Katie Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years.

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 9 0
Age 4
February 12, 1990 Katie was very fasinated with my 'doggie bag' and would always make it a point to be around when I needed to empty it. Several times she asked me to tell her about when she had a 'doggie bag' when she was a little girl. She is all of four years old, so dream on, Katie. Maureen said Katie used to put a plastic sandwich bag inside her underwear and pretend it was a 'doggie bag' and when she pressed on it the plastic made a noise and Katie would tell people that was her 'doggie bag' and, of course, folks had no idea what in the world she was talking about! Age 4 years.
February 13, 1990 Bill, Maureen, Ann, Paul and Katie came to visit us the weekend after we moved to Texas while we were still living with Teri and Greg. Since Greg and Teri and family had gone to Missouri to visit Bill and family stayed at Greg and Teri's house. Katie asked me several times where my little girl was because she saw the girl toys in their bedrooms. Several weeks later while Tom and I were babysitting Ann, Paul and Katie in Beaumont Katie told me she was going home with me so she could play with my little girl. I tried to explain again to her the circumstances of our staying at Teri's. Soon she will visit us in our new home and will see all of the toys in the toyroom/laundry room and still be confused!.
February 13, 1990 Katie was playing and suddenly looked up and said she heard Uncle David laugh. We told her he was not home and she was positive he was. We asked her how she knew it was David's laugh and she said, "Because men laugh like this. . 'Ho, ho, ho' and girls laugh like this "Hee, hee, hee'".
Age 5
November 26, 1990 I pointed out to Katie the thousands of birds flying over and told her they were flying south for the winter. Katie said, "No, they aren't flying south, they are walking south!".`
1 9 9 1
March 4, 1991 Katie was going to show me her new electric car. As we walked by their big van she turned around and saw me eyeing the van and said in a matter of fact tone, "Oh, Nannie, this not 'MY car'".
March 4, 1991 Katie told Marueen to look at her blood and Maureen asked her what she meant and glanced Katie's way only to see Katie pulling down her lower eye lid to show her mom how red they were. Then, Katie told Maureen to do it, too, and Maureen did and discovered she was almost anemic and said, "Oh, no Katie, I don't have much blood". Katie then told Maureen they both had good hearts and if she would start talking a lot like she (Katie) does she would get good blood, too, because it makes your blood red!
March 5, 1991 I was reading a book to Katie and the girl in the story was saying she didn't know how to make any real money. Katie asked how do we make real money and I told her we work for our money and she thought that over a bit and then said, "I know how you get real money. . . you go to the store that hands out real money and they hand out checks, too!".
March 5, 1991 Katie is studying about Abraham Lincoln in pre-school. Bill brought home pictures of the Lincoln Monument from his Virginia trip. When Katie saw Lincoln's statue she asked in amazement, "Is he a stone, Mommie?".
March 5, 1991 Bill was very upset with a lady at the Fina station who was very slow to turn on the gas pumps. Maureen said, "Boy, is Bill ever hot!" Katie, very quickly and seriously said, "Is he really??? How do you know?? What's that mean???".
March 6, 1991 I was writing down the previous paragraph and watching the war news at the same time on the little TV in the kitchen. I was writing fast and furious so we could leave to take Katie to school. Katie looked at me and said, "Are you trying to write down everything they are saying on TV?" Probably looked that way to her.
April 26, 1991 Katie was 'reading' while wearing sunglasses and Katie told Maureen she has to wear glasses or else she can't read and '' she takes her sunglasses off she has to use sign language.
Age 6
November 30, 1991 Katie asked where I got my rings from and I said Grandfather and she smiled and said, "Oh, wasn't that nice of him?".
December 1, 1991 I was searching for a pitcher to put tea in while at Bill and Maureen's house and Katie was looking very confused. When I finally found one she said, "That doesn't have a 'picture' in it!" We know what she was thinking, don't we?
December 2, 1991 Bill and Maureen were attending an award program at Katie and Paul's school. They were filming a lot of the program with their new cameras. Katie was getting very bored and asked her Mom to please 'fast forward' this part.
1 9 9 2
Summer 1992 Bill and I were watching a big plane at the airport and couldn't identify it. Katie said, "Oh, I know what it is. That's a rocket!" Then, Katie asked if it would be safe to stand on the clouds. Interesting thought and I have often wished that one could, but sure would be a big bump for airplanes to run into!
Summer 1992 When leaving the airport in Houston Paul exclaimed, "Oh, my gosh, we're going to hit the ground." He was doubly sure when the plane turned and banked and headed for Dallas. Ann commented that the planes wings were like birds. Katie's comeback was, "But, birds wings go up and down." First leg of the families trip to Belgium.
Age 7
Katie had this tale of woe. She dreamed she had a growing spurt and couldn't walk and her Mommie didn't know it and when she went to the rest room she couldn't walk and her Mommie got mad cause she didn't know Katie's legs had a growing spurt and wouldn't walk!
1 9 9 4
Age 9
December 20, 1994 I was searching for a ball point pen at Bill and Maureen's while Maureen was dismantling the stove and cleaning all around inside it. Katie was watching her mom very closely and peering down into the inards of the stove. Maureen could see I wasn't having any luck finding a pen in the drawer and said, "There's hundred's of pens in there someplace" and that really got Katie's attention cause she thought Maureen was talking about inside the stove. Katie peered more closely into the stove and in astonishment asked, "There are????"

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