Kamiann Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Kamiann was born 1996:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 9 8
Age 2
May 2, 1998 Kami was trying to close the childproof cabinet door at her house and it wouldn't close. She looked at John and said, "Oh, oh, daddy, it needs a new battery.".
May 16, 1998 Kami was feeding Tom and I play pizza and each time we were going to pretend to take a bite she would put her hands on her hips and look out of the upper corner of her eyes at the ceiling and say something very quickly. We could not figure out what she was saying but we knew we were not to eat. Finally, I figured out what she was saying,,,"No, say Bess Us O Lord" first.
May 16, 1998 Kami and I were visiting across the street at Ursula's house. Ursula had her small dog,,, Boobie, out on the walk with her and Kami heard her saying Boobie's name. Kami kept tugging on my hand wanting to go in the house and see Ursula's baby. She thought Ursula was talking baby talk, I guess.
May 16, 1998 I did not put on my seat belt between Deb's house and our house and Kami was very upset about that. Finally, she shook her finger at me and while frowning said, "Don't you know the bad guys are going to get you if you don't put on your seat belt!" I can see John's gestures so much in Kami's expressions!!!!
May 16, 1998 I told Kami we were going to have to walk down to Aunt Debbie's house and get her shovel. She said, "No, no, the shobel is out at the land!" Guess that is what they call their farm land. I did not misspell shovel, because that is the way she said it.
May 16, 1998 Kami and I watched Teri, Greg and Jeff drive away in their red car and Kami looked at me very sadly and said, "Jeff is in MY seat!" Guess she thought it was our red car and he was in her little car seat. Same side of the car she sits in. I asssured her it was their red car and she still shook her head no and said Jeff was in her seat.
November 24, 1998 Kami was trying to use some dried up markers and told her mommie that the pencils were all dried out.
November 29, 1998 Kami's brother, Zak, had left to spend the weekend with his dad. He called home and Kami talked to him and then it was silent on his end of the line. Kami didn't know what had happened so yelled "Yak, where are you Bud?"
November 29, 1998 Kami was visiting and saw the stroller in the laundry room and wanted to know why it was in there. I told her it was for the new baby boy that Chandra had. She looked up at me and asked, "Can I be your baby and ride in the stroller?" I took her for a cold ride.

I think it is rather interesting that Kami sometimes calls Zak Bud and so many call Mackenzie Sissy. Reminds me of Olivia and Alfred. Did you ever hear him call her Sis and her call him Bud? They did.

1 9 9 9
January 23, 1999 Zak had to memorize the Bible verse John 3:16 for Sunday School, and then next week he will receive a prize. Zak has practiced very hard and knows it like the back of his hand. Age 5 years.

The funny thing is.... Kami is in a different Sunday School Class and asked her Mom if she wanted to hear her say her bible verse. So she said Zak's bible verse just perfect.....

So Kami's Mom asked Zak's teacher if she could say it too and get a prize. So she's very excited about that too.

January 29, 1999 Yesterday when we got home I told the kids when they said their prayers before bed to be sure and pray for Uncle Dondi and Angie because they are about to have a new baby.

Well, At bed-time, I had Kami go first last night, and this was her prayer. "God, Thank you for Angie's baby, and God Please, PLEASE don't let the bed bugs bite. If they do, take your shoe and hit them black and blue. Amen."

Age 3
February 22, 1999 John and Kami at age 3Kami Dierkes (born 1996) is preparing dinner so no snacking until it is ready.  1999Kami Dierkes and Zak trying on the pants of the family.  Kami seems a little surprised by the camera.  May 27, 2000
April 3,1999 Kami was helping me peel carrots and peelings were flying all over the place. She finally decided she was finished and handed me a carrot and said, "Here, Nannie, cut off the lid". Hope you realize she meant the green top.
July, 1999 Kami was outside playing and when she came back in the house, she went to the bathroom to wash her face... A few minutes later she came back out to me very frustrated!! Her hair and face were sopping wet and she had her hand tugging at her cheeks.... and said.. "Mom, these won't come off!"

She was referring to her little red cheeks that got red from playing outside.......

July, 1999 Kami got a new brush, comb and mirror, since she thinks that she always needs mine..... and she was playing with it, and I told her her hair looked awesome!
She perked straight up and as serious as could be said..... "Mom, girls don't look awesome!"
Of course I apologized and told her she looked absolutely beautiful instead......
July 30, 1999 When I put an old necklace around Kami's neck I pulled it forward and then let it drop onto her chest. She asked me if it was hot. I asked her why she thought that and she said, "Well, you dropped it on me like it was hot!"
October 29,1999 Sonya asked Kami what the 3 gifts were that the wise men brought and she said, "Gold, Frankensense and Fur".
November 4, 1999 Sonya and the children were in the grocery store looking at the cakes, and Sonya asked Kami and Zak which one they should have for Jesus' birthday. They both thought Poke'mon, and then Kami looked at Sonya very puzzled and asked how they would get a piece to Jesus. And then she asked if they would be celebrating the baby Jesus birthday or the grown up Jesus birthday. Sonya figured Kami see's baby Jesus and the big Jesus that died on the cross as two different people.
November 5, 1999 When Kami comes for a visit she immediately goes around checking to see if the toys are all in place as she remembers them. She went out in the garage and checked around then asked where the thing that goes GRRRRRR is. I looked around and around trying to figure out what she meant and she then tried to show me by acting as though she was pushing something around. We finally figured out that one. She meant the leaf blower. She likes to blow dust and leaves and grass while she is visiting. I gave her the blower and she went right to work blowing dirt and dust from the garage floor out the door onto the driveway.
November 5, 1999 Again Kami is checking out things and went to the box of "Early Books of Learning" that Becky had so graciously given us a number of years ago. Both Kami and Mackenzie like to have some of the books read to them and to play the game with the magic pencil that identifys objects on the board with another object at the top of the board. The pencil makes a noise when the child points to the correct picture. Kami is hunting for the set and asks, "Nannie, where's that thing that goes beep, beep, beep?" She has sound effects for a lot of things she can't call by name.
12/01/1999 I Took the kids to Celebration Station last night and let them have at all the games and pizza in there. We had an awesome time.

I wasn't going to eat any pizza because it is sooo fattening, however Kami continued to insist. So far as even to get a piece, put it on my plate, and continue insisting. She would say things like "Mom, your missing out."
Or "Mom, just try it."
"Mom, it's your birthday, you have to eat pizza." And then the clincher.
Mom, are you a bone-head. Come on eat your pizza!

Anyway she would not stop until I ate the pizza.

2 0 0 0
January 28, 2000 Zak was complaining about something the other day, and Kami looked straight at her mother and said, "MOM, Zak's got an attitude".
January 31, 2000 Kami told her mother that when she grows up and her mother 'grows down' then Kami is going to be a good mommy and go out to eat every night. Her mother said this stemmed from her not taking the children out for a happy meal a couple of nights ago.
Age 4
March 9, 2000 Kami woke up yesterday morning, and told her mother she was going to be a teenager at school that day. She just had to have a pony tail with a baseball cap on. She made sure she wore cute little blue jean shorts that had pockets so her hands could go in them. Her mother asked her why it is so important she be a teenager and she said...

"Because they're cool.".

Her mother said, .."How do teenagers act, do they mind their manners, and are they polite, and not do bad things?"

Kami replied..."Yeah, yeah, yeah mom, I already know all those things, and teenagers already know those things, too."

March 15, 2000 Zak now calls his real father "stepdad" and his mother's fiance Daddy. Zak was telling me something about his 'stepdad' and Kami corrected him and said, "You can't have a stepdad, Zak. You can only have a mean stepmother". Guess there are no fairy stories about mean stepdads, are there?
February 17, 2000 . Zak was looking at one of Kami's pictures she had drawn just for her mother and Kami saw him looking at the pictures and before he could comment on them she said, "Zak, you know how I feel about you looking at my pictures, don't you? You do know how I feel about that!"
February 17, 2000 . Sonya says Kami is very good at coordinating things at home. "Okay, Mom, what's next? (For instance), are we going to play, or eat supper or just go to bed without doing anything?".
April 7, 2000 Kami somehow got the idea that Tyler (from school) had given her a love note. She was crying and crying about it when she came home. Continuing to sob she said to her mother, "But, I don't want to marry Tyler, I want to marry Joshua".

Her mother asked her why she wanted to marry Joshua and Kami said, "Because he is going to the circus, and I want to go too." The 'love note' turned out to be a birthday invitation.

April, 2000 Kami was wanting Patrick Treece to come and visit or to go over to his house and asked, "When can our 'long cousin' come over?" Patrick is very tall and skinny/lean.
April 16, 2000
Kami was helping her mother do a chore and Sonya commented to her, "Kami, you are growing up to be quite a lady." Zak quickly chimed in and said, "Yeah, Kami, and 'Sirs' will love you, too."

Both children are being taught to call older men sirs and ladies Ma'am so he thinks when Kami is older a 'sir' will fall in love with her.

May 2, 2000
Sonya reports Kami is at the stage where she likes to "push Zak's buttons" and aggravate him, but she is very calm and cute about it. He falls for it every time. Kami knows Zak well. To demonstrate what she was talking about Sonya said the following: She told the children to go brush their teeth.

Kami said, "Oh, me first, me first", meaning she intended to use the sink and brush her teeth first.

Very sternly Zak said, "Kami, that is so rude." As a comeback Kami said, "What is so rude?" Zak answered, "To say 'me first, me first' is rude. You should always let others go first!"

Kami still looking cute and calm and happy as ever said, "That was so rude?"

Zak answered very plainly "YES, THAT WAS RUDE!"

Kami quipped back, "So rude you can hardly believe your eyes" and laughed merrily as she brushed her teeth first.

June 9, 2000 Mackenzie and Kami were in the den coloring and drawing while sitting around Tom's big desk. I opened the door to check on them and Kami quickly said, "Nannie, you leave. We need peace and quiet in here while we are working." Age 4.
June 10, 2000 Tim dropped off his garage door opener and house keys, some milk and a large onion as they were leaving on vacation. He popped the big onion on Kami's head and told her the onion was for her. As soon as Tim walked out the door Kami informed me she wanted some of 'her' onion. I told her she really didn't but that convinced her she really did, so I cut her a wee bite and she said, "Oh, that was delicious, fix me more". I did and she ate! Didn't take her long to ask for a drink of water though as she said it was kind of hot on her tongue. Must be related to Tom because he likes onions but not related to the rest of the family because no one else likes them!!!
June, 2000 Mackenzie and Kami and Zak all call water 'goggles' 'water gaggles'.
June 25, 2000 Kami got in trouble for something Sunday morning, and got a long lecture from JT and Zak about it. Later on her mommie mentioned something to her about it and Kami said. "We already negotiated on that mom."
June 19, 2000
Kami& Zak
4 & 6
Kami told her mother she is now going to marry Eian. Her mother said, "Kami, I thought you were going to marry Josh... why are you going to marry Eian?" Kami replied, "Because Eian let me see his Pokemon cards and he's a good Christian." Zak piped up and said, "Kami, I think you should take some time on this. I took some time, and I'm going to marry McKaelah now."
August 19, 2000 Kami was playing with baby Morgan while he was in the walker and the baby was very excited to have someone paying attention to him. He was bouncing up and down and wiggling all around. Kami jumped up from beside him and exclaimed, "Nannie, 'she' needs to go to the bathroom." I asked her how she knew Morgan had to go the bathroom and Kami said, "Cause my mommie said when you jiggle and wiggle around you need to go to the bathroom!"

Can't you just see me trying to put a 4 month old baby on the stool?????

Septmber 8, 2000
Kami& Zak
4 & 6
Kami informed me she is going to the college I went to when she gets big and Zak piped in he was, too, and they both said they are going to be "Aggies". I told them I went to college in Kansas and it is far away. Both were silent for a bit and then Zak asked where it was. Told him it is about 12 hours away and he asked if he would have to fly there. Told him one could drive there but shorter to fly. Kami then said, "But, we want to be Aggies". Told them Brenna and Dave were Aggies and that would be a great school to go to. Both were happy to hear that and decided they would still go to the Aggie school.
September 8, 2000 I have called our cars Hessie and Jessie for years and years. All of the grandchildren and even Dave know our cars are simply called Hessie and Jessie. While turning into our alley I said, "Whoa, Hessie, whoa" and Kami said, "Nannie, is the name of this car 'Whoa, Hessie'"? Not one child has ever asked if the car's name was two words before and I have certainly used that expression enough. Shows the uniqueness of every child God created.
October 7, 2000 Kami and Zak were watching Matt play soccer on a different field than Mackenzie's but at the same game time. Kami kept yelling, "Go, Matt Go. Go Matt Go. Go Matt Go." Suddenly she looked at her Aunt Dee and said, "Just where is Matt anyway?" She had no idea where he was on the playing field, but she did know he was out there someplace.
November 11, 2000 Sonya reports there was a commercial on TV with a little girl wearing a cute little dress. Kami noticed right away the little girls neck-line was down a bit low, and piped out real fast "Ooohh... she's too sexy...she's showing too much skin!"

Zak looked at the TV and said. ... "Oh.. I like to see that!"

November 20,2000 Kami got very excited and said, "Oh, Mommie, Gracie can talk English!" Sonya said, "Really? What does Gracie say? Kami replied, "Uno, dos, tres and TACO."
November 23, 2000 Kami was 'reading' a Bible Story to me about the creation of the world. When she got to Adam and Eve she gave me a very original version of this story. Kami said, "Well, God made this man go to sleep and when he was asleep he took off his arm and made a mommie and after awhile God gave 'Joseph' skin and more skin and more skin and more skin and pretty soon his arm grew back." Then she added, "THE END".
November 24, 2000 Tom and I took Kami to McDonald's to get some chicken nuggets and let her play in kiddie land for a bit. When Tom came in with the food she asked him if he got any money back. Tom said he didn't. "Well" Kami declared. "My mommie always gets money back when she goes to Taco Bell." Kami said it does not cost anything to go to Taco Bell. Bet her mommie would be surprised to hear that!!!.
December 8, 2000 After reading several stories to Kami she decided it was her turn to 'read' to me so she turned to the story she wanted to 'read' from the Children's Bible and here it is in all of its originality! Kami said, "This is a picture of Abraham. God told him to build a boat cause it was going to rain." Next picture shows an old man with a big blueprint of a boat. Kami said, "This is the picture God gave Abraham to show him how to build the boat. Pretty soon Abraham finished making the boat and got In the boat with his animals and then he locked the door so no one could get in. Pretty soon it started to rain and people came knocking on 'Joseph's'door and he wouldn't let them get in, so all the bad people drowned cause they didn't know how to swim."
December 21, 2000 Kami wanted to watch a movie and came to me and said, "CAN WE WATCH "BUMPULSKELSKIN"? She meant "Rumpelstskin".
December, 2000 Kami wipes down my bathroom sink after using it. She and Shelly are the only ones who do that because they have seen me doing it. Kami said to me on one trip here, "Nannie, what do you use to keep your sinks so clean? I try to clean our bathroom sink and dry it but it never comes this clean." Kami sounded so mature with this little bit of conversation.
2 0 0 1
January 21, 2001 Tom and I took Kami and Zak over to the roller skating rink in Garland to skate with Matt and Mackenzie to help celebrate Matt's 9th birthday which was on the 17th. Matt and Mackenzie both had friends attending the party. The children had a great time skating and Kami soon came to the table to get something to cool off. We thought she wanted a drink but instead she poured her strawberry drink onto her right hand and then rubbed her hands together and washed down her sweaty face. Believe me, this is the first time I have ever seen this trick!!!
January 21, 2001 While driving to the roller skating rink Zak commented to Tom that his step-dad picks him up by the head sometimes and Tom advised him not to let him do that again. Tom told him his head might come off and Kami said, "No, Pops, Zak's head is hooked onto his body and it won't come loose no matter how hard you pull."
January 20, 2001 Kami went to the grocery store with her mother but before they got to the store Kami piped up and said to her mother, "Mom, I think I'm old enough to start being reponsiple (responsible) for myself. I'll get my own drinks from now on, since you have so much to do."
Age 5
February 18, 2001 Zak was baptized tonight and afterward Sonya was going to give him a treat. She offered him a Corney Dog or a hamburger from Sonic, but he was playing picky, picky and wanted something else. Kami took this all in and finally said, "Gosh, Zak was just baptized and everything and he's already not following God's rules?".
February 10th, 2001 Sonya had to go buy Zak's baseball equipment bag but found the stores were charging too much money so they went to a thrift shop to look for a used one. She eventually found a brand new red one for only four dollars. Sonya felt quite blessed. Later in the car Zak noticed the brand name of "Franklin" written in big black lettering across the front of the bag and although he didn't want to seem ungrateful for the new bag he was caught in a dilemna. He and Kami did some whispering in the back seat and then suddenly Kami piped up, "Excuse me, we need to take this bag back to Franklin's house. It belongs to Franklin." Sonya said the look on Kami's face was priceless. It was obvious they were worried that Franklin would not have a baseball bag and they had the wrong bag.
April 13, 2001 I put Kami down for a nap and covered her with an afghan cover. She took one look at the cover and declared she was not going to use that old thing. She said it has holes in it and it is old! It really is not old and it is supposed to have holes in it because it is crocheted. I finally had to get her another cover before she would consent to take a nap.
April 15, 2001 Kami and I walked over to Tim and Dee's for their big Easter dinner. We ended up walking down the alley and found the garage door closed so had to walk around to the front of the house to get in. While walking around the end of the block Kami asked, "Is the mother here?" I assured her that Mackenzie's mother was there. She said, "No, I mean Aunt Deborah's mother." I informed her I was Aunt Deborah's mother. Kami was getting very impatient with me and said, "No, I mean the mother of Cody!!!" She meant Chandra. Oh, well. Win a few and lose a few.
May 7, 2201 Sonya wrote she had been trying to work with Kami on her thumb sucking and Kami came to Sonya one morning and said she needed to talk to her about something very serious. Sonya was all ears. Kami then said, "You know about my sucking my thumb? That's the way God made me, and I should be the way God made me. God made me to suck my thumb so I just have to do it. Remember, mommy, I was sucking my thumb when I was first born." (Which she was. We saw it in the film.)

Being as she was born via c-section, the thumb would have to have found the mouth AFTER delivery.
May 19, 2201 Kami was helping her mother clean strawberries they had just purchased at the grocery store and very seriously she asked her mother what animal strawberries came from. Before Sonya could answer Kami decided she knew the answer already and said, "Pigs!"
November 2001 Kami told her mom she wanted more Velcro to eat. Sonya was mystified about the Velcro. She asked for more information and Kami was not too happy because her mom did not know what Velcro was. Finally she added a little more information and Sonya caught on that Kami wanted Okra again to eat!
December 2001 Kami and her mom went shopping for a sweater for me for Christmas. Every sweater that Sonya picked out Kami had to feel and then would turn it down. Finally, in exasperation Sonya asked just what kind of a sweater was she supposed to be looking for and Kami ran to one on a counter and showed her. It was a rough weave and that is the kind she used to cuddle up to when she was a baby and she loves that sweater to this day. Pretty observant for a child, I think.
2 0 0 2
January 10, 2002 Sonya said they were listening to a song on the radio which they also sing at church and Kami was singing along as loud as she could. The words are repeated over and over in the song. They are "He is exalted, the King is exalted on high. I will praise him". Sonya had to laugh as she realized Kami was singing over and over 'He is exhausted, the King is exhausted on High, I will praise him'.
January 18, 2002 Kami asked me if I was going to the beauty parlor to get my hair fixed. I told her I was not. She looked at me and said, "I'm glad, Nannie, cause I don't like your hair when it is wet and I like it the way it is right now!"
January 18, 2002 Kami looked at me very seriously and said, "Nannie, I don't want you to wear lipstick anymore. You don't look good with lipstick on, and besides, old grandma's are not supposed to wear lipstick!"
January 18, 2002 As we were driving Zak and Kami from daycare to our house Kami was talking about a resort area they had gone to last Easter and said, "Nannie, I don't know if we are going to Silver Leaf again for Easter or not." I had her tell me all about the place and as she was explaining about the cabins and the fun they had I looked up and we were passing a nursing home called "Silver Leaf". I pointed and told her there was Silver Leaf. She stared at it and said it was NOT Silver Leaf. Then I told her it was a nursing home and that is where old people go when they can't take care of themselves anymore. I said I might go there someday when I am very old. She looked very doubtful and then I asked her if she was going to come and visit me when I am in the nursing home and she looked kind of undecided and finally said, "But, Nannie, I might forget where this place is and not be able to find it again."
Age 6
February 8, 2002 Kami asked me why I was not using the new bath oil she had given me and I told her I don't use bath oil because I can't take a bath anymore. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me with her hands on her hips and said in a very matter of fact way, "So, you just stay dirty all the time, right?" I had to smile and assure her I take showers now. She just said, OH.
July 17, 2002 Sonya and family were having 'family Bible time' and the dad asked who could tell him a miracle Jesus performed. Kami got excited and said, "I know, I know". Her dad asked her what it was and she said, "Jesus healed a leprechaun"! When the family started laughing she quickly changed it to a leper with a questioning look on her face.
July 17, 2002 The family continued to discuss the miracles Jesus performed. The dad then asked Kami if she knew what Jesus said to the man who was lowered down from the ceiling to be healed. Kami said, "Sure, I know. Jesus said, 'Go pick up your mattress and walk'!"
June 1, 2002 Kami said Zak is an alien. Tom told her then she must be one, too, because if Zak is one she has to be one, also. Kami said, "No, I can't be because I am too pretty!"
June 2, 2002 Kami told me she only likes her Brownies one way and that is whey they are like putty,,,, unbaked. Yuk!
July 3, 2002 When Kami and Zak arrived to go swim at Teri's, Kami was quick to tell me they got to go to the party tomorrow. I asked her how she knew there would be a party and she said cause her mommie said we always have a party for Holidays. Sure enough, Teri and Greg were going to have their annual 4th of July swim party. Right before Kami and Zak were picked up on that day Kami asked me if I was going to invite them to the party. I told her I thought she had already told me they were coming. She said, "But, you didn't ask us yet." I guess her mom had said they could come IF they were asked. She wanted to cover that base, for sure.
June 23, 2002 Sonya was playing checkers with Kami and Kami moved backwards on the board. Sonya said, "Hey, you can't move backwards!?" Kami thought for a bit and said in a calm voice, "I moved forward, just from your side", and then just sat there as if the matter was settled.
July 2002 Sonya and family were traveling back from South Dakota and had been stopping at many rest areas checking maps to see that they were on the right highway and what city was next. They stopped at a Denny's for breakfast one morning and the kids were given a booklet full of "busy stuff" to do. Kami opened it up to a maze that you follow from one end to the other. And just as serious as could be she said, "Oh guys, here's a map that shows you the whole entire world. Now you can use this one and you don't have to keep stopping."
July 2002 Sonya asked Kami and Zak to put the video tapes away in the boxes that they go in. They squabbled for a bit, and then Kami comes out of the room and says "Zak said I was fired". Sonya thought that very funny because that is Kami to the T. She is the type that is just going to do things the way she thinks they should be done and doesn't "bend" very easily. Sonya felt sure Zak just decided it was easier to do the work himself.
2 0 0 3
Age 7
February 4, 2003 Kami got in trouble at school and the teacher sent a letter home. (Not a big deal just she's not very neat and orderly and leaves trash /tissues, etc... in her desk instead of throwing them away).

Sonya asked Kami to write her teacher an "I'm sorry" note. She told her it needs to come from her heart the best she can. Kami asked Sonya if she'd help her spell some words and she said no..she wanted her to do the best she can do.

Kami said, "Ok... so you want me to invent how to spell words".
February 15, 2003 Sonya signed Kami up for soccer over the weekend and Kami said, "Thanks mom for signing me up for soccer because you know if you don't let me use my talents God will take them away from me and that would kinda be like punishing me."
June 1, 2003 Sonya and Kami were baking Sunday and the recipe called for a pack of White Almond Bark. Sonya asked Kami to open the package and drop it into the bowl so she could mix it. As Kami dropped it into the mixing bowl, she asked, "Mom, is this fool's butter?" Sonya guesses if there is fool's gold then why not fool's butter since it does not exactly look like the butter Kami was used to seeing.
August 18, 2003 Sonya was eating something fattening and Kami scolded her and said, "Mom, your 'cartirays' are closing in on you!" (Arteries getting clogged) Children sure learn young now, don't they?
2 0 0 4
Age 8
March 22, 2004 We needed some double A batteries, some blank tapes for Kami's tape recorder and some paper. So I gave Kamiann some money and she was so excited to run into the dollar store and get those 3 things for me.

When her spunky little self hopped out to the car......She was so excited to show that she had done it.

I checked in the bag and she had the double A batteries and paper but I saw some clear packaging tape in the bag.

I thought a minute...and while I was sitting there she said in her spunky voice..see mom.. blank tape, double A batteries and paper.

Oh I couldn't stop laughing..... Never even thought that blank tapes may mean literally "blank tape".
November 2004 We were driving and Kami saw a sign she was trying to read. She sounded it out and it said Mobil. ( It was a Mobile gas station ). She quickly asked me. "Why is it named that? Does it move around a lot?"
November 2004 We were putting up Christmas decorations last night and Kami found 1 of the ornaments you had given her that said "grandaughter" on it. She got tears in her eyes and hugged the ornament and then put it on the tree. She told me how much she loves you.
2 0 0 6
Age 10
April 9, 2006 My cute little kiddos made me a candle lit dinner last night with a sweet "I love you Mom" note beside my plate. While I was teaching piano they were busy cooking up a storm... It was all ready by the time I was finished teaching. I sat down to a wonderful dinner of cupcakes with extra icing and ice water. My dinner consisted of 4 of those cupcakes with extra, extra icing with a big cup of ice water. It was sooooooooo cute! I hope I remember that candle lit dinner the rest of my life!!
June 22, 2006 Kami and I were driving home from the store and saw a fire truck going in the opposite direction. I looked closely to see if I recognized any of the firemen and commented to her that none of the guys were our firemen. I told her they would be off the next day as they work one day and are off two days. She looked at me with concern and asked, "Well, what happens if there is a fire?" She thought no one would be manning the fire station when they were off!
July 23, 2006 Her other grandma is coming to their house on Tuesday morning early and then Sonya is taking her to the hospital as an outpatient for eye surgery. Kami said her grandma is going to the hospital to have one of her eyes operated on because she has a Cadillac in it. (Cataract)
July 23, 2006 Kami has hairy arms like Deb and JP which embarrassed her. Deb told her she used to brush hers down so they looked nicer and I went by the bathroom later and saw Kami brushing hers down.
September 15, 2006 Kami was getting upset about something and finally said, "THIS HAS TO STOP. I AM DOWN TO MY LAST NERVE."
2 0 0 9
Age 13
November 1, 2009 The priest was saying "Remember Lord, those who have died… May these and all who sleep in Christ… share the fellowship of your apostles and martyrs, w/ John the Baptist, Stephen, Mathias, Barnabus, Ignacius, Alexander… Kami asked if the visiting priest was speaking a foreign language.

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