Dorthy (Nanny) Marie McClintic Dierkes Said What?

Dorthy (Nanny) Marie McClintic Dierkes was born 1931:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 3 3
Age 2
1933 A toy broke and I brought the toy and a spoon to my dad and said, "Fixy poon"? Must have been very young if I could not talk better than that.
1933 Mom, Dad, Baby Bill and I were all dressed up to go to something and I went into the kitchen and pulled over a pitcher of fresh cream that was setting on the end of the table. Spilled all over me and the floor. Dad got after me and I merely said, "Dink 'ilk'"? Had to get ready all over again.
1 9 3 5
Age 4
1935 Tony Blickham (used to live in the Freidleins house) was helping Dad one summer and I came out to watch on this very warm day. I had on a coat and Dad said to me, "It's kinda warm for that coat, isn't it?" I said, "No, it's just right for hot and cold." Sounds like something Shelly or Daron or Kami would have said.
1 9 8 7
Age 56
April 1, 1987 Dottie keyed in all the funny things her kids have said into her new computer over a period of 2 years. From time to time she printed out an updated list of kids sayings which everyone appreciated. After 2 years Dottie started asked everyone if they had a copy with some earnest. Why the earnestness? "OK, I am going to turn it off now." she warned. Warned?

She turned off the computer.

Later we learned she had keyed in all the kid's funny sayings into a word processor called MultiMate. For 2 years MultiMate stayed up on the computer without a lightning strike or a reboot. In all that time Dottie had NEVER SAVED her document. "What do you mean, SAVED?" Dottie's understanding of the computer and the MultiMate word processor was from the vantage point of a sophisticated type writer.
1 9 8 8
Age 54
September 22, 1988 As we sat awaiting Grandma at the dinner table (unusual) she came into the kitchen carrying the bottom edge of kids' pump toothpaste. Carrying it like the tip of a tail of a dead mouse. She didn't know what it was and was taking it to the trash. Looked funny.
1 9 9 9
Age 68
October 28, 1999 I detest the Yankees and have for eons. Today is the ticker tape parade and I told Tom he sure need not feel bad because the 'Cowboys' lost against the Yankees because they beat a lot of other teams better than ours. He just looked at me and wondered where in the world I was coming from. He kept saying, "Cowboys, Cowboys"? Oh, then it dawned on me that I must have said ROYALS AND NOT RANGERS.
October 28, 1999 I made Tom Cream of Rice and only used two cups of water and one cup of rice when it should have been 4 cups of water and one cup of rice. It got so thick we couldn't use it for anything but wallpaper paste!!!! We sure laughed about that one, too. I tried adding water and stirring and stirring and then it got so thin it ran all over the place. We kept on laughing. But, things finally evened out and we sat down and enjoyed our "Porridge",,,, I really mean Rice, of course. Something like papa and mama bear!!!!
2 0 0 9
Age 78
June 21, 2009 I was talking to dad and a group about Derek having gone on a secret mission in the military. (We were talking about someone leaving their job and not telling (not allowed to) where their new job was and Mom caught the conversation as she passed by and said Pat went there too.) How could she know if Pat went to the same place when no one knows where Derek's went since he was never allowed to tell anyone?
2 0 1 2
Age 81
July 3, 2012 Nannie’s phone was ringing so she jumped up to answer it. No matter what button she pushed, she couldn’t pick up the call. I looked over and couldn’t figure out why she was trying to answer the phone with the television remote. Did I miss something here? When I pointed it out to her she said she and Dad did that all the time. Ooooookaaaaay

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