gum wrappers Derek was surprised to find out the floor worked A-OK. Uncle Bill's friend, Bob Quinn, said so.
October 13, 1988 Derek and Uncle Bill were hauling grain from Bob Quinn's in the elevator when Derek exclaimed, "This is just like in the movies!"
October 13, 1988 Derek and Uncle Bill were out at Uncle Alfred's farm when Derek told Uncle Bill he needed to go to the bathroom. Bill told him he could go anywhere and sent him off with some Kleenex. When Uncle Bill was backing up to go Derek hollered, "Look out! You're going to run over my poop!" (Whoopee!)
October 31, 1988 Derek was telling Brenna she needed to poke a hole in the ground and plant a popcorn seed and she'd get a tree with popcorn all over its branches.
November 9, 1988 A good friend, Julie Hays (27), got a brand new car several days ago and after getting a good look-see, Derek asked his mommy if maybe when she got to be an old grandma and got sick and died if she wouldn't give it to him. (His mommy, boo hoo, is even older than Julie.)
November 17, 1988 Derek was telling his friend Vince he was going to be a pirate for next Halloween. I told him many years ago Leticia had been a cowgirl and he got down on his hands and knees and said, "Like this? Moo!" No, Derek. Not a girl cow but a girl cowboy.
November 27, 1988 Brenna had neglected to put on her shoes again when she ended up putting the chair leg down on her toe. She was hopping around on one foot, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" When Derek entered the kitchen he thought it looked like fun and hopped over to his chair. He had no idea the hopping was from pain, not fun.
1 9 8 9
January 10, 1989 Derek was sticking magazine stickers on a piece of paper and after filling the page said we were getting all of them. I said, "I hope not. We'll never get them read." Derek replied, "Uh huh. Here's a red." Sure enough, there was a bright red sticker.
January 18, 1989 Derek was saying that someone in his class like him. We asked him if it was a boy or a girl and he said, "I don't know. I don't know her name yet."
February 28, 1989 Derek was pretending to be an "excitenist." (Scientist)
April 14, 1989 Nannie was taking Derek to school and said, "Oh my gosh, I forgot my purse." Derek said, "That's okay, Nannie, it doesn't cost anything."
May 5, 1989 Whenever we tell Derek anything he 'always' says 'I know it'. But, when I wrote this in 1991 I noticed he does not do that anymore. Just a phase, I guess.
June 7, 1989 I was reading a book to Daron and Derek about a person at church. There was a graveyard beside the church. Both boys asked questions about the church and the graveyard and they decided between them that they were not going to church anymore so they wouldn't die and go to a graveyard.
June 10, 1989 Daron and Derek were having a great time scouting out the neighborhood. They came walking in with a 'Huge' leather chewing bone for a big dog. I told them to take it back from where they had gotten it because it belonged to someone's dog and the dog likes to chew on it and will miss it. Both boys suddently had a very forlorn and sad look on their faces and Daron said, "We thought it was a dinosaur's bone". Boy, I could sure see where they got that idea from. I had never seen such a huge chewing bone before. Don't you know how sad they were to have their discovery turn out to be a mere dog's bone to chew on?
June 10, 1989 Daron and Derek were romping and wrestling and as Daron got tired he said to Derek, "I'm losing my grip and I am tired of being rowdy".
1 9 9 0
Age 6
May 4, 1990 Derek came running in the house and asked, "Mom, can I go up to the Tinies?" The Littles were their correct name.
1990 Nannie was talking to the four Smith kiddos about the biblical names she had given their aunts and uncles. Derek asked how come she didn't name one after that kid that fought the great Goliath and the girls hurriedly told him at the same time that that was Uncle David's name and Derek said in a very subdued voice, Oh."
1 9 9 1
Age 7
February 9, 1991 Derek ran out to see our address and couldn't find it on the house and came in very perplexed and sad and said, "Nannie, we don't have an address.". Age 7 years.
February 10, 1991 Derek was supposed to be doing a homework paper on 'senses'. He kept thinking 'sentences'. When I showed him the paragraph showing how many senses there were he still kept saying two and even after I showed him the word 'five' for senses he still did not understand. Then, he lost patience with me and showed me the two 'Sentences' in the paragraph! Made perfect sense to him!
March 18, 1991 On our trip home from Missouri, Derek was studying the Oklahoma map and excitedly told me he had found a bus stop at the bottom of the map. It said BUS (business) 69. I laughed and he became angry at me. Sorry, Derek, but that was a neat thing to say.
March 19, 1991 Derek is very warm blooded and we were commenting on that fact. Later, he came for reassurance and said, "I am warm hearted, too, aren't I, Nannie?". Indeed you are, Honey.
April 5, 1991 Derek was talking about having to be at his ball game right after school and told me who would pick him up. Said he'd only have time to study 10 spelling words and then repeated that 'James Mom' would be picking him up. I gave Derek the spelling word of 'WHO' because it was the one word he was having problems with and Derek replied quickly, 'James Mom'. He thought I was asking him again who was picking him up.
April 28, 1991 I was talking to the four Smith children about the Biblical names I had given their aunts and uncles and Derek asked how come I didn't name one after that kid that fought the giant Goliath and the girls all hurriedly told him at the same time that that was Uncle David's name and Derek said in a very subdued voice, "Oh".
May 5, 1991 Derek asked me what my name used to be and I said it started with an "M" and he asked if it was 'Mom' and I told him no so he said, "Mommie" and I told him that was the wrong answer so he tried 'Nannie' and that was wrong. I told him he used to live with Grandma and it's the same name as her last name. He said excitedly, "Grandma Culp!" He never did figure it out. Age 7 years.
May 5, 1991 Derek was very happy to be having 'Pesgetti' for supper tonight.
Age 8
May 25, 1991 En route to church Tom saw an Asian Indian and said, "Oh, more Indians moving into the neighborhood, I see" and I told him it was the same family we saw before and the man's name is 'Bobby'. Derek got excited and said, "A real Indian!!??" Told him these Indians were from another country called India. An Apache is a Native American. . . Indians are the only Native Americans. The rest of us have our roots in other countries. Pretty soon Derek said very quietly, "I'm a native. . . I was born in Independence, Missouri."
May 28, 1991 Derek was sewing the metal swimming pool pass onto his swim trucks. He wetted the needle head between his lips instead of the end of the thread and then looked at both in bewilderment as if to ask himself why he had done that. Then, he saw me looking and we both started laughing. Looked so funny.
June 6 1991 Don't remember how the word 'crops' was brought up but Derek got excited and said he knew what that word means. We looked astounded at him and asked if he was sure. He said it might be 'crap' and not 'craps' but yes, he definitely knew the meaning and then in a long suffering attitude at our stupidity, he took it upon himself to enlighten one and all. "It is when farmer's put seeds in the ground and the seeds come up and then that's 'craps'!!!" Got it???.
June 8, 1991 We were discussing Doug's long absence and said maybe he doesn't write because he has remarried. Derek go very upset (and so did the girls) and said, "If he did I would call him a 'traitor'".
July 10, 1991 Derek was eating and eating and I asked him why he was still eating and he said, "Oh, cause Brenna stopped." Does that make sense or does that make sense!?
August 2, 1991 Derek said a girl from England is in his class and probably is going to grow up and be the Queen cause she sounds sooooo English!
September 4, 1991 Derek wanted to know if he is going to grow up and have black hair and red spots on his arms like his dad does. (Psorasis). Beats me.
November 29, 1991 Derek and I were playing pitch and catch and I was throwing the ball a bit hard and it was stinging Derek's fingers. Finally he said, "Nannie, I think I'm going to have to retire this hand early. It hurts.".
November 29, 1991 Derek's Grandma Culp was visiting the family down here. Derek asked me why 'everybody' kept calling her Grandma Culp and I told him she isn't my Grandma and I was not calling her Grandma Culp. Then he wondered why Mommie wasn't calling her Grandma Culp and I told him she isn't Derek's Mommie's Grandma Culp either. Then, he wondered why Chandra was calling her Anna Mae and I told him I didn't know. Derek is talking in a very quiet voice all this time. Okay? Finally Derek said, "Just who the heck is she anyway?" Told him she is Doug's mother. He ducked his head and kind of smiled and said, "I guess we have something in common then." After a pause, he said, "We must be a little bit related, too.".
November 30, 1991 Derek had a vision test at school and came home and said he had 20-20 on his vision test. Very proud of his accomplishment!
November 30, 1991 Derek was getting ready for bed and had a tight shirt on and asked if I would 'Strip the rabbit' for him. Believe he meant 'skin the rabbit', don't you?
November 30, 1991 Derek was taking his clothes off, preparing for a bath and throwing his dirty clothes into the closet. I was getting the water ready and went for shampoo, which was behind where Derek was standing. As I opened the lower cabinet door, Derek bent over to pick up a dropped sock and did he ever get 'it' in the wrong place. The cabinet door edge and his bottom connected. What a shock and surprise for both of us! We did have a hearty laugh together though, didn't we, Derek?
December 8, 1991 I told Leticia that I circle my 'i's' instead of dot them and that means I want to be different and Derek looked at me in awe and said, "You circle your eyes, Nannie?" Sorry, Derek, wrong eyes.
1 9 9 2
March 3, 1992 Kerry was stuffing her mouth full of a sandwich and Derek looked at her in amazement and said, "Man, you've got a big mouth, Care Bear!".
April 5, 1992 I asked Derek if he wanted ice cream for dessert. He looked outside and said, "But, it's not even dark yet." (Too early for a bedtime snack???)
April 6, 1992 Derek saw someone doing extensive yard work using a big caterpillar and digger and said, "Well, at least they don't have to dig weeds for awhile!".
April 7, 1992 Derek said he is going to kill Matt R and he's going to be dead for life. Gee, must have been upset about something.
April 8, 1992 Derek was asking me about a 'Kid's Sing-Along' tape and was wondering if this was the one with the song, 'Chicken In The Straw'. Believe he meant 'Turkey In The Straw', don't you kids?
April 17, 1992 I told Derek the man who put in our new bathroom fixtures wore a wig and he asked how I could tell. Told him I just could tell. Told him his cousin Dennis wears one, too. After a bit Derek asked me if all dentists were wigs. Believe he misunderstood Dennis' name.
April 18, 1992 I was trying to help Derek with confession since we were getting ready to go. We went over the usual sins and then I asked him if there was any one thing he didn't want to do again and he very seriously said, "Yes, not dig weeds!".
Age 9
June 23, 1992 Derek was supposed to read an hour. He was timing himself with his Mom's clock and after 50 minutes he said he was finished because his Mom's clock was 10 minutes fast. He couldn't figure out why that was not a full hour! Not very happy about having to read 10 minutes longer, either.
1 9 9 3
Age 10
March 24, 1993 I told Derek he had just polished off the grapefruit and he looked astounded and said, "I polished the grapefruit?"
June 3, 1993 Derek asked if the tea he was drinking was my oil tea. What in the world is oil tea? He couldn't explain and I haven't a clue!
June 9, 1993 Derek told me he was going to eat less than Grandpa so he wouldn't be as fat as Grandpa when he grows up and he is going to eat more than me so he won't be as skinny as me. Good luck, Derek!!!!
1 9 9 5
Age 11
January 12, 1995 John was talking girls, girls, girls. . . . . . size, shape, looks and so on and finally Derek looked up at him and said, "Uncle John, you must be going through a growth spurt cause all you are interested in are girls!"
Age 12
March 11, 1995 Jeffrey called and asked Derek to come over and Derek said he would have to ask his Grandpa first, which he did, and I told Derek Tom would take him over after he finished talking to some neighbors. Derek then said to Jeffrey, "My Grandpa will bring me over later." I told Derek that Tom and I are Jeffrey's grandma and grandpa, too. Derek grinned and repeated to Jeffrey what I had just told him. Did he or didn't he already know this???
1 9 9 8
Age 14
February 24, 1998 The "big dance" was coming up this weekend and Brenna (16) was determined not to get sick. Unfortunately, Derek had come down with a cold and was dealing with a cough and a stuffy/runny nose. I came home from school and found that Brenna had sprayed the entire house with a germ killer. Then, after her brother had gone to bed, I asked her to give him a cough drop as he continued to cough. From downstairs I could hear her run into her brother's room as fast as she could then immediately dash back out gasping for air. She was so paranoid she'd held her breath. I wonder just how important it will be to her at a later date.
2 0 0 0
Age 17
August 2000 Derek was watching TV and seeing a car there he thought was familiar he asked me what it was. It was a station wagon!
2 0 1 1
Age 28
December 25, 2011 Derek and Jennifer were at her parentsí house on Christmas and Jenniferís dad grabbed a jar full of Tootsie Rolls and Smarties candies and told everyone to guess how many were in the jar.

Derek said, "Ugh those are for a game?"
"Yes itís for a game. Whatís your guess?"
In which Derek replied,"Well whatever the total number was in the jar of tootsie rolls take away 3 since I kind of ate them!"

HaHa!! He thought the jars were for everybody since they were on the counter with all of the other goodies.

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