The Kids Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my 9 children have said to me over the years:

_____Date_____ Who Age They Said What?
1 9 3 3
1933 Dottie 2 A toy broke and I brought the toy and a spoon to my dad and said, "Fixy poon"? Must have been very young if I could not talk better than that.
1933 Dottie 2 Mom, Dad, Baby Bill and I were all dressed up to go to something and I went into the kitchen and pulled over a pitcher of fresh cream that was setting on the end of the table. Spilled all over me and the floor. Dad got after me and I merely said, "Dink 'ilk'"? Had to get ready all over again.
1 9 3 5
1935 Dottie 4 Tony Blickham (used to live in the Freidleins house) was helping Dad one summer and I came out to watch on this very warm day. I had on a coat and Dad said to me, "It's kinda warm for that coat, isn't it?" I said, "No, it's just right for hot and cold." Sounds like something Shelly or Daron or Kami would have said.
1 9 5 7
May 1957 Ricky 2 When Tom took TJ, Rick and Billy into Kentucky when they were very small Rick looked at the grass and in shock he just stared at the grass. He finally asked if this was "Kentucky Bluegrass" or what? He thought the grass was supposed to be blue and had been looking forward to seeing it.
1 9 5 9
October 10, 1959 TJ 5 TJ asked if we would all be dead at the end of the pages on the calendar since there were no more pages.
October 1959 TJ 5 TJ said he was sick. I asked him why and he said because we must not be real because how could God make Himself and us, too.
November 4, 1959 TJ 5 TJ looked at the 3 Magi and asked which of the three kings is going to kill all the baby kings in the neighborhood.
November 1959 Ricky 4 Ricky, after being caught closing and rubbing his eyes said, "I am not sleepy, Mommy. I was just closing my eyes so no one could see who I was".
November 1959 TJ 4 TJ was tying a string around Rick's head and Ricky said, "Mommy, he's killing my brains!"
November, 1959 TJ 5 After watching the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and seeing a man declare he bathed daily to live longer TJ said, "Grandpa McClintic should bathe daily and he might live even 50 years longer". Grandpa was then 68 and lived to be 86. TJ, do you realize my dad was only two years older than I am when you said that? Holy cow!!!
1 9 6 0
January 1, 1960 Ricky 4 After very carefully explaining something to the children Ricky cupped his hand to is ear and very seriously said, "What, Mommy, I didn't quite follow you."
January 21, 1960 Debbie 21
Debbie dumped the pan of tea grounds in Tom's tea glass while I was looking for paper to wrap them in. A little later I found her sitting in the bathroom sink!
January 20, 1960 Debbie 21
Found Debbie at 3:45 AM sitting on the kitchen table finishing up Billy's birthday cake. She was 21 months and Billy had just celebrated his 3rd birthday the previous day.
January 21, 1960 Debbie 21
Instead of napping peacefully as she was supposed to be doing I found Debbie had completely made herself up with lipstick. . . face, hands, knees, lips, legs, feet, hair, shirt, and then the pillow slip and the bed spread. She also had torn her daddy's cigar into a million tiny pieces and tossed it all over the bed and floor. Had earlier found her on top of the dresser investigating things, plus attempting to eat Tom's aspirins. Definitely not MY day!
January 25, 1960 TJ 5 TJ said Grandpa McClintic is using his 7th skin now and it's old and the toughest and will last a long time. (Maybe he is getting this idea because Grandpa is losing the pigment in his skin it looks very white and new.)
February 2, 1960 TJ 5 Missed the mailman and sent TJ to catch him in below freezing weather disregarding his "But, Mommy. . . " He returned and then I noticed he had no shoes on and that is what he was trying to tell me. No after effects, thanks be to God.
February 2, 1960 TJ
I asked Tommy Joe and Ricky if we should go to Grandma's during the two weeks their dad was slated to be in Chicago on business in April and they were all enthused but I told them Tommy Joe would have to miss school if we went. Tommy Joe paused, thought and then grinned, "That will be okay". Ricky says, "We like Grandma's better than school. . . do we, Tommy Joe?"
February 24, 1960 Ricky 4 Ricky was planning to attend kindergarten on his birthday but TJ's teacher said no one was to bring their little sisters or brothers to school. But, TJ told the teacher Ricky wouldn't be his brother any more because she didn't say other children couldn't go. Later Ricky was talking about going and I told him what the teacher said but Ricky said, "But, Tommy Joe isn't my brother anymore, so can I go??"
February 28,1960 TJ 6 Tj said, "Mommy, please get some Playtex gloves so you can have pretty hands." Pays to advertise on TV I am thinking.
March 1, 1960 TJ 6 After having to give TJ an enema he wanted me to be sure and wipe all of the gasoline (Vaseline) off of his bottom.
March 1, 1960 Billy 3 Billy dumped two boxes of laundry soap all over the basement floor and then proceeded to pour water from the water heater all over the soap. Ugh.
March 2, 1960 TJ 6 TJ asked if I knew why bull dogs have hungry cheeks that hang way down. Of course I didn't know, so he proceeded to tell me it is because they get in fights with baby bulls and the bull's little horns come off and they get stuck in the dog's mouth and are so heavy they make the dog's cheeks fall down. Well, how about that!
March 3, 1960 TJ 6 TJ was telling me that sometimes just water runs out of his nose and that's to save his blood so it won't go to waste. (He is forever having nosebleeds.)
March 4, 1960 TJ 6 TJ said when a Mommy goes to the hospital and gets a new baby, well, if she decided she wanted twins a nurse would go in and pull out a drawer full of babies and give her one.
March 6, 1960 Ricky 5 Ricky was complaining about his brains moving around. I asked where and he pointed to his chest and stomach.
March 7, 1960 Ricky 5 Ricky was holding his nose closed trying to exhale and became all excited and said, "Mommy, I'm blowing air out and it's not coming out of my nose, but it's coming out both of my ears!"
March 20, 1960 TJ
Ricky was trying to force open the door into his room which was being barred by his daddy. TJ and Billy finally decided it was useless and called Debbie over and said, "Cry, Debbie, so Daddy will open the door."
March 24, 1960 TJ 6 TJ looking at our dusty wedding photo in the living room said, "When you and Daddy married you were all dusty, right?"
March 28, 1960 TJ Ricky and TJ both like girls and were wondering what to say to the boys who disliked girls. TJ told David Lucas he liked girls and David said, "Oh, Tommy, I'm going to tell all the boys to call you 'Lover Boy'". (How ironic, because that is what Big Tom was called when he was growing up, so like father. . . like son!)
March 29, 1960 Ricky 5 Ricky said, "Mom, when I get grown, Daddy will be a grandpa, won't he?" and TJ overhearing replied in disgust, "OH, Ricky, Daddy can't be a grandpa, he's not a farmer." (Like TJ's grandpa.)
March 30, 1960 TJ 6 TJ said he's not going to be a daddy when he grows up but a grandpa like Grandpa McClintic.
May 3, 1960 Ricky 5 Ricky said he was playing daddy and TJ told him he didn't look like a daddy but like a grandma because he has red hair (like Grandma McClintic's.)
May 25, 1960 TJ
TJ and Ricky had been playing cowboys all morning and suddenly Ricky said, "Tommy, let's just play Tommy and Ricky now." (Received $2.00 from The Capper's Weekly for this one saying.)
August 5, 1960 TJ 6 TJ was talking about puppies drinking milk from the mama dog and I asked if he had ever seen a puppy nurse and he replied, "Do puppies have a nurse. . . where's the puppies nurse????"
August 6, 1960 TJ 6 TJ asked me if I knew why cars have rubber tires and I, of course, said I did not so he said, "Because they would cut the little hose that rings the bells at the gas stations if they didn't use rubber."
August 8, 1960 TJ 6 TJ asked if the loaf of bread we were eating at lunch was put-nut, put-nut bread. (Again, it pays to advertise on TV. . . he was referring to an ad "tut-tut, nothin' but Butternut bread.")
August 19, 1960 TJ 6 Tom and I were talking about having a short in the doorbell and TJ overheard and wanted to know what that meant so I explained that shorts sometimes cause fires and his eyes got very big and wide and he said, "Do jeans, too?"
August 30, 1960 TJ 6 TJ said he knows how he can get a pony now. After Joe Maher's pony has a baby he will ask Joe for the pony and give him $2.00 for it. Ricky said he'd get the next one and he'd pay Joe about all the money Grandpa has. He'd give Joe three nickels and five dimes.
September 14, 1960 Ricky 5 Ricky said his stomach hurt because the bones that protect his heart got all twisted up and made his tummy hurt.
October 13, 1960 Ricky 5 Ricky and TJ were writing their alphabet and being very chummy toward each other. I heard Ricky say to TJ, "Tommy, I like you so much I feel like I could pop."
October 18, 1960 TJ 6 Tommy asked me what "tsry" spells and I said 'nothing'. He continued putting letters together and asking what they spelled and I always answered the same. . . that spells 'nothing'. Finally, TJ said, "Gosh, there sure are a lot of ways to spell 'nothing', aren't there?" (Received $2.00 from The Capper's Weekly for this saying.)
October 20, 1960 TJ 6 TJ says "Pray for me" to both St. Thomas and St. Joseph daily and said that St Thomas is him! I asked why he thought that and he said, "Well, I'm a saint." I said, "Oh, no you aren't yet." And, TJ said, "But, I go to St. Mary's school and that means I am a St. Thomas."
October 31, 1960 Ricky 5 I asked Ricky if I should make a Devil's Food Cake and he said very vehemently, "No, No."
December 12, 1960 TJ 6 TJ told Ricky he would have to be awfully smart in school or he would get pushed around like him. Sister would push him home and Dad would push him right back to school.
December 17, 1960 TJ 6 TJ said his mumps wouldn't hurt now, because he ate an aspirin on that side of his mouth. . .(left)
December 18, 1960 TJ 6 TJ overheard us talking about the fear of his mumps dropping on him since he was more active than we thought he should be. He then said he was afraid his mumps might fall down and he would accidentally step on them.
December 28, 1960 TJ 6 TJ said some of the people he prays for go to "gurgatory". "What, I asked?" "Oh, you know, God's cleaners." (Submitted to the St Gerard Magazine.)
December 20, 1960 Billy 3 Billy informed me the Christmas tree was melting. (The needles were falling off.)
December 21, 1960 TJ 6 At the supper table TJ ordered absolute quiet and got it! Then he asked if we could hear the song of "26 Men" playing in his head. He said it was so loud and playing over and over.
1 9 6 1
January 3, 1961 Ricky 5 Ricky told TJ that the extension cord was the plug and the thing where you plugged in is the plug "end" because it's the end of the plug. Simple!!
January 12, 1961 TJ 6 Tom told TJ he should go to Sister tomorrow and tell her "he" told a lie yesterday. . . TJ had a startled look on his face and said, "Did you tell me a lie yesterday, Dad?"
January 12, 1961 TJ 6 TJ said he just gets all nervous after telling a lie. His conscience is working, apparently. PTL.
January 23, 1961 TJ 6 TJ said, "We must pray for the president to make the right decisions because if he makes the wrong decisions we'll go right to war and boy, I am ready. . . just hand me a baseball bat and push them all my way and I will hit them all in the head."
January 23, 1961 Debbie 2 Debbie wanted a lid for her one slice of sandwich. . . meaning the other slice of bread to make a complete sandwich.
January 23, 1961 TJ 5 Ricky said grandpa couldn't die till he's grown up and Tom and I are grandma and grandpa. If grandpa should die we have to get another one. I asked how and he thought awhile and finally said, "I guess you'll have to get a new one out of your tummy, Mommy."
January 24, 1961 Ricky 5 Ricky showed TJ a picture of a boy turning a somersault and he said, "Tommy, that's called a somersault because you're just supposed to do in the 'summer' time."
January 24, 1961 Ricky 5 Mel Blanc, the "Voice" of Bugs Bunny, Petunia Pig, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, etc, was seriously injured in an auto crash today and Ricky said he might be dead. Ricky was looking for the 4 o'clock cartoons and he said to TJ, "Tommy, the cartoons might not be on cause the cartoon man might be dead." Coincidentally, there were no cartoons on and Ricky said, "Yep, he's dead." (The next day after I wrote this, early part of July, 1989, Mel Blanc really did die but not from a car accident. He died of old age.)
January 28, 1961 Ricky 5 Tom made the remark that he wondered what I would look like as a blond and then asked me why I didn't dye my hair. Ricky chimed in with "Wouldn't Mommy look funny dead in all that dirt and it will be all over her face, too."
January 28, 1961 Ricky 5 Ricky told TJ he can't catch up with TJ in numbers of birthdays because TJ was born first (February 24th over Rick's February 26th) but then he thought he might have two birthdays pretty soon and pass TJ up.
January 1961 Ricky 5 I overheard Ricky telling Billy that their plastic cowboy was dead and he'd better leave him laying in bed or he'd die again and he's never get him fixed up again.
February 14, 1961 Ricky
Ricky told Teri she had better not turn over Becky's bed or Teri would break Becky's head open and then she would have to buy a new baby for him. (Rick was sort of in charge of Becky.)
January 16, 1961 Ricky 5 Ricky said Negroes are made out of mud because they are black and mud is black. White people are made out of dirt because they are white and dirt is white. Indians are made out of dust and then they paint themselves red.
March 1, 1961 Ricky 5 Ricky wishes he was named Pat after Joe Maher's son, Pat. TJ said, "Oh, like Pat Kelly (tough student at St. Mary's school.) and Ricky said, "No, I don't want to be a killer". . . slight misunderstanding here.
March 9, 1961 Billy 4 Billy said the reason he and Ricky were going down to Grandma's is because I was going to the hospital to get a new baby again. I guess he figures that is a yearly event with me. . . but this time it was not so.
March 10, 1961 Deb 3 Debbie had a sore throat and asked me for a bandage for her throat.
March 10, 1961 Teri 2 Teri wanted some of Becky's baby food and I wouldn't let her have any so she got a spoon and caught Becky's drippings as they fell out of her mouth!!!!! (How gross can one get???)
March 12, 1961 TJ 7 TJ said it takes boys a long time to figure out who they are going to marry but it sure doesn't take girls long. I wonder where in the world he ever got that idea!!!
March 13, 1961 TJ 7 TJ was working a crossword puzzle and had to write down "Skeleton". I asked if that was Red Skeleton and he said, "Red? I thought skeletons were white."
March 14, 1961 TJ 7 TJ was telling me he was sick of school because the air inside of him had sat down to rest.
March 19, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie said she wants corn flakes for breakfast so she can have a big muscle. . . then demonstrated her arm muscles and then added, "Billy is strong because he eats corn flakes."
March 26, 1961 TJ 7 TJ saw a picture of a cow and a new born calf and said, " Oh, look, that cow just laid a calf."
March 25, 1961 TJ 7 TJ was looking at some pictures of prehistoric equipment and I asked him what he would have done if God had put him down on earth all alone with no house, no food, no hammer, no nails, no saw nor machinery? He thought a bit and replied, "I'd buy em."
March 29,1961 TJ 7 TJ hates the show, The Price Is Right on TV, and came to me with his hands over his ears and said, "I wish we'd turn that off. . . I have given up The Price Is Right for lent this year."
March 30,1961 Debbie 3 Debbie is coughing and has the measles and said to me, "I have a bad cold, Mom, so I can't go outside today."
April 14, 1961 Debbie 3 I was using the egg beater to mix up pumpkin pie mix for pies and Debbie said, "Quiet, Mom, or you'll wake the baby." It was a bit noisy at that and Becky was 9 months old.
April 23, 1961 TJ 7 I was explaining mortal sin to TJ. He said, "If I commit a mortal sin I will have to start all over in the first grade, right, Mom?"
April 24, 1961 Ricky 6 Ricky was talking very loudly (as usual) and I said, "Ricky, I'm not deaf." He stopped short, looked at me strangely and said, "I didn't call you deaf."
April 25, 1961 Billy 4 Billy asked me when I was going to go to get a new baby. I asked why and he said, "Cause we need some more new babies. . . all we have are Becky, Teri and Debbie."
April 26, 1961 Ricky 6 Ricky said to Becky, "Becky, I'll be a grandpa by the time you are all grown up."
May 22, 1961 TJ 7 TJ said he was going down to Grandma's and born him a chicken out of an egg. Figure that one out!
May 23, 1961 Ricky 6 Ricky was telling me that sheep can't jump a fence because their skin is too heavy, but after some men cut off their skin then they can jump.
July 17, 1961 Debbie 3 I sent Ricky outside to take care of Teri and Becky and Debbie said, "I'll go out and take care of Billy, Mommy." Billy was 4, Rick was 6, Teri was 24 months and Becky was 11 months.
July 21, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie fell and hurt her finger. She came to me and said, "That's too bad Debbie hurt herself. . . then she added, Poor little Debbie."
July 22, 1961 Ricky 6 Ricky told TJ that Becky has the hic-cups because she is hiccuping in the kitchen.
July 31, 1961 TJ 7 TJ said he first thought of the story he could tell everyone about Ricky falling off the tractor at Grandpa's. He said he about cried. I told him he should be wishing the accident had happened to him instead of to Ricky. TJ frowned and said, "I halfway wish it had happened to me and halfway wished it had happened to Ricky."
August 8, 1961 TJ 7 TJ was fretting because he had asked Grandpa a "hundred" times to buy him a pony. I explained that Grandpa didn't have that much money. TJ replied, "Well, it just costs a $100.00." I said that's more then he has. TJ said he thought all farmers are supposed to be rich!!!!!
September 4, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie and I were walking across the street and I momentarily let go of her hand and she became panic stricken and said loudly, "Mommy, you forgot my hand." We had a close call with a car whizzing by and Debbie said, "Boy, we about broke all to pieces, didn't we, Mom?"
October 14, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie said, "Mommy, I don't know why but I just don't feel very good." I said, "Oh??" I had an idea what the problem was and sure enough she then said, "Maybe some candy would make me feel better, right, Mommy?"
October 25, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie had the trots and a slight tummy ache this morning. At noon I asked her how her tummy ache was and she lifted up her skirt and glanced at her tummy and said, "Yes, it's okay now."
October 30, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie noticed Becky's birthmark on her arm and said, "Becky is turning into an apple and she's getting rotten, Mommy."
November 11, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie said she was getting fat from my good cooking.
November 17, 1961 Teri 2 I went into the boy's room to check on Teri, who was being very quiet. She was lying on her tummy studying the decals on the boys dresser. Looked so cute.
November 17, 1961 TJ 7 TJ was talking about the movie, "Ben Hur" which we saw last summer and he said, "Ben Hur lived because he had hayfever in his eyes and hayfever makes you live a long time." I was stumped over that one until I remembered the captain of the ship saying "You have 'hate fever' in your eyes and that will keep you alive."
November 26, 1961 Ricky 6 Msgr Freshel was quizzing Ricky to find out if he was ready to receive the Eucharist for the first time. He asked Ricky, "When your daddy goes to confession does he say this to the priest, 'Bless me Father it is my 4, 897th confession' or something else?" Ricky, without a moment's pause said, "No, Father, my daddy is only 30 years old."
December 2, 1961 Ricky 6 Ricky wanted a barn door like his Daddy's. . . he meant pompadour (hair style).
December 8, 1961 Ricky 6 Ricky said Mary Hagan has the measles and I asked him what kind and he said, "The outside kind."
December 28, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie said, "Mommy, you don't say 'leave me alone' to me, do you?" I said not that I know of and she said, "You just say 'leave me alone to Daddy, don't you?" Whoops!
January 20, 1961 Debbie 3 Debbie saw a dog walking in the snow and exclaimed, "Oh, look, Mommy, that dog is walking around in the snow without his boots on".
1 9 6 2
March 11, 1962 Debbie 3 When I walked into the house after giving birth to baby Johnny, Debbie took one look at my stomach and said, "Mommy, do you have a broken stomach?"
March 17, 1962 Ricky 6 Today was Tom's birthday and I baked him a chocolate cake. He informed us at the supper table that he knew I had baked because he could smell the chocolate cake and chocolate icing. I was amazed because I could not smell anything and said just that. Ricky said, "Well, no wonder. . . Dad's nose is bigger than yours, Mom".
March 19, 1962 Ricky 6 Ricky said Mike Lucas is his best 'boyfriend' and then quickly changed his mind and said, "He's my best friend of a boy".
March 19, 1962 Debbie 3 Debbie saw the baby Johnny's dirty diapers and said to get the jelly out of his diapers and I told her there was no jelly in them. She said it smelled like it. . . but, actually, the diaper smelled like peach juice.
March 19, 1962 TJ 7 TJ and Ricky wanted their allowance and Tom said he didn't have enough money to even buy himself lunch Tuesday. TJ said, "Don't you have any money at all?" Tom told him he had about $200.00 in the bank and TJ in amazement said, "Gosh, you're rich." Tom told him he owed several thousand and TJ quickly said, "Gosh, you're poor!"
April 17, 1962 Debbie 3 Debbie said to me, "Hurry up and get me lunch. My throat is getting ready to come out."
April 3, 1962 Ricky 7 Ricky said he 'pianoed' a piece for sister at school.
April 29, 1962 Debbie 4 Debbie saw a nun's veil blowing in the wind and told the nun her hat was about to blow away. Fourth Birthday!
April 23, 1962 Teri 2 Teri got into the baby vitamins behind my back today.
April 24, 1962 Teri 2 Teri got into Tom's liquid black shoe polish in the garage. She polished her white shoes, herself, her dress, and the table and floor.
April 24, 1962 Teri 2 Teri was looking at a picture of some pigs and called them dogs and I told her they were pigs. Teri said 'igs' and I said, "No, pigs, Teri. Look at me, Teri, me, me," and she said, "Oh, you", and pointed to the pigs."
April 24, 1962 Teri 2 I got up at 5:30 this morning and found Teri had gotten up even earlier and was in the process of emptying Tom's hair tonic on her head. Had used half the bottle already.
April 26, 1962 Debbie 3 Saw Teri 'basting' Debbie in the tub with water and Debbie said she was cooking. Walked by the door a bit later to check on the girls and Debbie was pouring water over Teri with two little cups and said she was salting and peppering Teri.
April 26, 1962 Debbie 3 I threatened TJ about finishing his work and told him if he didn't hurry and get through I would. . . Didn't finish the sentence because I just walked back into the back room and figured he'd turned a deaf ear anyway. Debbie finished the sentence to TJ instead. She said, "Clobber you." I laughed because that is exactly what I was going to say, as usual, and Debbie said to me, "You always say that, Mom."
March 19, 1962 Debbie 4 Debbie told Juanita (our next door neighbor) that her daddy has bigger muscles than her daddy (husband, Bob) and she bet her daddy could beat up Juanita's daddy. Fourth birthday.
May 2,1962 Debbie 4 Debbie brought home a dead robin and I made her throw it in the trash. She kept wanting to feed it, but I would not give her any bread so she fed the dead bird all of my lilacs that were in bloom.
May 9,1962 Debbie 4 Debbie received a belated Birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa McClintic and it had a little ring in it, which she was so proud of. She said she wanted to go to church and show God. Said God would say, 'What have you got, Debbie?' and she would say, 'A ring' and God would say, 'Oh, come here and let me see it,' and then He would say, 'That is so pretty, stay here with Me.'
May 10,1962 TJ 8 TJ asked me why is it I watch TV programs that they can all watch and Daddy watches ones they can't watch. Good question, TJ.
May 13,1962 TJ 8 TJ asked me why they can watch The Flintstones on TV because they don't always do things children should see. He was also questioning watching Felix The Cat.
May 23, 1962 Teri 2 I gave Teri a pickle to eat and she said, "Ooh, a hot-dog!"
May 24, 1962 TJ 8 On the day the second astronaut (Commander Carpenter) went around the world in the space craft, TJ asked me if they gave monkeys smart pills so they could guide the rocket around the world before men started riding in them.
September 21, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie saw my healing burn and said, "Oh, Mom, your burn is melting!"
September 26, 1962 TJ 8 TJ broke both bones in his right arm above the wrist.
We were on the playground. One would hold a branch down and another would jump out and grab the branch and swing out over the slope and sidewalk and back again. Then let go. The edge of the playground had a steep slope of about 12 feet tall overlooking a sidewalk.

When it was my turn, the guy let go just a little too early and I followed it out for a foot or so and then the branch kept on a more upward direction and I continued on a more downward direction.

Like my car accident, these type events seem to be in slow motion. You just see it happening and there isn't anything to stop it.

I also remember sitting in the office waiting for my compassionate father to show up. When he arrived he took my arm and flipped it. Since my hand flapped around limp, and I hollered, he was able to give his professional diagnosis. "Yep, it's broken.".
October 1, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie was playing with an Easter basket and I told her to put it away or the Easter Bunny wouldn't bring her any eggs next year. She said, "Oh, Mom, the rabbit doesn't bring us eggs. Grandma and Grandpa bring the eggs". They do indeed bring us eggs every time they come for a visit from the farm!!!!
October 6, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie asked me if I could pull my teeth out and I said no because my teeth are real. Debbie then said, "Well, why don't you buy something to take them out with"? I said I couldn't and she asked why and I said because the dentist takes them out and she then said, "Well, so does my Grandpa"!
October 7, 9162 Deb 4 While putting Debbie's shoes on her she reminded me to be sure and pull the plug (tongue) up.
October 19, 1962 Ricky 7 Ricky was singing 'She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes' and when he got to the part of 'We'll kill the old red rooster when she comes' he stopped and said, "Well, Mom, they call the rooster a she". I tried to explain but he still thinks the whole song is about a rooster coming around the mountain.
October 24, 1962 Teri 3 Teri asked me if my daddy painted the bathroom and then quickly changed it to "I mean your Tom".
October 25, 1962 Deb 4 I was helping Debbie put on her socks and I said, "Oh, Debbie, you have been running around with cold feet" and she said, "No, Mom, walking".
October 25, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie said her back is pushing her chest and making a round ball in there that hurts. Guess that was a pretty good description, at least to her.
October 26, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie said I was going to be a grandmother because I know how to cook.
November 2, 1962 Billy 5 Billy came in to the kitchen to inform me he didn't have any more long sleeve pants to wear because they were all in the laundry.
November 2, 1962 Ricky 7 Ricky was helping to make a cream sauce and when I added the milk it had an egg look and Ricky said, "Is this going to be scrambled eggs"?
November 2, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie showed me her new rhinestone earrings I had bought at a rummage sale for her and said, "Oh, these are rich because they have such pretty 'plastic' glass in them".
November 3, 1962 Becky 2 Becky kept saying 'all wet' and then she showed me her shoes she had taken off and stacked in the dish drainer to dry with the 'clean dishes'!!! They really were not wet but certainly not spotlessly clean either.
November 4, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie was reminiscing about when I used to nurse Johnny and said, "It's all gone now, isn't it, Mom"? I assured her that it was, indeed. She thought awhile and then said, "Why don't you get some tea and put it in one side and then Johnny can drink tea"!
November 11, 1962 Billy 5 Bill came stomping in so disgusted because 'Miss Virginia' on TV didn't see him in her magic mirror and didn't even say his name! He said, "She didn't see me and I was standing right in front of the TV"!
November 10, 1962 Deb 4 After Debbie finished washing up with scented soap she came to tell me her face and hands are milder now. (TV ads again!).
November 10, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie got up from the supper table and claimed her tummy was done and may she be excused. She then proceeded to get an exercise book because she ate so much she thinks her tummy is getting fat and before long she is asking what is for 'yert'. . . (dessert).
November 24, 1962 Deb 4 Debbie was waiting for lunch and after six of the children had already been served Debbie said, "I'm just an ole poor Deb, cause nobody will feed me".
December 2, 1962 TJ 8 The seven children, Tom and I drove down to the Kansas City Plaza to see the Christmas lights and took as our guest Brother Luke (Uncle Bud Becker's brother). We were trying to wind our way out of a huge traffic jam and went through two busy intersections against the signals of traffic cops whom we didn't see until we were even with them. After the second time we half expected to hear a whistle telling us to stop, however, none blew and we kept on going. Tom said, "Look back, kids, do you see the pretty lights"? TJ turned around, looked and answered, "Yeah, and a police car, too". That shook big Tom up no end!!! TJ was kidding, of course.
December 4, 1962 Ricky 7 Ricky is writing a paragraph about his favorite shoes for his homework assignment and his subject is 'paratrooper' boots like Billy has. Ricky says the reason he likes paratrooper boots is because they protect his feet. Billy then decides to test Ricky's theory and climbed up on the table and jumped off and let out a big yelp because he said he about broke his leg! Ricky calmly said, "Yes, but you didn't hurt your feet, did you"?
December 8, 1962 Ricky 7 Ricky was watching 'Jungle Jim' on TV and was telling me that people on TV don't really get killed when they are shot because it is really catsup that runs on them instead of blood and when they are shot in cold blood they use cold catsup they get right out of the freezer.
December 14, 1962 Deb 4 I caught Debbie with the clear nail polish and she immediately defended herself by saying she didn't get out of the line of her fingernails!
1 9 6 3
January 1, 1963 TJ 8 One very hectic day I kiddingly told the children that I was going to run away from home and told them this is just too much for me. "Me, too," chimed in TJ and Ricky and Billy and Debbie and Teri and Becky!" "Well, it looks like you will have plenty of company," said TJ. Suddenly the idea lost its appeal!!! Ages 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8.
January 2, 1963 Deb 4 I was telling Debbie about her birth and how excited and surprised we were to have our first girl and when I finished telling the story to her she said, "Oh, Mommy, read me that story again".
January 4, 1963 Deb 4 Debbie was using Ricky's water colors and I told her she had better leave Ricky's paints alone or he would pull her teeth out and she merely looked at me very solemnly and said, "Well, he can't do that cause I'm going to keep my mouth shut"!
January 6,1963 Ricky 7 Tom was telling the boys he came from a monkey and Ricky said, "But, Dad, a monkey didn't make you though"!
January 6, 1963 Deb 4 Debbie went to Mass with us and after the Consecration and the bells ringing she asked me if that was a telephone ringing. Told her it wasn't. Then she noted a speaker box on the wall and told me that was a phonograph and a fire alarm box and a radio all in one.
January 6, 1963 Deb 4 Bill is sick with the measles and Ricky has the flu and Tom is uptight about inventory at work and TJ is shook up over school, so after Tom left for work and TJ left for school, I said, "Oh, I'm going home to my Mother". Debbie chimed right in with "Me, too, cause this is just too much for me, too. I am just going home to my Grandma".
January 7, 1963 Ricky 7 The Christmas tree water made a terrible odor and as we were cleaning it up the children were watching a circus on TV. When the camel performance started Ricky said to Billy, "I think the little camel stinks the most, don't you"? They actually thought the tree water was coming from the TV set.
January 8, 1963 Becky 2 I held Johnny up to the window so he could wave by-by to Tom and when I got to the dining room I looked around and Becky was holding her doll up toward the window and telling it to wave by-by. . . only thing was, she was about one foot too short to reach the window ledge so was facing a bare wall.
January 10, 1963 Deb 4 Teri was playing with some blocks around the radio and Debbie heard a record playing with the sound of gurgling water and came running to me and told me Teri was pouring water into the radio.
January 10, 1963 Deb 4 Debbie told me she has milk in one breast and tea in the other.
January 10, 1963 Billy 5 Billy asked me how he was going to get out of the ground when he died because he will be all covered over with dirt and God is in heaven in the sky and not in the ground.
January 11, 1963 Deb 4 Debbie saw a picture of the three wise men and kept referring to them as the '3 wise guys'.
January 11, 1963 Teri 3 Teri was hunting a puppet and said, "Don't let Billy pup my puppet".
January 11, 1963 Becky 2 Becky had a convulsion from her high temperature and I was petrified since I had never seen one before. I took her to Dr. Van Biber who said the cause was her sore throat and high temperature. Just had to throw that in.
January 19, 1963 TJ 8 The little ones were so fussy and noisy while I was trying to prepare supper that TJ finally asked me if I didn't wish I was Bugs Bunny with long ears so I could just fold them over and sick the ends in my ear holes so I could not hear all of the noise. Sounds good to me.
January 24, 1963 Ricky
Billy asked me how old I would be next year and I jokingly said '99'. He said, "Oh, I didn't know that was a real number. Ricky told me there was a '99' and I didn't believe him, but you will be 99 next year so it is real". After supper Billy told the boys I would be 99 next year and Ricky said, "Oh, Bill, Mom isn't that old and besides if she was, she would have more children".
January 27, 1963 TJ 8 Ricky said something to TJ and TJ said, "Oh, Ricky, I was just looking at my mom and thinking I love her so much I could die for her instead of for Jesus".
March 1, 1963 Ricky 8 Ricky was telling Debbie she is nice to him when he is sick and then he added, "Mom, you are always good to me".
April 27, 1963 Deb 4 Debbie was caught sucking her thumb and watching TV. She defended herself by saying her thumb has water in it and she was just thirsty.
May 7, 1963 Deb 5 Debbie told me the baby-sitter (11 year old Susan Reiff) does not pull her hair when she makes a pony tail and asked why I did. I asked her why Susan doesn't pull and she said, "Because Susan is older, that's why".
May 10, 1963 Deb 5 Debbie was asking me where her brain was and I told her in her head. I asked her if it didn't seem like she was thinking in her head and not in her tummy. She then wanted to hear my tummy to be sure she couldn't hear my brain in there and put her ear up against my tummy and got very excited and said, "I hear a baby in there and it is kicking the side of its bed"!
May 12, 1963 Teri 3 Teri came in to eat and said, she was "real big hungry".
May 31, 1963 Ricky 8 Ricky saw the First Baptist Church of Independence and said, "Mom, it looks more like the last Baptist Church to me". I asked why and he said it still looked awfully new to him.
June 3, 1963 Ricky 8 When looking at the tombstone my Dad had erected in Holy Rosary Cemetery in Monroe Ricky pondered over the dates on it and saw my Dad's birth date (1891) and also Mom and Dad's wedding date already inscribed on the stone and commented that the man buried there sure was old when he died. My dad was standing there and he sure had a big laugh over that. He was 73 years young at that time. Age 73 & 8
June 12, 1963 Teri 3 Teri asked me if I played the piano and I said I did and she asked me to 'sit down and play with it then'.
July 25, 1963 Deb 5 Debbie asked me if the Civil War is over yet.
August 27, 1963 Deb 5 Debbie said she hates to be growing up to be a mother and I asked her why and she said, "Because when I grow up I can't play with Vickie and Terri (across the street) anymore and I will have to play with 'PEOPLE'". (Terri Vetter died from cancer soon after this.)
August 28, 1963 Deb 5 Debbie wanted to know if people ate when they were dead and I told her they didn't and asked why she wanted to know. Debbie said cause she just wanted to eat when she was dead.
August 28, 1963 Deb 5 Uncle Bob McClintic (age 18) took seven of the kids and myself downtown to Kansas City (in his old beat up van) so I could go to my Internist appointment. After the office visit I walked to the Swope Park Entrance where we had agreed to meet. I waited and waited and waited and Bob finally arrived. He had gone to another entrance and then gotten lost. He had taken our pet rabbit (Christopher) to the children's zoo and left it (as previously arranged). He had also left four of the children at the Katz Drug Store while he took the rabbit to the zoo. (Can you imagine four little children running loose in a drug store for any length of time???) When Bob finally found me we went back to pick up the kids and were over half way home before I realized I had not heard Debbie's voice!!! I quickly turned around and counted heads and discovered she was missing! We turned around and went back to Kansas City and found Debbie being royally entertained by some of the Katz personnel. One of the people told us Debbie had run after the van across a very big and busy parking lot but had enough sense to stop when the van turned out into the busy street. Someone had seen her and taken her back into the store to wait for us to miss her and come back for her. Praise the Lord for another Mini-Miracle. Could have turned out quite differently!
September 5, 1963 Teri 4 Teri complained about Debbie spraying her with the garden hose and said she had water in her eyes and it made her eyes nervous!
September 13, 1963 Deb 5 I asked Debbie this thinking question from a children's magazine, "Why couldn't you run all day?" She thought a bit and said she might fall down and skin her knee. She thought a bit more and then decided she would get too tired and have to take a nap.
September 21, 1963 Ricky 8 Ricky was drinking his third glass of tomato juice and asked me if he'd get drunk if he drank too much of the juice. He sure hoped not cause he sure loves it.
September 21, 1963 Becky 3 Becky said if I didn't give her a piece of paper she wouldn't play with me anymore. . . (in a very pouty way, of course!)
September 21, 1963 Debbie 5 Debbie said it would be fun if we had a whole bunch of children in our family and we could play so good and not bother Mom at all. I asked her how many was a whole bunch anyway! She said, "Oh, ten, I guess"! (Only three to go, Deb.)
October 10, 1963 Debbie 5 Debbie asked me if I had 'spreckles' when I was little and I asked what she meant (already had an idea) and she replied, "Oh, you know, those sparkle spots like Ricky has all over his face".
October 10, 1963 Billy 6 Billy asked if Uncle Bob Dierkes was a Catholic and I said he was and then Billy said, "Oh, no wonder he's so nice. Catholics are supposed to be nice you know".
October 15, 1963 Ricky 8 As we passed the First National Bank in Independence Ricky looked at it and couldn't figure out why it looked so new for being the 'First' National Bank. He then said, "I am sure there is a newer one in Kansas City that looks older than our 'First' one does".
October 15, 1963 Teri 4 I was stressing to the children not to feed the dog before his surgery tomorrow because he would get sick if we did feed him. Teri (being super sensitive to all wheat products with diarrhea as the result of her exposure to it) wanted to know if the dog food had flour in it, too!
November 1, 1963 Billy 6 I asked Billy if he would forget his mama after he married because so many boys do. He quickly assured me he wouldn't and added hesitantly, "If you don't move, I mean". (Have you forgotten me yet, Bill? We have moved so many times since that date in 1963 and so have you.)
November 2, 1963 Billy 6 I was helping Billy examine his conscience at bedtime and asked, "Did I disobey my parents?" Billy said he didn't know. Then I said, "Billy, concentrate on how many times I disobeyed my parents every day when I was little". He answered very impatiently, "Well, I don't know. . . I wasn't born when you were little".
November 10, 1963 Debbie 5 Debbie was telling me about the donkey that drank from his mother. She said it had a big chunk to drink out of like a cow!.
November 12, 1963 Debbie 5 Debbie assured me her kiss would stay on my cheek because it was hooked on.
November 20, 1963 Teri 4 I was getting set to bake pumpkin pies and also peel potatoes for lunch. I asked Teri to get me some potatoes and she looked puzzled and thought a bit and then said, "Potatoes in pumpkin pie"?
November 22. 1963 Ricky 8 Ricky was complaining because he thought his daddy didn't like him because he has red hair and I assured him that was ridiculous and asked why he thought that and he said because Tuesday Daddy had spanked him two times with the belt easy and he spanked TJ real hard two times and said that was to teach him a lesson. Ricky said, "Daddy doesn't love me because he doesn't want to teach me a lesson, too, so I will be good when I grow up".
November 22, 1963 TJ
TJ and Bill brought their two best cars to Tom to keep to make him feel better while he is ill with a cold which he has had all week.
November 23, 1963 Debbie 5 Bill and Debbie were having a real difference of opinion and Tom told them to kiss and make up and Debbie absolutely refused. Tom asked her why she was so adamant about not kissing Billy and she said, "Cause he doesn't taste good!"
November 30, 1963 Billy 6 I was encouraging Ricky to eat his spinach without sugar and to offer it up for his Dad who is now in the hospital. He did, but shortly afterwards Bill excused himself from the table and said he was not going to eat anymore supper and was offering it for his Daddy. (Actually, he was leaving his spinach which he detests in the first place so not much of a sacrifice.)
November 30, 1963 Ricky 8 Rick and TJ were looking at a book and wondering aloud which cow was Grandpa's, the Jersey or the Guernsey. Rick decided it was the Jersey since it was standing beside a chicken and Grandpa's cow isn't afraid of chickens.
December 7, 1963 Debbie 5 On learning that Tom was to have throat surgery that would require him to not talk for 10 days Debbie commented, "You mean he can't get mad and yell at us for 10 days"?
December 7, 1963 TJ 9 TJ was wondering if his Dad's lump in the throat could be cancerous and I said I did not know. TJ said, "If it is cancerous I hope they shoot Dad", then a long pause while we looked at TJ expectantly for more. TJ then added, "I wouldn't want him to suffer, you know".
December 7, 1963 Teri 4 Teri asked what hospital Tom was staying in and I told her it was her hospital and she said, "Oh, I thought maybe it was his hospital now". (Six of the nine were born in the Independence Hospital.)
1 9 6 4
January 14, 1964 Debbie 5 TJ kept turning the kitchen light off and on while we were eating supper and Debbie finally lost her patience and said, "Tommy, stop that or you will ruin the battery".
January 14, 1964 TJ 9 TJ said he hoped Grandmother Dierkes lives to be 106 like she says she is now.
January 22, 1964 TJ 9 TJ and Becky were drinking water out of Tom's coffee cups and pretending it was coffee. Teri told Becky that it is caffeine free and full of flavor. More TV advertising!
January 26, 1964 TJ 9 TJ was trying to tell me about the sack you throw over your shoulders to carry picnic lunches in. I asked him if he meant "knapsack" and he said, "No, that's not what I meant". I listened carefully again when he repeated what he wanted and I asked again, "Knapsack"? TJ finally said in disgust, "Mom, it is too little to sleep in"!
February 2, 1964 Debbie 5 Debbie saw an ad on TV about a product called "Metrical". The lady in the ad is saying she could not fit into a size 12 and doesn't want a 14 so is asking, "Is this the day you will use your will power" and next a Lazy Susan swirls around with some cans and a glass of Metrical in it. Debbie pointed and said there was the glass. I asked her what was in the glass and she said, "Will Power".
February 9, 1964 Debbie 5 We were watching the Beetles on TV and saw a girl swoon. Debbie's comment was "They sound awful. Just look at that girl getting sick.
February 17, 1964 Debbie 5 We watched a TV commercial about colleges needing financial help and to dramatize the need a man was shown drowning and calling for help. Debbie's thought a minute and then said, "We should help the colleges learn how to swim, shouldn't we"?
March 3, 1964 Debbie 5 TJ came in tattling on Debbie because she had run over her daddy's good Sunday pants which got knocked down on the floor somehow. Debbie very indignantly denied running over the pants and said, "No, sir, I walked over them"!
March 4, 1964 Debbie 5 The weather man said temperatures are going down and Debbie said they are not. I asked her how she knew and she said, "Well, the kids are all still sick"!
March 7, 1964 Debbie 5 Ricky was talking about Great Uncle Alfred's impending visit and Debbie got quite upset and declared Alfred was not our uncle cause Wheel is our uncle. Ricky tried to explain that Wheel is Mom's little brother and Debbie had a very doubting look on her face so Ricky kept repeating it till finally Debbie cut in and said, "No, he's her big brother cause he is bigger than Mom".
March 9, 1964 Billy 7 After reading a story to the children about a little lady saying three Hail Mary's morning and evening and then giving them to Mary in an imaginary box for Mary's birthday Bill decided he would do likewise. He said he would stick his head in a box and say a Hail Mary, pull his head out and close the lid quickly before the Hail Mary got out"!
March 8, 1964 Billy 7 The boys were discussing Uncle Alfred's upcoming visit next Saturday and TJ was wondering what time he would arrive. I told him probably Saturday morning. Bill, in all seriousness said, "If he is coming in his ole truck he had better start right now",
March 10, 1964 TJ 10 TJ said he daydreamed he couldn't go to school until next September because his brain needed a rest and the doctor ordered him to the country with more orders for someone to buy him a horse.
March 18, 1964 Ricky 9 Ricky was talking about a nun and Bill said, "What's a nun. .. . a nothing"?
March 18, 1964 Teri 4 Teri said to bring in the thing that she and Bill coughed at. After much questioning I found it she meant the vaporizer.
March 26, 1964 Teri 4 Teri came in complaining that Debbie wasn't very friendly because she would not share her cookies with her.
March 26, 1964 Teri 4 Teri said, "Eenie, Meanie, Might and Moe".
March 27, 1964 Teri 4 I told the children their Daddy was going to call them every name in the book and the house every name in the book when he got home from work because every thing was in such a mess and they were supposed to have cleaned up before he got home. Teri said, "Well, how's Dad going to call us every name in the phone book and the house every name in the phone book, too"?
April 5, 1964 TJ 10 I was promising Tom I would be more strict with the children and TJ told me later he was kind of worried about me. He told me I wasn't used to being strict and would probably be mean until I learned how, but thought by the end of summer I would be used to being strict and be nice again.
April 9, 1964 Debbie 5 Debbie was getting ready to leave for kg and had her months milk money in an envelope. She said the 2 teachers were soon going to be rich because all the kg kids were always taking them money.
April 19, 1964 Teri
Teri and Becky were looking at a Lysol box and it showed pictures of numerous places in the house to be cleaned with Lysol. Teri said you can wash any where with it and Becky piped up with, "Yea, lots of where's".
July 27, 1964 Debbie 6 After numerous things going wrong all day Debbie finally concluded that this just wasn't her day.
August 9, 1964 Becky 3 Becky came in all excited because the children had found a walking stick (insect) but she was calling it a walking tree.
August 11, 1964 Becky 3 Becky kept saying Marsha Kay (little girl next door) is going some place. 'Her' is nice, and 'Her' likes me and I finally said, "Becky, 'Her' is incorrect. It is supposed to be 'She' instead of 'Her'. Becky looked at me a minute and then said, "She-'Her' is going someplace".
1 9 6 5
January 1, 1965 Teri 5 Teri came into the kitchen holding a magic wand. She asked if we knew who she was and we didn't. She said she is a teacher.
January 25, 1965 Becky 4 Becky asked me to blow up her balloon because she is all out of gas.
May 30. 1965 Debbie 7 Tom took the family through the grave yard and explained Memorial Day to the children. Debbie was awed by all of the graves and exclaimed suddenly, "Mother, almost everyone is already dead!"
June 3, 1965 Becky 4 Becky was having Grandma comb her hair and informed Grandma she was fixing her ponytail just right. Grandma asked her how she knew since she couldn't see it and Becky said, "It's not hurting, that's how I know".
September 14, 1965 Ricky 10 When we brought red headed Timmy home from the hospital, Ricky immediately went to check him out and then doubtfully said, "Where's his freckles"? They are here now, aren't they, Tim?
May 6, 1965 Debbie 7 I was reading to the children about a mirage. Debbie said she knew what a mirage is cause the neighbor's have one in their back yard. Turned out to be a cactus.
October 16, 1965 Teri 6 Teri heard the TV announcer say the Camp Fire Girls were passing in review in the American Royal Parade in Kansas City so she hastily dropped her dish towel and ran to see, exclaiming as she ran, "Oh, I want to see the Camp Fire Girls, they might be carrying a fire".
October 17, 1965 Becky 5 I discovered Becky's fingernails needed cutting badly so I cut them for her and Becky thoughtfully said, "That's good that you cut my nails, Mom, cause now I can't pick my nose".
November 11, 1965 Teri 6 Teri was explaining how the vowels worked in set, sat, sit, sot, and sut. I told her there is no such word as sot and sut and she said, "Yes, there is, you know, like 'sot' and pepper your potatoes".
1 9 6 6
May 16, 1966 Becky 5 We were planning to have strawberry shortcake for supper and Becky after getting up at 6 AM said, "Don't forget, we're having strawberry 'shortcut' for supper today".
June 4, 1966 Debbie 8 Debbie was listening to a severe weather report which was reporting a section of Kansas City as receiving hail the size of golf balls. She brought the report to my attention and said, "It is raining hail and golf balls in Kansas City".
June 6, 1966 Debbie 8 On our trip to Grandma's farm we were discussing Daylight Savings Time, which Grandma and Grandpa have on the farm, and we do not. Debbie said very sadly, "That's not fair, the years go by faster for Grandma than for us".
June 8, 1966 Debbie 8 We were discussing 'hydrophobia' and we learned that animals who have this are shot. Debbie asked if she had it, because she didn't want to be shot, too.
June 12, 1966 Teri 6 Teri was reading and was stumped on the word 'Uncle'. I asked her if she knew what an aunt was and she said she did so then I asked her what Jim and Wheel were (meaning uncles). Teri replied, "People?"
June 13, 1966 Billy 9 Bill said he had indigestion in his nose. He meant a congested nose.
August 3, 1966 Becky 5 Becky said her skin was dripping water from being so hot (perspiration).
August 20, 1966 Becky 6 I sent Grandma and Grandpa an anniversary card and Becky in complete amazement asked if they were married. I assured her that they were and then she said, "Is Grandma going to get a baby then"?
August 22, 1966 Ricky 11 I commented to whomever would listen that I would like to get TJ active in some sport and Ricky quickly commented, "He can't, cause his active glands don't work".
September 11, 1966 Debbie 8 Debbie and TJ had quite a lot of pony rides together at the farm and at supper while Debbie was spooning up a generous portion of Lima Beans for her plate Grandpa said, "Well, here's my horse back rider". Debbie continued spooning up the beans and then said, "No, Grandpa, Tommy was the horse back rider, I rode in the front".
September 13, 1966 Becky 6 I was driving to Raytown High School to enroll in an adult education class and as we approached the building I informed the three little girls that this is the high school I will be attending. Becky looked up to the full height of the building and in awe said, "Debbie, this is the 'HIGH' school Mom will go to. . . Wow!"
September 14, 1966 Debbie 8 Debbie was complaining to her daddy because he played with the baby (Tim who had just turned one) so much and not with the rest of the kids and told him they were just little children, too.
September 24, 1966 Becky 6 We were looking for a parking place at the Englewood Doctor's building and I read the doctor's names as I drove by each parking spot and finally Becky asked what our doctor's name was, thinking we were supposed to be parking in our doctor's spot. I told her that is not what I was looking for and kept looking and finally Becky asked, "Are you going to park in the nurse's place instead?"
September 26, 1966 Debbie 8 We gave Sister Karen a lift from school to the convent house (one whole block) and she commented that all the Dierkes' look like their mother. Debbie piped in and said, "Tommy looks like Daddy because he has the same name and because he even parts his hair on the same side as daddy does."
October 15, 1966 Teri 7 While trying to cross Highway 40 on this lovely Saturday I remarked to Teri about the large amount of traffic and she said, "Well, no wonder, this is tripping day. People take trips on Saturday and Sunday, you know."
October 17, 1966 Debbie 8 Debbie said she wished Mr. Tuttle was my husband because he buys his jeans too little and his underpants keep showing in the back. She further explained that if he were my husband I would scold him till he bought larger jeans.
November 2, 1966 Debbie 8 Debbie is tired of school and asked, "How did anyone discover school, anyhow?"
November 6, 1966 Debbie 8 Debbie was so worried about Tim being sick. She was tearfully lamenting the fact that Adam and Eve committed sin and doomed us to illness, hunger and death. I asked her how she knew that some of Adam's children would not have committed the first sin if Adam and Eve had not. She decided we would cut down that tree in the Garden of Eden and then they could not eat the forbidden fruit. I asked how she knew God said not to eat, maybe He said not to touch and then what? Never at a loss for words Debbie then said, "Well, then we would build a big fire around the tree and keep it going all the time!"
1 9 6 7
January 21, 1967 TJ 12 Tom was trying to explain married love to TJ. He asked TJ, "Just why do you think your mother waits on me hand and foot, babies me and spoils me?" TJ thought a minute and answered, "Did you ever stop and wonder if she maybe needs psychiatric help?"
March 2, 1967 Tim 18
Tim tried for about 30 minutes to get a pair of jeans on. He finally gave up and put them on his head for a cap.
March 4, 1967 Becky 6 Becky had laryngitis and I asked her if she did indeed have laryngitis. She kept asking me to repeat the sentence and after the third time she said, "No, there is no one in my room by that name."
July 26, 1967 Ricky 12 Ricky returned a jug to the store for me and I forgot to tell him he was returning it because Tom found a stronger and cheaper one. Ricky told the girl at the counter that he was returning it because his dad found a cheaper one. He knows his dad, right?
August 10, 1967 Teri 8 I told the children that Lillian (baby-sitter) had been here with her fiance and Teri popped up all excited saying she knew what that meant. I asked her what it means and she said, "It's one of those things you put in both hands, push back and forth and play with your fingers like a piano and it makes pretty noise." (Accordion).
August 12, 1967 Teri &
I was at the Mall with Teri and Gerrie Becker (niece) and told the girls to watch for Ricky who was walking home from band practice. I told them they would know him by his black pants and white t-shirt. Gerrie said, "Don't worry, I will know him cause he's the boy with all the freckles."
October 2, 1967 Teri 9 Teri said her third grade teacher is a "public". (Protestant).
November 19, 1967 Teri 9 Teri said she knows why brothers and sisters can't marry. I asked her why not and she said, "Because everyone is supposed to have two grandma's and two grandpa's and if brother's and sister's married each other their children wouldn't get any more grandparents."
1 9 6 8
January 24, 1968 Debbie 9 Debbie said Robin Tuttle had gone to a bride's bath. After some thinking about that statement I asked her if she might mean bride's shower. "Oh, yes, that is what it was," she said.
January 25, 1968 Teri 8 Teri said if I would give her the names of the "Apostibles" she would spell them for me.
February 3, 1968 Debbie 9 We were coming home from Uncle Bill and Aunt Billie's little farm up by St. Joseph at 10:30 PM when we saw two school busses full of students pull up to a stop sign. Debbie exclaimed "Well, what d'ya know, night school!"
May 4, 1968 Debbie 10 Debbie was disgusted because Teri flunked her pretend school test that Debbie gave her. She said that Teri doesn't even know what some of these words mean. I pointed to shift and asked Debbie if she knew what that word means and she said she does. She said, "It's in a car or something about moving a car."
May 7, 1968 Debbie 10 We were given some home grown lettuce and when I made a salad I gave some to Debbie. She had not seen homegrown lettuce before and when she saw it she said, "Gosh, what is this stuff, leaves off of a tree?"
July 5, 1968 Billy 11 Tom said we should have Tim's tonsils removed because he has so many ear and throat infections. I told Tom "they" do not remove tonsils like they used to. Bill immediately piped up with "Well, how do they take them out now?"
July 8, 1968 Billy 11 Tom has been treating the children to day old donuts this summer. Driving past a donut shop on 23rd Street Robin Tuttle commented on how delicious their donuts are. Bill chimed in with "Oh, do they make day old donuts there, too?"
August 4,1968 Billy 11 Removing a bar of soap from the bathroom stool I figured baby Timmy had dropped it in accidentally and went on my merry way. Next day Bill and I were in the bathroom at the same time. Bill pointed to a bar of soap and said, "That's toilet soap." I paused, then asked if he had put soap in the stool yesterday and he said, "Yes, because the wrapper said toilet soap, so I put it in the stool." He then asked if I hadn't wanted it in the stool yet or what? I then attempted to explain about the wording, etc.
August 8, 1968 Teri 10 Teri was telling me that Robin and Tammy Tuttle were going to move to Lake Tapioca. (Tapawingo)
August 19, 1968 Timmy 3 I asked Timmy if he was Daddy's boy and he said, "No, I'm Mama's baby."
September 5, 1968 Teri 9 Teri had piles of homework to do. After an hour or so she came to me and said Debbie is doing some of her homework for her. I was surprised at such a thing and said, "Why, Teri, that won't help you any." Teri answered, "Unhuh, I've still got lots to do yet."
September 11, 1968 Timmy 3 Tim awoke after a short nap, pottied and started back to bed. I told him to go on back to bed as he was turning around and coming back. He told me his pillow was wet. I asked him if he had pottied in his pants and he replied, "No, but my face pottied."
October 7, 1968 Timmy 3 When Timmy is upset with me he calls me a bad boy. But, tonight he was really exasperated and said, "All right, you're not my boy any more!" and stomped off to bed.
1 9 6 9
January 20, 1969 Becky
Becky was telling Tim she was going to buy him a new truck and I reprimanded her for telling Tim that because she has no money and I said, "Becky, you're telling Tim a bad story and you mustn't do that." Tim interrupted excitedly and said, "No, no, mom, that's a good story."
March 29, 1969 Debbie 10 Debbie saw an envelope marked First Class which was from my Graphoanalysis school in Chicago and she said, "Mom, are you still in the first class? I thought you would be in the second class by now."
April 27, 1969 Debbie 10 After I told Debbie about the parents having no children joke from several lines above, she puzzled and puzzled over it and finally asked me if it is always that way for sure!
April 30, 1969 Becky 8 Becky asked me what kind of boxes the boys sit on at the ball park. Tom had box seat tickets for the boys at a baseball game several weeks ago. Sure took her a long time to finally ask that question.
May 17, 1969 Timmy 3 While teaching Tim the names of flowers he saw a spirea bush and exclaimed excitedly, "Oh, Mom, there's a diarrhea bush."
July 3, 1969 Debbie 11 Debbie, while eating a radish, said, "Be sure and show me a horseradish when I get one."
July 10, 1969 Timmy 3 On the way to Great Uncle Alfred's farm Tim decided he didn't want to go there at all. He wanted to go to Old McDonald's farm and see his pigs. But, we continued on and while at the farm Tim tried to get Great Uncle Alfred to get a bridle so he could ride a sheep.
July 11, 1969 Timmy 3 Tim asked Grandma if she was going to marry Grandpa and she said she already married him and Tim walked off in disgust and said, "Ooooh, Broooother!"
July 12, 1969 Timmy 3 Every time Tim was naughty at Grandma's I threatened to send him to bed. After spilling some milk he said, "Oh, I know. I'm going to bed," and he did just that. The next day I didn't threaten bed at all, but after he spilled something else he walked off and said, "Im going to bed again."
July 13, 1969 Becky 9 I took Becky and Tim to Jefferson City to visit Tom's sister and family and Becky said, "Gosh, it sure is quiet in this car."
July 14, 1969 Timmy 3 Tim wanted his second glass of juice and while I was filling the glass he said, "I'm going to be a pig."
July 14, 1969 Timmy 3 While being tested for allergies at Dr. Cox's office a lady asked Tim where he lived and without a pause he answered, "At home."
July 14, 1969 Timmy 3 Tim and I went into the post office and Tim said, "Oh, this is the hungry place." (Not a restaurant, Tim, honest.)
September 14, 1969 Tim
Tim had a bill from Doctors Pope and Mount and both Debbie and Teri picked up the envelope and in hushed tones asked if Tim had really gotten a letter from the Pope.
September 19, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim wanted a slipper spoon but asked for a foot flipper.
September 19, 1969 Timmy 4 I was studying when Tim came in the house from outside. He walked in and sat down beside me and said, "You were all alone, Mom, till I came and sat down." I jumped up to go to the bathroom and he said kind of quietly and sadly, "Now, I'm all alone."
September 21, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim asked me if his fingers and toes and head were going to fall off so he could bigger ones.
September 22, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim loves to kiss and kiss and tries to get his friends to do likewise. He says to his friends, "Let's all go kiss my mom."
September 26, 1969 Timmy 4 I was going over to Pat Coomes and told Tim we were going to see Mike Coomes and he was very excited but kept calling him Rac Coones or Racoon Mike.
September 30, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim was playing quietly all morning suddenly he asked, "How do dinosaurs kiss?"
September 30, 1969 Timmy 4 I was explaining to Tim how everything God creates is good, but people's misuse of God's creations can create untold problems. Tim asked, "Are grasshoppers good?" I said I guess so and Tim replied "Why do we kill them then?" Good point.
October 12, 1969 Timmy 4 Bill, Debbie and I were playing a game of Probe. I asked Bill if he had a blank and Tim said he does and disappeared into the other room in a hurry! We paid no attention but shortly Tim reappeared beside and me and said, "See, Mom, here's my blank (a heavy blanket). Then he looked questioningly at me and said, "Isn't this a blank, Mom?" I told him it was not a blank but a blanket and where did it come from. Tim said, "Off of my bed."
October 13, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim came home and said he had learned a new song at nursery school called "My Body Lies Over The Sea". I tried to talk him into saying it correctly, which is "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" but Tim was not buying my version.
October 17, 1969 Timmy 4 Great Uncle Alfred Parsons asked Tim if he wanted to go to Grandma's with him and Tim said very indignantly, "No, I don't want to go to your Grandma's house but I want to go to my Grandma's and Grandpa's." Uncle Alfred tried to explain that Grandma is his sister and Tim then wanted to know if he was going to marry her now.
October 28, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim said he loves Patricia (Uncle Dick's wife). Then Tim added, "She is so beautiful." After thinking awhile he added, "I wish Daddy would marry her." I asked what he would do with me then and Tim thought for a bit and said, "Oh, Johnny could marry you, Mom."
November 1, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim came to me full of indignation and said, "MOTHER, why did we put the Christmas presents under the tree last year before Santa came? We weren't supposed to do that. Santa Claus was!"
November 7, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim and I went to school and Sister Karen said, "My goodness, Tim, you look handsome with your hair all slicked down." Tim, without missing a beat said, "It's combed."
November 9, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim was pretending to be "Batman" and playing in the kitchen. Tom decided to tease him a little and said, "You're not "Batman", you're just a chicken." Tim replied, "Oh, yeah, Super-chicken!!"
November 11, 1969 Becky 9 Becky heard the news commentators on TV talking about the Apollo 12 Flight and they were discussing the landing party. Becky looked surprised and asked, "What kind of party is a landing party?"
November 16, 1969 Timmy 4 As we were riding someplace in the car I noticed Tim was putting his fingers in his ears and experimenting with sounds. He finally said, "Now you can't hear me because I have my fingers in my ears."
December 4, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim was enjoying playing with his tinker toys and made a wheel of sorts, that is, one round tinker toy with yellow pieces sticking out all around and very proudly said, "Look at my 'Movie Star'."
December 5, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim was feeling the fur on my coat collar and I told him it came from an animal. He said, "Did it come from a 'kunk'?"
December 10, 1969 Timmy 4 Ricky told Tim we have to shampoo the carpet and Tim said, "No, no, we shampoo our hair, not the rug!"
December 23, 1969 Timmy 4 Tim told us his teeth are going to fall on his other teeth! Figure that one out!
December 31, 1969 Debbie 11 Debbie asked me how old Uncle Dick is and I said 34 or so and she said, "Wow, he sure gets around good for that old!"
1 9 7 0
January 5, 1970 Becky 9 Becky said Aunt Patricia should have a maid because she is so rich!. (& Becky is what today?)
January 11, 1970 Timmy 4 Tom told Tim to turn and face the wall while the girls were changing their clothes. When Teri finished Tim said, "You took off your pj's and still had your clothes on under them!" (Someone was peeking!)
January 15, 1970 Timmy 4 Tim gave Tom a big, big bear hug and Tom said, "Why don't you ever give your mom a big bear hug like that?" Tim thought a bit and said, "Because she's too 'kinny'."
January 25, 1970 Timmy 4 Tim was eyeing Johnny's new cowboy boots and realized they would be his when Johnny outgrew them. He asked Tom when and how the boots were going to get little so he could wear them.
January 25, 1970 Timmy 4 Tom was watching Johnny draw and exclaimed, "Boy, you sure are a good artist." Tim said, "Yea, and he's a good drawer, too." Tom then said to Tim, "Is Johnny your hero?" Tim answered, "Yea, and my friend, too."
February 24, 1970 Timmy 4 Teri was getting ready to vacuum the living room and Tim was on the floor playing. Tim looked up and said, "Don't vacuum me up, too!"
February 23, 1970 Timmy 4 Joe Maher (Grandpa's neighbor) took his boots off on the porch at Grandpa's house and proceeded to walk in with his socks coming off of his feet. Tim was aghast at both the socks sliding off and no shoes on either. He tried to pull up Joe's socks for him. He wasn't having much luck getting them up so he pulled his own shoes and socks off and showed Joe how to pull up his socks and asked him if his Mom forgot to show him how to put his socks on! Joe told him he doesn't wear shoes, so Tim decided to not wear his shoes anymore either. Joe told Tim he had a boy living in Kansas City and Tim said, "Does he wear shoes?" Joe kept teasing Tim until Tim finally lost patience and told Joe he would punch Joe in the stomach if he didn't quit teasing. Joe kept it up and Tim did punch Joe twice in the stomach and ended up with a hurt fist and then said, "You shouldn't hide your stomach like that, it hurt my hand." Later Joe told Tim he was going to take Tim home with him and Tim said, "Oh, no." Joe changed the subject by telling us that someone had stolen the battery out of his self-propelled combine and told Tim again he was taking him home with him. I told Joe Tim could go next summer and even drive his tractor and Joe said he would have to buy a new one and Tim said, "Will it have a battery?"
March 2, 1970 Timmy 4 Tim said he wants to grow up to be like his Dad, but, he doesn't want to go to work because then he can't watch "Batman".
March 12, 1970 Timmy 4 Tim didn't want to wear his coat outside in this 20 degree weather, but wanted to wear his towel (Superman cape) instead. Ronnie Rottinghaus, his friend, called and wanted Tim to come up to his house and play so I told Tim to wear his coat up to his house and then take it off and put his cape back on. Tim decided to comply. A bit later Tim came walking back in the house wearing the cape (towel) and tossed his coat onto the chest. I was puzzled as to why he came in coatless, so questioned him. He told me he had done exactly as I had said, meaning, I did not say anything about having to wear the coat home!
March 19, 1970 Timmy 4 We were shopping in a store in North Kansas City when Tim saw a six foot (plus) skinny Mom with her little girl (about 2 years old). Tim was awe struck and stared and stared. Tim came over to me and said in a hushed tone, "Gosh, Mom, that sure is a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggg Mom!"
March 31, 1970 TJ 16 We were talking about Great Uncle Alfred and Grandma being in the same grade in school and the children were wondering 'how' that could be possible. I told them Grandma went to school during the day and when she got home she did what? (I was trying to get one of them to tell me Grandma had taught Uncle Alfred everything she had learned that day.) TJ said, "I know what she did. She picked up after him!" Sure can tell the children are used to picking up after Johnny and Tim!
April 1, 1970 Timmy 4 I was taking Teri to Dr. Cox for allergy tests while a terrible blizzard was in progress. Everyone was slipping and sliding all over the roads. The city ordinance was put into effect while we were en route home. The ordinance was that anyone without chains or snow tires would be ticketed. I moaned, "Oh, no, I don't have chains on and the police will give me a ticket." Tim said, "You mean you are supposed to have chains on so you won't get loose? Are they going to put handcuffs on you, too?"
April 4, 1970 Timmy 4 I thought I had explained how huge and how small God is to Tim. We were talking about God being in the kitchen with us. Tim said, "Does God live up in the sky?" I told him that God does live in the sky and in everyone's home and all over the world and Tim said, "Well, is He going to break our roof down now?"
April 4, 1970 Timmy 4 Tim wanted some money to buy a hamburger and said to his Dad, "Does Mom have any money?" His Dad said, "Yes, but she can't afford to spend it." Tim replied quietly, "Well, I can."
October 1, 1970 Timmy 5 Tim stuck himself with a pin and said, "Mom, I pinned myself."
October 2, 1970 Timmy 5 Grandpa put his cold hands on Tim and Tim said, "Oh, Grandpa, don't. You 'colded' me."
October 3, 1970 Timmy 5 After I cut my bangs too short Tim said, "Mom, your hair looks pretty." I felt much better about the state of my bangs after that comment but then Tim added, "I had to say that so you would feel good,"
1 9 7 1
March 3, 1971 Timmy 5 Grandpa and Grandma McClintic came for a visit for the first time since last August. Grandpa looked at the backyard and said, "Dorothy, is that your backyard? It has been so long since I have seen it." I told him it was and Tim said, "No, Grandpa, that's everyone's yard."
March 15, 1971 Timmy 5 Tim was looking out the window and saw a red bird. He yelled very excitedly, "Mom, there's a Blue Jay, no, I mean there's a Red Jay outside."
March 15, 1971 Timmy 5 The cleaners man came back with Tom's cleaned suit and rang the doorbell. Tim ran down to the door and opened it and said, "Don't ring that doorbell anymore. You will use up our electricity."
March 15, 1971 Timmy 5 Tim was holding a plate on top of his head and Ricky said, "You should be able to balance that plate on your head like the Chinese do." Tim said, "I can't", and proceeded to bounce it, thinking Rick had said bounce, not balance.
March 20, 1971 Timmy 5 Tim saw Uncle Bob Dierkes smoking and said to him, "You know I told you not to smoke anymore, Uncle Bob." Uncle Bob said, "Why not?" Tim answered, "Because you'll die and get sick."
Summer 1971 Timmy 5 Lucyle Piercall asked Johnny where Grandma was and Tim said, "Oh, she's out at Alfred's Parsonage, meaning Alfred Parsons house.
1 9 7 2
January 4, 1972 Timmy 5 Msgr. Bauer was questioning Tim in preparation for his First Holy Communion. He asked Tim if he was the baby in the family and Tim, more than a little miffed over that question answered, "No, I'm the youngest, but not the baby." Msgr kept chuckling over Tim's answer till finally Tim said, "Stop laughing so much. This isn't funny." Msgr later asked Tim if he had ever heard of Easter Sunday and Tim replied, "No, but I've heard of Easter."
July 3, 1972 Timmy 6 Tim asked me if I knew why the moon is half a moon and I said part of the time I did and Tim said, "Well, I know all of the time."
July 5, 1972 Teri 13 Ricky sprayed Grandpa and then Grandpa said he guessed he would just have to go hang on the line and went outside. Later I looked out and said, "Well, what do you know, Grandpa did go hang on the line." Teri jumped up and said, "This I gotta see." Gullible Teri, I got you there!
December 13, 1972 Timmy 7 Tim was sweeping the basement and kept asking for the sandpan to pick up the sawdust.
December 14, 1972 Timmy 7 Tim found 8 spark plugs and wanted to keep them. He was very excited because he had a motor now. All he needed was the rest of the engine!!!
December 15, 1972 Becky 12 While unpacking china in the house we had purchased on Harris Street in Independence, Becky said, "Isn't this exciting? Just like "we" just got married?" (I reread this on 6-2-1981 and Becky and Gary had just finished unpacking in their new home after their wedding. I am hoping it was as exciting for them as it was for Becky in 1972.)
Moved to Harris Street, Independence, Missouri
1 9 7 3
June 12, 1973 Timmy 7 Johnny and I told Tim that June the 21st was the first day of summer and Johnny said, "Yes, it is the longest day of the year, too." Tim was surprised and said, "Oh, really? How many hours does it have?"
June 13, 1973 Timmy 7 Tim and I were driving out to Tope's farm and Tim was wondering if there would be any water there to drink and I assured him there would be. He then asked if we would have to drink out of the pond.
December 13, 1973 Becky 13 Becky wanted to mash potatoes with the potato masher instead of the electric mixer so they would be bumpy like Grandma's. She succeeded!
December 14, 1973 Timmy 7 Tim hoped Doctor Cox (allergist) would not give third grade shots because they hurt worse than the rest!
December 15, 1973 Timmy 7 Tim was wearing baggy knit pj's and said they looked just like Grandpa's baggy long johnny's and they sure did!
December 1973 Billy 16 Bill was in the admitting room at St. Joseph's Hospital for his neck surgery and held David's blanket while I went out in the hall to check on Rick and Dave. When I returned Bill said a lady had come over and asked him what he was doing with the baby blanket and he told her it was his security blanket and she believed him.!
1 9 7 4
January 5,1974 Rick
8 mo
This is a day in the lives of the Dierkes family. Rick burned his toast while I was on the phone. Bill knocked over a 6 qt pack of pop while at the grocery store. (Nope, that child is not mine!! I have never ever seen him before!) Becky turned over a full glass of tea. Dave fell down the basement steps in his stroller! Bill fainted twice in the bathroom after taking a hot bath (aftermath of his broken neck surgery) Scared me out of six years growth, sweetie!
January 6, 1974 Becky 13 Neither Becky nor I noticed if she had sneezed while talking with TJ on the phone in Columbia, Missouri, but when she hung up she said her nose felt like she had 'snoozed'.
January 7, 1974 Timmy 8 Tim leaned over at Mass and whispering in my ear asked me if my wedding and engagement rings were real 'crystal'.
April 23, 1974 Timmy 8 Tim came to the table and with a shocked expression on his face said a boy at school called Pat Fetters "A big, fat 'Jasax'" and Tim said that word means a camel so guess it's not really that bad to say.
October 2, 1974 David 18
David was swiping mashed potatoes off of Teri's plate every other bite and I said, "Dave, I put more potatoes on your plate already." Dave looked down at his plate and said quietly, "Oh,"
1 9 7 5
June 4, 1975 David 2 Dave saw a piece of hot dog lying on the floor and pointed to it and said, "Puppy, puppy."
August 3, 1975 David 2 Dave stuffed a bunch of marbles up the bathroom tub spout but they all came back out when the water was turned on, thank God.
August 5, 1975 David 2 Dave was hunting a holder for the football so he could kick it. He finally decided his old pot from the potty chair would be a great holder and it was!
September 5, 1975 David 2 I spanked Dave for not minding and he was lying in bed telling Teri between sobs that "Mommy spanked her baby, he was a bad boy, and right here" while pointing to his bottom.
September 25, 1975 David 2 Dave was supposed to be napping but instead he dumped a bottle of Teri's perfume on the bed and pillow. I just glared at him and he said quietly, "Oh, oh, a bad boy, spank me, Mommy." So, I did and he said, "Thank-you, Mommy", and laid down and went to sleep.
October 4, 1975 David 2 Dave awoke with a tummy ache during the night and while crying he led me to the hall closet and asked for a band aid to make his tummy all better.
October 15, 1975 David 2 Dave awoke with a tummy ache during the night and crying and tugging on my hand he led me to the hall closet and asked for a band aid to make his tummy all better.
November 13, 1975 David 2 Dave got his forefinger all dirty while rubbing it on newsprint and I told him to look at his finger. He did and with his nose turned up he looked at it in disgust and said, "Oh, yuk."
November 15, 1975 David 2 I said, "Good-by, love" to TJ as he left for work. TJ detoured and made a fast trip to the bathroom and then started out the door again. Dave was watching cartoons and without a change of expression or taking his eyes from the TV he said, "Good-by, love."
1 9 7 6
February 4, 1976 David 2 David was crying because he didn't want to go to use the potty chair because his soda pop would all come out.
February 7, 1976 David 2 When Dave got up from his nap I told him Grandpa and Grandma might come up for a visit and sleep in his bed and he could sleep in my bed. He started to cry and then said, "I don't want to go to bed now, cause I just got up."
February 22, 1976 David 2 Dave started getting quite upset because I didn't put any water on his cereal like Tim had on his. . . (milk).
February 25, 1976 David 2 Dave awoke with a nightmare and wouldn't stop crying. Finally he said he was going to go find his Daddy. Good luck, Dave. Your daddy is in Denver, so you will sure have a long trip.
February 26, 1976 David 2 While I was getting allergy tested Dave looked at my arm where the tests were being done and said, "That there guy did that." (Doctor Cox).
March 1, 1976 David 2 I was trying on a new top and jacket at 10 PM and Dave was watching me. He said, "Are you going to bed?" I told him I was. Very quietly Dave said, "Are you going to wear your coat to bed, too?"
March 5, 1976 David 2 I asked Dave if he knew who Aunt Joy Calamia is and he squinted up his eyes and said she looks like this and she can't see. (Joy really does squint her eyes and even closes them when she is laughing!)
March 16, 1976 David 2 Tom was playing with Dave and kept asking him who the boss was. When Dave was high in the air and felt defeated he would say, "Dad", but when Tom let him down he would quickly change and say he was the boss. After six or seven times doing this Dave changed his tune to "We are the boss, you and me."
April 1, 1976 David 2 Dave insisted on getting out of bed and going to check on his Dad to see where he was. Tom was reading in the family room.
April 13, 1976 David 2 Dave awoke with the flu, tossed his cookies and cried because he had "spilled all over". First time he had ever had the vomiting flu in his whole almost three years.
April 14, 1976 David 2 Dave is the Dierkes who continually wears a hat or baseball cap almost since birth. Bill runs him a close second.
April 15, 1976 David 2 Dave still has smelly signs of the flu and when he passed gas he said, "Oh, oh, I burped out my poop."
April 18, 1976 David 2 Dave awoke from his nap and stopped at the bathroom door and studied all the people standing in the family room. . . Uncle Bill and Aunt Billie McClintic, Joy, Don and Donna Calamia, Grandpa Fred, TJ and Debbie Jean. Dave turned around and went into the bathroom and closed the door quickly and turned on the light. I hurried in to him thinking he had the trots again and found Dave opening the drawer while saying in a low voice, "I've got to comb my hair because all those people are out there."
April 19, 1976 David 2 I was counting up people to let Teri know how many seats to reserve for the play 'Oklahoma' at St. Mary's High School. I counted ten but excluded Dave. He was listening, naturally. I paused and Dave said, "David wants French Fries and a coke and a hamburger." He thought we were counting up for a trip to High Point or McDonalds or Big Boy's.
April 20, 1976 Timmy 11 Tim asked me if Tommy (TJ) is a man yet and I said, "I hope so, he is 22 and now married." Tim said, "Well, he doesn't look like a man. He still looks like my brother to me."
May 5, 1976 David 3 A lady asked my name at the door and I said "Dorothy Dierkes" and Dave immediately challenged me with, "Why did you say that? Your name is not Dorothy, it is Mommy."
May 6, 1976 David 3 Dave laced up his shoe lace all crooked and then handed it to me to tie. I asked if he wanted it tied right there and he said, "No, on my sock" and held up his foot.
May 7, 1976 David 3 Becky received a rose from her current flame and asked if she should press it between the pages of a book. Davie, in the other room, overheard and misunderstood and came in wide eyed and whispered to me, "Are you going to put David between a book?"
June 3, 1976 David 3 Dave came in the house calling for Aunt Debbie,. (TJ's wife and Dave's sister-in-law, not Aunt).
June 6, 2976 David 3 When TJ and Debbie Jean were leaving Dave whispered to me, "Is Tommy (TJ) going to sleep with that girl?" I said, "Yes, Dave, they are married." Dave started crying and said, "I don't want them to go yet."
July 3, 1976 David 3 Dave went out in the street on his tricycle and his daddy spanked him. Later Dave said to his daddy, "Did you spank Mom when she was a little boy and went out in the street, too?"
July 3, 1976 David 3 Pat Hays and wife from Monroe City had twins and named them Susan and Matthew. Dave said, "And Pat, too?" Dave's little friends on the street are Matthew and Pat.
July 6, 1976 David 3 When Tom and I returned from driving around downtown to see the Shriner's Dave asked where we had been and Tom said, "Oh, driving around downtown" and Dave said, "Oh, you mean in circles?"
July 7, 1976 Becky 15 After the second or third trip back home to check the house before we left on vacation Becky finally had enough and said, "Gee, we're going to spend our whole vacation just driving around the block."
July 9, 1976 Becky 15 After eating breakfast in Monroe City with Grandma and Grandpa McClintic we drove to Bagnell Dam and couldn't find any motel or hotel accommodations (except for a terrible place for $78.00 a night) so ate lunch in the area and drove back to Kansas City. Becky said, "Gee, we drove all the way to the Ozarks just for lunch." Then thought a minute and said, "Breakfast in Monroe, lunch in the Ozarks and supper in Kansas City, wow!" (Monroe City is about 25 miles from the east Missouri line (Hannibal), Ozarks is central, southern Missouri (below Jefferson City - capital), and Kansas City is on the west side of Missouri.)
July 19, 1976 Becky 15 The girls were wanting to stay a few more days at Grandma's but I said, "Dad is restless like Grandpa and needs to be moving on or doing something else." Becky said, "Well, let them do something together, then!"
August 5, 1976 David 3 When the car would not start after Deb's wisdom teeth were extracted I prayed silently that it would start on the next try. It did and Dave said, "Tell God thank you, Mother."
September 3, 1976 David 3 Dave asked Chuck Zeikle what position he plays in football. Sounded so big!
September 7, 1976 David 3 Dave saw a big German Shepherd dog and was afraid of it because it had big fingernails on his feet.
September 8, 1976 David 3 Dave saw my splatter screen for frying food and said someday he can use it at church like Johnny and Tim do when Father gives people something to eat. (A Communion paten).
September 9, 1976 David 3 Dave asked me if my name is 'Dorfy' and I said it was and he said, "Is your name mother?" I told him it was that, too, and Dave said, "You be mother and not Dorfy, okay?"
October 5, 1976 David 3 Tim went to Totta's to catch a ride to the football game. I asked Dave if Tim was going to ride in the van and he said, "No, he can't ride in that because when you pull the rubber band like this ------------------- it might hurt you."
October 6, 1976 David 3 Dave asked if his Daddy had gone to the Ridge Mall Blue. (Supposed to be Blue Ridge Mall.)
October 10, 1976 David 3 Dave brought me a record for the record player and asked if I'd put this "noise" on and added, "Please and play it."
October 12, 1976 David 3 We saw an old, old truck drive by and Dave said, excitedly, "Look, Mother, an old fashioned truck." (Where in the world did he learn those words?)
October 12, 1976 David 3 Dave watched Johnny and his football team practicing and exercising Saturday morning and said, "Look, Mother, they're exercising in the back field." And they were!
November 3, 1976 David 3 Dave was watching water go out of the tub and told me the water was going around and around over the hole like this and turned around and around in the tub to demonstrate.
November 4, 1976 David 3 Dave wanted me to read to him and I kept putting him off. Finally he said in exasperation, "Mother, tell me about this story or do I have to tell me about it myself?"
November 4, 1976 David 3 We had been to Grandma's less then 15 minutes when Dave came in the house (didn't even know he was outside) and happily said he had been walking in the river! (Grandma's creek). Both shoes soaked and pant legs wet, too. I was aghast because he had no more socks and shoes but he said he'd packed some and he sure had. PTL.
November 5, 1976 Grandma 73 Grandma tried to get me to bring home a jock strap for Bill to use. She said she had asked TJ if it was his and he had not seen it before and said it was not his. I checked it out and poor Grandma had never seen one before but thought it must be one. It was a 'doll diaper' with self sticking sides!
November 19, 1976 David 3 Dave left the Montgomery Wards Beauty Salon to wander around a bit and came back all excited because he found a bathroom and insisted I come and look at it, too. I got up and followed behind a hurrying Dave (curlers and all) and as Dave started to pull down his pants so he could potty in the stool I saw these were display bathroom fixtures and started yelling "Stop, stop, Dave." I told him there was no water in the stool and he had to put his hand all the way to the bottom to prove it to himself. One of the hairdressers asked him he was going to buy the tub and he said, "No, it is too big for me."
November 20, 1976 David 3 Dave was watching me take a bath and asked about my breast. I explained they were there to nurse babies and that is where he had nursed milk when he was a baby. He said, "Now, there's tea in there, right?" Now, where have I heard that before!
November 21, 1976 David 3 I picked up an order from Montgomery Wards and Dave was checking the people out and suddenly asked me what these things were (eyebrows) and looked at everyone's and said he liked mine the bet. "Why do we have them?" was his next question. Told him to keep the rain and sweat out of our eyes. Anyone with a better answer?
November 22, 1976 David 3 Dave gave a beauty operator a piece of gum and she said, Thank you dear." Dave chuckled and said, "She called me a 'deer', Mother."
October 31, 1976 Becky 16 We were at Grandma's too small of a house this Halloween. Guests were TJ and Debbie Jean, Wheel, Bettie, and their five children, Chuck 9, Camille 7, Emily 3, Benjie, 2 and baby Jonathan, plus Becky 16, Johnny 14, Tim, 11, Dave 3 and myself. Very, very loud and utterly chaotic, of course. Chuck suggested going to a spook house. Becky, in a very quiet and subdued voice said, "Just turn off the lights and we have our own spook house!" Very, very true, Becky!
October 31, 1976 David 3 Monroe City, Missouri. David was talking about Debbie and we asked him which Debbie he was talking about. He said, "Our Debbie that lives down there, pointing to the floor (meaning the basement at home) and we said, "Do you mean Tommy's Debbie" and Dave answered, "NO, I mean Doug's Debbie."
November 9, 1976 David 3 The children watched a movie Saturday night about dolphins. They were all quite impressed with the movie and dolphins. Today I went downstairs because I heard Dave crying. He was sorting his soldiers into blue, yellow and red piles and sobbing as he worked. He said, "The bad guys are going to kill the dolphins. They said bad words to them and now they took them away." Tears were streaming all the way to his chin and his nose was running like 60. I tried to reassure him the dolphins were safe, but he just knew otherwise. This is not something funny Dave said, but I am putting it in this diary to remind all of you how impressionable little minds are and they often interpret things differently than we do. We never did get this one straightened out.
November 13, 1976 David 3 Mary Thompson asked Dave to go home with her and he backed away slowly and shook his head and said, "No way." Mary said, "But, why not David, I need a little boy like you at my house." Dave smiled and said, "I hit people." Mary dropped the subject for awhile and then later she tried again and asked him to please come home with her. Dave then said, "No, I am mean."
November 15, 1976 David 3 Tom bought David a big bunch of balloons. He gave him one and hid the rest. Soon Dave wanted some more and said to his Dad, "Dad, where did 'we' hide the balloons?"
November 16, 1976 David 3 I was putting Vicks VapoRub on Dave's chest and he asked why I was doing that and I told him it was because he had a cold. He whined, "No, Mother, I am not cold!"
November 17, 1976 Timmy 11 Bishop Fitzsimmons was celebrating Mass with another priest at Nativity and Tim asked which of those guys up there was the Pope.
November 17, 1976 David 3 David was listening to a Bible recording on the phone and copying his sisters. He took the phone to the steps and sat down and then asked me to close the door so he could listen without any interruptions. He sat there for a few seconds then up he hopped and went to the fireplace to sit there till the recording ended. I figured he had done so much dilly-dallying around I had better redial the number and try again. I did and Dave said, "Hold the phone, Mutter, I've got to get my homework to do while I listen." He got scratch paper and a pencil and was all set but the recording ended again. Oh, well. This is to remind all of you how much Dave is emulating all of you.
November 19, 1976 David 3 I like to run through the house for exercise and to get to my next job faster. I took off for the bathroom to brush my teeth, and Dave came running in behind me and asked, "What did you forget, Mutter?"
November 19, 1976 David 3 Dave told me Mothers are short and Dads are supposed to be tall and fat!
November 19, 1976 David 3 Dave wanted a 'Sucret' and said he needed it because his head hurt and all the while he is rubbing his tummy round and round.
November 20, 1976 David 3 Dave likes to talk about Great Uncle Alfred Parson's cows and his tractor. He said Great Uncle Alfred has a fat cow that looks just like his dad.
November 21, 1976 Ricky
Rick thought he was at school (Conception, MO) and stepped out of the top bunk in Tim's room to turn off the alarm. What a crash!!! Tim observed him very coolly and with a bit of admiration and awe, too, he said, "Gee, Rick, that was sure a neat way to get out of bed."
November 21, 1976 Timmy 11 Bill couldn't go to Mass with us at 12:30 because he said he didn't have any hot water to shower with cause two people had already taken a shower together (the same time but in different bathrooms, thank you). Tim asked who took showers together and we said Johnny had, then Tim replied, "Well, who was taking a shower with Johnny?"
November 22, 1976 David 3 I asked Dave if he might like to be a priest when he grew up like Rick and Dave answered that he couldn't because he doesn't have whiskers! I told him Rick doesn't have whiskers either, so Dave pointed to Rick's upper lip and said, "But, Rick has all these whiskers or hairy stuff under his nose."
December 6, 1976 David 3 I was reading Dave a story about two boys in a row boat tossing mercilessly over the waves. Dave got very excited and wanted to know where their 'sweepers' were. I asked him what 'sweepers' were and he said, "Those things you sweep the water with" and then got up and demonstrated how one pulls and tugs an oar.
December 6, 1976 David 3 Dave wanted Vaseline for his cheeks before they got 'trapped'. Believe he meant 'chapped'.
December 13, 1976 David 3 While making a visit to Nativity to the Blessed Sacrament Dave decided he had to go to the restroom so we got up to go and then I reached back for my purse and he said, "Do we have to pay to go to the bathroom?"
December 16, 1976 David 3 Jimmie Collins came to see Teri. Dave became very excited when he saw who her company was and kept telling everyone that "Teri's Jimmie is here" and then he said to Jimmie, "Come in and see all my people."
December 20, 1976 David 3 Dave sneezed and I said, "Oh, Dave, you sneezed, God Bless you." He said, "No, I didn't sneeze, I 'achooooed'.
December 22, 1976 David 3 Dave awoke from his nap and said his temper was gone now. He said it had gone all the way down to his feet. (Temperature, in case no one figures that out.)
December 27, 1976 TJ
TJ saw Rick's Greek Bible and asked him what kind it was and Rick told him Greek. TJ said, "Really, what language is it written in?"
December 30, 1976 David 3 Dave was throwing dirty laundry down the chute for me. I gave him three hangers to throw down and he asked in all seriousness, "Are the hangers dirty, too?"
1 9 7 7
January 1, 1977 David 3 Bill and Billie Mcclintic were visiting us and talking about their son Dennis. Dave said, "Is he our 'dentist', too?"
January 2, 1977 David 3 Dave was sleeping in our bed and about 6 AM he suddenly awoke and raised his head up and looked all around the bed and discovered he was in the middle of the bed and not on my left side as he usually is. He likes to sleep on that side and suck his thumb and fiddle with the end of my pillow slip. He said, "I'm on the wrong end of the pillow'swip'."
January 7, 1977 David 3 Dave looked so funny trying to get his 'sleeves', as he called his pants legs, down over his legs before they froze. Cold in the house and colder outside.
January 14, 1977 David 3 Dave was talking about my birthday, which is today, and then started crying because I didn't take him with me so he could see me being born. Then he said he was born once when he was young and there were a lot of babies there, too.
January 14, 1977 David 3 I was going out to dinner with some of the family and said, "Wait, I've got to go put on my face", and Dave said, "Why, are we going Halloweeing?" Dave insisted he had to have a face put on, too.
January 30, 1977 Timmy 11 Tim said we didn't fight in the Civil War because Dad was still a German then.
February 3, 1977 David 3 Dave came upstairs carrying Tim's 'Walkie Talkie' and I told him he was going to get into trouble if he used Tim's things without permission and Dave said, "No, I won't, not till he gets home from school, anyway."
March 1, 1977 David 3 Dave said he used to baby-sit Tim when he was a baby and I told Dave he wasn't even born then. Dave declared very vehemently, "Oh, yes I was. I was laying out there watching TV."
March 2, 1977 David 3 Dave, while talking with me, suddenly asked, "Why does everyone's tongue lay on the bottom of their mouths?" Good question, dear.
March 6, 1977 Ricky 22 I was telling Rick about throwing one's bread upon the water and so on and asked him if he knew what happens then. He looked puzzled and finally asked hesitantly, "It gets soggy?" Wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but okay that part was right, I am sure.
March 17, 1977 David 3 Dave was in a hurry to get his clothes on so he could eat ice cream He said, "If we don't hurry I am going to lose my 'temperature' (temper)."
March 18, 1977 David 3 I asked Tom to put Dave to bed and Dave said, "Wait till someone hurts me and I'm crying."
April 19, 1977 David 3 Dave is very lonely so I told him to go get Amy (2 1/2) from down the street and bring her back to the house to play. He said in a very exasperated tone, "I'm only going to marry Amy and that doesn't mean I have to play with her, too." He refused to go get her, period.
April 24, 1977 David 3 Barbara Higgins was trying to talk to Dave about where he was born and when his birthday is. Dave was drawing and finally said, "I think I am too busy to talk about this right now."
June 3, 1977 David 4 We went by Jimmie's Barbecue place on 35th and Noland in Independence, Missouri and Dave saw all the cut fire wood stashed outside the building for barbecuing and said excitedly, "Oh, they've cut down a tree. Let's get some for Tommy Joe."
June 5, 1977 David 4 We were driving back from Paris, Missouri after visiting Grandpa at the nursing home. Grandpa has a habit of laying down and getting up every two minutes and continuing this up and down business all day. Dave was very restless on our trip home and up and down a lot. We finally got after him for it and he said, "I'm just like Grandpa. Get up, lay down, get up, lay down." (Did anyone notice the similarities of Grandpa and Grandma in their resting periods? January 31, 1991.)
June 7, 1977 David 4 When Dave saw our old house on Spring he said, "Why did I have to be borned, why couldn't I just have 'stayed' here with you in your stomach? Let's move back here."
June 8, 1977 David 4 Dave saw the eight other children's pictures hanging in the bedroom at Grandma's house and asked me where his was and I said, "You weren't born yet." Dave said very emphatically, "Well, I am now!"
June 9, 1977 David 4 I showed Dave the Mississippi River and he asked, "Is that where Debbie lives?" (No, Dave, she lives in Biloxi, Mississippi. The river is too wet to live in.)
June 10, 1977 David 4 Aunt Mabel Jacobs said she wants to be called Grandma by Dave so Dave said to me "We'll call her Grandma and 'her' (meaning Grandma McClintic) Mom and you're YOU and I'm ME."
June 11, 1977 David 4 Dave asked how many Gods there are for everywhere in the world.
June 12, 1977 David 4 I'm always kidding Dave about being all dirty and telling him he must not belong to this family but to someone else's. Today he came to me and said, "Am I dirty?" I checked him over and told him he was not and then Dave said, "Well, then I belong to this family then, don't I?" I felt very sad that I had ever kidded him because he took it very seriously and probably even frightened him some.
July 18, 1977 David 4 Dave asked me why we are saving Debbie's wedding punch in our freezer. I told him I didn't know why we were. He said, "I bet I know why, it's for "MY" wedding." I asked when he is getting married and he said, "Oh, next year when I'm five years old."
July 24, 1977 David 4 Dave saw a pussy willow cut off and told me Greg had cut it off of a cat and it is a cat's tail because it has two ends.
July 28, 1977 David 4 Tom asked the two little boys how they liked their vacation. Tim said okay and Dave said okay, too, but then Dave added, "There sure was a lot of it." (Think he meant we were doing too many things.)
August 13, 1977 David 4 Dave had gotten hurt a bunch of times while playing with Rick and finally he said to Rick, "If I get hurt one more time I am going to cry all the way to Grandma's house." (We were getting ready to leave for Monroe.)
August 25, 1977 David 4 Dave went for a ride in JoAnn Fields station wagon and I asked if he rode in the back or front seat. "No," Dave said, "I didn't ride in the trunk, I rode in the middle."
August 26, 1977 David 4 Dave's nose keeps running and I suggested he go get a tissue before it ran all over the floor. He looked around on the floor in amazement and then went to get the Kleenex without a word. Wonder what in the world he was thinking.
September 3, 1977 David 4 Dave asked how old Debbie is and I told him nineteen. Dave asked how old Doug is and I said nineteen, also. Then Dave said, "Then I'll be nineteen when I marry Amy and Amy will be nineteen just like Debbie." Dave then asked how tall Doug is and I told him six foot and, of course, Dave said he would be six foot, too, and then how tall is Debbie and I said 5'4" and he said Amy would be 5'4", too. (Sort of missed on Doug's height, didn't you, Dave?)
September 11, 1977 David 4 Dave just kept exclaiming over what a beautiful day it is outside at Grandma's house and we all thought that quite something for a four year old to be aware of.
September 14, 1977 David 4 Dave asked if his daddy or I had painted the picture of flowers beside our bed and I told him Bill had painted them. Dave was utterly amazed and asked, "He painted the flowers and put in everything?" Guess he figured Bill was too young and then he said, "It's so pretty."
September 14, 1977 David 4 Dave said when he marries Amy he will be David Smith and Amy will be Amy Smith.
September 15, 1977 David 4 Dave wanted to help me mend and run the wheel on the sewing machine so he could make the 'nail' go into the fabric.
September 18, 1977 David 4 Dave wanted an eraser and couldn't think of the word and with many gestures he said he wanted one of those things with a scrubber on it so he could use it on his paper.
September 19, 1977 David 4 While at Grandma's we heard the 'Angelus Bells' and then Mass bells fifteen minutes before Mass time. Dave finally commented, "Boy, they sure have a lot of churches down here."
September 22, 1977 David 4 Dave awoke (barely) at 7:15 and said through half closed eyelids and in a drowsy voice, "Wake me up at 20 o'clock" and turned over and went back to sleep.
September 22, 1977 David 4 Dave saw a bug flying in the bedroom and came to get me to bring the 'whacker' so I could 'whack' the bug.
September 22, 1977 David 4 Dave's first day of pre-school and he loved it. What a drastic change from the first attempt at pre-school one year ago. Dave cried for two days while he was there the first time and the teacher finally told me to take him home and not try again till kg or he would grow up hating school.
September 30, 1977 David 4 I asked Dave what I should have for supper and he said to have meat like I always have and I asked what kind that was. He said, "Oh, the black stuff." Doesn't that sound awfully tasty?
October 27, 1977 David 4 Dave asked why dogs have all those nails hanging out and then quickly said, "Oh, I know, it is to hold the dogs together." (Of course, you all know he was referring to the female dog's nipples.)
October 27, 1977 David 4 Dave now does not like pre-school at all and asked how much longer it would be before he was my age so he wouldn't have to go to school. (That certainly lasted a long time, didn't it?)
October 27, 1977 David 4 Dave saw an Eskimo Huskie and wanted to know all about the dog. I explained the dogs pull sleighs for Eskimoes. Dave then wanted to know what an Eskimo was and I explained they live in Alaska and play in the snow. Then he commented, "Are we Eskimoes, too? We play in the snow." Good logic, Dave.
October 15, 1977 David 4 Dave did his 'big job' at Whitworth's house. I asked him what he did when he needed a wipe job. He said, "I yelled to Mrs. Whitworth that I was ready to be wiped, and she came and wiped me." Oh well.
October 29, 1977 David 4 We went to Tim's football game and watched his team get thoroughly tromped. Finally Dave said in disgust, "Are we the good guys or the bad guys?"
October 30, 1977 David 4 Maureen asked Dave who made him and he said God did and then added, "We've got mud inside of us cause we're made out of dirt."
November 1, 1977 David 4 Dave got hurt while romping with Johnny and Greg Gardiner. I told Dave he shouldn't romp with them because they are twice as big as he is. Dave said, "No, they aren't, they're bigger than me."
November 6, 1977 David 4 After I spanked Dave he was sooo upset he tearfully told me, "Just for that I'm going to sleep with you till I am big like Rick."
November 16, 1977 David 4 Dave was answering the phone and very nicely telling the caller that Becky was not there and would be back in a half hour or so. Then he asked, "May I take a message?" Becky called home later and Dave told her who had called and then said, "Wait a minute while I get a piece of paper." Now, the question is whether he is going to take a message from Becky or be prepared for another message for Becky. We all laughed because Dave can't read or write and does not know any letters in the alphabet. He was mimicking what he hears his siblings say and do.
November 18, 1977 David 4 Dave said he and Amy are going to get married in Rick's church and they are going to live in Mississippi for five months. Then he said, "Mom, you have to drive because I don't know the way." He stopped and thought and then decided he might drive part of the way if I showed him where to go. (Let's see how you feel about me driving you on your honeymoon in 25 years, Dave.)
November 18, 1977 David 4 Dave was showing Theresa McAdams his wallet and she told him it was really neat and that she had never seen one like that before. Dave said, "Yes, you did, I showed it to you over the phone before." (Superman?)
November 18, 1977 David 4 Dave came in from outside, looked around and said, "Where's everybody?" I told him we are all here. He said, "No, we're not, nobody is here!" I told him that Tim and I are here and he is here. He said with an impatient sigh, "Yes, but that's not everybody, Mother." I decided he wanted to know where 'everybody else' was so told him that Dad was at work, Teri and Greg were at the Mall, Becky at work, Johnny at work and Bill over at Maureen's house. Dave thought a minute and then said, "Oh."
November 19, 1977 David 4 Dave had a nose bleed and his Dad made a big deal out of it and probably scared the wits out of Dave. About 2 AM Dave comes crawling in our bed and whispered, "Mother, I see Jesus dead on the cross every day so how can He be not dead?"
November 24, 1977 David 4 Dave asked Becky to wash the celery and she asked him just who did he think she was and Dave said, "Oh, a washer." Becky washed the celery.
November 24, 1977 David 4 Everyone said one thing we were thankful for before our big Thanksgiving Dinner. Dave was very impatient for his turn and kept butting in and asking if it was his turn yet. Finally it was his turn and we found out why he was so impatient. He was thankful for 'Whip Cream'.
November 24, 1977 David 4 Dave said to me very doubtfully, "Not one word?" Bill and Billie McClintic and I asked him to repeat that and he said, "You said to Dad you didn't say one word to Grandma." I then corrected his misinterpretation because he thought I was fibbing to Tom. Tom had asked if I had said anything to Grandma about the Hawaii trip and I said, "Not one word." Dave, on the other hand, knew we had just finished talking with Grandma, Aunt Kate, Uncle Dick and Uncle Wheel who were visiting in Texas and pretty impossible to have had a conversation and not said one word to Grandma.
November 24, 1977 David 4 Dave came in to sample pumpkin pie and I said, "Oh, everyone loves pumpkin pie, Dave." He tasted it and made a terrible grimace and managed to swallow the bite, got down from his chair and said in disgust, "Well, I don't!"
November 25, 1977 David 4 Dave was telling me he was fishing in Rick's lake (Conception) and had caught a BIG fish but it wasn't a shark cause there weren't any sharks there , but it was a whale instead.
December 8, 1977 David 4 Dave wanted to see Santa at the Mall and I told him people would be standing on top of each other because there would be so many people up there. He said, "No, the people will be standing in a circle and not on top of each other!"
December 8, 1977 David 4 Dave saw a minipad and said, "Oh, I know what that is, it's a Maxi safety pad, I saw that on TV." Told you kids it pays to advertise on TV!
December 20, 1977 David 4 Dave's Christmas letter. "Dear Santa Claus, I love you so much. I'll even give you some presents. I love you about twelve feet. We've got to be friends." Signed David.
1 9 7 8
January 1, 1978 David 4 Dave said he saw a toad on TV and Bill asked how he knew it was a toad. Dave replied, "Because it's breathing while it's hiccuping in his throat."
January 11, 1978 David 4 Dave called Marsha Kapp to ask if he could play with Amy and immediately said, "Good-by" and hung up. I suggested to him it would be advisable to ask Marsha if it would be okay to come and visit and not just tell her he were coming, as he did. So he called and asked and then hung up the phone, grabbed his coat and was scooting out the door before I could catch my breath. I called after him that he should have said good-bye when he called the second time and he said he had already said good-by the first time. (Okay, already.)
January 12, 1978 Mary Teen Jerrie and Mary Becker spent a little time with us and Mary accidentally used room freshener spray on her hair instead of hair spray and Mary asked if I would put this in my diary so here it is. Teenager.
January 12, 1978 David 4 I told Dave I was going to bed and he looked at me very sadly and quietly said, "Are you going without your little son?"
January 22, 1978 David 4 As I was putting Dave's new knee-hi socks on him which he had received from Great, Great Uncle Alfred for Christmas, we were kind of taken back with the length of the socks. They came to Dave's hips. Dave looked at them and asked if this is what little boys are supposed to wear when they go to the farm.
February 11, 1978 David 4 Dave and Tom came to visit me in Menorah Hospital where I had undergone surgery for removal of my colon and Dave saw a man smoking a cigar. Smoke was coming out his nose and Dave whispered, not too quietly, that the guy looked like a dragon!
February 13, 1978 David 4 Dave said when I got home from the hospital he doesn't ever want to be lonely like he was when I was gone, ever, ever again.
March 16, 1978 David 4 Dave asked if everyone was home and I said all but Teri and he said if Teri isn't home then Greg isn't home either because wherever Teri goes, Greg goes, right? This was at 11 PM at night. What wee you doing up so late, Dave?
March 16, 1978 David 4 I was commenting on some of the plants turning yellow from over watering and Dave asked in all seriousness if that was why the Mums were yellow (the blooms, that is.)
March 16, 1978 David 4 I was going to 7:30 PM Mission at Nativity and Dave announced he was going with me. "Peter Pan" was on TV and I had thought he would be easy to baby-sit since he would be wrapped up in the show, but instead he questioned everyone again if they were going with me, too, and no one was going so Dave said he still was going and did. On the way home I asked him why he went and he said to protect me from robbers. (I know you young parents can now relate to this. Dave will soon be 5 years old and this was right after my surgery and my 3 week stay in the hospital.)
March 18, 1978 David 4 Tom called from work to say he was now in a good mood. (Had left in a snit.) Dave's comment was, "Now, will he smile at me?"
April 12, 1978 David 4 While driving through our old addition in Fairway Gardens we neared our former home and I told Dave that Tom and I used to walk on the streets we were passing. We walked the area many times and I even carried him part of the time in my tummy while we were walking and that was right before we moved over to Harris Street, where we live now. (We moved 2 months before he was born.) Dave looked at me very sadly and said, "Why didn't you carry me 'all' of the time?" Does that sound as though I had a friend help carry him through part of this pregnancy? Think I could get a patent on that?
April 12, 1978 David 4 Dave said now Amy will have to marry the new Matt that just moved in beside her house cause he's 3 like Amy and when he (Dave) is 20 Amy will be just 19 and they have to both be 19 like Debbie and Doug to get married. Age 4. (So much for deep abiding love, eh, Dave?)
April 17, 1978 David 4 Dave asked me if I remember what a bird fish is and I did not. So he tried and tried to explain. I finally caught on. He meant a 'Flying Fish'.
April 17, 1978 David 4 Maureen got her engagement ring from Bill tonight and she showed it to Dave who had a new football game and he only briefly looked at it and went back to his game and said, "Well, my football game is neater than getting married anyway."
May 10, 1978 David 4 When Tom, Grandma, Bill, Dave and I left the Sizzler restaurant after eating a big supper, Bill put his arm around Grandma and Dave said he'd better duck down if we meet Marueen on the road and Grandma had better duck down, too.
May 11, 1978 David 5 Dave said he hadn't grown at all while Tom and I were in Europe and I asked how he knew. Said he could tell by the weight/pounds thing. (Scales)
May 11, 1978 David 5 Dave said he wouldn't be an uncle till he got to California where Debbie's new baby is (Leticia Olivia). Dave's friend, Matt is so sad because he isn't an uncle, too.
May 11, 1978 David 5 On Dave's first plane ride we taxied and taxied and Dave became very impatient waiting for take off. Finally he decided this must be one of those slow airplanes because they are driving so slowly.
May 14, 1978 David 5 Celebrated Mother's Day at Debbie and Doug's in California helping out with Leticia. Mother's Day subject was brought up a number of times and finally Dave said in disgust, "When is it going to be boy's day?"
May 15, 1978 David 5 Tom gave Dave $2.00 before we left for Debbie's and said he is to take care of Mommy and be a little man. So, when we got to California Dave told Doug that his Dad made him a man today and gave him $2.00.
June 5, 1978 David 5 Dave brought a feather from a bird into the house and said, "Here's a leaf from a dead bird."
June 30, 1978 Timmy 12 Tim accidentally hit my arm and I said nothing. He was very quiet and soon came to me and asked if I still loved him and I assured him that I did and asked why he had questioned my love. He said, "Because I hit your arm and you didn't say anything." What was I supposed to do????
July 3, 1978 David 5 On our second trip to California Tom was driving a rental and we were checking out the scenery. As we drove through one town after another with Teri, Becky, Johnny, Tim, Dave, Debbie, Doug, baby Leticia and myself as passengers Dave finally decided he knew exactly where we were. Becky asked him where and he pointed and said, "Blood Vessel Cemetery" meaning Precious Blood Seminary in Liberty, Missouri.
August 4, 1978 David 5 Dave came in with his hand on his forehead and we asked him what was his problem and he said he didn't know but thought maybe he had a headache. So, we all tried to figure out how one didn't know for sure if they did or didn't have a headache.
August 5, 1978 David 5 While Dave and I were walking around the block he suddenly said, "You know Leticia is almost as cute as Baby Jesus."
August 6, 1978 David 5 Becky walked in on Dave when he was in the 'all together' and Dave was soooo mad at her. Later he told her to knock before she came into his room and Becky said, "Well, okay, Dave, but you've got to knock before you come into my room, too." Dave said he did not have to. Becky asked him why not and he declared, "I've never seen you naked, that's why!"
August 9, 1978 David 5 Dave is still thinking about Leticia and said she is cuter than when he was a baby and asked me to 'affirm' that. Figure that one out.
September 5, 1978 David 5 Tom wore green pants and a navy jacket to work today and Dave kept commenting on how funny Dad looked.
September 18, 1978 David 5 Dave told Johnny to quit hurting Tim cause every time he hurts somebody he gets a 'soul' on him. Does that mean a sin???
September 1978 David 5 After Bill and Maureen's wedding Bill called me 'Mom' and Dave very pointedly said, "Bill, don't you call 'MY Mom' Mom any more cause she's not your Mom now, Maureen's is your Mom now."
September 19, 1978 David 5 Dave saw some Jergens hand soap and said, "Is this soap as good as Amway soap, Mom?"
September 20, 1978 Timmy
Tim asked me if I was going to be a Crown in Amway and Dave cut in and said, "But, you've got to be a Direct first, right Mom?" Who says little people don't listen to what is going on around them.
September 21, 1978 Timmy
Tim asked if I would sponsor him in a 'Walk-A-Thon' and Dave apparently only heard the word 'sponsor' because he came to me and asked if I would please sponsor Tim into Amway and I asked why and Dave said, "Just because I want 'you' to sponsor Tim, that's why."
October 23, 1978 David 5 Dave said at the supper table that he is going to be the last member of the family to become a Direct and we asked why and he said, "Because I'm the youngest, that's why." So I asked him what's so good about becoming a Direct and he said, "They make more money." (Got that Teri and Bill and TJ?)
December 11, 1978 David 5 When Dave and I walked to school today he spied a sleigh (big one in LecCluses yard) and became very excited because he was sure that it belongs to Santa. The next day Len stopped and talked with us and Dave was doubly sure this was Santa's house cause Mr LeCluse even looks like Santa Claus. (And the last I heard Mr. LeCluse has Alzheimers. How sad.)
December 12, 1978 David 5 A car drove by as Dave and I were walking to school kicking rocks and someone waved and Dave happily waved back. I asked him who it was and he said it was Tommy 'S'. All of the kg students sign their names with their first name and last initial so that is how he knew this particular student. Guess he is David D. to the other kids.
December 19, 1978 David 5 Dave called his friend and during the conversation he told him we were going to a PTA meeting tonight to hear Tim sing. After a bit more chattering Dave turned around and said, "How do you spell PTA, Mom?"
1 9 7 9
January 11, 1979 David 5 Dave was looking for Bill in a football group picture and kept looking from the picture to Bill to see what he looks like.
January 23, 1979 David 5 Dave informed me at the supper table that I was the first one born here at our house and I asked why that was and he said I had to be so I could born Dad. Guess he's never seen Dad's parents (both deceased) so figures I am the only adult female around that he knows and since I 'birthed' so many I might as well have 'birthed' his Dad, too.
January 25, 1979 David 5 Dave said right out of the clear blue sky, "Last night I beat your husband playing chess, Mom."
February 20, 1979 David 5 Dave was very upset with Johnny for pestering him and as Johnny had just returned from his TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) weekend Dave tearfully said, "I think Johnny slept all day when they were teaching him to be good."
February 21, 1979 David 5 Dave was looking for the spray after he passed gas and asked where the 'poop stinker' what meets (eats) it up.
February 26, 1979 David 5 Dave said I have more holes in my body than he does and I asked what he meant and he said, "Well, you have your 'George' (stoma) and your two hearts where babies drink milk out of." (Aren't you embarrassed to put some of this in printing????)
March 4, 1979 David 5 (En route to our new home in Texas) Dave excitedly said our motel bathroom uses Amway, too, and I asked how he knew and he showed me the back of the stool where it said, 'American Ceramics' and he thought that spelled Amway. Both start with an 'A' he further stated.
March 9, 1979 David 5 We went to McDonald's to eat. Johnny and Tim went to the restroom then Dave decided he needed to go and came back and said, "How do you spell girls?" I asked why and he said he didn't know which one the boys went into and he can't spell boys yet."
March 10, 1979 David 5 Dave informed me I can't spank him because he has Jesus in him and then I would be spanking Jesus, too.
March 23, 1979 David 5 Dave filled up his Dad's hot water bottle and put it beside his bed to use as a 'fire extinguisher!'
March 28, 1979 David 5 I was signing Dave up for Tee-Ball and the application asked for his shirt size and he said 7 and while I was writing it down he volunteered the information that he wore size 8 underwear and size 7 pants.
April 8, 1979 David 5 Bill received a call and Dave answered the phone but the party hung up and Bill was questioning him about the caller. "Was it a male or a female?" and Dave just looked at Bill like he had asked the question in Greek, so I told Bill maybe Dave does not know what the words mean, then Bill asked, "Was it a boy or a girl?" Dave thought for a bit and said, "I don't know, they didn't tell me."
April 8, 1979 David 5 I was sawing off a dead limb and Dave came over and said, "Here, I will help you 'scrape' it, Mom."
April 9, 1979 David 5 Dave saw the hairs that were coming out of my chin from the Prednisone I am having to take and he asked me if they were whiskers and I told him they were and he said he didn't want a 'whiskered' Mom." I don't want to be one either, dear.
July 3, 1979 David 6 We placed a bowl of applesauce on the table and it happened to be in front of Dave's plate. He looked at it and sadly said, "I can't eat that much applesauce!"
July 3, 1979 David 6 Dave saw a picture of someone receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and wanted to know all about what was going on. I explained how the Sacrament helped us to be Soldier's of Christ. In a few minutes he came to me with tears in his eyes and said, "I don't want to be a Soldier in Jesus' army till I'm real old, cause soldiers get killed."
July 4, 1979 David 6 Dave came into the kitchen carrying a towel full of brand 'X' hand soaps and said in a quiet, shocked, subdued voice, "I found all of this in Dad's drawer. Let's throw it all away." (A true Amway kid, wouldn't you say? But, what were you doing in your Father's bathroom cabinet drawers, Dave??)
July 10, 1979 David 6 Tom bought Aim Toothpaste and Dave really gave him a hard time about it till finally Tom had to tell him to get off his back. Before Tom bought it and had been talking about it instead, Dave tried to talk him out of it and said, "Amway Toothpaste is better, isn't it, Mom?" I nodded my head yes and Dave said, "Say yes, Mom" and all the while he was nodding his head up and down.
July 11, 1979 David 6 Maureen and I were discussing a couple who are Pearl Directs and Dave said, "Wow, how did they get so high?" Then he wondered when 'we' were going to be Pearls. Boy, is he ever picking up on Amway lingo.
July 1979, Leticia 1 Leticia's really a great help when unpacking groceries. She really loads the cans on the shelves. Lo be unto me if I throw a sack into the trash because she also loves to throw the cans back into the sacks. A wonderful sight when I use the garbage can and find it full of our canned goods.
July 18, 1979 David 6 Dave was sitting on the 'throne' and suddenly he asked if Amway makes toilet paper. I told him they did not and he said if they did we would buy it, wouldn't we?
August 6, 1979 David 6 Dave started sleeping in his underpants and said, "Now, I'm a real boy cause I sleep in my underwear just like Johnny and Dad and Tim."
August 10, 1979 David 6 Maureen, Megumi Suzuki (our Japanese Foreign Student for six weeks), Dave and I drove to Aunt Kate's and got lost and Maureen kept turning around in the middle of the streets (U turns) and Dave told her she had better watch out or she would get arrested for making so many 'O' turns. That's what they looked like to him, anyway. We would go north for awhile then 'U' turn and go south for awhile so it seemed to Dave as though it was a big 'O' turn all the time.
September 6, 1979 David 6 Tim, Johnny, Dave and I flew to Kansas City and Dave was so enthralled by the whole trip he could hardly sit still. He loved the square fields and he told Tim those were countries and Tim told him they were not and Dave then asked if they were at least states then?
September 7, 1979 David 6 During Bill and Maureen's wedding ceremony Dave drew pictures for them and while they were kissing Dave told me Father Paul Turner was the Bishop marrying them.
September 8, 1979 David 6 I asked Dave to get Bill to come out and play football with him and he said Bill couldn't anymore because he is married now.
September 25, 1979 Leticia 1 Leticia drinking out of opened tennis ball cans and unopened soup cans. Really cute.
October 19, 1979 David 6 Dave heard shooting on his Dad's TV show and said that was not a good show for him to watch so he might as well not go watch. Then he said he bet I wondered how I knew he should not watch the show. I said I didn't know how he knew and he said, "Because of the shooting." (Naturally)
October 20, 1979 David 6 Dave wanted eggs for breakfast and I said I would fix him some and his Dad is planning to fry up some sausage which he will share with him, too, but I told Dave he probably would not like the sausage because it is so hot. I had just gotten it out of the freezer and laid it on the cabinet to thaw. Dave went over to touch it and told me it was NOT hot, it was ice cold! (I meant spicy hot, Dave.)
December 1, 1979 David 6 I awoke Dave for school and with his eyes barely open and laying all stretched out he whispered, "Will you unzip me, please, I haven't regained my strength yet." (He was wearing a one piece flannel pj set that zipped from the neck to the toe.)
1 9 8 0
February 20, 1980 David 6 I told the boys they would have to walk to school tomorrow because the weather was going to be very nice. Dave got all shook and started to cry because he just knew he would be late. We assured him he would not be late. He awoke at 4:53 AM and woke me to tell me he was going to eat breakfast, get dressed and start walking to school so he would not be late!
March 3, 1980 David 6 Dave asked me if everyone who got a new baby got reversed (transferred to another city or state).
April 10, 1980 David 6 Dave was looking at the road map from Bedford to Kansas City as we were en route to Rick's Deaconate Ordination and exclaimed over the crowded roads all around Dallas and then looked out the window and wondered where all of those roads were!
April 10, 1980 David 6 Tom got an Oklahoma map and told the boys to look for two green trees and that would be a rest stop. Dave looked out the window and pointed to the west and said seriously, "There's two trees over there." They were in a farmer's bare field and hardly what Tom had in mind at all.
April 11, 1980 David 6 During the Deaconate Ordination ceremony the four candidates were lying prostrate on the floor in front of the Bishop and Dave asked Debbie Jean if they were tired and taking a nap.
April 11, 1980 David 6 Dave was so impressed with Ken and Lou Hubbard's house. He called it a mansion. Only one problem. Squeaky floors and he said the house was too spooky for him. He liked the bathroom so much he even used a towel to keep the sink dried out.
April 13, 1980 David 6 While reading the map coming back to Texas I noticed Dave kept looking at the map and then looking out the window and then back to the map and then back to the window. Finally Dave wondered aloud where all of those big squares in the road were. (The squares were small communities seemingly without names. Glad we didn't run over any big square blocks, aren't you?)
April 20, 1980 David 6 Dave game me a ruler and asked if I would please size him. (Don't worry, kiddo, I have you sized up already.)
April 24, 1980 David 6 We saw a long haired, rather unkempt fellow and Maureen remarked about how ugly he looked and Dave agreed. Maureen asked Dave if he was going to look like that when he grew up and Dave emphatically said, "No, cause then I'd have to go to a girl's bathroom!"
May 23, 1980 Jonathan 4 During Teri and Greg's wedding ceremony Johnny passed out and Jonathan McClintic (age 4) pointed to Tim, who was the other altar server, and asked his Mom when he was going to die, too. Guess he thought this was part of the show.
May 25, 1980 Tim 16 Tom, Tim, Dave and I went to the MayFest in Ft. Worth and enjoyed it so much we decided to go again on Sunday. Tom and Tim went to 5:30 Mass that night and I took Dave to CCD and went to 9:15 Mass the next morning. I left everything upside down at home and the guys all in bed. When we got home Tim had just finished cleaning the kitchen. On the way to the MayFest I complimented Tim on the good job he had done in the kitchen and Tom said he didn't even have to be told to clean the kitchen. I said I noticed our bed was made and Tom said he had done that and Tim said in a quiet and sarcastic voice, "And, he didn't even have to be told." Okay, Tim, you made your point.
June 2, 1980 David 7 Dave got after Tim for wrestling with his Daddy. He told Tim he should not wrestle with Daddy because he is an old man and he might get a heart attack and die. I started to tell Dave I was older than his Daddy then remembered that Dave thinks I am 30 so said nothing, but Tim piped in and said, "Well, how about Mom?" Dave assured Tim that Mom won't get a heart attack because she is so young. She is only 30. Thanks, Dave, and I love you, too. (Gee, that was young. . . a whole 11 years ago when I was really 49.) (And now I am 66 and still not so old.)
June 12, 1980 David 7 I was singing 'In my Father's House' and it goes, "We will clap and sing and we will laugh and play and we will, etc, etc." Dave said, "Gosh, I don't know if I want to go to my Father's house someday cause it's going to be so noisy."
June 13, 1980 David 7 Dave said someday he is going to get married and have some children and I told him that would be nice and he said, "Well, you know kids help out in the house." I said, "Really?" and Dave said, "Sure, look at Johnny and Tim."
June 14, 1980 David 7 During Communion time Dave eyed three ladies wearing hats going back to their pews and leaned over and said in amazement, "Look, Mom, those ladies are wearing hats IN church!" Boy, you can sure tell he is from the new generation! Little does he know that in my day females could not or would not dare enter a church without something covering their heads even if it was a sheet of Kleenex pinned to their hair!
June 15, 1980 David 7 Dave saw a picture of a river on TV, which was supposed to be the Red River, but Dave decided it could not possibly be the Red River cause it looked too Black!
June 16, 1980 Teri
Teri served Gumbo over rice and when Dave saw the rice he poured it in his dish and then very happily asked for the milk and sugar and didn't realize rice could be used any other way than for cereal. He did not like the idea of Gumbo on top of it at all!!!
June 17, 1980 Becky
When Becky, Dave and I drove through a town in Oklahoma on our way back to Texas at 10:00 at night Dave was amazed at all of the people still up and exclaimed, "Gosh, why are all of these people up so late. Do you suppose they are staying up all night?" (I'll remind you of this some day, my dear, when you are up past 10:30 PM.)
June 17, 1980 Becky
Becky was driving and Dave kept urging her to coast like Mom does and save gas. Would you believe he meant for her to use the Cruise Control and not use her foot on the gas pedal? I did not know he thought I was coasting all of the time. Live and learn, I guess.
June 24, 1980 David 7 Dave asked what being fat is called. . . was it a beast? Believe he was looking for the word obese, don't you?
June 24, 1980 David 7 I heard a couple talking as they came out of a Wards store in Houston and by their accent I figured they were from the East coast and I asked Dave to read me their license plate as they drove off in their car. He did readily and I asked what it said and he told me "UTK168". Oh, gee, Dave, I meant what state not the number!
June 25, 1980 David 7 The Thompsons, along with Tim, Dave, Tom and I, attended an open air theater in Galveston called "The Lone Star" and Dave sat alone down in the front row. During the battle scene between the Texans and Santa Anna's army while the bullets were flying and the cannon roaring and actors dropping like flys Dave was spending his time dodging bullets right and left!!!! I had told him not to get shot and he sure was trying his darndest to do just that! Saving his own hide no matter what. He was the star of the show since people were also watching him and enjoying his show immensely. It was soooo funny to watch him.
July 3, 1980 David 7 When we were enjoying our outing at the Wildlife Zoo (a drive thru) we saw the Rhino's eating and Dave said he just could not figure out why Rhino's are so big and heavy when all they eat is straw.
July 7, 1980 David 7 Dave came in from outside (a record heat wave with over 100 degrees was going on for days and days) and asked if he was still peach (meaning tanned).
July 8, 1980 David 7 Dave said the Rangers played a double 'hitter'. Think he meant a double header, don't you?
August 8, 1980 David 7 Tom and Dave were going to the Ranger's game and Dave said, "Oh, my gosh, I think I am having a heart attack!" He was clutching his chest and I calmly asked why he thought he was having a heart attack and Dave said, "Because I'm so excited that Dad is finally taking me to see a Ranger Game and I am 'really' excited!"
November 3, 1980 David 7 Dave reported his teacher is absent because she's sick, but he quickly added, "I don't know what she's sick of though."
December 7, 1980 David 7 Dave kept asking me to ask his Dad if he could have his very own Christmas tree and I kept saying he's not in a good mood and finally in exasperation Dave asked if his Dad was ever in a good mood!
December 8, 1980 David 7 Dave ran into the clothes hamper (it is brown and kind of blends with the decor) in the upstairs hall and apologized saying, "I didn't see it, Mom, it's brown like the air up here."
1 9 8 1
January 1, 1981 David 7 After we attended Mass in Independence, Missouri Dave questioned me as to why Nativity didn't have Holy Communion under both species like at St. Johnny's in Texas. I just said they would some day but had not started yet. Then he asked about Holy Rosary in Monroe City and I said the same thing. When we moved to Lisle we discovered our new parish, St. Margaret Mary, is not giving under both species and again the same question from Dave and I gave the same answer. On New Year's Eve we all went to Mass at Saints Peter and Paul at Naperville and halfway through Mass Dave leaned over and whispered to me that he had finally figured it all out. The reason these churches don't give wine at Mass is because they don't have enough money. So much for the answers I had been giving him.
January 6, 1981 David 7 Johnny was working problems on his little calculator for Dave and kept saying this is uh, and uh, and uh, and then here's your answer. He had been punching different numbers as he went along. He gave it to Dave and told him to do it. Dave kept looking at the calculator and finally said, "Well, where are the uh, uh, uh, buttons?"
January 8, 1981 David 7 Dave was ill and he told me his temperature is 98.99 and that is not what it is supposed to be. Think he looked at the thing wrong.
February 5, 1981 David 7 We were at the pediatrician's office (remember Doctor Kudchadker, Tim and Dave?) and Dave saw both of the practicing doctor's certificates hanging on the wall and in an awed whisper said, "Boy, Dr. Kudchadker sure has won a lot of prizes, hasn't he?"
February 7, 1981 David 7 When Dave saw the Pope's picture in the newspaper he was surprised. He said the Pope looked well and he sure is happy about that. I didn't even know the Pope had been ill and said so. Dave asked if I didn't remember Father had told us that the Pope was sick and couldn't move his body except he was able to communicate by batting his eyes and he was about to die. Sorry, Dave. Right church and wrong pew. Father was talking about 'Bishop Blanchette in Joliet, Illinois who has Lou Gehrig disease.
February 7, 1981 David 7 Debbie and Leticia and Chandra brought Grandma up to Lisle for a visit. Debbie kept calling me Mom, naturally. When Dave talked about me he would say 'My Mom' this and 'My Mom' that and referring to me as 'My Mom'. Debbie challenged him by saying I was her Mom, too. Dave disagreed. Then Debbie asked him what 'his' Mom was to her then and Dave said, "She's your sister." Debbie was flabbergasted and asked him who was her mom then and Dave told her Grandma was her Mom. Guess that makes me my own Grandma or something like that.
April 8, 1981 David 7 Some firemen came to school and Dave is participating in an "I can do it" series with the Camp Fire group. The chief asked what group this was and Dave piped up with CCD. (Oooops!)
May 23, 1981 David 8 Tom told Dave to get dressed and Dave was wondering what to wear and Tom told him his birthday suit, of course. Dave said, okay, thinking it was his first Communion suit (and Easter suit, and wedding suit and ordination suit, so why not birthday suit, also???) Then after he was dressed Tom told him what a birthday suit really is.
June 1, 1981 David 8 Dave asked me what Debbie gave him for his birthday and I asked which Debbie he was referring to. He said, "Oh, you know, Doug's 'daughter', the one who's going to have a baby." Boy, is Dave ever confused!
July 1981 Leticia 3 Opening beans, David showed Nannie a bean full of seeds and Nannie said, "Holy cow!" Leticia handed Nannie a bean to open and said, "Here, find me a cow too!"
July 1981 Chandra 2 Chandra kept falling and falling and finally said, "Jeez. (like Dave) I keep falling."
July 1981 Leticia 3 Grandfather said at bedtime last night (to get the show on the road.) "Who's going to bed with me?" Leticia and Chandra both looked at each other and Leticia looked up at him and quipped, "How about Nannie?"
July 15, 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia pumping the tire pump and said she's pumping Chandra up higher.
July 15, 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia was touching Nannie's cheek (wrinkles) and said, "Your face is getting crooked!"
July 15, 1981 Leticia 3 Nannie and the girls were shelling beans and Chandra laid her head down on the table and Doug said, "are you tired Chandra.?" She shook her head yes and he said, "Okay, let's go bye-bye." The Leticia piped up with, "I want to go too! I'm tired!"
July 16, 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia passed gas and said, "Whoops! I burped out of my bottom!"
July 16, 1981 Leticia 3 David said to Leticia, "If you don't quit crying, I'm going to sock you in the nose," and she said, "No, I don't have any. See?" And pointed to her plain "unsocked" nose. Then she said quietly to Nannie, "I really have a green shoe nose." Huh?
July 16, 1981 Leticia 3 David asked Leticia what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said, "Oh, I want to be big!" Then she said, "Oh, no, I don't cause I'm already big," and spread her arms wide.
July 16, 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia CaGoose (train).
July 26, 1981 Chandra 2 David and Chandra were drinking water and David asked Chandra, "Isn't this delicious?" Chandra said, "No! This is water!"
September 1981 David 8 When Dave was a new student at St. Joan of Arc School in Lisle he was asked to talk about his family. When he told the class that he had 8 brothers and sisters one little girl put up her hand and asked him if he knew all of their names. Not the first time that happened to him, is it?
September 1, 1981 Leticia 3 Some while back, Doug showed the girls how to scale the doorway. Ugh! Monkey see. Monkey do. Leticia keeps getting into trouble all day because I keep catching her at the top of the doorway. Such a shock. Chandra has had her hand in the pie as well and I keep turning the corner to see her in midair. Brenna, now 13 months, wants to follow suit, but can't quite do it yet. I don't know whether to applaud or give up on it. Although I know it's wrong, I can't help but smile to see their accomplishments.
October 1981 Chandra 2 Leticia and Chandra were going for a walk down to the store with Robert Nance (a neighbor) when Leticia suddenly stopped and came back to the door. She leaned her face against the screen and told me, "Don't cry, mommy, okay? We'll be right back." Then she ran to join Robert and Chandra waiting for her at the gate.
October 4, 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia looked at the pendulum swinging on the clock said to me, "Mama, the clock is swinging his tail?"
October 4, 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia looking in my nose wanted to know if I had hair in there. I said, "Yes." Looking harder, she still couldn't find any. Finally she asked me if they were "hiding in there."
October 16, 1981 Chandra 2 Leticia and Chandra were busy washing their play dishes in the kitchen sink when Chandra made her 3rd huge mess. As I was busy wiping up the floor Chandra said to me "That's a no, no, huh, mommy? That's a no, no." Couldn't help but smile and cleaning up that mess was a little easier.
October 16, 1981 Chandra 2 Leticia lost her bar of soap while washing her dishes. She wanted me to come in and help her find it but I told her to put both her hands in the sink and to feel for it. She was getting frustrated and putting her dishes in Chandra's water all the while telling me, "I know it's in here somewhere." It's so hard to believe she's only 3 sometimes.
October 21, 1981 David 8 I was talking to Dave about the good and bad angels and he was playing with a toy and maybe only half listening, so I asked what the bad angels are called and he pondered awhile and then answered, "Jews?" WRONG, WRONG, WRONG DAVE!
October 21, 1981 Chandra 2 Chandra was eating some cheese and I told her no more. When she got finished, she got down and told me, "My tummy hurts. I need a piece of cheese." Sly. Sly.
October 24, 1981 David 8 A neighbor tinted her hair and it was too dark. She shampooed it seven times and even used LOC full strength. When she said LOC I was quite amazed. (LOC is an Amway product.) Later I told Tom about it and still later Vi called and asked me to come and see her hair now. I was hoping it had not all fallen out! Dave piped up with "Is that the lady who washed her hair in Drain Mate?" Right company and wrong product, Dave, since this product is for drains.
October 25, 1981 David 8 While eating chili for supper, which Dave hates, he said, "This is why I don't want to go see my cousin Joe on Friday. He has to eat stuff like this because he plays soccer and hockey and it keeps him strong."
October 26, 1981 David 8 Someone mentioned a dozen and Dave said he used to think that meant a thousand. He then said one time Becky went to a store and asked for a dozen donuts and he could hardly believe she was getting a 'thousand,/b>' donuts!
October 27, 1981 David 8 Johnny, Tim and Dave saw a rabbit squatting in the yard and Tim got after Dave for not trying to catch it and Dave said he thought it was laying a rabbit and he didn't want to bother it. Tim made fun of Dave and Dave said he just gets mixed up about what lays eggs and babies and what does not.
October 31, 1981 Chandra 2 While waiting for our company to arrive so we could take the girls trick or treating, our first trick or treaters arrived and Leticia and Chandra were ecstatic. "Mom! Come see our friends! He's ---- Are you my friends?? Look! Here's my friends!" After they left Leticia was still keyed up. "Are they my friends? Do you like my friends?" So cute and funny.
November 6, 1981 Leticia 3 I had left the house to run some errands when I suddenly remembered I'd left Doug's dry cleaning at home. I turned around and went home and Leticia greeted me at the door asking, "Did you forget something, momma? You forgot something didn't you?" How astute!
November 6, 1981 Leticia 3 Anna Mae was working on some ponchos for the girls and found that Brenna's was a little small. She was thinking out loud asking herself, "What am I going to do now?" Leticia told her, "Use your imagination."
November 6, 1981 Leticia 3 Brenna had been awake for more than three hours and I was the only one to keep her content. She wanted me to hold her, kiss her, love, and play with her. Leticia was watching us and I asked Leticia what I should do. Leticia said, "put her in the swing then you can think about it."
November 8, 1981 Leticia 3 When readying to leave grandma and grandpa Smith's house, we noticed Leticia had taken off her snow boots. What had started out as a small search became more concentrated in looking in, under, and in-between. Finally, Dwayne found them very well hidden and set them on the end of the table. After Leticia came out of the bathroom she saw them and ran to pick them up. "I found them! Look, mom, I found them!" It sure provided us all with a good laugh. All that searching and Leticia proudly found them in plain sight. Silly people.
November 16, 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia was playing with Legos and I asked her to pick them up so I could put dinner on the table and she said, "I'm doing with them." And she surely was, a great, long, zigzag wall. Amazed how she already identifies patterns.
November 1981 Leticia 3 Leticia was trying to comfort Brenna while mommy was indispose and so played mommy as she had so often heard me. I guess I've never been very articulate. I know it for a certainty when Leticia was cooing "Brenna Noocold."
November 1981 Leticia 3 Siting at the table Leticia shushed us so we could hear the geese, "Beep. Beep."
November 1981 Chandra 2 After saying our prayers and blessing our meal with our hands clasped Chandra always puts in her 2˘ and sings "Pocket Full of Posies." Her own little game.
November 1981 Leticia 3 Doug was speaking to me from the other room and I couldn't understand what he was saying. I sent Leticia in to ask him what he meant. Well, she phrased it in her own words. Standing there with her hands on hips and a serious expression on her face, she demanded of Doug, "What's the idea? Hey, you! What's the idea?"
November 18, 1981 Chandra 2 Chandra was telling me she needed a drink because her tummy was getting so full. Then as if that wasn't moving me fast enough to suit her, her stomach started hurting. She wanted that drink NOW!
November 30, 1981 Chandra 2 Chandra found the cookie cutter and said, "Look, Mom, here's Stoopy! (Snoopy) Where's Woodstop?" (Woodstock)
December 10, 1981 Chandra 2 Chandra was checking out Leticia's birthmark and exclaimed, "Mudder, look! Tisha has a birthday!"
1 9 8 2
January 1, 1982 David 8 Dave and I were watching an 'Au Grautin' Potato advertisement on TV and Dave looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said, "Mom, did you see that? Betty Crocker is advertising 'rotten potatoes'."
January 12, 1982 Chandra 2 Doug took the girls outside to make a snowman. Oh, how excited they were. At first they were having trouble getting it to stick together but then lo how big it soon became! Taller than Doug! As Doug was pushing (Pant! Pant!) the huge balls around the yard, I knocked on the windows to wave hello. Chandra was proudly following Doug's path and she just looked up and smiled, "we're making a snowman and Daddy's helping us."
January 21, 1982 David 8 Dave ran his fingers over my birthmark on my wrist and asked why I had that woolly thing on my wrist. Beats me.
January 22, 1982 Leticia 3 I told the girls I needed them to be quiet so I could listen to the news/weather to find out if we could go to great grandma's or not. Leticia told me, "if you go to great grandma's, me and Chandra will miss you soooo bad!" The weather was too bad. Wonder why they thought I‘d leave them behind. Sweeties!
January 23, 1982 Leticia 3 Leticia was calling to me from the high chair and said, "Mommy, here I am in Brenna's something!"
January 26, 1982 David 8 President Reagan was approaching the podium to make his State of the Union address and Dave said he looked like Grandma and Mom. That floored me! I asked why in the world he thought that the President looked like us and he replied, "Cause he has all of those things on his face like you and Grandma." What things I wanted to know and he pointed and told me all of those lines! (Those are called 'Wrinkles' my dear, and your time will come.)
February 17, 1982 Leticia 3 I had made the girls their favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch minus their potato chips and boy was Leticia surprised. She cried, "What! No chips?"
February 17, 1982 Chandra 2 Chandra playing with Brenna's cardboard toy box brought it to me saying, "Oh, dear, I broke Brenna's box." So worried over such a minute thing.
February 17, 1982 Leticia 3 The girls were always following me into the bathroom and Leticia got a little shaken when she saw blood on my panties. She asked me, "Mommy! Did you fall down and hurt yourself?" Now just try to explain my monthly to a 3-year-old.
March 6, 1982 David 8 Dave and I went to Friday Stations of the Cross at church and the background music was from the St. Louis Jesuits recording (Gregorian Chant, no less) and Dave kept looking and looking for the source of the singing and was asking who was singing. I told him I thought it was the St. Louis Jesuits singing. He turned sharply to me and whispered, "Do you mean you can hear them all the way up here?"
March 7, 1982 David 8 Dave and I were talking about the toe nail the Doctor killed on Tim's foot and Dave looked so surprised and said with a mighty swing of his arm, "Did the doctor take a hammer and just go "WHAM, WHAM?"
April 5, 1982 David 8 Dave, Johnny and I were at Good Friday services at 3 PM and the service was very unique. Twelve or so people each got up and said they were such and such at the crucifixion. When a black fellow got up and said he was Simon of Cyrene who helped Jesus carry the cross, Dave was just floored. and said in an awed voice, "Is he really?"
April 16, 1982 Chandra 2 Chandra was asking me where Cecil was taking Anna Mae's car and said, "Where's Cecil taking Anna's-----Anna's-----I can't think of her name."
April 16, 1982 Chandra 2 Cecil was sneaking up on Chandra playfully when Chandra said, "Don't frighten me. I'm a good girl."
April 26, 1982 Leticia 3 Becky was asking the girls if they wanted to learn a new song and asked Leticia if she knew what a "caboose" was. Leticia said, "Uh huh. A cow."
May 7, 1982 David 9 While in Monroe City Dave was concerned about Grandma looking so frail and he told me he sure wished Grandma had Social Security. Now why in the world would one wish that odd wish? He said because he is afraid someone is going to break in and hit her over the head with a lead pipe and she needs 'Social Security' to protect her. How about that logic???
May 22, 1982 David 9 While at Mass Dave heard Father Ted say there would be Mass at the graveyard on Memorial Day and Dave told me that is where Johnny works, too. And, then Dave wondered why they were having Mass at Johnny's work??? (Graveyard shift at Denny's is not the same thing, Dave.)
May 23, 1982 David 9 England is fighting the Argentines in or over the Falkland Island and Dave finally asked where in the world England is. We told him and was he surprised, cause he thought it was New Hampshire or Maine or one of those states, (the New England states, right.) He heard us referring to England as being across the ocean and he could not figure out our geography.
May 7, 1982 David 9 Dave filled an order blank for team pictures and then read the form and panicked and ran for the 'white out' Tom uses to correct his errors. I reread the form and it was fine, but Dave was scared and said, "But, I've got to erase it all. See it says to return the order form 'blank' to the coach."
May 8, 1982 David 9 While reading 'Life of the Saints' to Dave he said, "Only people who suffer can be Saints, right, Mom?" Sure seems like it while reading the about the brave lives the saints lived and died. Kind of scary for us ordinary folks.
June 2, 1982 David 9 While Dave and I were cleaning the garage floor with Concrete Cleaner and really scrubbing away on the oil spots, or at least I was. Dave finally asked, "Just how much of this green paint are we trying to scrub off, anyway???"
June 19, 1982 David 9 A little girl was visiting Dave and he told her how many brothers and sisters he had and she asked in awe, "Oh, do you know them all?"
July 20, 1982 Leticia 4 Leticia told Doug he had hair on his toes and he was turning into a werewolf.
1 9 8 3
May 1983 Shelly 3 Grandma McClintic shortened some sleeves on TJ's shirts. Shelly took the articles from her with cut off sleeves when they fell to the floor. She looked at Olivia and said "Grandma, you broke my Daddy's shirt!"
June 6, 1983 Shelly 3 As we were going to the Indiana Dunes with Shelly we kept going through toll booths and finally Shelly asked why Grandfather was throwing away his money in those baskets.
June, 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly had done something and I had said to her, "Well, bless your heart," and she ran to her mom and said, "Mommy, she blessed my heart!"
June 17, 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly noticed me writing in this book and said "That's God's book. We better take it back to God."
June 20, 1983 Shelly 3 During a late afternoon bath I asked Shelly what she was going to wear. "A beautiful dress"
"Because I am going dancing."
August 3, 1983 Shelly 3 I called Shelly "My Darling" when we were visiting Grandma in Monroe and Shelly said, "Can I stay all night here at Grandma's with you? I want to stay and be 'Your Darling'."
August 5, 1983 Shelly 3 Tom and I were going walking at Grandma's and Dave and Shelly were planning to join us, too. Tom was taking his time getting ready to walk, opening and shutting car doors, etc. Shelly said, "Is your Dad going to walk in the car???"
August 6, 1983 Shelly 3 Dave blew up an inflatable Barbie doll chair and it immediately deflated. Shelly was very exasperated. I asked her if that was the chair that Dave had blown up and she said, "No, it's the one he blew down."
July 26, 1982 David 9 David saw a rabbit hunched down in the yard and said, "It's laying rabbits in eggs."
July 26, 1982 Leticia 4 Leticia eating Broccoli—pointing. "Is this seeds here?"
Nannie. "Yes"
Leticia, pointing again. "Is this a leaf?"
Nannie. "Yes."
Long look at or through Nannie. "Am I eating grass?"
July 26, 1982 Leticia 4 Oh, how many times have I asked Leticia to go open the door to let Chandra in? Today Chandra was squawking to get in and Leticia looked up at me (so mature, so much older than 4 years old) and says, "Would you please open the door and let Chandra in?"
July 30, 1983 Shelly 3 Dottie saw Shelly and said "Oh my Darling." Shelly asked if she could stay all night with her. Dottie asked why - Shelly said "Because I want to be your Darling."
August 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly asked Dottie "Did you see my dream last night?"
August 29, 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly handed me my contact lens case and said "Here Mommy - put your eyes on."
September 5, 1983 David 10 Dave started to school at St. Joan of Arc in Lisle, Illinois this month. He attended 9 months of kg at Nativity in Independence, MO; first grade in Bedford, TX; second grade at Steeple Run Elementary in Naperville, ILL and now third grade through eighth at St. Joan's. Onward, Dave!
October 7, 1983 David 10 While watching the movie "Oklahoma" Dave commented on how ugly the dancers legs were. He hated them because they looked like men's legs. Turned out they were wearing fishnet hose!!!
October 23, 1983 Shelly 3 Tom "You are getting better at coloring"
Shelly "I color nice."
October 23, 1983 Shelly 3 "Oh no! The moon is broken!"
November 5, 1983 David 10 Dave baked pumpkin bread and I caught him laying a knife on top of the batter. I asked what in the world he was doing that for and he showed me the directions which said to bake 45 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. We certainly interpreted that differently, didn't we? He still looked doubtful when I popped it in the oven 'minus' the knife.
November 7, 1983 Sarah 3 Sarah told her daddy that she wants a doggie and a doggie bag. I think most of you know what I am talking about, right?
November 24, 1982 Leticia 4 Was trying to teach Leticia to say "sister" instead of "stisters." After several tries she finally gave up and said she had two girls named Chandra and Brenna.
December 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly passed gas in the bathroom. When asked "What was that?" she replied "That's my gasoline."
December 1983 Shelly 3 "Mommy, you and I are girls because we're ladies… Daron and Daddy are boys because they are mans."
December 1983 Shelly 3 After watching Christmas commercials Shelly informed me Santa did not live at the North Pole. He lived at the Christmas store.
December 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly just handed me a broken fingernail and told me to put it in my plants. Wonder what taught her that?
December 1983 Shelly 3 "All I want for Christmas is a necklace, a sleeping bag, , and a whole lot of toys." She later added to her list a Barbie Doll, a ring and jewelry box, (and a whole lot of toys). Santa was very good to her.
December 1983 Shelly 3 6 mo old Daron waking from nap and crying. Shelly ran to him and said "Who rang your bell?"
December 1983 Shelly 3 "Mommy, I love Nanny because I'm her Darling."
December 1983 Shelly 3 Kleenex is pronounced "Kleen-sex"
December 1983 Shelly 3
December 1983 Shelly 3 Christmas decorations on Main Street, Monroe City, is her jingle bells. It became known as "Jingle Bell Street"
December 1983 Shelly 3 The entire long drive Shelly sings (like a broken record), "Jingle Bells all the way" "Jingle Bells all the way" "Jingle Bells all the way" "Jingle Bells all the way…"
December 1983 Shelly 3 Took Shelly to Diemakers to see their Christmas lights. At home she told Tom "Daddy, we went to Diamond Makers to see the Christmas trees."
December 1983 Shelly 3 After watching me make Daron's formula for the past 6-7 months, Shelly questioned her milk. While having a glass with cookies she asked how to make her milk. I told her about milking cows and sending the milk to a factory where they cooked it like she does Daron's milk. Then they put it in jugs and send it to the store. She dipped her cookie in her glass and said "Look, I have cow's milk on my cookie." She took a bite and said "Now I have cow's milk in my mouth". The rest of the night was a barrage of "cow's milk comments"
December 15, 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly is running all over the house with a feather duster, poking it everywhere and making sweeps across the floor. The more she poked and jabbed the more active she got. When asked what she was doing she said "I'm setting your house on fire."
December 1983 Shelly 3 Tom came into house, Shelly climbed up in my lap and said "Mommy, do you have a whole lot of money?" I told her I didn't so she jumped down, ran to Tom, shook her finger and said, "Daddy, you go to work so Mommy can have more money."
December 21, 1983 Shelly 3 I came home depressed and wasn't saying much. Shelly followed me around and finally asked. "Mommy, are you sad?" "Yes" "Are you crying?" "No" "Mommy, are you mad at me?" "No, Honey, I am not mad at you." "Then why are you sad?" "Because Daddy is not home very much." "Don't be sad Mommy. He'll be home when it gets night time. You can see him then."
December 27, 1983 Shelly 3 "Mommy, do you know what?"
"I swear to my time."
December 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly didn't want a fire in the woodstove for Christmas because she didn't want Santa to get dirty.
December 21, 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly got concerned because everyone had a present under the tree but her Mom. She was afraid if her Mom did not have a present under the tree Santa would think her Mom had been bad. So, Shelly wrapped up an EverReady battery and told her she got her an energizer.
December 17, 1983 Shelly 3 Shelly waited and waited in line to see Santa. When she finally got to talk to him she told him how good she'd been and what she wanted for Christmas. Later she realized she forgot to tell him she wanted a sleeping bag. The rest of the day she became more and more depressed until finally she said (with her lower lip out) "That's okay. I didn't want one anyway." I told her when we got home we'd write Santa a letter and tell him. She was overjoyed!
December, 1983 Shelly 3 A week later, Shelly asked if her Mother if she had sent the letter to Santa about the sleeping bag. When her Mother assured her she had Shelly asked if she had told Santa she wanted a Garfield (cat) bag. (Santa had already bought a CareBear bag.)
1 9 8 4
January 28, 1984 Shelly 3 Shelly stumbled on the concrete steps, scraping her skin pretty bad. With a look of pain on her face she turned to her Mother and said "That's okay Mommy, I'll live."
January 28, 1984 Shelly 3 On our way to town a car pulled out in front of us (Shelly and her Mother). As her Mom stepped on the brakes she held out her arm in front of Shelly. Shelly answered "That's okay Mommy, I'm hanging on". She pointed to the armrest and said, "This is my hanging me on."
January 28, 1984 Shelly 3 Shelly felt a baby's forehead and exclaimed the baby had a fever. She told her when we got home she would give her some pretend Tylenol.
February, 1984 Shelly 4 Don't chew with your mouth full.
February, 1984 Shelly 4 Shelly noticing her fever had broke, felt of her arms, shoulders, and legs and exclaimed "Its gone all over me."
February 8, 1984 Shelly 4 "Do you have the hook ups?" (hiccups)
February 24, 1984 Shelly 4 To TJ from Shelly regarding her bathwater. "Make it warmer, Daddy. Make it warmer. It is too hot!"
February 25, 1984 Shelly 4 After eating a plate full of cornbread, I asked Shelly if she wanted some milk to wash it down. After taking a drink, she said, "Look Mommy, I washed it down my drain."
February 27, 1984 Shelly 4 Tom got stuck in Bowling Green and had to sleep over at the office. The next morning I began telling Shelly about Daddy sleeping on the floor at his work. She was worried about his head being hurt. I told her Daddy wanted to thank her for the pillow she had put in the care because he used to sleep with. She responded with "Goodie, Goodie, now my Daddy's head won't hurt."
February 28, 1984 Shelly 4 The next day when she saw TJ she asked, "Daddy, who did you sleep with last night?"
February 28, 1984 Shelly 4 In seeing a nursing gown hanging up, Shelly asked "Mommy, are you going to wear the one with the broken boobies?"
March 1, 1984 Shelly 4 Shelly going to bed said "Make sure and lock the doors and don't let no bad guys come in - just Daddy."
March 4, 1984 Shelly 4 Shelly's definition of a restaurant - "The cooking place where everybody eats."
March 30, 1984 Shelly 4 While waiting for a train to clear and intersection, the end of the train had a caboose followed by a passenger car. Shelly asked "Why is the end in the middle?"
March 30, 1984 Shelly 4 Shelly didn't eat her raisin bran for breakfast because she didn't like the bugs floating in the milk.
March 30, 1984 Shelly 4 "Mommy, that's a pretty dress. When I get big as you, can I wear it?"
April, 1984 Shelly 4 Shelly is refusing to eat meals because she’s afraid she’ll get big and fat and have babies in her tummy.
April, 1984 Shelly 4 Picking the kids up in Tom's car (standard shift), we all got in and as I turned the ignition a little voice said "Mommy, do you know how to drive this?"
April, 1984 Shelly 4 As I tucked Shelly in for the night she asked "Mommy, why do you have big boobs and Daddy has little boobs? Why does Daddy have little boobs and big circles? Why does Daron and me have little boobs and little circles? Mommy, why do you wear a bra?"
"Goodnight Shelly"
May 1984 Shelly 4 During the 2 weeks since exposure to Chickenpox Shelly was convinced they were animals of some kind. Here are some of her comments during her illness with Chickenpox.
  • "We’re going to throw our Chickenpox in the fence and the cows will go away."
  • "Does Chickenpox eat grass?"
  • "If we don’t like our chickenpox can we sell them?"
  • "Does Chickenpox have legs?"
  • "If we throw them in the fence they need legs so they can run."
  • "I hate these spots. They are killing me!"
  • "These bubbles are all over me."
May 1984 Shelly 4 Shelly’s Chickenpox had begun to face when Shelly came running out of the bathroom super excited "Look, my skin is coming back!"
May 1984 Shelly 4 When Daron broke out with Chickenpox a week later, Shelly began to cry because she thought she was going to get them all over again.
May 1984 Shelly 4 Shelly rubbing her arms, "Mommy. I need to take my skin outside for some fresh air."
May 1984 Shelly 4 Mom: "Are you pulling my leg?"
Shelly: "No, I am pulling your face."
May 5, 1984 Leticia 5 Mommy: "Doing pretty good"
Kiddo: "I'm pretty, but not very good."
(Wish I could remember who said this. Must have thought I'd remember which one later. Ha!)
May 5, 1984 Leticia 5 Leticia and Clayton (neighbor boy) were cleaning up their play house downstairs after I told them I wanted it neat as a pin. I overheard Leticia telling Clayton that they had to clean it up as neat as a PAN!
May 5, 1984 Chandra 4 Chandra told me that her light bulb was bad. It had a bad bruise on it. (black spot)
September 1984 Shelly 4 "I am so tired of living with holes in my pockets."
September 1984 Shelly 4 "I am so tired of living with holes in my pockets."
1 9 8 5
1 9 8 6
June 7, 1986 Shelly 6 Shelly called me into the guest room early one morning while still in bed and pointed to the left side of the bed and said, "Is this the wrong side of the bed, Nannie? I want to get up on the right side of the bed today."
June 8, 1986 Shelly 6 Shelly and the twins from next door (Amanda and Melissa Presnak) plus Dave and Tom stayed in the pool on the deck almost all day! At 9 PM when they got out I said it's bedtime and Shelly said, "But, Nannie, we didn't get to play at all today!"
June 9, 1986 Shelly 6 Shelly told me the last time she was visiting us (in April) I was nice and the twins were mean, but we must have practiced and changed places because now I am mean and they are nice. Can't win them all, Shelly.
June 19, 1986 Shelly 6 Shelly said she was sad about her bus driver so I asked why and she said he got dead.
June 11, 1986 Shelly 6 Shelly said sadly that she doesn't know how to play house or Mommy. A thought provoking comment, I would say.
July 7, 1986 Chandra 7 Chandra said her boy friend likes her because she has so much 'sense in common'. . . suppose she means 'common sense'?
July 24, 1986 Derek 3 I told Derek to say thank you to Stephanie for sharing something with him and he very promptly replied, "thank me."
August 8, 1986 Chandra 7 While driving Leticia, Chandra and Brenna back home to Independence, MO. Tom, Dave and I stopped off in Monroe City, MO at a motel to register and spend the night. The girls knew we were going to visit Grandma while in Monroe, too. An older lady brought in a rollaway bed for Dave to sleep on and as she left the room Leticia said, "Nannie, I've never even seen that Grandma before."
August 8, 1986 Chandra 7 While driving Leticia, Chandra and Brenna back home to Independence, MO. Tom, Dave and I stopped off in Monroe City, MO at a motel to register and spend the night. Chandra asked if they were staying at this apartment (motel) for the night and I told her only Grandfather and Dave and I were spending the night in the motel. Chandra then wanted to know if we were going to let Dave drive them all home all by himself. (Oh, sure, Chandra, all the way home at the tender age of 13!)
August 8, 1986 Brenna 5 While driving Leticia, Chandra and Brenna back home to Independence, MO. Tom, Dave and I stopped off in Monroe City, MO at a motel to register and spend the night. Leticia decided there was no reason why we couldn't all stay there because no one was living there now and she showed me the empty closet and dresser drawers. The girls started bouncing up and down on the king size bed and declared there was enough room on the bed for all of us to sleep together. Brenna opened the dresser drawer and pulled out the Bible and said, "Oh, look, Nannie, a book of Greetings." Later, she told Dave the Bible is a dictionary. Ages 8, 7 and 5 years.
September 9, 1986 Sarah 5 One evening while staying with Teri and Greg and family in Rowlett, TX awaiting Patrick's birth the phone rang and Sarah raced to answer it. Sarah answered and then got a baffled look on her face and held the phone away from her ear and said in a hushed, slow voice, "Grandmother?? Somebody wants to talk to MY Grandmother!!" Teri and I were eating supper and our mouths were full and all we could do was look at each other and laugh so hard we could not swallow our food! Poor Sarah did not know that Nannie was another version of Grandmother, Granny, etc. Lou Hubbard sure got a laugh out of the incident, too.
December 1986 Daron 3 "My teeth are hungry."
December 1986 Daron 3 I told Santa what I wanted but all he gave me was a sucker. He didn’t give me any toys.
1 9 8 7
April 1, 1987 Dottie 56 Dottie keyed in all the funny things her kids have said into her new computer over a period of 2 years. From time to time she printed out an updated list of kids sayings which everyone appreciated. After 2 years Dottie started asked everyone if they had a copy with some earnest. Why the earnestness? "OK, I am going to turn it off now." she warned. Warned?

She turned off the computer.

Later we learned she had keyed in all the kid's funny sayings into a word processor called MultiMate. For 2 years MultiMate stayed up on the computer without a lightning strike or a reboot. In all that time Dottie had NEVER SAVED her document. "What do you mean, SAVED?" Dottie's understanding of the computer and the MultiMate word processor was from the vantage point of a sophisticated type writer.
August 17, 1987 Grandkids all refer to Dave's room as 'Leticia's Room' cause she has taken up squatter's rights to the top bunk, I guess.
August 19, 1987 Shelly 7 Shelly said in all seriousness, "My Dad has two wives. . . his step-wife and his real wife."
August 21, 1987 Daron 4 Daron declared that if we all got locked out of the house by Uncle David we could all climb down the chimney. That idea did not appeal to all of us. Age 4 years.
August 22, 1987 Shelly 7 Shelly just can't get over me being 'so old' and still having a mother living. Makes me feel absolutely ancient! Just kiddin', Shelly.
September 6, 1987 Daron 4 Daron wanted to keep me within earshot and if I wandered off he would call and I might say 'upstairs' or 'downstairs'. He would then ask, "Are you upstairs or up, up stairs?" He meant the very top floor where the bedrooms were. I only am adding this for future generations cause there were four floors in that house.
October 14, 1987 Derek 4 When TV advertised daily the Brookfield Zoo Derek would get excited and say to whomever was around, "I was there one day".
October 15, 1987 Derek 4 I had to go up to the Parish Center office and took Derek and Daron with me. Derek was so afraid I was going to drop he and Daron off in the baby-sitting room while I did something else that he grabbed Daron's coat lapel and hung on for dear life. Derek would not answer anyone's questions or even acknowledge anyone. We got out of there safe and sound though, didn't we, Derek? Age 4 years.
October 16, 1987 Derek 4 Derek coughed one night a lot and I said, "Oh, oh". He said he only coughed because I open the windows all of the time. Hmmm.
October 16, 1987 Derek 4 Derek was very excited about the 'Ding Dong' church in Naperville (St. Peter and Paul). We had gone in and looked around and Derek liked the church a lot and talked about it off and on all day. Needless to say, the bells chimed out the time once while we were there and he thought that was great stuff.
October 16, 1987 Derek 4 Derek told me had a smashed fingernail on his foot.
October 17, 1987 Daron 4 Daron and Dave were wrestling, etc in the living room and Daron fell off the top of Dave's head. Daron came to me and said, "I fell off of Uncle Dave's head and got all bended up!".
October 18, 1987 Daron 4 While reading Halloween stories to Derek and Daron, Daron looked up at me and said, "Boy, that sure was 'pookey'".
October 18, 1987 Daron 4 Derek, Daron and I were cleaning out the garden area behind the house and cutting off the rose bush limbs which were flopping all over the place. After two hours of this trimming and putting the stuff into barrels Daron asked, "Nannie, is this fun?" I said it sure is. Later I heard Daron comment to Derek, "This is sure fun". Still later he said to Derek, "This is really fun did you know that, Derek?!
October 18, 1987 Daron 4 One day Daron crawled on my lap and told me he was really sad. I asked why and he replied that only Shelly and 'me's' Mom knows why he would be sad forever. I asked if he wanted to share with me why he would always be forever sad and he said sadly, "But, I forgot what it is I am so sad about!".
October 18, 1987 Daron
4 Derek and Daron had the clever idea of cutting down the willow tree in the back yard so got one of Tom's golf clubs and started whacking away. I saw them and soon decided they were going to harm the tree and the club so went out to retrieve the club. Strange looking club. Looked sort of like the letter "S".
1 9 8 8
May 17, 1988 Derek 4 Derek was trying to get me to understand what he was saying, "You know those rocks in the sky where people live?" (Planets)
May 25, 1988 Derek 4 Grandma was helping me with laundry by pulling a few things out of the washer and setting them on the open lid and around the edges. Derek saw it and exclaimed, "Look, the washing machine spit our clothes out!"
Summer 1988 Brenna 7 Brenna is Julie's (27) wristwatch bandit. Just about every time she sees Julie she swipes the watch off her arm. Surprise!
August 1988 Brenna 7 Brenna wanted Julie L. Hays (27) to stay the night instead of going home to mommy's. We had been to a funeral the previous week and after seeing Julie there Brenna thought that a fine excuse. She insisted Julie could just tell her mommy she was going to a funeral and just stay all night with us.
September 1988 Derek 5 Derek says he has a milk leg and an eat leg. When he drinks his milk, it goes in one leg and his food goes in the eat leg.
September 22, 1988 Dottie 54 As we sat awaiting Grandma at the dinner table (unusual) she came into the kitchen carrying the bottom edge of kids' pump toothpaste. Carrying it like the tip of a tail of a dead mouse. She didn't know what it was and was taking it to the trash. Looked funny.
September 22, 1988 Derek 5 Derek chatting away at lunch. I commented to Grandma someone was "full of hot air." Derek points to the top of the microwave. "All you have to do is put the fan right there."
September 22, 1988 Derek 5 Derek assigning jobs. Santa Clause gives kids toys. His buddies (elves) make them.
September 26, 1988 Derek 5 I pride myself on being able to walk through the house in darkness without incurring bumps or bruises. Pride cometh before a fall. I stumbled over a child "Derek" sleeping on the bathroom rug and just about went into the toilet headfirst.
October 13, 1988 Derek 5 Uncle Bill and Derek stopped to get some sodas. Bill got 2 candy bars for him and Bob Quinn and asked Derek what he wanted. Derek chose the chewing gum but when he got in the truck he reached for one of the candy bars. (What? I don't get one of these too?) When asking Uncle Bill where to put the gum wrappers Derek was surprised to find out the floor worked A-OK. Uncle Bill's friend, Bob Quinn, said so.
October 13, 1988 Derek 5 Derek and Uncle Bill were hauling grain from Bob Quinn's in the elevator when Derek exclaimed, "This is just like in the movies!"
October 13, 1988 Derek 5 Derek and Uncle Bill were out at Uncle Alfred's farm when Derek told Uncle Bill he needed to go to the bathroom. Bill told him he could go anywhere and sent him off with some Kleenex. When Uncle Bill was backing up to go Derek hollered, "Look out! You're going to run over my poop!" (Whoopee!)
October 31, 1988 Derek 5 Derek was telling Brenna she needed to poke a hole in the ground and plant a popcorn seed and she'd get a tree with popcorn all over its branches.
November 9, 1988 Derek 5 A good friend, Julie Hays (27), got a brand new car several days ago and after getting a good look-see, Derek asked his mommy if maybe when she got to be an old grandma and got sick and died if she wouldn't give it to him. (His mommy, boo hoo, is even older than Julie.)
November 17, 1988 Derek 5 Derek was telling his friend Vince he was going to be a pirate for next Halloween. I told him many years ago Leticia had been a cowgirl and he got down on his hands and knees and said, "Like this? Moo!" No, Derek. Not a girl cow but a girl cowboy.
November 27, 1988 Derek 5 Brenna had neglected to put on her shoes again when she ended up putting the chair leg down on her toe. She was hopping around on one foot, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" When Derek entered the kitchen he thought it looked like fun and hopped over to his chair. He had no idea the hopping was from pain, not fun.
1 9 8 9
January 10, 1989 Derek 5 Derek was sticking magazine stickers on a piece of paper and after filling the page said we were getting all of them. I said, "I hope not. We'll never get them read." Derek replied, "Uh huh. Here's a red." Sure enough, there was a bright red sticker.
January 18, 1989 Derek 5 Derek was saying that someone in his class like him. We asked him if it was a boy or a girl and he said, "I don't know. I don't know her name yet."
February 28, 1989 Brenna 7 Brenna was trying to show me her loose tooth. Ugh! I told her I was going to report her for parental abuse. Chandra asked, "What's that?" I said, "It is abusing your parents." She then said to grandma that Brenna was "parentalling" her mom.
February 28, 1989 Derek 5 Derek was pretending to be an "excitenist." (Scientist)
April 14, 1989 Derek 5 Nannie was taking Derek to school and said, "Oh my gosh, I forgot my purse." Derek said, "That's okay, Nannie, it doesn't cost anything."
May 5, 1989 Derek 5 Whenever we tell Derek anything he 'always' says 'I know it'. But, when I wrote this in 1991 I noticed he does not do that anymore. Just a phase, I guess.
June 5, 1989 Daron 5 Daron thinks out loud like Grandpa Tom but Derek does not.
June 7, 1989 Daron 5 While trimming the dead branches out of a rose bush it got dark on us and Daron asked, "Are we going to cut on this bush till morning?".
June 7, 1989 Daron
I was reading a book to Daron and Derek about a person at church. There was a graveyard beside the church. Both boys asked questions about the church and the graveyard and they decided between them that they were not going to church anymore so they wouldn't die and go to a graveyard.
June 7, 1989 Daron 5 Derek broke Daron's 'Burger King royal crown' and Daron asked Derek how come he did that when he had worked on putting it together for his whole life . . . (all of 15 minutes, anyway.)
June 8, 1989 Daron 5 I asked Daron if he went barefoot at home and without a pause he asked, "Go where?".
June 8, 1989 Daron 5 Daron said he just saw three kittens. One was black and one was gray and one is striped black!
June 9, 1989 Daron 5 Daron ran outside and excitedly said he was going to get my mail off of the driveway for me. . (the daily newspaper). Thanks, Daron.
June 9, 1989 Daron 5 Daron is still worried that he won't be able to tell the Grandma by the church (in Monroe) from me if we are together. Thanks a lot, Daron. I didn't know I looked 85 years old!
June 9, 1989 Daron 5 Daron asked how old Grandma by the church is and I told him. He was amazed when I said 85 and he said, "Oh, she is older than my mom, then".
June 9, 1989 Daron 5 Daron excitedly showed me a picture of a baseball player in the Chicago paper and told me it was Uncle David. No way, Jose!
June 10, 1989 Daron 5 Daron asked me if the water runs back into the faucet if you step on the hose. Then he picked up Dave's 'jock strap plastic holder' and put it over his nose while asking what it was.
June 10, 1989 Daron 5 Daron was looking for Derek one morning and said Derek was already up before him because he looked on Derek's pillow for his head and it was gone!
June 10, 1989 Daron
5 Daron and Derek were having a great time scouting out the neighborhood. They came walking in with a 'Huge' leather chewing bone for a big dog. I told them to take it back from where they had gotten it because it belonged to someone's dog and the dog likes to chew on it and will miss it. Both boys suddenly had a very forlorn and sad look on their faces and Daron said, "We thought it was a dinosaur's bone". Boy, I could sure see where they got that idea from. I had never seen such a huge chewing bone before. Don't you know how sad they were to have their discovery turn out to be a mere dog's bone to chew on?
June 10, 1989 Daron 5 Daron was admiring the very green and prosperous looking garden Tom had planted to fill the garden space. Daron said that "Grandpa sure has good crops!".
June 10, 1989 Derek 5 Daron and Derek were romping and wrestling and as Daron got tired he said to Derek, "I'm losing my grip and I am tired of being rowdy".
July 8, 1989 Rachel 6 Rachel and Sarah are visiting for a month. They watched the movie "The Ten Commandments" a number of times cause they liked it so much. Rachel came into the kitchen and said in a deep voice, "The Lord told me to come down and eat lunch".
July 12, 1989 Chandra 10 Chandra helping mom in the kitchen began to work with tartar sauce mixing bag. To blend the contents of the packet, she dipped the packet into the dishwater and was ready to go onto direction #2. (I believe, darling girl, that the 1st step wanted you to "add" water.)
July 15, 1989 Rachel 6 I was giving Rachel milk to drink and she didn't want it. She said, "I can't drink milk. It makes me have crabs!". I guess she means it makes her crabby.
August 15, 1989 Leticia 11 Leticia was taking a pot with seed outside and Grandma asked, "What are you going to do with them?" Leticia replied, "Grow ‘em." Grandma said, "Don't throw ‘em!"
August 16, 1989 Leticia 11 Brenna exclaimed at how hot the fried chicken was and wanted to know if I put spices in it. Leticia commented it must be "Mexican" chicken.
December 1, 1989 Brenna 8 Brenna said she'd still love me when I got mean like grandfather. I told you thanks a lot, Brenna, but how do you know I'll get mean? She said because I live with Grandfather and that will cause me to get mean some day too.
December 11, 1989 Leticia 11 Leticia was asking Nannie for help to find "a dusty feather." (Adeste Fideles). She said all she could find was "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." She sure doesn't know her Latin!!!
1 9 9 0
February 2, 1990 Patrick 3 Patrick said Grandpa is not fat, he is just strong. He was arguing with Jeffrey over the issue.
February 2, 1990 Patrick 3 It was starting to rain and Patrick was outside with me without his jacket. I told him we needed to go in the house so he wouldn't get sick. He said he would not get sick because the rain was not getting into his mouth.
February 12, 1990 Jeffrey 5 I was helping Jeffrey get ready for bed and pulled his shirt off over his head and said, "Skin the rabbit". Jeffrey looked startled and said that was not how to skin a rabbit. He said you do it like this and he blew on his hand and wiped it off with the other hand. figure that one out, will you?
February 12, 1990 Jeffrey 5 Jeffrey was walking through our unfinished house and trailing his hand along the hall wall. Tom got after him and told him not to touch the wall. Jeffrey looked at his hand and asked why he couldn't touch the wall and said he didn't get wet paint on his hand.
February 12, 1990 Katie 4 Katie was very fascinated with my 'doggie bag' and would always make it a point to be around when I needed to empty it. Several times she asked me to tell her about when she had a 'doggie bag' when she was a little girl. She is all of four years old, so dream on, Katie. Maureen said Katie used to put a plastic sandwich bag inside her underwear and pretend it was a 'doggie bag' and when she pressed on it the plastic made a noise and Katie would tell people that was her 'doggie bag' and, of course, folks had no idea what in the world she was talking about! Age 4 years.
February 13, 1990 Katie 4 Bill, Maureen, Ann, Paul and Katie came to visit us the weekend after we moved to Texas while we were still living with Teri and Greg. Since Greg and Teri and family had gone to Missouri to visit Bill and family stayed at Greg and Teri's house. Katie asked me several times where my little girl was because she saw the girl toys in their bedrooms. Several weeks later while Tom and I were baby-sitting Ann, Paul and Katie in Beaumont Katie told me she was going home with me so she could play with my little girl. I tried to explain again to her the circumstances of our staying at Teri's. Soon she will visit us in our new home and will see all of the toys in the toyroom/laundry room and still be confused!.
February 13, 1990 Katie 4 Katie was playing and suddenly looked up and said she heard Uncle David laugh. We told her he was not home and she was positive he was. We asked her how she knew it was David's laugh and she said, "Because men laugh like this. . 'Ho, ho, ho' and girls laugh like this "Hee, hee, hee'".
April 19, 1991 Chandra 11 Chandra was wanting to learn to sew and Nannie kept running out of time. Finally, in exasperation, she said, "I wish Grandpa knew how to sew! He's the only one with spare time around here!"
May 4, 1990 Derek 6 Derek came running in the house and asked, "Mom, can I go up to the Tinies?" The Littles were their correct name.
May 5, 1990 Sarah 9 Leticia, Chandra, Brenna, Sarah and Rachel were playing house and Sarah came in the kitchen holding a cloth basketball under her play clothes and pretending she was pregnant. She came to me and said, "We're having a baby and 'they' said it is 100% boy".
August 13, 1990 Leticia 12 Leticia said she would like to have a slumber party and invite all of the girls in her 7th grade class from her new school. Since she has no idea of the size of the school I thought I might get an idea of how large she thought her class was going to be so I asked her how many girls she thought might be in her class and she said, "Oh, 11 or 12". Now, what do you think, Leticia?
September 19, 1990 Paul 7 I showed Paul the 'Fighting Jaguars' stadium in Beaumont and told him that was where the football team played and he immediatly started arguing that it is not 'Jaguars' but a 'Jogger's' stadium so they can jog there. We discussed this for awhile but he never, ever changed his mind.
February 27, 1990 Jeffrey 5 Jeffrey told me I am his buddy because he doesn't like Grandpa's hair.
October 5, 1990 Leticia 12 Leticia saw a head of lettuce on the counter and also knew I was heating her supper in the Micro. She asked if I was heating up lettuce for her, too. Looked very baffled about the whole business.
November 11, 1990 Tracy 3 Becky asked Tracy if Uncle David fed her at Burger King yesterday and she said very indignantly, "No, I fed myself!".
November 26, 1990 Tracy 3 Tracy fell asleep while riding in the car with Uncle David. Dave carried her into the house and laid her in bed. She sort of awoke and said to Becky, "Mom, I think I'll go to sleep now.".
November 25, 1990 Leticia 12 Greg was hanging all of the Christmas stockings in the playroom. Becky's stocking fell and Becky said, "Oh, my head". Leticia overheard and said, "Don't you mean you stubbed your toes?".
November 26, 1990 Katie 5 I pointed out to Katie the thousands of birds flying over and told her they were flying south for the winter. Katie said, "No, they aren't flying south, they are walking south!".`
1990 Derek 6 Nannie was talking to the four Smith kiddos about the biblical names she had given their aunts and uncles. Derek asked how come she didn't name one after that kid that fought the great Goliath and the girls hurriedly told him at the same time that that was Uncle David's name and Derek said in a very subdued voice, Oh."
1 9 9 1
February 3, 1991 Ricky 36 Rick was looking at Uncle Jim's back X-rays and after studying them for awhile he finally asked Jim why there was a curve on his upper back. Jim looked at what Rick was looking at and started laughing and told him he had the X-ray upside down!
February 8, 1991 Patrick 4 Patrick saw a can of Slim Fast and stated emphatically that that stuff didn't make Grandpa 'Yiddler'.
February 9, 1991 Derek 7 Derek ran out to see our address and couldn't find it on the house and came in very perplexed and sad and said, "Nannie, we don't have an address.".
February 10, 1991 Derek 7 Derek was supposed to be doing a homework paper on 'senses'. He kept thinking 'sentences'. When I showed him the paragraph showing how many senses there were he still kept saying two and even after I showed him the word 'five' for senses he still did not understand. Then, he lost patience with me and showed me the two 'Sentences' in the paragraph! Made perfect sense to him!
February 19, 1991 Patrick 4 Patrick went to the bathroom and saw Aunt Debbie's 'hose' in the sink to be washed and he asked Teri what they were. Teri told him they were 'hose' and Patrick thought she said holes' and said, "No, they aren't holes. . . this is a hole" and he pointed to the hole in the bottom of the bathroom stool.
February 23, 1991 Tracy 4 Tracy told me she now has two freckles. I asked her when she got them and she said, "Oh, they came at night". I asked her how she knew they came at night is she was sleeping and she said, "Oh, don't you know? I keep my eyes open at night when I sleep". I asked her why she would do that and she said, "Oh, so I can see that nothing bad happens". Live and learn for me.
February 24, 1991 Patrick 4 Patrick was watching Teri and Aunt Becky prepare for Tracy's birthday party and he asked Teri if he was going to be one of the 'Peoples' at Tracy's birthday party.
February 24, 1991 Patrick 4 I was driving Patrick and Tracy to the library and at every stop sign I would say to the car "Whoa Jessie" and then spell 'STOP' to the kids to help them learn how to spell. Patrick said he knows what I am spelling. I asked what did I spell and he said, "WHOA!"
February 24, 1991 Sarah 7 Sarah told me they did not have CCD next week because it would be "Ash Sunday". Believe she meant Ash Wednesday, don't you?
February 24, 1991 Chandra 12 Chandra had a blood test and in a subdued voice asked me if she was going to die because she gave so much blood. . . (two whole vials!) Age 12 years.
February 25, 1991 Chandra 12 Chandra was complaining about her sweaty feet and I asked her why they sweat and she said, "Because I have black shoes and black shoes absorb heat, you know." Well, no, I didn't know but guess I do now. Then I asked her why she didn't use Dave's foot powder and she said, "No, way, he has athlete's feet!!!".
February 25, 1991 Jeffrey 6 Jeffrey told me he knew where I used to live and I asked him where that was and he said, "In Cocoa and it was far, far away!" (Might you mean Chicago, Jeffrey?)
February 25, 1991 Tracy 4 Tracy told me that when you die you become and 'Ancestor or an Anbrother' but she didn't know which.
March 1, 1991 Paul 8 Paul had a blood test and told his dad he gave blood for the soldiers in the war (Desert Storm War.)
March 2, 1991 Paul 8 Paul introduced me at his school to some of his friends as his Grandma and then quickly added, "But, she's a Mom and a Grandma, too!" He put the emphasis on the mom part. I thought that very clever. Remember, kids, Dave was still pretty young and still at home then.
March 3, 1991 Paul 8 Paul asked me if Uncle David is still wearing that stupid package on his head (the ice pack he wore when he had his wisdom teeth removed!!).
March 4, 1991 Katie 5 Katie was going to show me her new electric car. As we walked by their big van she turned around and saw me eyeing the van and said in a matter of fact tone, "Oh, Nannie, this not 'MY car'".
March 4, 1991 Katie 5 Katie told Marueen to look at her blood and Maureen asked her what she meant and glanced Katie's way only to see Katie pulling down her lower eye lid to show her mom how red they were. Then, Katie told Maureen to do it, too, and Maureen did and discovered she was almost anemic and said, "Oh, no Katie, I don't have much blood". Katie then told Maureen they both had good hearts and if she would start talking a lot like she (Katie) does she would get good blood, too, because it makes your blood red!
March 5, 1991 Paul 8 Maureen and I were talking about how we (housewives) are expected to be 'Super-Moms'. Maureen said she used to try to do everything but gave up. Paul said, "My mom tries to do everything but sometimes she just can't get it all done". I guess she is still trying to be Super Mom and doing a terrific job of it. Slow down, Mrs. Housewife alias HomeMaker.
March 5, 1991 Katie 5 I was reading a book to Katie and the girl in the story was saying she didn't know how to make any real money. Katie asked how do we make real money and I told her we work for our money and she thought that over a bit and then said, "I know how you get real money. . . you go to the store that hands out real money and they hand out checks, too!".
March 5, 1991 Katie 5 Katie is studying about Abraham Lincoln in pre-school. Bill brought home pictures of the Lincoln Monument from his Virginia trip. When Katie saw Lincoln's statue she asked in amazement, "Is he a stone, Mommy?".
March 5, 1991 Paul 8 Paul was letting a popsicle melt in his mouth because he said then he was going to melt the 'plastic' thing around his pill (Gelatin capsule) so he could taste the medicine. Ugh.
March 5, 1991 Katie 5 Bill was very upset with a lady at the Fina station who was very slow to turn on the gas pumps. Maureen said, "Boy, is Bill ever hot!" Katie, very quickly and seriously said, "Is he really??? How do you know?? What's that mean???".
March 6, 1991 Katie 5 I was writing down the previous paragraph and watching the war news at the same time on the little TV in the kitchen. I was writing fast and furious so we could leave to take Katie to school. Katie looked at me and said, "Are you trying to write down everything they are saying on TV?" Probably looked that way to her.
March 14, 1991 Patrick 4 Patrick told me I'm a Mommy and I asked him how he knew and he said because I baby-sit Leticia, Chandra, Brenna and Derek. Then he added, "You are a Nannie and a Mommy!" (Well, what do you know. Repitition of Paul's sentiments.).
March 18, 1991 Derek 8 On our trip home from Missouri, Derek was studying the Oklahoma map and excitedly told me he had found a bus stop at the bottom of the map. It said BUS (business) 69. I laughed and he became angry at me. Sorry, Derek, but that was a neat thing to say.
March 15, 1991 Chandra 11 Chandra found a big safe in Rick's rectory basement. It is almost room sized (if you are thinking pantry size like Teri's, that is). There were numerous old paint cans on the shelves in the safe and Chandra asked in bewilderment why they needed a safe for their old paint!!!
March 19, 1991 Derek 8 Derek is very warm blooded and we were commenting on that fact. Later, he came for reassurance and said, "I am warm hearted, too, aren't I, Nannie?". Indeed you are, Honey.
April 5, 1991 Derek 8 Derek was talking about having to be at his ball game right after school and told me who would pick him up. Said he'd only have time to study 10 spelling words and then repeated that 'James Mom' would be picking him up. I gave Derek the spelling word of 'WHO' because it was the one word he was having problems with and Derek replied quickly, 'James Mom'. He thought I was asking him again who was picking him up.
April 26, 1991 Katie 5 Katie was 'reading' while wearing sunglasses and Katie told Maureen she has to wear glasses or else she can't read and '' she takes her sunglasses off she has to use sign language.
April 26, 1991 Patrick 4 While listening to a tape I made from old albums Patrick and I heard Dave's voice in the background suddenly say "Surprise!" and Patrick, knowing today is Dave's birthday, wanted to know if it was Uncle David's surprise birthday party and I told him no and then he wanted to know if balloons fell from the ceiling when he said, "Surprise???!!!" Patrick just could not understand the tape was three years old and made in Lisle, Illinois.
April 26, 1991 Clint 7 TJ and Beth had been to Las Vegas attending a week long conference. After picking up the children, Clint said he wanted to have company come and visit or he wanted to go visit someone else. TJ asked him if he hadn't missed them since they had been gone a 'whole' week and Clint said, "Yes, but I like to have fun, too!!".
April 28, 1991 Derek 7 I was talking to the four Smith children about the Biblical names I had given their aunts and uncles and Derek asked how come I didn't name one after that kid that fought the giant Goliath and the girls all hurriedly told him at the same time that that was Uncle David's name and Derek said in a very subdued voice, "Oh".
April 19, 1991 Chandra 11 Chandra was wanting to learn to sew and I kept running out of time. Finally, in exasperation she said, "I wish Grandpa knew how to sew!. He's the only one with spare time around here!".
May 4, 1991 Tracy 4 Tracy said she knows when George Washington died and she was going to tell me so we'd be the only ones who knew. . . 789.4 FM. Okay, now we know what station Becky and Gary listen to.
May 5, 1991 Derek 7 Derek asked me what my name used to be and I said it started with an "M" and he asked if it was 'Mom' and I told him no so he said, "Mommy" and I told him that was the wrong answer so he tried 'Nannie' and that was wrong. I told him he used to live with Grandma and it's the same name as her last name. He said excitedly, "Grandma Culp!" He never did figure it out. Age 7 years.
May 5, 1991 Derek 7 Derek was very happy to be having 'Pesgetti' for supper tonight.
May 8, 1991 Patrick 4 As I tossed Greg some towlettes I said, "Here, catch Las Vegas." (Had brought the towelettes back home from a previous trip to Vegas). Patrick's hands were all sticky and I asked Greg to wash Patrick's after he finished washing his own. Patrick washed and then told Greg he needed some more 'Las Vegas' because his hands were still sticky.
May 10, 1991 Patrick 4 Derek watched the movie "10 Brave Men" about Powell who discovered the Grand Canyon. Patrick said, "Oh, I saw him before. He was with Grandpa one day!".
May 25, 1991 Derek 8 En route to church Tom saw an Asian Indian and said, "Oh, more Indians moving into the neighborhood, I see" and I told him it was the same family we saw before and the man's name is 'Bobby'. Derek got excited and said, "A real Indian!!??" Told him these Indians were from another country called India. An Apache is a Native American. . . Indians are the only Native Americans. The rest of us have our roots in other countries. Pretty soon Derek said very quietly, "I'm a native. . . I was born in Independence, Missouri."
May 27, 1991 Rachel
Rachel said she doesn't like riding in airplanes cause the sandwiches are so yukky. She said after they eat the food then the waitress picks up their food and opens a window and throws the old sandwiches out to feed the birds. Sarah said she's afraid of heights and never looked out the window even one time! Ages 8 and 10 years.
May 28, 1991 Derek 8 Derek was sewing the metal swimming pool pass onto his swim trucks. He wetted the needle head between his lips instead of the end of the thread and then looked at both in bewilderment as if to ask himself why he had done that. Then, he saw me looking and we both started laughing. Looked so funny.
June 6 1991 Derek 8 Don't remember how the word 'crops' was brought up but Derek got excited and said he knew what that word means. We looked astounded at him and asked if he was sure. He said it might be 'crap' and not 'craps' but yes, he definitely knew the meaning and then in a long suffering attitude at our stupidity, he took it upon himself to enlighten one and all. "It is when farmer's put seeds in the ground and the seeds come up and then that's 'craps'!!!" Got it???.
June 8, 1991 Derek 8 We were discussing Doug's long absence and said maybe he doesn't write because he has remarried. Derek go very upset (and so did the girls) and said, "If he did I would call him a 'traitor'".
June 10, 1991 Jeffrey
Jeffrey and Patrick said they have a pool just like ours. Their daddy bought it for them but he does not put 'soil' in it like Grandpa does. We decided they meant chlorine bleach or all the dirt and grass the kids drag into the pool while getting in and out so much.
June 10, 1991 David 4 Aunt Helga Dierkes said she would never forget Deborah's wedding when the white runner was put down right before Deborah walked down the aisle. David, age four, looked at it in astonishment and said in a not so quiet voice, "What's the matter, does Debbie have dirty feet????"
July 6, 1991 Chandra 12 Returning home from Missouri, Chandra asked why people sell fleas. She saw a lot of 'flea market' signs. Don't know if she was serious or not. Probably.
July 7, 1991 Rachel 8 Rachel wanted to know how to play a game called (Hi-2) and I told her you jump the pieces. Dave set it on the floor and told her to jump over it. She did and knocked all of the pieces asunder. Then, we told her "Now, you play "Pick up'". She did and when the boys came in Rachel told them what a fun game she had just learned and wanted them to learn, too.
July 8, 1991 Sarah 10 Sarah told me our house always smells good. I asked her what it smelled like and she said, "Oh, it smells like Amway.".
July 10, 1991 Derek 8 Derek was eating and eating and I asked him why he was still eating and he said, "Oh, cause Brenna stopped." Does that make sense or does that make sense!?
July 11, 1991 Patrick 4 Patrick wanted some pretzels. I got out the new 3 pound bag to open and he looked at it in dismay and said, "But, Nannie, I don't want all of them.".
August 2, 1991 Derek 8 Derek said a girl from England is in his class and probably is going to grow up and be the Queen cause she sounds sooooo English!
August 6, 1991 Paul 8 Paul informed me he is growing all right, but the only trouble is, he's growing down instead of up!!!!!
September 4, 1991 Derek 8 Derek wanted to know if he is going to grow up and have black hair and red spots on his arms like his dad does. (Psorasis). Beats me.
September 5, 1991 Patrick 4 Patrick was playing with my left arm around the elbow area and said it's so soft and skinny and that means I haven't had any babies yet. Wanna bet, Patrick!!!!
November 29, 1991 Derek 8 Derek and I were playing pitch and catch and I was throwing the ball a bit hard and it was stinging Derek's fingers. Finally he said, "Nannie, I think I'm going to have to retire this hand early. It hurts.".
November 29, 1991 Derek 8 Derek's Grandma Culp was visiting the family down here. Derek asked me why 'everybody' kept calling her Grandma Culp and I told him she isn't my Grandma and I was not calling her Grandma Culp. Then he wondered why Mommy wasn't calling her Grandma Culp and I told him she isn't Derek's Mommy's Grandma Culp either. Then, he wondered why Chandra was calling her Anna Mae and I told him I didn't know. Derek is talking in a very quiet voice all this time. Okay? Finally Derek said, "Just who the heck is she anyway?" Told him she is Doug's mother. He ducked his head and kind of smiled and said, "I guess we have something in common then." After a pause, he said, "We must be a little bit related, too.".
November 30, 1991 Katie 6 Katie asked where I got my rings from and I said Grandfather and she smiled and said, "Oh, wasn't that nice of him?".
November 30, 1991 Derek 8 Derek had a vision test at school and came home and said he had 20-20 on his vision test. Very proud of his accomplishment!
November 30, 1991 Derek 8 Derek was getting ready for bed and had a tight shirt on and asked if I would 'Strip the rabbit' for him. Believe he meant 'skin the rabbit', don't you?
November 30, 1991 Derek 8 Derek was taking his clothes off, preparing for a bath and throwing his dirty clothes into the closet. I was getting the water ready and went for shampoo, which was behind where Derek was standing. As I opened the lower cabinet door, Derek bent over to pick up a dropped sock and did he ever get 'it' in the wrong place. The cabinet door edge and his bottom connected. What a shock and surprise for both of us! We did have a hearty laugh together though, didn't we, Derek?
December 1, 1991 Katie 6 I was searching for a pitcher to put tea in while at Bill and Maureen's house and Katie was looking very confused. When I finally found one she said, "That doesn't have a 'picture' in it!" We know what she was thinking, don't we?
December 2, 1991 Katie 6 Bill and Maureen were attending an award program at Katie and Paul's school. They were filming a lot of the program with their new cameras. Katie was getting very bored and asked her Mom to please 'fast forward' this part.
December 7, 1991 Patrick 5 Patrick said the lights outside are people 'and' bird lights.
December 8, 1991 Patrick 5 Patrick's spaghetti was too hot for him to eat. I told him to just move it around till it cooled. He picked up his plate and was trying to move it around on the plate. . . swivel style. Age 5 years.
December 8, 1991 Derek 8 I told Leticia that I circle my 'i's' instead of dot them and that means I want to be different and Derek looked at me in awe and said, "You circle your eyes, Nannie?" Sorry, Derek, wrong eyes.
December 9, 1991 Chandra 12 Chandra put a 15 cent stamp on her letter and I told her it wasn't enough. It costs 29 cents to mail a letter. She looked amazed and disgusted at the same time and said hurriedly, "When in the world did they go up in price? I didn't even know it. Pretty soon they'll charge a whole dollar!!" Chandra, just how long has it been since you mailed a letter, anyhow?
December 19, 1991 Rachel 8 Rachel was being questioned about something and refused to answer. . . said she was standing on the 5th commandment (sure it isn't the 5th amendment, Rachel?)
December 19, 1991 Jeffrey 6 I measured Jeffrey and he is four foot. He asked if that means he is four foot high or four foot low?
December 22, 1991 Tracy 4 Tom was wrestling with Tracy on the floor. He was the horse and Tracy was riding, then she slid off and fell under him. She turned over on her back and pointed toward his chest and said, "Now, I am the baby horse and it is time for me to drink my milk." End of game.
December 22, 1991 Tracy 4 Tom was complaining about being cold and said he is going South to get warm and Tracy said, "Oh, Grandfather, you can't do that! You're not a bird. You can't fly!". (Blue Springs, MO)
December 24, 1991 Patrick 5 We were opening Christmas gifts and it was Patrick's turn to open his gift. He said, "Gimme it" and Deborah held onto it and corrected his manners by saying, "May I have it, please?" Patrick said, "No, I want it so I can open it!".*^*
1 9 9 2
January 5, 1992 Chandra 12 Brenna saves everything and Chandra informed Becky that Brenna is a 'Muskrat'. Believe she meant pack rat.
February 2, 1992 Ricky 36 Rick asked if I had listened to his tape. I told him I'd listened all the way and he looked startled and asked, "All the way??? All the way to where." I meant all the way through, Rick.
February 2, 1992 Kerry 2 Kerry walked into my closet with the sliding glass door and peeked around the corner and said, "I'll be back after these messages."
March 3, 1992 Derek
Kerry was stuffing her mouth full of a sandwich and Derek looked at her in amazement and said, "Man, you've got a big mouth, Care Bear!".
March 24, 1992 Tracy 4 Grandfather was knocking on the bathroom door and said, "I'm the big bad wolf. . . let me in!" Tracy replied in a high voice, "No, no, you can't come in. This is a house of brick!" Sure enough it is.
April 5, 1992 Derek 8 I asked Derek if he wanted ice cream for dessert. He looked outside and said, "But, it's not even dark yet." (Too early for a bedtime snack???)
April 6, 1992 Derek 8 Derek saw someone doing extensive yard work using a big caterpillar and digger and said, "Well, at least they don't have to dig weeds for awhile!".
April 7, 1992 Derek 8 Derek said he is going to kill Matt R and he's going to be dead for life. Gee, must have been upset about something.
April 8, 1992 Derek 8 Derek was asking me about a 'Kid's Sing-Along' tape and was wondering if this was the one with the song, 'Chicken In The Straw'. Believe he meant 'Turkey In The Straw', don't you kids?
April 8, 1992 Rachel
Rachel said Matt was so well mannered today. She could tell cause he was using the '' to cover his mouth.
April 9, 1992 Patrick 5 Patrick said his egg was 'crapped'. . . meant cracked.
April 15, 1992 Jeffrey 7 Jeffrey asked if he was going to be Matt's godfather when he grows up and then asked if he is Matt's Uncle right now?
April 16, 1992 Jeffrey 7 Jeffrey was blowing on his ice cream so it would get warm and melt.
April 17, 1992 Derek 8 I told Derek the man who put in our new bathroom fixtures wore a wig and he asked how I could tell. Told him I just could tell. Told him his cousin Dennis wears one, too. After a bit Derek asked me if all dentists were wigs. Believe he misunderstood Dennis' name.
April 17, 1992 Patrick 5 Patrick said, "I felt Great, great Grandma in the coffin and she felt hard and 'sort of flat' like you, Nannie!" Thanks a heap, Patrick. He said both of his Grandpa's are fat and his Great, great Grandpa that lives with Great Grandma is skinny. (Great, great Uncle Alfred?)
April 18, 1992 Derek 8 I was trying to help Derek with confession since we were getting ready to go. We went over the usual sins and then I asked him if there was any one thing he didn't want to do again and he very seriously said, "Yes, not dig weeds!".
June 23, 1992 Derek 9 Derek was supposed to read an hour. He was timing himself with his Mom's clock and after 50 minutes he said he was finished because his Mom's clock was 10 minutes fast. He couldn't figure out why that was not a full hour! Not very happy about having to read 10 minutes longer, either.
June 24, 1992 Daron 9 The boys (Daron and Derek) wanted to stay up past 10 PM and I told them no because Daron would be here a lot of nights yet and no need to burn the candle at both ends. Shortly after that I looked up to see Daron looking high and low around the fireplace and then in a puzzled voice he said, "I don't see any candles." I laughed and laughed and then he said, "Oh, that was just a figure of speech, wasn't it?".
June 25, 1992 Daron 9 Took Daron to our bathroom to see what the Master area looked like. When he opened the door to the stool area he said in amazement, "Well, what do you know. A bathroom inside a bathroom!".
August 23, 1992 Brenna 11 We have a new baby monitor for Matt. Dave and I were trying to get it to work and Brenna said, "It's not going to work because he's not a baby.".
September 23, 1992 Patrick 5 Patrick was eating ice cream and said when he gets a headache from the cold ice cream he hits his head with his hand and the headache flies right out his ear!
September 24, 1992 Patrick 5 Brenna, Patrick and I went for a walk. As we started out Patrick said he would probably fall asleep while he was walking because his bedtime is at 8 and he falls asleep awfully easy.
September 2, 1992 Jeffrey 7 Jeffrey asked Chandra how in the world she could put earrings in her HEAD! Naturally, he was watching her put her earrings into her pierced ears.
September 24, 1992 Jeffrey 7 I put Matt on the living room floor and turned his walker on its side so he could play with the wheels. Jeffrey walked in and saw the baby kneeling beside the walker and yelled, "Oh, Nannie, the baby spilled over!".
Summer 1992 Katie 6 Bill and I were watching a big plane at the airport and couldn't identify it. Katie said, "Oh, I know what it is. That's a rocket!" Then, Katie asked if it would be safe to stand on the clouds. Interesting thought and I have often wished that one could, but sure would be a big bump for airplanes to run into!
Summer 1992 Paul
When leaving the airport in Houston Paul exclaimed, "Oh, my gosh, we're going to hit the ground." He was doubly sure when the plane turned and banked and headed for Dallas. Ann commented that the planes wings were like birds. Katie's comeback was, "But, birds wings go up and down." First leg of the families trip to Belgium.
Patrick 6 While melting the unopened carton of Ice Cream to make it easier to open and dip out of the carton into a dish Patrick got all shook up and said, "But, Nannie, I don't want warm Ice Cream!".
Katie 7 Katie had this tale of woe. She dreamed she had a growing spurt and couldn't walk and her Mommy didn't know it and when she went to the rest room she couldn't walk and her Mommy got mad cause she didn't know Katie's legs had a growing spurt and wouldn't walk!
1 9 9 3
January 21, 1993 Leticia 15 Leticia told me the reason the days were so long in Belgium was because the sun rises in the west and sets in the east because they are in a different hemisphere.
February 13, 1993 Tracy 5 Tracy went to the potty in Tom's bathroom and, from habit, lined the seat with toilet paper just as she does in a public bathroom!
February 13, 1993 Kerry 2 Kerry wanted a drink of milk and I pulled out the skim milk and set it on the cabinet and told her she did not want that cause it is skimmed milk. I brought out the 2% and said, "Here's your milk." Kerry looked at it and declared she didn't want it because she wanted the SKINNY milk.
February 13, 1993 Kerry 2 Kerry kept calling spaghetti "SKUBBIDY".
March 14, 1993 Chandra 13 Chandra was talking like a 4-year-old and Leticia said "Talk you age." Chandra said, "thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, etc."
March 24, 1993 Derek 10 I told Derek he had just polished off the grapefruit and he looked astounded and said, "I polished the grapefruit?"
June 3, 1993 Derek 10 Derek asked if the tea he was drinking was my oil tea. What in the world is oil tea? He couldn't explain and I haven't a clue!
June 3, 1993 Matt 1 Matt and I were dancing to the Smurff's tape and after a bit I said, "Okay, it's your turn" and he ran to DJ and wanted her to dance with him. I had meant for him to dance ALONE!
June 9, 1993 Derek 10 Derek told me he was going to eat less than Grandpa so he wouldn't be as fat as Grandpa when he grows up and he is going to eat more than me so he won't be as skinny as me. Good luck, Derek!!!!
August 7, 1993 Patrick 6 Patrick asked Derek what that crack in his chin is (dimple) and Patrick told him it looked like a double chin.
August 7, 1993 Patrick 6 Derek served Mass and Patrick said he didn't know Derek was a 'FATHER' already!
August 19, 1993 Rachel 10 Rachel asked Uncle David where he got his computer from and he told her from work. She asked, "Which work, Burger King or your 'Rafting Job"? She thought her Mom had said David worked for a Rafting Company. She missed the boat on that one!
August 20, 1993 Matt 19 mo Matt is the only grandchild (so far) who has put his ear to the refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, vacuum, etc so he can hear the motors running. He listens to the fence for trucks passing by.
November 3, 1993 Matt 1 Matt climbed into Tom's chair and grabbed Tom's sweat towel and started wiping his face just like Tom does to get the sweat off. Looked soooo funny!
November 5, 1993 Matt 1 Matt folds his hand so sweetly when sitting in the stroller or watching the "Sing Along Tapes" on the VCR.
December 5, 1993 Jeffrey 8 Jeffrey saw the electric blanket on our bed and said, "Oh, Nannie has an electric Bed!"
1 9 9 4
April 23, 1994 Kerry 4 Kerry came into the kitchen and told us the kids were calling her a 'Copycot'. Think she meant 'copycat'.
May 6, 1994 Jeffrey 9 Jeffrey saw me flossing my teeth and asked why I was 'penning' my teeth.
June 12, 1994 Rachel 11 Rachel and I went for a walk and we were discussing family resemblances. When we got to who Uncle Tommy Joe was, Rachel asked who he was and I told her he is Shelly, Daron, Scott, Kassie and Clint's daddy. Rachel said, "Oh, I thought Tommy Joe was your brother cause he is so old"!!!!!!"
June 14, 1994 Chandra 15 One of Deborah's girls were stretching the skin wide beside her eye during Mass and DJ whispered to the child (Chandra, I would bet!) to quit and why was she doing that to Deborah anyway. The 'child' whispered back that she just wanted to see how Deb would look without any wrinkles around her eye. Aren't the little darlings just darling???!!!
June 20, 1994 Jeffrey 9 Jeffrey informed me the "R" on the Rowlett Water Tower on Highway 66 stands for "Recycling" because that is where people Recycle so it means Recycling Tower. Good point, Jeffrey!
June 21, 1994 Matt 2 Matt was surprised to see the lower half of one of our kitchen walls freshly painted blue and said, "Oh, a fence!" Then, he immediatly tried to climb it! He told me the walls sure are pretty. Thank you, Matt.
June 21, 1994 Matt 2 Matt wanted a truck from Derek and he begged and begged and then cried and begged some more. Derek finally gave it to Matt and then Matt leaned over to Derek and pointed to his cheeks and said, "See, Derek, tears!" Derek ignored him so finally Matt took Derek's finger and put it against his cheek and said again, "See, tears, Derek" (Why waste the tears, right, Matt?)
July 1, 1994 Matt 2 Matt told Dave to get up and put on his skate board (roller blades). Since Dave wasn't getting up Matt tried another technique. He told him to get up and 'pup' on his shirt. Bossy little fella.
August 6, 1994 Patrick 8 Lake of the Ozarks. After 5 or 6 nightly baths a very tired and disgruntled Patrick declared he was beginning to hate baths a lot!
August 7, 1994 Clint 10 Becky was cautioning the children against swimming out very far from the dock at the Lake. She told the children that a few weeks earlier a lady driving a boat had cut around the curve going very fast and if any of the children had been out there swimming the lady would have run over them in the water. Becky also told them if she had been a water patrolman she would have given that lady a speeding ticket. Clint was astounded and said, "You mean you would have given a ticket to someone for hitting a kid?" He thought Becky would have given one of their valuable hard earned tickets they were working so hard to earn points for to a speeding lady in the water. Right church, wrong pew.
August 8, 1994 Becky By Friday night Becky was wiped out with the added stress and so on from the week at the Lake. Beth was getting ready to fry fish and I asked Becky where she frys her chickens (meaning, where do you fry any of your foods) and Becky looked completely blown away and said in a quiet, surprised voice, "Chicken? We're frying chicken?" The look on her face was worth a thousand words.
September 8, 1994 Matt 2 Matt was excited to get pasta and said, "I'm really thirsty for pasta!"
September 14, 1994 Matt 2 I was getting ready to hang a picture and Matt saw my hammer and asked if I was going to bang the picture.
September 15, 1994 Matt 2 Matt saw a large photo of great, great Uncle Alfred's farm which was on the floor and leaning against a wall in the guest room. He laid down on the floor on his tummy and studied the picture. Finally he said, "Boy, there's a lot of stuff here." Amen to that!!!!!
September 15, 1994 Matt 2 Matt asked "Where's Pawpaw?" I told him he was at the Elks Club and he asked if he was playing golf clubs.
October 8, 1994 Matt 2 Matt saw a school gymnastics bus and said, "There goes a church bus!"
October 9, 1994 Matt 2 The day before I returned from 25 days spent in St. Joseph, MO with a sick, sick, sick Rick who was recovering from a ruptured appendix, Matt asked his mom where Nannie lives now.
November 7, 1994 Matt 2 Chandra and I were talking about going thru a model home and I told her I'd had to get Matt up from his nap too early and then I saw some cows and said to Matt, while still on the same sentence with Chandra, "Oh, Matt, look at the cows!" and then continued on with the subject with Chandra. I told Chandra I was going to put Matt to bed earlier tomorrow and Matt, of course, over heard and said, "No, Nannie, you're not going to put the cows to bed earlier tomorrow." Talk about cross conversations!
November 10, 1994 Matt 2 I woke up Matt to go pick up Chandra from Teri's house and he looked up with the sweetest smile and said, "I was having so much fun riding the roller coaster."
November 10, 1994 Matt 2 When Matt, Chandra and I were coming home from Teri's we saw a Coca Cola truck and told Matt that was a Coca Cola truck. Matt tried and tried to say Coca Cola and then enthusiastically said, "There goes a Pop truck!"
November 10, 1994 Matt 2 Matt and I watched Matt Spencer's mom back their van into their garage next door and I said, "There goes Matt's truck" and Matt said, "My truck?"
November 11, 1994 Matt 2 Derek was pestering Matt and finally Matt said very emphatically, "Go do your homework right now, Derek!"
November 12, 1994 Matt 2 Chandra hurt her hand and Matt told her to go to the hospital and Chandra said she didn't have a way to go and Matt told her to go in the ambulance and Chandra asked Matt if he would drive her and he said, "Yep".
November 12, 1994 Matt 2 Matt jumped up from playing in the playroom and came to me in the kitchen and asked, "Where's Uncle Rick?" I told him he was home and then Matt asked, "Does his tummy still hurt him?"
November 12, 1994 Matt 2 Matt told me he had seen a hydroscoptic backhoe with Pawpaw. Mighty big word but a correct word at that.
November 14, 1994 Matt 2 I walked in Teri's to get Matt and he saw my rain bonnet and said, "Oh, do you have a boo boo?" I told him I did not and then Matt told me to take that bandage off of my head then.
November 16, 1994 Matt 2 The sun was shining through the top of the windshield onto my face making it look greenish and Matt told me my face was green and then he said, "Nannie, stop being green! I don't like you green!"
November 17, 1994 Matt 2 Today after Matt wet his diapers he was so wet I told Tom he has to be broken and Matt said, "No Nannie, I'm not broke." You can say that again, Matt.
November 19, 1994 Matt 2 Matt came out of the playroom with a wooden watermelon under each arm and told us he is the watermelon guy now.
December 5, 1994 Matt 2 Matt ran and tackled my legs with his head and then turned around and held his hand over his forehead. Must have been quite a surprise to hit leg bones without any meat on them instead of Tom's chubby thighs. He didn't say a word but I know it hurt like the dickens.
December 17, 1994 Matt 2 Matt was pushing the camel from the Nativity Set around and around on the coffee table. Then he started backing it up and going, "Beep, Beep" just like his favorite vehicles do. . . fire truck and trash truck.
December 18, 1994 Dad ? Maureen asked Tom if he was familiar with 'Brown's Chicken' and he said sure he had heard of 'Boxes of shipping' but that was not what Maureen had said. He then added that he had never seen one though. Boy does he ever need a hearing aid.
December 20, 1994 Katie 9 I was searching for a ball point pen at Bill and Maureen's while Maureen was dismantling the stove and cleaning all around inside it. Katie was watching her mom very closely and peering down into the inards of the stove. Maureen could see I wasn't having any luck finding a pen in the drawer and said, "There's hundred's of pens in there someplace" and that really got Katie's attention cause she thought Maureen was talking about inside the stove. Katie peered more closely into the stove and in astonishment asked, "There are????"
1 9 9 5
January 12, 1995 Derek 11 Johnny was talking girls, girls, girls. . . . . . size, shape, looks and so on and finally Derek looked up at him and said, "Uncle Johnny, you must be going through a growth spurt cause all you are interested in are girls!"
February 2, 1995 Matt 3 Matt was scratching his legs after his nap and I asked him what his problem seemed to be. He said he was caught by a spider and now his leg itched.
February 3, 1995 Matt 3 Matt broke up bits of styrofoam to put in his little pickup truck and then he dumped the stuff on the floor and used his little toy grader to push it around. He said, "This is snow and this is my snowplow." Pretty good imagination for someone who has never seen snow yet.
February 4, 1995 Matt 3 Matt and Tom were watching 'Sesame Street' together. There was a dog on the show and I said the dog is saying 'Woof Woof' and Matt kept saying, "That is not a wolf, Nannie, that is a dog!" I tried to explain to Matt what I meant and he said in exasperation, "Nannie, that is NOT a wolf, that is a DOG!" Okay, already. Just forget it!
February 6, 1995 Matt 3 Matt asked about the contents of a truck parked on the street as we drove by. I told him the truck contained fish and chickens and the driver went to people's houses to sell the fish and chickens to them. He merely said, "Oh." Then I told him the chickens were dead. He said slowly and in awe, "Dead chickens??" Then I asked him what he thought people did with dead chickens. He said they put them on a dead truck and took them to the dead house. He then thought for awhile and decided it would be better if they put them in the dog catcher's truck cause it had cages in it.

I have to add a PS to this. When I was growing up there was a dead wagon (truck) that came to our farm to collect dead animals and I believed they were sent someplace to make glue! Wish I had asked just exactly what did happen to these dead animals. Old animals were supposedly going to the glue factory, too. True or false??? Wish I knew.

February 23, 1995 Kassie 13 The electricity dimmed momentarity at Tom and Beth's house in Tenn and I said we must be having a 'brown-out' and Kassie said she guessed a 'brown-out' must be something that happens during the day and a 'black-out' occurs at night and then turned around and asked if that was right? Well???
March 8, 1995 Matt 3 Matt was taking a shower with Dee, who is almost nine months pregnant with Mackenzie, and informed her she needed to exercise more cause she was getting fat.
March 9, 1995 Matt 3 Matt and Tom were playing Cowboy and Indians while Tom was sitting in his easy chair watching TV and Matt was running around and around. Matt fell down and played like he was 'dead' while laying under two stools. Dee came by and said something to Matt who replied, "Don't talk to me cause I'm dead!"
March 10, 1995 Matt 3 Matt talks in his sleep a lot. One night he said all of his ABC's and finished with the usual "Now I've said my ABC's, tell me what you think of me" and went right back to a sound sleep.
March 11, 1995 Derek 12 Jeffrey called and asked Derek to come over and Derek said he would have to ask his Grandpa first, which he did, and I told Derek Tom would take him over after he finished talking to some neighbors. Derek then said to Jeffrey, "My Grandpa will bring me over later." I told Derek that Tom and I are Jeffrey's grandma and grandpa, too. Derek grinned and repeated to Jeffrey what I had just told him. Did he or didn't he already know this???
March 13, 1995 Matt 3 Tim took Matt to the library to get some books and tapes and as they were getting into the car Matt said, "Thanks for picking me up from school, Dad" (I pick Derek up from the library quite often and he always has a load of books and says thanks.) Monkey see, monkey do.
March 14, 1995 Matt 3 Matt got up at 5:30 this morning and I woke to find him picking up Tom's pillows one by one and searching for Tom who was in the other room. Matt asked me where 'Pops' was and I told him in the other room. Matt asked that I go get him and tell him that 'Matt' wants him right back in the bedroom! I told Matt that Tom would be back soon and to go back into the little bed till Pops gets here. I carried him to the crib and he went right back to sleep.
March 14, 1995 Matt 3 I told Matt 'good night and God Bless you' and Matt corrected me by saying, "No, Nannie, you're supposed to say, "Oh, my gosh." Which is what I tell the children to say instead of using God's name in vain.
March 16, 1995 Matt 3 Mackenzie born today and Matt already calling her 'Miss Sizie' or 'Miss Susan'. Wonder if either will stick. (It didn't, but Sissy seems to have.)
March 18, 1995 Matt 3 Matt told me his Dad is "Uncle Dad and not his Uncle Tim and his Mom is Uncle Dee." Too many relatives and too confusing for Matt, I guess.
March 19, 1995 Matt 3 Matt said, "Eenie, meanie, repeat and holler!" Another version, I guess.
April 1, 1995 Matt 3 After I read the "Three Little Pigs" story to Matt he looked wide-eyed at me and said in a hushed voice, "Nannie, is this house made of brick?"
April 8, 1995 Matt 3 Matt was being very picky about his food and only wanted applesauce and he wanted it now! I finally told him to have some patience please and he said, "No, I don't even like patience."
April 9, 1995 Matt 3 Matt told me he is Great Uncle Matthew. Don't think so, Matt.
April 29, 1995 Matt 3 Dee and two little ones came back for a visit from their new/rental home in San Angelo so Dee could get her 6 week check-up taken care of. We were visiting in the playroom while she was nursing the baby and Matt got up from his nap and came into the playroom. He looked at me in surprise and said in a hushed voice, "Oh, Nannie, I thought I'd never see you again!"
June 6, 1995 Rachel 12 Rachel Told Dave she believes when folks get to their 50's they start losing their smarts and men go first. (Sorry, dear, some of us lose it earlier!!!)
September 6, 1995 Matt 3 Matt came in the kitchen and just to make conversation I said, "Well, Matt, what do you say?" He replied automatically....... "Please."
October 8, 1995 Zak 2 Zak punched a little playmate at daycare in the eye and said, "No bite!" Surprised the care taker cause Zak took up for himself after having been bitten!!!
October 9, 1995 Matt 3 Matt was helping me in the yard to scatter grass under some of the bushes and said, "Hurry, Nannie, I need a haystick!."
1 9 9 6
March 6, 1996 Matt 4 Tom was going to take a nap and wanted Matt to accompany him to the bedroom and tuck him into bed, but Matt was having none of that for fear he would end up in bed, also. Tom walked off rather dejected and said, "Oh, alright." Matt looked at Dee in puzzlement and asked, "What's the MATTER with HIM?" Dee and I thought Matt's expression was very funny and laughed and laughed. Matt became very upset with us for laughing and said, "Don't laugh at my friend!" (Meaning Tom)
March 15, 1996 Ann 15 Ann was running with her track team down Kingwood Blvd very early this morning and suddenly realized there was something in her sweat shirt sleeve that should not be there. She weeded the item out slowly while continuing to run and held the item up and realized it was my 'undies'. She let out a scream and hurriedly threw the undies into the ditch she was passing by and perhaps they are still there! Too bad they weren't my mom's and then she really would have had something to yelp about!!!!
March 16, 1996 Ann 2 Maureen was recalling an event that happened several years ago when some of us were visiting them when they lived in Hurst, Texas. Bill, Maureen, Ann, Tom and I and the three boys went to Mass one Sunday morning together. Annie was dressed to the hilt and looked as though she had just stepped off of the band wagon! Beautiful curls in her hair and ribbons and lots of frills and so dainty looking. While she was sitting on my lap I suddenly discovered there was something amiss. Annie had no underpants on. I flashed Maureen the view down the pew and she almost fainted on the spot. Thank goodness Annie was house broken or I might have ended up with a wet lap!
March 18, 1996 Matt 4 Sarah kept telling Matt that Mackenzie is her girl and Matt insisted Mackenzie is his and Sarah still persisted in saying Mackenzie is her girl and finally Matt said in exasperation, "Mackenzie is MINE cause my mom had her for ME!"
March 18, 1996 Matt 4 Dee used Dave's exerciser for about 8 pulls and got off puffing. Matt said very enthusiastically, "Did you lose all your fat, Mom?" Dee said yes she had and Matt asked to see so Dee pulled herself together and stretched tall while pulling her tummy tight and said, "See?" Matt looked and replied, "Yep, you sure did."
March 20, 1996 Matt 4 Matt said grace before lunch and instead of saying, 'from thy bounty' he said, "From Uncle Brownie."
March 1996 Nanny ? What are the chances of a spool of thread and a bobbin running out at exactly the same time????? I figure the Dear Lord was just calling attention to Himself with a big smile.
July 8, 1996 Matt 4 Matt was upset with little Mackenzie about something and said, "I'm not going to be your 'sister' anymore!"
November 8, 1996 Matt 4 I told Matt that Uncle David is getting married and now Nicole will be Aunt Nicole. Matt was flabbergasted that Uncle David was going to get married. Matt then said sadly, "Then Uncle David won't be my Uncle David anymore." I asked him why not and he just said, "Cause he won't."
November 9, 1996 Matt 4 I read a book to Matt titled 'The Best Time of Day' and I used Matt's name instead of Johnny in the book. When it came to the best part of the day, when Daddy came home from work and tossed 'Matt' high in the air, Matt said, "That's not my Daddy, that's Uncle David cause that is what he does to me!" (Matt did not even notice the characters in the book were black.).
November 11, 1996 Matt 4 Matt saw all the leaves on the ground under the ash trees and he looked up at the limbs in awe and said, "Well, what do you know. It really is fall."
November 12, 1996 Matt 4 Matt told Patrick there are long arms in jails to keep the bad guys in. (Bars)
November 13, 1996 Matt 4 Deborah was sitting in the living room talking and Matt was hiding under the wall unit when he heard Deborah say the word 'burglar' and he shot out from under the shelf exclaiming, "Burglars, Burglars, Where, Where?????"
November 14, 1996 Matt 4 Matt looked at the half moon and said, "Oh, look. The moon is cut in half tonight."
November 15, 1996 Matt 4 Matt went to the bathroom for his 'big job' and I told him that was good to get all of that unused food out of his intestines. As we were walking back down the hall Matt said, "I still have some old intestines in me, don't I, Nannie? I can feel them."
November 16, 1996 TJ ? Uncle Wheel reminded me of the time Tommy Joe and Rick got into trouble with Grandma for coughing and spitting in the Quonset and their reply was that that's what Grandpa and Joe (Maher) did.
November 1996 Matt 6 Told Matt that Uncle Dave is getting married and now Nicole will be Aunt Nicole. Matt was flabbergasted that uncle Dave was going to get married and then he said sadly "Now Uncle David won't be my Uncle David anymore." I asked why not and he just said "'cause he won't".
November 1996 Matt 6 I read a book to Matt called "The Best Time of Day" and I used his name instead of Johnny in the story. WHen it came to the best part of he book -- when Daddy came home and tossed him in the air Matt said, "That's not my Daddy - that's Undle Dave cause that's what he does to me!" (Never mind that the characers in the book were all dark.)
July 1996 Matt 6 Matt was upset with "Mac" and said "I'm not going to be your sister anymore."
November 1996 Matt 6 Matt saw all the leaves on the ground under the ask trees and he looked up at them in wonder and said, "Well, what do you know? It reall is fall."
November 1996 Matt 6 Matt told Pat there are long arms in jails to keep the bad guys in. (bars)
1 9 9 7
January 1, 1997 Matt 4 When Matt was here during the Christmas Holidays, he and Tom went out car riding and checked out machinery and so on. When they returned, Matt came to the kitchen sink to help me peel carrots. He was using the wrong side of the peeler so I said, "No, no, Matt, wrong side.". He said, "Oh," and turned the carrot to the other side!!! Then I asked him, "Where were you?" meaning where did you and Pops go. Matt replied rather impatiently, "Well, I'm right here!"
January 6, 1997 Matt 4 Tom asked Matt where Grandma was and Matt said he didn't know any Grandma's. Leaves me out, doesn't it?
January 6, 1997 Matt 4 In the middle of the night Tom blew his nose very loudly, like he always does, and, of course, it sounds extra loud when all is quiet. Matt awoke with a jerk and told Tom to stop making that noise! Tom kept blowing cause he did not hear Matt even talking. When he stopped blowing, Matt said very firmly, "Don't you ever do that again!"
June 7, 1995 Matt 5 When Matt came by with his dad I asked him what he had done all day and he looked at me very seriously and quietly said, "It's not all day yet, Nannie." True.
June 7, 1997 Patrick 10 I placed a call to Teri and Patrick answered the phone. Teri was not at home so I used an 'olden day phrase' and said, "Okay, see you in the movies, Pat." Pat was startled and said, "Huh, what, when?" Guess he was not familiar with that saying!
June 8, 1997 Matt 5 Matt is very interested in death right now and asks lots of questions. He wanted to see a dead person so I showed him a picture of Great, Great Uncle Alfred in the coffin. Matt then asked, "Is he at the dead station?"
June 8, 1997 Matt 5 Matt and I were watching a documentary on the Lakes up North in Canada and on the edge of one of the Lakes we saw white stones protruding from the water. Matt asked what they were and I told him I thought maybe they were buoys. Matt did not agree and said he thought they were 'die stones', as in Monuments.
June 18, 1997 Matt 5 Matt heard I was going to have surgery and asked if I was going to get an operation on my finger to get it straight. (Arthritis and a crooked finger. Guess that was the only evidence he saw of anything needing corrective surgery.)
June 18, 1997 Matt 5 Matt says he's going to be a 'vampire' when he gets big and he's going to say 'Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3, you're out'!
June 18, 1997 Matt 5 Matt heard I was going to have surgery and asked if I was going to get an operation on my finger to get it straight. (Arthritis and a crooked finger. Guess that was the only evidence he saw of anything needing corrective surgery.)
June 18, 1997 Matt 5 Matt says he's going to be a 'vampire' when he gets big and he's going to say 'Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3, you're out'!
June 20, 1997 Matt 5 Matt brought Tom's eye glasses in from the car and said, "Here's your glasses and I didn't break them!" Tom looked at them and told Matt they were not broken and Matt assured him both glasses were cracked in the middle. (Bi-focals!)
June 20, 1997 Matt 5 Matt brought Tom's eye glasses in from the car and said, "Here's your glasses and I didn't break them!" Tom looked at them and told Matt they were not broken and Matt assured him both glasses were cracked in the middle. (Bi-focals!)
June 21, 1997 Matt 5 Matt loves hot sauce and wanted chips and sauce. We had no chips so he looked in the refrigerator and found carrot sticks so used the carrot sticks to dip his sauce. Ugh.
July 8, 1997 Matt 5 Matt got his teeth cleaned by his mom and the dentist came to check Matt out and asked him if he did okay and Matt said, "Well, I wiggled some."
July 18, 1997 Matt 5 Matt informed me he would not have a tow truck job like J.D. (Chandra's current boyfriend) cause he might get killed by that anchor that hangs off the back of the truck.
July 19, 1997 Matt 5 I called Matt's attention to a 'Mourning Dove' that was mourning on the house top across the street. Matt looked and said, "That bird is not supposed to be making noise cause it's not morning."
July 19, 1997 Matt 5 Matt saw Tom and I each eating a banana for breakfast and said, "Do you people always eat bananas every morning?"
July 19, 1997 Matt 5 Matt was playing 'Batman' and told Brenna he was 'Badman'.
July 20, 1997 Matt 5 Matt came outside with a glass of pop he had poured himself and I asked him if he had poured it on top of the cabinet and he said, "No, I poured it in the glass and I didn't spill it!"
July 20, 1997 Matt 5 A neighbor girl who lived across the street asked Matt what special thing was going to happen to him next month (meaning kg) and Matt said, "Oh, I'm going to High School!"
July 21, 1997 Zak 3 Zak saw a convertible going down the highway and excitedly said to his Mom, "Look, there's a broken car driving down the road!"
October 8, 1997 Kerry 7 I had been working a cross word puzzle at Becky and Gary's house and was having a difficult time with some of the words. Kerry was watching with interest and finally walked away. The next morning one of the first things she said to me was, "Nannie, did you finish that 'maze' last night?" Guess that is what it does look like if you really stop and think about it!!!
October 8, 1997 Kerry 7 The lights have a tendency to dim in the girl's room at Becky's house, especially when the electricity kicks on for heat or air conditioning. I asked Kerry why the lights get so dim and she just nonchantly said, "Oh, we are just running out of electricity."
(Becky later said that is the only room that is effected that way and if they tighten the bulbs in the light it sometimes takes care of the problem.)
1 9 9 8
January 28, 1998 Matt 6 Matt asked me not to fry his bread. Took a sec to figure that one out. He meant not to toast it.
February 15, 1998 Zak 4 While driving up to the postoffice with Zak in the front seat I was calling the car by its name "Hessie" and when we came to a stop sign Zak said, "Whoa, Pepsi!" He misunderstood the Hessie part.
February 1998 Matt 5 Matt heard us talking about Deb going to school and asked if Aunt Debbie is a teenager and in the same breath told us Chandra is an adult. We asked him why he would think Aunt Debbie was a teenager and he said cause she goes to school.
February 2, 1998 Matt 5 Matt walked in the kitchen and leaned against the refrigerator door and after looking around he asked slowly, "Is this all that's left?" The big, big, crowd had suddenly vanished to do other things.
February 24, 1998 Derek 14 The "big dance" was coming up this weekend and Brenna (16) was determined not to get sick. Unfortunately, Derek had come down with a cold and was dealing with a cough and a stuffy/runny nose. I came home from school and found that Brenna had sprayed the entire house with a germ killer. Then, after her brother had gone to bed, I asked her to give him a cough drop as he continued to cough. From downstairs I could hear her run into her brother's room as fast as she could then immediately dash back out gasping for air. She was so paranoid she'd held her breath. I wonder just how important it will be to her at a later date.
February 28, 1998 Tracy 11 Becky had two troops out on a Girl Scout camp out and she asked if anyone wanted hot chocolate and then told them to come into the kitchen and fix it themselves. Tracy asked, "Where's the microwave?" (That's how she makes it at home!) We all laughed and helped scoop out the choc. mix and pour hot water from a tea kettle into it. After all was settled, she made a comment at the table, "I still don't know how you made hot chocolate without a microwave?" We laughed again and realized she had never seen a gas stove or tea kettle before either! Amazing! :)
September 21, 1997 Morning Prayer was from the Book of Daniel and praising God. Comic strip entitled "B.C." was about Daniel 'reading' between the 'lions'. Never a coincidence!!! Just God having a smile or two.
April 29, 1998 Sissy 3 Tom was pretending to cry, actually sort of whimpering that he wanted his Mommy. Sissy came and hid behind me and peeked around my side to look at him in amazement. She did not know what to make of her Grandpa whimpering like that. I asked Sissy what was the matter and she whispered, "Pops wants his Mommy". I asked her where she thought his Mommy was and she said very quietly, "Oh, she's at work". The new era, my children!!!!!
April 1998 Ricky Rick's second graders were getting ready to make their First Holy Communion while we were up there the last of April. The teacher had assigned a little task to each so they could all participate. When she finished and was ready to dismiss the class one little boy raised his hand and asked "Who got to be the slaves???" The teacher was baffled! "What slaves???" The little boy replied, "Oh, those guys up there with father wearing the long white dresses". Cute, right?
May 2, 1998 Kami 2 Kami was trying to close the childproof cabinet door at her house and it wouldn't close. She looked at Johnny and said, "Oh, oh, daddy, it needs a new battery.".
May 16, 1998 Kami 2 Kami was feeding Tom and I play pizza and each time we were going to pretend to take a bite she would put her hands on her hips and look out of the upper corner of her eyes at the ceiling and say something very quickly. We could not figure out what she was saying but we knew we were not to eat. Finally, I figured out what she was saying,,,"No, say Bess Us O Lord" first.
May 16, 1998 Kami 2 Kami and I were visiting across the street at Ursula's house. Ursula had her small dog,,, Boobie, out on the walk with her and Kami heard her saying Boobie's name. Kami kept tugging on my hand wanting to go in the house and see Ursula's baby. She thought Ursula was talking baby talk, I guess.
May 16, 1998 Kami 2 I did not put on my seat belt between Deb's house and our house and Kami was very upset about that. Finally, she shook her finger at me and while frowning said, "Don't you know the bad guys are going to get you if you don't put on your seat belt!" I can see Johnny's gestures so much in Kami's expressions!!!!
May 16, 1998 Kami 2 I told Kami we were going to have to walk down to Aunt Debbie's house and get her shovel. She said, "No, no, the shobel is out at the land!" Guess that is what they call their farm land. I did not misspell shovel, because that is the way she said it.
May 16, 1998 Kami 2 Kami and I watched Teri, Greg and Jeff drive away in their red car and Kami looked at me very sadly and said, "Jeff is in MY seat!" Guess she thought it was our red car and he was in her little car seat. Same side of the car she sits in. I asssured her it was their red car and she still shook her head no and said Jeff was in her seat.
May 25, 1998 Sissy 3 Sissy saw her daddy carrying around Kami and she said with a pout, "She can't use my daddy."
May, 1998 Zak 4 Zak and Sonya had just left the check-out stand at the big Super WalMart in Greenville and Zak looked at his mom and asked, "Where do all of those people sleep anyhow?" Guess he thought they all lived there! They probably feel as tho they do a lot of the time.
May, 1998 Zak 4 Zak was trying to corral Kami and was telling her no, no. He said, "I.O.N." (Obiviously can't spell). Kami put her hands on her hips and said right back to Zak in the same tone of voice, "I.O.N".
June 7, 1998 Matt 6 This morning I was getting ready to give a teaspoon to Matt so he could dig into the brown sugar to use on top of his oatmeal. I looked at the spoon and said, "Oh, Matt. This is one of my good pieces of silverware. I raised 100 chickens and then killed them and sold them to grocery stores so I could get enough money to buy this silverware."

Matt looked totally amazed and said, "You killled chickens?" I assured him I sure did. Then he asked how I did it. Told him I either took the chickens head into my hand and wrung and wrung it until the head came off. (Isn't this totally gross????) Or I chopped off the heads with an ax!

Matt looked shocked and said, "Well, did you at least wear one of those black masks over your face and eyes when you chopped the heads off?" He was demonstrating with his hands and completely covering his eyes! Do you suppose he thinks the pictures he has seen of masked men in the movies are wearing the masks so they can't see the victim???? Certainly might be an interesting target they hit with their eyes covered!!!!

Or, an executioner from the Dark Ages.

July 06, 1998 Zak 4 Sonya was playing baseball with Zak in the yard/field. Usually they just let him hit the ball but tonight they decided he should learn to run the bases so they explained the process and she pitched and he hit the ball (and surprised them all). Kami and Sonya ran to get the ball and while Zak was running they were encouraging him by yelling "Run, run, run, and Yeah, Yeah, run, Zak!" When he got to third base they yelled, "Now run home" and he did just that. Ran straight to the house!!!!
August 20, 1998 Zak 4 Sonya was trying to teach Zak about the 'Knock, knock' jokes. She told him they are supposed to be funny when she gives the answer to his 'Knock, knock' question. So, after she thought he understood the meaning of the jokes she tried one on him. After she finished it he literally rolled on the floor with laughter and Sonya was so proud of her ability to explain the jokes and his ability to understand them. Then, Zak said, "Did I laugh enough, Mommy?" Burst her bubble!
August 20, 1998 Zak 4 Zak is using his imagination more than he used to. En route to swim lessons he said, "Mom, I wish I could turn into a bird and fly to swim lessons and do the speed limit, then change back into a boy to swim then change back to be a bird to speed limit home."
September 9, 1998 Daron 15 Debbie Jean walked past Daron and he stretched his arm out and put the end of a toilet paper roll on her stomach. When she asked him what he was doing, he very calmly and seriously said "life o suction".
March 15, 1997 Matt 5 Tom had grown a beard and when we drove to San Angelo for a stop-over on our southwest trip Matt was aghast at seeing Tom with a beard. Matt told Tom in no uncertain terms to take that hair off his face and never grow his hair on his face anymore!
October 14, 1998 Zak 5 I asked Zak if he wanted some ice cream and he said, "Sure but I don't want any of that down there in the cabinet" and pointed to a box in the lazy susan swing around cabinet. I had to laugh and asked him to go open the box. He did and was he surprised to find it is where I store batteries for the toys!

He sure did not want any of that kind of ice cream, for sure!!! He thought that was pretty funny.

November 24, 1998 Sissie 3 Have I told you yet that Mackenzie was sitting on Dee's lap and put her hands up to smooth across her cheeks and said, "Mommy, you sure are going to be pretty when you get old."
November 23, 1998 Sissie 3 Mackenzie was making the sign of the cross with Tom and he still says Holy Ghost instead of Holy Spirit. Mackenzie stopped dead in her tracks and said, "There's no ghost in here!!!"
November 24, 1998 Kami 2 Kami was trying to use some dried up markers and told her Mommy that the pencils were all dried out.
December 15, 1998 Sissie 3 Mackenzie said she can tell I am old and I asked her why and she replied because I don't go to work anymore. (The new generation of working mothers)
December 23, 1998 David 25 Dave was sick with a sinus infection and wanted some Tylenol. I told him where the bottle was on the kitchen shelf and he took care of the dose. When he finished his second pill after lunch he said, "Man, those are the biggest horse pills I have ever had to swallow." I knew immediately what he had taken and started laughing so hard I could hardly tell him what was so funny. He had swallowed Tom's Galveston pills which are for heartburn and upset stomachs. Tom put them in the same bottle as the Tylenol so he would have both together when we were on trips. Dave had taken the bigger pill cause he thought the dosage was stronger! Those pills are supposed to be chewed and taken with a full glass of water. Told Dave if his sinus infection cleared up right away we would have a new cure for the sinus infections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 29, 1998 Kami 2 Kami's brother, Zak, had left to spend the weekend with his dad. He called home and Kami talked to him and then it was silent on his end of the line. Kami didn't know what had happened so yelled "Yak, where are you Bud?"
November 29, 1998 Kami 2 Kami was visiting and saw the stroller in the laundry room and wanted to know why it was in there. I told her it was for the new baby boy that Chandra had. She looked up at me and asked, "Can I be your baby and ride in the stroller?" I took her for a cold ride.

I think it is rather interesting that Kami sometimes calls Zak Bud and so many call Mackenzie Sissy. Reminds me of Olivia and Alfred. Did you ever hear him call her Sis and her call him Bud? They did.

1 9 9 9
January 17, 1999 Zak 5 Sonya had made advent type calendars with a piece of candy for each day for Kami and Zak so they could count down the days till Kami's birthday party in February. While Sonya was napping the children got their calendars down and ate all of the candy pieces except 4 and woke Sonya up and excitedly said, "Look, Mommy, now it's only 4 days till Kam's birthday. Yeah!!".
January 23, 1999 Kami 2+ Zak had to memorize the Bible verse John 3:16 for Sunday School, and then next week he will receive a prize. Zak has practiced very hard and knows it like the back of his hand. Age 5 years.

The funny thing is.... Kami is in a different Sunday School Class and asked her Mom if she wanted to hear her say her bible verse. So she said Zak's bible verse just perfect.....

So Kami's Mom asked Zak's teacher if she could say it too and get a prize. So she's very excited about that too.

January 29, 1999 Kami 3 Yesterday when we got home I told the kids when they said their prayers before bed to be sure and pray for Uncle Dondi and Angie because they are about to have a new baby.

Well, At bed-time, I had Kami go first last night, and this was her prayer. "God, Thank you for Angie's baby, and God Please, PLEASE don't let the bed bugs bite. If they do, take your shoe and hit them black and blue. Amen."

January 25, 1999 Mackenzie 4 Tim was helping Mackenzie with her prayers and said, "God and Jesus bless you", and she looked up at him and told Tim that Jesus died. Tim agreed and said, "Yes, He did, but He's alive now." Mackenzie disagreed and then thought a minute and said, "And so did that other guy." Tim asked "What other guy?" "Oh, that OTHER guy... you know, the other guy!" Tim had to think about that for a bit and then it dawned on him what Mackenzie was talking about and said to her, "Oh, you mean God?" Mackenzie smiled real big and said, "Yeah, God! The other guy!"
April 3,1999 Kami 3 Kami was helping me peel carrots and peelings were flying all over the place. She finally decided she was finished and handed me a carrot and said, "Here, Nannie, cut off the lid". Hope you realize she meant the green top.
April 2, 1999 Matt 7 Matt and I were playing tennis in the alley and Matt informed me he had to warm up first and told me to wait. So, he bends his knee backwards and hits the heel of his shoe with the tennis racket several times and then lifts the other foot and does the same thing. (Watched baseball on TV obiviously). Then he swings the tennis racket behind his back with first one hand and then the other and finally lifts the racket over his head with both hands and stretches with his arms extended behind his head and then the routine with the heels of his shoes again and finally he says he is ready. I couldn't resist asking why he has to hit his heels first and he said, "Oh, that's to stretch my feet." Isn't it amazing what kids figure out from watching things. Not always correct but in their minds they think they have it all figured out.
April 14, 1999 Mackenzie 4 Mackenzie told me her daddy had gone to the hospital and he had to wear a gown, too. I am sure she was visualizing him wearing a gown like her Mommy wears! What a sight! Then she added, "And he had a fever, too." Not true since he went in for a colonoscopy!
June 19, 1999 Tracy 12 Tracy helped Teri bake cookies. When she talked with her dad long distance that evening she excitedly said to Gary, "Dad, did you know you can make cookies from stuff you have in your cabinets and you don't have to buy frozen rolls of cookie dough from the grocery store?".
June 22, 1999 Mackenzie 4 Mackenzie saw Tom sitting on the side of his bed with just his walking shorts on and exclaimed, "Boy, you sure do have big boobs, Pops!".
July 5, 1999 TJ 4x Seeing some fireworks on the floor, I asked his Mom, "Did Clint get to shoot off some fireworks last night?"
Him Mom replies, "Yes, he went over to his Art Teacher's house, Mrs. Music.".
"Mrs. Music is the ART TEACHER?"
"That's what I said."
"Well, how come Mrs. Music doesn't teach Music?" (I was trying to be funny here)
"She can't because Mrs. FRENCH teaches Music?"
"There is a Mrs. French too?"
"As far as I know, there isn't any teacher named Mrs. ART".
July, 1999 Kami 3 Kami was outside playing and when she came back in the house, she went to the bathroom to wash her face... A few minutes later she came back out to me very frustrated!! Her hair and face were sopping wet and she had her hand tugging at her cheeks.... and said.. "Mom, these won't come off!"

She was referring to her little red cheeks that got red from playing outside.......

July, 1999 Kami 3 Kami got a new brush, comb and mirror, since she thinks that she always needs mine..... and she was playing with it, and I told her her hair looked awesome!
She perked straight up and as serious as could be said..... "Mom, girls don't look awesome!"
Of course I apologized and told her she looked absolutely beautiful instead......
July 30, 1999 Kami 3 When I put an old necklace around Kami's neck I pulled it forward and then let it drop onto her chest. She asked me if it was hot. I asked her why she thought that and she said, "Well, you dropped it on me like it was hot!"
October 28, 1999 Dottie 68 I detest the Yankees and have for eons. Today is the ticker tape parade and I told Tom he sure need not feel bad because the 'Cowboys' lost against the Yankees because they beat a lot of other teams better than ours. He just looked at me and wondered where in the world I was coming from. He kept saying, "Cowboys, Cowboys"? Oh, then it dawned on me that I must have said ROYALS AND NOT RANGERS.
October 28, 1999 Dottie 68 I made Tom Cream of Rice and only used two cups of water and one cup of rice when it should have been 4 cups of water and one cup of rice. It got so thick we couldn't use it for anything but wallpaper paste!!!! We sure laughed about that one, too. I tried adding water and stirring and stirring and then it got so thin it ran all over the place. We kept on laughing. But, things finally evened out and we sat down and enjoyed our "Porridge",,,, I really mean Rice, of course. Something like papa and mama bear!!!!
October 29,1999 Kami 3 Sonya asked Kami what the 3 gifts were that the wise men brought and she said, "Gold, Frankensense and Fur".
November 4, 1999 Kami
3 Sonya and the children were in the grocery store looking at the cakes, and Sonya asked Kami and Zak which one they should have for Jesus' birthday. They both thought Poke'mon, and then Kami looked at Sonya very puzzled and asked how they would get a piece to Jesus. And then she asked if they would be celebrating the baby Jesus birthday or the grown up Jesus birthday. Sonya figured Kami see's baby Jesus and the big Jesus that died on the cross as two different people.
November 5, 1999 Kami 3 When Kami comes for a visit she immediately goes around checking to see if the toys are all in place as she remembers them. She went out in the garage and checked around then asked where the thing that goes GRRRRRR is. I looked around and around trying to figure out what she meant and she then tried to show me by acting as though she was pushing something around. We finally figured out that one. She meant the leaf blower. She likes to blow dust and leaves and grass while she is visiting. I gave her the blower and she went right to work blowing dirt and dust from the garage floor out the door onto the driveway.
November 5, 1999 Kami 3 Again Kami is checking out things and went to the box of "Early Books of Learning" that Becky had so graciously given us a number of years ago. Both Kami and Mackenzie like to have some of the books read to them and to play the game with the magic pencil that identifys objects on the board with another object at the top of the board. The pencil makes a noise when the child points to the correct picture. Kami is hunting for the set and asks, "Nannie, where's that thing that goes beep, beep, beep?" She has sound effects for a lot of things she can't call by name.
November 11, 1999 Matt 7 Matt was studying about Veteran's Day today. Here are the questions he would ask a veteran if he saw one. "Have you ever shot someone?" Have you ever been shot and still be alive?" "Have you ever driven a tank?"

Next came questions about foods. What does Pumpkin Bread look like? Pumpkin Bread looks like real bread. What does Pumpkin Pie look like? A little pie. What do pumpkin seeds look like? A big seed. What does Pumpkin Bread smell like? Pumpkin bread smells like a pumpkin. What does Pumpkin Pie smell like? It smells like sugar. What do pumpkin seeds smell like? It smells like a pumpkin seed.

What does pumpkin bread feel like? Sordave squshey. (Sort of squeashy). What does Pumpkin Pie feel like? Like bread. What does Pumpkin seed feel like? It is hard. What does Pumpkin Bread taste like? Pumpkin bread tastes like Real Bread. What does Pumpkin Pie taste like? It tastes like Pie. What does Pumpkin Seed taste like? It tastes hard.

Tom said the answers are 100% logic. Period and amen.

12/01/1999 Kami 3 I Took the kids to Celebration Station last night and let them have at all the games and pizza in there. We had an awesome time.

I wasn't going to eat any pizza because it is sooo fattening, however Kami continued to insist. So far as even to get a piece, put it on my plate, and continue insisting. She would say things like "Mom, your missing out."
Or "Mom, just try it."
"Mom, it's your birthday, you have to eat pizza." And then the clincher.
Mom, are you a bone-head. Come on eat your pizza!

Anyway she would not stop until I ate the pizza.

2 0 0 0
January 28, 2000 Kami 4 Zak was complaining about something the other day, and Kami looked straight at her mother and said, "MOM, Zak's got an attitude".
January 31, 2000 Kami 4 Kami told her mother that when she grows up and her mother 'grows down' then Kami is going to be a good mommy and go out to eat every night. Her mother said this stemmed from her not taking the children out for a happy meal a couple of nights ago.
March 9, 2000 Kami 4 Kami woke up yesterday morning, and told her mother she was going to be a teenager at school that day. She just had to have a pony tail with a baseball cap on. She made sure she wore cute little blue jean shorts that had pockets so her hands could go in them. Her mother asked her why it is so important she be a teenager and she said...

"Because they're cool.".

Her mother said, .."How do teenagers act, do they mind their manners, and are they polite, and not do bad things?"

Kami replied..."Yeah, yeah, yeah mom, I already know all those things, and teenagers already know those things, too."

March 16, 2000 Mackenzie 5 Mackenzie was getting all tucked in for a good night's sleep when she spied my silk pillowcase and decided she would like to have it on her pillow so I pulled it off and told her to 'put it on her pillow'. This morning when making the bed I discovered she had done exactly that! She had 'put' it on the pillow by laying it on 'top' of the pillow. It had not even rolled or slipped off of the pillow top all night! Naturally, I had meant to slip it over/on the other pillowcase but didn't check to see what she did.
March 15, 2000 Zak
Zak now calls his real father "stepdad" and his mother's fiance Daddy. Zak was telling me something about his 'stepdad' and Kami corrected him and said, "You can't have a stepdad, Zak. You can only have a mean stepmother". Guess there are no fairy stories about mean stepdads, are there?
February 17, 2000 Kami 4 . Zak was looking at one of Kami's pictures she had drawn just for her mother and Kami saw him looking at the pictures and before he could comment on them she said, "Zak, you know how I feel about you looking at my pictures, don't you? You do know how I feel about that!"
February 17, 2000 Kami 4 . Sonya says Kami is very good at coordinating things at home. "Okay, Mom, what's next? (For instance), are we going to play, or eat supper or just go to bed without doing anything?".
February 17, 2000 Zak 6 Sonya reports Zak is becoming quite the gentleman now. He likes to seat her in the car and then have her stay seated after the car stops so he can get out of the car and open the car door for her. Both children like picking weeds (flowers) for their mother from the yard now. Zak especially feels very important doing these things.
April 7, 2000 Kami 4 Kami somehow got the idea that Tyler (from school) had given her a love note. She was crying and crying about it when she came home. Continuing to sob she said to her mother, "But, I don't want to marry Tyler, I want to marry Joshua".

Her mother asked her why she wanted to marry Joshua and Kami said, "Because he is going to the circus, and I want to go too." The 'love note' turned out to be a birthday invitation.

June 7, 2000 Kerry 9 While Kerry McKeever was visiting us Dee brought over a Zuccini cake she had baked. Kerry was finally persuaded to try some and she tried some more and some more. Finally she said, "I like this almost as much as I like oatmeal cake and if I keep eating it I might like it even better!
April, 2000 Kami 4 Kami was wanting Patrick Treece to come and visit or to go over to his house and asked, "When can our 'long cousin' come over?" Patrick is very tall and skinny/lean.
April 16, 2000 Kami
Kami was helping her mother do a chore and Sonya commented to her, "Kami, you are growing up to be quite a lady." Zak quickly chimed in and said, "Yeah, Kami, and 'Sirs' will love you, too."

Both children are being taught to call older men sirs and ladies Ma'am so he thinks when Kami is older a 'sir' will fall in love with her.

May 2, 2000 Kami
Sonya reports Kami is at the stage where she likes to "push Zak's buttons" and aggravate him, but she is very calm and cute about it. He falls for it every time. Kami knows Zak well. To demonstrate what she was talking about Sonya said the following: She told the children to go brush their teeth.

Kami said, "Oh, me first, me first", meaning she intended to use the sink and brush her teeth first.

Very sternly Zak said, "Kami, that is so rude." As a comeback Kami said, "What is so rude?" Zak answered, "To say 'me first, me first' is rude. You should always let others go first!"

Kami still looking cute and calm and happy as ever said, "That was so rude?"

Zak answered very plainly "YES, THAT WAS RUDE!"

Kami quipped back, "So rude you can hardly believe your eyes" and laughed merrily as she brushed her teeth first.

May 27, 2000 Mackenzie 5 Mackenzie was up early after having spent the night here and we needed to check with her mother to see if she could go to Kid's Kingdom with us. Mackenzie was hesitant about anyone calling her mother because she was afraid her mom would still be asleep. It was after 8:30 AM. This is how she phrased her concern. "I don't think we should call my house. They sleep 'early' over there." Think she meant they like to sleep in on the weekend.
June 7, 2000 Mackenzie 5 Mackenzie was walking around with the hiccups and kept telling us she was 'hicking' up.
June 9, 2000 Kami 4 Mackenzie and Kami were in the den coloring and drawing while sitting around Tom's big desk. I opened the door to check on them and Kami quickly said, "Nannie, you leave. We need peace and quiet in here while we are working."
June 10, 2000 Kami 4 Tim dropped off his garage door opener and house keys, some milk and a large onion as they were leaving on vacation. He popped the big onion on Kami's head and told her the onion was for her. As soon as Tim walked out the door Kami informed me she wanted some of 'her' onion. I told her she really didn't but that convinced her she really did, so I cut her a wee bite and she said, "Oh, that was delicious, fix me more". I did and she ate! Didn't take her long to ask for a drink of water though as she said it was kind of hot on her tongue. Must be related to Tom because he likes onions but not related to the rest of the family because no one else likes them!!!
June, 2000 Mackenzie
Mackenzie and Kami and Zak all call water 'goggles' 'water gaggles'.
June 25, 2000 Kami 4 Kami got in trouble for something Sunday morning, and got a long lecture from JT and Zak about it. Later on her Mommy mentioned something to her about it and Kami said. "We already negotiated on that mom."
June 19, 2000 Kami
Kami told her mother she is now going to marry Eian. Her mother said, "Kami, I thought you were going to marry Josh... why are you going to marry Eian?" Kami replied, "Because Eian let me see his Pokemon cards and he's a good Christian." Zak piped up and said, "Kami, I think you should take some time on this. I took some time, and I'm going to marry McKaelah now."
July 7, 2000 Mackenzie 5 Mackenzie found out her parents are going to London, England in August and excitedly told me her Mommy and daddy are going to London. I asked her how they are getting there and she said, "Oh, Daddy is going to drive his new car."
August 11, 2000 Mackenzie 5 While driving by a cemetery I told Mackenzie I was going to say a prayer for the dead and she said she wanted to and not me but I had already started one by then and when I finished we were past the cemetery and I told her to say her's now but she declined so I told her when we went past the next it would be her turn. We came to one shortly and I told her it was her turn now so she said, "Ok. God bless Mommy and daddy and God bless Jesus and Mary, Amen.".
August 19, 2000 Kami 4 Kami was playing with baby Morgan while he was in the walker and the baby was very excited to have someone paying attention to him. He was bouncing up and down and wiggling all around. Kami jumped up from beside him and exclaimed, "Nannie, 'she' needs to go to the bathroom." I asked her how she knew Morgan had to go the bathroom and Kami said, "Cause my Mommy said when you jiggle and wiggle around you need to go to the bathroom!"

Can't you just see me trying to put a 4 month old baby on the stool?????

August 17, 2000 Cody 2 Tom and I were caring for Cody who had been ailing earlier in the day. Tom remarked he did not care for the tail on Cody's hair. (Really Cody's natural hairline!) Cody looked at Tom and pointed to his bottom and said, "Tail?"
August 10, 2000 Mackenzie 5 While peeling an apple for Mackenzie she came by to remind me to be sure and take the crust off of the apple. She will not eat the crust on bread so guess she assumed the peel is also called the crust.
August 2000 Derek 17 Derek was watching TV and seeing a car there he thought was familiar he asked me what it was. It was a station wagon!
Septmber 8, 2000 Kami
Kami informed me she is going to the college I went to when she gets big and Zak piped in he was, too, and they both said they are going to be "Aggies". I told them I went to college in Kansas and it is far away. Both were silent for a bit and then Zak asked where it was. Told him it is about 12 hours away and he asked if he would have to fly there. Told him one could drive there but shorter to fly. Kami then said, "But, we want to be Aggies". Told them Brenna and Dave were Aggies and that would be a great school to go to. Both were happy to hear that and decided they would still go to the Aggie school.
September 8, 2000 Zac 6 I mentioned to Zak that Matt was having a hard time finding a playing field to practice soccer in and Zak said there are a lot of places over by him in Mesquite. (Long way for the team to go for practice but I didn't mention that to Zak). Zak said there is a black and white college near them with a big field Matt could use. I asked Zak if the building had black and white squares on it to make it black and white or did that mean black and white people went to that school or were there black and white stripes on the front of the school or what? He thouht and thought and then said, "I think the building must have black and white bricks." Poor guy was caught off guard and didn't quite know what to answer.
September 8, 2000 Kami 4 I have called our cars Hessie and Jessie for years and years. All of the grandchildren and even Dave know our cars are simply called Hessie and Jessie. While turning into our alley I said, "Whoa, Hessie, whoa" and Kami said, "Nannie, is the name of this car 'Whoa, Hessie'"? Not one child has ever asked if the car's name was two words before and I have certainly used that expression enough. Shows the uniqueness of every child God created.
September 9, 2000 Matt 8 Matt wants to mow and trim like his cousin Patrick. Only thing is, Pat is almost 14 and Matt is only 8 so a bit young to trust with a trimmer and a mower. However, on Friday Pat let him trim in our backyard a little bit and Matt was thrilled. The next day Matt kept after Tim to let him mow their yard. Tim let him mow some and Matt did fine, then Matt wanted to trim and Tim let him. He did very well. When Matt finished he asked his mother if he could go into the mowing business and maybe he would be able to save $10,000 for college in 9 years. Industrious right now.
September 10, 2000 Cody 2 Cody got a brand new 3-wheeler for his birthday today and kept getting caught between the refrigerator and the cooking island. To solve the problem, he insisted I move the refrigerator!
September 30, 2000 Cody 2 Chandra, Cody, and Leticia were singing "Old McDonald Had Farm." Leticia sang "and on that farm he had a" and let Cody supply the animal. He chose "cow" and away they went "mooing." The next round she waited for him to pick another animal and Cody picked "cow" again. Leticia said, "not cow again. We already did the cow." And Chandra said, "It's a dairy farm!" Ha! Ha, Chandra!
October 7, 2000 Mackenzie 5 Mackenzie had just won another soccer game in Garland, Texas and came excitedly to Tim, Dee and me to tell her score. She said, "We won!!! Our score was three squirrels to nothing." Are we sure she was playing soccer?
October 7, 2000 Kami
4 Kami and Zak were watching Matt play soccer on a different field than Mackenzie's but at the same game time. Kami kept yelling, "Go, Matt Go. Go Matt Go. Go Matt Go." Suddenly she looked at her Aunt Dee and said, "Just where is Matt anyway?" She had no idea where he was on the playing field, but she did know he was out there someplace.
October 10, 2000 Mackenzie 5 During Matt's make up soccer game Mackenzie curled up on her Mom's lap and said to Dee. "I sure hope Matt doesn't get killed out there."
October 29, 2000 Mackenzie 5 Mackenzie came from CCD kg class and informed us her teacher's daddy had died and gone up to Canada. (Fine, if you like Canada, but she meant he had been taken to Canada for the burial.)
November 11, 2000 Zak 7 Sonya spent some extra time with the children to find out if there was anything they might want to share with her. Zak was quick to tell her there was something bothering him. Sonya asked him to talk to her about it and he said (very seriously and solemnly) "Mom, about that grey dog (a robot he saw in the store).. Do you have any idea how important this is to me?. Mom, this really means a lot to me. If we wait until Christmas.... all those dogs will be gone." Sonya and Zak worked out a 21 day compromise concerning his school work at school. He was motivated the first day and only 20 to go!.
November 11, 2000 Kami
Sonya reports there was a commercial on TV with a little girl wearing a cute little dress. Kami noticed right away the little girls neck-line was down a bit low, and piped out real fast "Ooohh... she's too sexy...she's showing too much skin!"

Zak looked at the TV and said. ... "Oh.. I like to see that!"

November 12, 2000 Matt 8 Well, 'honey', so I am an old lady. I have to smile cause at Grandparents Day at school last Friday one little boy in Matt's room asked me how old I was and Matt popped up before I could even answer and said, "Well, she's 70, and she sure is in good shape!" Better keep walking, hadn't I?
November 20,2000 Kami 4 Kami got very excited and said, "Oh, Mommy, Gracie can talk English!" Sonya said, "Really? What does Gracie say? Kami replied, "Uno, dos, tres and TACO."
November 23, 2000 Kami 4 Kami was 'reading' a Bible Story to me about the creation of the world. When she got to Adam and Eve she gave me a very original version of this story. Kami said, "Well, God made this man go to sleep and when he was asleep he took off his arm and made a Mommy and after awhile God gave 'Joseph' skin and more skin and more skin and more skin and pretty soon his arm grew back." Then she added, "THE END".
November 24, 2000 Kami 4 Tom and I took Kami to McDonald's to get some chicken nuggets and let her play in kiddie land for a bit. When Tom came in with the food she asked him if he got any money back. Tom said he didn't. "Well" Kami declared. "My mommy always gets money back when she goes to Taco Bell." Kami said it does not cost anything to go to Taco Bell. Bet her mommy would be surprised to hear that!!!.
November 23, 2000 Rachel 17 While watching old movies from 1991 at Deb's house on Thanksgiving Day some parts of the movie showed Christmas in Independence in the olden days. We tried to identify each place and someone said about one scene, "Oh, that's Spring." Rachel looked puzzled and said, "I thought Christmas was in the winter.".
November 26, 2000 Mackenzie 5 Mackenzie was helping to put out the Christmas figures for the manger. When she picked up Baby Jesus she asked where His dad is. I showed her St. Joseph and told her this is His foster dad. Mackenzie looked at Joseph and said, "No, I mean where is His real dad,,,God."
December, 2000 Kami 4 Kami wipes down my bathroom sink after using it. She and Shelly are the only ones who do that because they have seen me doing it. Kami said to me on one trip here, "Nannie, what do you use to keep your sinks so clean? I try to clean our bathroom sink and dry it but it never comes this clean." Kami sounded so mature with this little bit of conversation.
December 8, 2000 Kami 4 After reading several stories to Kami she decided it was her turn to 'read' to me so she turned to the story she wanted to 'read' from the Children's Bible and here it is in all of its originality! Kami said, "This is a picture of Abraham. God told him to build a boat cause it was going to rain." Next picture shows an old man with a big blueprint of a boat. Kami said, "This is the picture God gave Abraham to show him how to build the boat. Pretty soon Abraham finished making the boat and got In the boat with his animals and then he locked the door so no one could get in. Pretty soon it started to rain and people came knocking on 'Joseph's'door and he wouldn't let them get in, so all the bad people drowned cause they didn't know how to swim."
December 21, 2000 Kami 4 Kami wanted to watch a movie and came to me and said, "CAN WE WATCH "BUMPULSKELSKIN"? She meant "Rumpelstskin".
November 30,2000 Matt
Dee, Matt, Mackenzie and I were driving up to Luby's to eat supper and Dee commented to me she was getting hoarse from yelling at the kids so much and then added, "I think I have a frog in my throat.". Matt and Mackenzie listened up real quick and Matt said, "Where did you find a frog this time of year?" and Mackenzie quickly added, "Is it alive?". Neither had heard the expression before and thought Dee was serious in her comments. Then one asked if it hurt? Dee and I were laughing a lot so very hard for us to answer the children right away.
2 0 0 1
January 21, 2001 Kami 4 Tom and I took Kami and Zak over to the roller skating rink in Garland to skate with Matt and Mackenzie to help celebrate Matt's 9th birthday which was on the 17th. Matt and Mackenzie both had friends attending the party. The children had a great time skating and Kami soon came to the table to get something to cool off. We thought she wanted a drink but instead she poured her strawberry drink onto her right hand and then rubbed her hands together and washed down her sweaty face. Believe me, this is the first time I have ever seen this trick!!!
January 21, 2001 Kami 4 While driving to the roller skating rink Zak commented to Tom that his step-dad picks him up by the head sometimes and Tom advised him not to let him do that again. Tom told him his head might come off and Kami said, "No, Pops, Zak's head is hooked onto his body and it won't come loose no matter how hard you pull."
January 20, 2001 Kami 4 Kami went to the grocery store with her mother but before they got to the store Kami piped up and said to her mother, "Mom, I think I'm old enough to start being reponsiple (responsible) for myself. I'll get my own drinks from now on, since you have so much to do."
March 1, 2001 Daron 17 "Interestingly enough I got my ACT score back today. My English dropped from a 29 to a 27. I mean this is bad, but seriously, a 30 in both math and science with that 35 in reading doesn't make it all bad. After all, a 31 composite does put me in the upper 2% of the nation. With the envy of all my peers. Though my English did drop and my math is below my standard. Yet that Bright Flight scholarship... $2,000 every year for four years. Not bad. The $3,500 curator's at UMSL isn't so bad either. Then there is that $1000 physics scholarship I needed a 28 for... Oh well maybe I will do better next time."
February 18, 2001 Kami 5 Zak was baptized tonight and afterward Sonya was going to give him a treat. She offered him a Corney Dog or a hamburger from Sonic, but he was playing picky, picky and wanted something else. Kami took this all in and finally said, "Gosh, Zak was just baptized and everything and he's already not following God's rules?".
February 10th, 2001 Kami
Sonya had to go buy Zak's baseball equipment bag but found the stores were charging too much money so they went to a thrift shop to look for a used one. She eventually found a brand new red one for only four dollars. Sonya felt quite blessed. Later in the car Zak noticed the brand name of "Franklin" written in big black lettering across the front of the bag and although he didn't want to seem ungrateful for the new bag he was caught in a dilemna. He and Kami did some whispering in the back seat and then suddenly Kami piped up, "Excuse me, we need to take this bag back to Franklin's house. It belongs to Franklin." Sonya said the look on Kami's face was priceless. It was obvious they were worried that Franklin would not have a baseball bag and they had the wrong bag.
March 2001 Cody 3 Deborah (DJ wants to be called by this name) told Cody Aunt Leticia has a baby in her tummy. Cody looked up and said, "Did she eat him?"
March 16, 2001 Mackenzie 6 Mackenzie celebrated her 6th birthday on March 16th. I told her Pops birthday was the next day and she said, "But, I thought he already had a birthday." I said he did have a pretend one in January but we also know his real birthday is the next day after hers. She looked very seriously at me and said, "You mean when you get old you get to have two birthdays every year?" No, dear heart, but it sure seems as though one does because they seem to come faster and faster.
March 17,2001 Mackenzie 5 I asked Mackenzie if it rained while she and her brother and mom were visiting their aunt and cousins in Sonora, TX. She said, "Oh, yes, it rained one time and the other time these big round drops fell out of the sky." She made a circle with her thumb and forefinger about the size of a silver dollar. I asked her if she was talking about hail and she said, "Oh, yes, that is what those big drops were called."

That's pretty good size hail, don't you think???

April 13, 2001 Kami 5 I put Kami down for a nap and covered her with an afghan cover. She took one look at the cover and declared she was not going to use that old thing. She said it has holes in it and it is old! It really is not old and it is supposed to have holes in it because it is crocheted. I finally had to get her another cover before she would consent to take a nap.
April 15, 2001 Kami 5 Kami and I walked over to Tim and Dee's for their big Easter dinner. We ended up walking down the alley and found the garage door closed so had to walk around to the front of the house to get in. While walking around the end of the block Kami asked, "Is the mother here?" I assured her that Mackenzie's mother was there. She said, "No, I mean Aunt Deborah's mother." I informed her I was Aunt Deborah's mother. Kami was getting very impatient with me and said, "No, I mean the mother of Cody!!!" She meant Chandra. Oh, well. Win a few and lose a few.
April 25, 2001 Zak 7 Zak is studying metamorphosis at school, (even had it as a spelling word). He and his mom caught some tad-poles for this school project, and they were going to send them in a container with a small amount of water. Zak looked doubtful about something and then said, "Mom we need a lid in case they go through metamorphosis sometime and we will have frogs hopping all over the school."
April 26, 2001 Zak 7 Zak drew some pictures for his parents of Star Wars. He labeled one for me and one for dad. They were the same picture. He even labeled who Luke Skywalker was, but spelled it like this. "Look Skywaker". Darth Vader was also spelled like this "Dark Vatere" and Star Wars is spelled "Stare Wors".
May 7, 2201 Kami 5 Sonya wrote she had been trying to work with Kami on her thumb sucking and Kami came to Sonya one morning and said she needed to talk to her about something very serious. Sonya was all ears. Kami then said, "You know about my sucking my thumb? That's the way God made me, and I should be the way God made me. God made me to suck my thumb so I just have to do it. Remember, mommy, I was sucking my thumb when I was first born." (Which she was. We saw it in the film.)

Being as she was born via c-section, the thumb would have to have found the mouth AFTER delivery.
May 14, 2001 Cody 2 Cody's mama was trying to change his clothes and he quickly ran off into another room, jumped on his horse, and said, "You can't catch me now!" Of course not. She can't run as fast as a horse!
May 19, 2201 Kami 5 Kami was helping her mother clean strawberries they had just purchased at the grocery store and very seriously she asked her mother what animal strawberries came from. Before Sonya could answer Kami decided she knew the answer already and said, "Pigs!"
June 9, 2001 Mackenzie 6 (I still feel I am writing the wrong century when I put anything 2000.) Mackenzie was complaining about Matt teasing and pestering her a lot and declared vehemently, "If he kills me he is going to be grounded to his room for the rest of his life and he will only have one friend to play with and one toy."
June 9, 2001 Cody 2 I was showing Cody how to fold a little plastic diaper with Velcro closures to form a diaper. As soon as I finished I assured him that is the way it is done. Cody looked up at me with a strange expression and said, "But, you forgot the baby."
August 19, 2001 Cody 2 Chandra was at the table making a few disparaging remarks to me when Cody asked her, "Are you talking bad to your mother again?"
September 23, 2001 Cody 3 I got a Sonic hamburger for me and a hot dog for Cody tonight with tater tots and onion rings to share. While I was trying to get his movie running (failed), Cody helped himself to everything. Lettuce everywhere, pickles back into the bag, onion rings and tots sorted. He was a little unhappy with me at first when I took the hamburger for myself and started putting it all back together again. (Never found the pickles until I was cleaning up.)
November 2001 Kami 5 Kami told her mom she wanted more Velcro to eat. Sonya was mystified about the Velcro. She asked for more information and Kami was not too happy because her mom did not know what Velcro was. Finally she added a little more information and Sonya caught on that Kami wanted Okra again to eat!
December 2001 Kami 5 Kami and her mom went shopping for a sweater for me for Christmas. Every sweater that Sonya picked out Kami had to feel and then would turn it down. Finally, in exasperation Sonya asked just what kind of a sweater was she supposed to be looking for and Kami ran to one on a counter and showed her. It was a rough weave and that is the kind she used to cuddle up to when she was a baby and she loves that sweater to this day. Pretty observant for a child, I think.
December 2001 Tom P. 70 Tom had a big tall commode put in today... for the handicapped... and he had the guy put the other one on the front porch. I was appalled, but decided I would string Christmas tree lights on it but didn't get to it. Greg and Pat just came to pick it up so I won't have to do that now. Thank the Dear Lord it is gone.

Can you imagine what the neighbors thought of this unique item on our porch?
2 0 0 2
January 18, 2002 Kami 5 Kami asked me if I was going to the beauty parlor to get my hair fixed. I told her I was not. She looked at me and said, "I'm glad, Nannie, cause I don't like your hair when it is wet and I like it the way it is right now!"
January 10, 2002 Kami 5 Sonya said they were listening to a song on the radio which they also sing at church and Kami was singing along as loud as she could. The words are repeated over and over in the song. They are "He is exalted, the King is exalted on high. I will praise him". Sonya had to laugh as she realized Kami was singing over and over 'He is exhausted, the King is exhausted on High, I will praise him'.
January 18, 2002 Kami 5 Kami looked at me very seriously and said, "Nannie, I don't want you to wear lipstick anymore. You don't look good with lipstick on, and besides, old grandma's are not supposed to wear lipstick!"
January 18, 2002 Kami 5 As we were driving Zak and Kami from daycare to our house Kami was talking about a resort area they had gone to last Easter and said, "Nannie, I don't know if we are going to Silver Leaf again for Easter or not." I had her tell me all about the place and as she was explaining about the cabins and the fun they had I looked up and we were passing a nursing home called "Silver Leaf". I pointed and told her there was Silver Leaf. She stared at it and said it was NOT Silver Leaf. Then I told her it was a nursing home and that is where old people go when they can't take care of themselves anymore. I said I might go there someday when I am very old. She looked very doubtful and then I asked her if she was going to come and visit me when I am in the nursing home and she looked kind of undecided and finally said, "But, Nannie, I might forget where this place is and not be able to find it again."
January 20, 2002 Matt 10 Matt suddenly brought up the subject of me killing chickens when I lived on the farm and he told Mackenzie I cut their heads off with an axe. Actually, I told him I did not use the axe for fear I would cut my foot or hand off. I rung the heads off. Then Matt said, "And the chickens ran around and around." No, they jumped and jumped around. Mackenzie asked what I did next. I said I put them into boiling water so I could pluck the feathers off of them. Matt asked, "What next?" I said, "Then I dressed them." Matt stopped dead in his tracks and asked incredulously and quietly "You dressed them??? You dressed dead chickens!" I had to explain that further. Then what did I do next, he asked. Well, I called a grocery store in Monroe to find out how many dressed chickens they wanted me to bring to their store that day so they could sell to customers who lived in town and had no access to chickens any other way. He thought that all pretty amazing.
January 20, 2002 Matt 10 Matt told me next Thanksgiving when he goes to the ranch where his aunt and uncle live in west Texas he gets to shoot a deer all by himself. I asked him what they do with it next and suggested maybe they dressed it??? He looked a bit skeptical and said, "No, they gut it." I asked him if he liked to eat deer meat. He said yes. Mackenzie said they had never even tasted it yet. I wondered outloud what they ate the meat with,,meaning, with mashed potatoes and gravy or what. Matt said quietly, "With a fork, of course."
February 8, 2002 Kami 6 Kami asked me why I was not using the new bath oil she had given me and I told her I don't use bath oil because I can't take a bath anymore. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me with her hands on her hips and said in a very matter of fact way, "So, you just stay dirty all the time, right?" I had to smile and assure her I take showers now. She just said, OH.
February 15, 2002 Cody 3 Cody went for a blood test two days in a row and he knew what was going to happen. He asked his mom for his gloves and even though they were in the doctor's office Chandra gave them to him to wear thinking he was going to use them to pretend about something or other. Chanda asked him why he wanted his gloves and he said to stop the bleeding on his finger when they took his blood out. Now, that is pretty smart thinking for a wee little one.
February 23, 2002 Kami
After hearing about Tom's sister's death Kami was much troubled about Tom or I dying, too. She asked a lot of questions about Aunt Helen. Later when we were in bed she was cuddled up to me and suddenly she said, "Nannie, you aren't going to die are you? I can't hear your stomach going up and down anymore." I assured her I am not dead yet.
July 17, 2002 Kami 6 Sonya and family were having 'family Bible time' and the dad asked who could tell him a miracle Jesus performed. Kami got excited and said, "I know, I know". Her dad asked her what it was and she said, "Jesus healed a leprechaun"! When the family started laughing she quickly changed it to a leper with a questioning look on her face.
July 17, 2002 Kami 6 The family continued to discuss the miracles Jesus performed. The dad then asked Kami if she knew what Jesus said to the man who was lowered down from the ceiling to be healed. Kami said, "Sure, I know. Jesus said, 'Go pick up your mattress and walk'!"
June 1, 2002 Kami 6 Kami said Zak is an alien. Tom told her then she must be one, too, because if Zak is one she has to be one, also. Kami said, "No, I can't be because I am too pretty!"
June 2, 2002 Kami 6 Kami told me she only likes her Brownies one way and that is whey they are like putty,,,,unbaked. Yuk!
July 3, 2002 Kami 6 When Kami and Zak arrived to go swim at Teri's, Kami was quick to tell me they got to go to the party tomorrow. I asked her how she knew there would be a party and she said cause her mommie said we always have a party for Holidays. Sure enough, Teri and Greg were going to have their annual 4th of July swim party. Right before Kami and Zak were picked up on that day Kami asked me if I was going to invite them to the party. I told her I thought she had already told me they were coming. She said, "But, you didn't ask us yet." I guess her mom had said they could come IF they were asked. She wanted to cover that base, for sure.
July 8, 2002 Zak 8 Sonya wrote that she had Zak sorting through his drawer for outgrown underwear for their upcoming garage sale. Zak was not a bit happy to be doing this. He got rather sarcastic about it and said, "Uh, Moooommmmm, I'm sure some little kid is going to run up to his mom and say.... Mom oh I want this underwear. Please, mom, oh please can I have this underwear!. Oh... I can just see that now mom. What are you thinking, Mom?! Zak was embarrassed, as you can tell.
June 23, 2002 Kami 6 Sonya was playing checkers with Kami and Kami moved backwards on the board. Sonya said, "Hey, you can't move backwards!?" Kami thought for a bit and said in a calm voice, "I moved forward, just from your side", and then just sat there as if the matter was settled.
July 2002 Kami 6 Sonya and family were traveling back from South Dakota and had been stopping at many rest areas checking maps to see that they were on the right highway and what city was next. They stopped at a Denny's for breakfast one morning and the kids were given a booklet full of "busy stuff" to do. Kami opened it up to a maze that you follow from one end to the other. And just as serious as could be she said, "Oh guys, here's a map that shows you the whole entire world. Now you can use this one and you don't have to keep stopping."
July 2002 Zak
8 6 Sonya asked Kami and Zak to put the video tapes away in the boxes that they go in. They squabbled for a bit, and then Kami comes out of the room and says "Zak said I was fired". Sonya thought that very funny because that is Kami to the T. She is the type that is just going to do things the way she thinks they should be done and doesn't "bend" very easily. Sonya felt sure Zak just decided it was easier to do the work himself.
August 28, 2002 Zak 8 Sonya and childen were listening to a radio program as they drove along the highway. The announcer was discussing prizes that could be won if one entered a contest the station was holding. One prize was for a bedroom suit. Zak excitedly told his mom that she might not want the suit but his dad would probably really like it if she won so she could just give it to him as a present. Of course, Zak thought a bedroom suit was for a man to wear and not a bedroom suite.
December 2, 2002 Zak 9 Zak and Kami took Sonya to Furr's to help her celebrate her Birthday. Zak was trying very hard to be grown up. He opened her car door, walked right beside her, and ordered chopped steak, etc..

He was sitting up soooo straight at the table trying so hard to be older and then in his most manly voice and oh so seriously said. . "Please pass the All (A1 sauce)."

Sonya said she looked to her right and saw the "A1" steak sauce. She didn't want to embarrass Zak so didn't laugh but it was a challenge to refrain from laughing.
2 0 0 3
February 4, 2003 Kami 7 Kami got in trouble at school and the teacher sent a letter home. (Not a big deal just she's not very neat and orderly and leaves trash /tissues, etc... in her desk instead of throwing them away).

Sonya asked Kami to write her teacher an "I'm sorry" note. She told her it needs to come from her heart the best she can. Kami asked Sonya if she'd help her spell some words and she said no..she wanted her to do the best she can do.

Kami said, "Ok... so you want me to invent how to spell words".
February 15, 2003 Kami 7 Sonya signed Kami up for soccer over the weekend and Kami said, "Thanks mom for signing me up for soccer because you know if you don't let me use my talents God will take them away from me and that would kinda be like punishing me."
June 1, 2003 Kami 7 Sonya and Kami were baking Sunday and the recipe called for a pack of White Almond Bark. Sonya asked Kami to open the package and drop it into the bowl so she could mix it. As Kami dropped it into the mixing bowl, she asked, "Mom, is this fool's butter?" Sonya guesses if there is fool's gold then why not fool's butter since it does not exactly look like the butter Kami was used to seeing. Age 7.
August 18, 2003 Kami 7 Sonya was eating something fattening and Kami scolded her and said, "Mom, your 'cartirays' are closing in on you!" (Arteries getting clogged) Children sure learn young now, don't they?
December 30, 2003 TJ 49 TJ: There aren't any cashews in this bowl of mixed nuts.
Barbara:   What? Really? I'm sure I saw some. Look again.
TJ:   No.   ...   I'm pretty sure I got them all.
2 0 0 4
March 22, 2004 Kami 8 We needed some double A batteries, some blank tapes for Kami's tape recorder and some paper. So I gave Kamiann some money and she was so excited to run into the dollar store and get those 3 things for me.

When her spunky little self hopped out to the car......She was so excited to show that she had done it.

I checked in the bag and she had the double A batteries and paper but I saw some clear packaging tape in the bag.

I thought a minute...and while I was sitting there she said in her spunky voice..see mom.. blank tape, double A batteries and paper.

Oh I couldn't stop laughing..... Never even thought that blank tapes may mean literally "blank tape".
August 4, 2004 Colton Wick 2 I had just about finished eating a late lunch with the little ones. We had a stuffed pasta thing people in the East call perrougies. They have potatoes and cheese in them. We also had chips, green grapes, and juice. Colton requested some more grapes but I wanted him to eat the rest of the food on his plate first. I got up to put Tyler down for his nap and came back to find Colton perusing the grapes left in the grape bag and the little bunch still on the stems, which he had obviously pulled out of the bag. He pulled at a grape and it popped off the stem. His eyes got real big and he tried to stick the grape back on the stem. His brow furrowed and looking very serious, he tried it several times. The stem would go back in the hole in the grape, but of course it wouldn't stay. He finaly noticed I was watching him and held the grape and the bunch out to me saying, "Broken! Uh-oh! Broken! Oh no!"
November 2004 Kami 8 We were driving and Kami saw a sign she was trying to read. She sounded it out and it said Mobil. ( It was a Mobile gas station ). She quickly asked me. "Why is it named that? Does it move around a lot?"
November 2004 Kami 8 We were putting up Christmas decorations last night and Kami found 1 of the ornaments you had given her that said "grandaughter" on it. She got tears in her eyes and hugged the ornament and then put it on the tree. She told me how much she loves you.
2 0 0 5
January 2005 Cody 6 Cody:   "Nannie, did you get money from the tooth fairy when you were little?"
Me:   "We did not have tooth fairies when I was little."
Cody:   "Oh. I bet they were just growing up then and that is why you didn't get any money."
May 13, 2005 Colton 2 Leticia, Debbie, Cody McClain (6) and the two little boys (2 and 1) went to Wal-Mart and Debbie was complaining of having gas pains in her tummy. Colton became quite concerned and asked her if she needed a band-aid.
May 15, 2005 Colton 2 Leticia was rocking Colton in the rocking chair. She was telling Colton she loved him and he would reply, "I love ice cream". Leticia then asked, "Do you love your mama" and Colton replied, "No, I love ice cream".
May 13, 2005 Colton 2 Colton (2) was helping Debbie pick flowers out to plant. He found some Marigolds and was eager for Debbie to buy the "dandelions" to plant. Right color anyway.
December 2005 Chandra 24 Chandra, Brenna and 7 year old Cody were driving to visit their uncle Dwayne Smith and Chandra asked Brenna a question she did not want to answer and instead of answering "Little pitchers have big ears" as the saying goes, she said "Pictures have ears".
December 09, 2005 Colton 3 Leticia had sneezed in a room other than where Colton and Tyler were and when Colton heard her sneeze he quietly said, "Bless you", and kept on doing what he was doing at the table.
December 24, 2005 Cody 7 Christmas Eve when gifts were being opened we asked Cody who his gift was from as he tore the wrappings off. He hesitated a second and then said, "From the Morgan's" (Cody's cousin). He could not think of Sarah and Eric's last name of Rhew, obviously. Cody McClain great grandson.
December 24, 2005 Cody 7 Cody received a gift from Sarah and Eric. "The Rhews." When asked if he knew who gave him the present, he proclaimed, "The Morgans."
December 24, 2005 Colton 3 I (Dottie) got up from my chair momentarily and Tim sat down in it because it was vacant. Colton tried to pull Tim out of the chair without saying a word and when Tim got up Colton pushed me back into the chair and climbed up on my lap for about 30 seconds and then was off to check other people's gifts. His job was done, I guess. Colton Wick (great grandson).
December 25, 2005 3 Tyler and Colton received Buzz Lightyear toys (from Toy Story) for Christmas from Santa. After playing with them for a few minutes, Colton turned his upside down to inspect the bottom of the toy's shoe. (The one in the movie has it's "owners" name on the bottom of the shoe.) Colton remarked, "He needs a name!" just like in the movie.
2 0 0 6
January 8, 2006 Morgan 5 Becky and Kerry are coming next weekend for a three day visit and much later today I asked Morgan who was coming next weekend and he said Aunt Becky and Aunt Kerry. Bet Kerry will be surprised to hear she is an aunt!
April 9, 2006 Zak, Kami 13, 10 My cute little kiddos made me a candle lit dinner last night with a sweet "I love you Mom" note beside my plate. While I was teaching piano they were busy cooking up a storm... It was all ready by the time I was finished teaching. I sat down to a wonderful dinner of cupcakes with extra icing and ice water. My dinner consisted of 4 of those cupcakes with extra, extra icing with a big cup of ice water. It was sooooooooo cute! I hope I remember that candle lit dinner the rest of my life!!
June 22, 2006 Kami 10 Kami and I were driving home from the store and saw a fire truck going in the opposite direction. I looked closely to see if I recognized any of the firemen and commented to her that none of the guys were our firemen. I told her they would be off the next day as they work one day and are off two days. She looked at me with concern and asked, "Well, what happens if there is a fire?" She thought no one would be manning the fire station when they were off!
July 23, 2006 Kami 10 Her other grandma is coming to their house on Tuesday morning early and then Sonya is taking her to the hospital as an outpatient for eye surgery. Kami said her grandma is going to the hospital to have one of her eyes operated on because she has a Cadillac in it. (Cataract)
July 23, 2006 Kami 10 Kami has hairy arms like Deb and Johnny which embarrassed her. Deb told her she used to brush hers down so they looked nicer and I went by the bathroom later and saw Kami brushing hers down.
September 14, 2006 Colton 4 Colton showed Debbie how well he printed his name. He did it backwards, forward and upside down while sitting on the sidewalk. Deb said the upside down one was perfect!
September 14, 2006 Tyler 3 Tyler wanted a bite of his brother's candy because he said it is so ‘tasty'.
September 14, 2006 Colton 4 Colton was writing with chalk on the sidewalk writing his name over and over and over to our applause. A shy dimpled smile and he was off again and again each time he heard our praise. One time, as he sat on his bottom writing, Leticia and I both watched as he switched his chalk to his left hand and wrote his name with all the letters mirror image, facing away from him. Neat trick, especially in one so young.
September 14, 2006 Colton 4 I read Harold and the Purple Crayon to Colton and Tyler. When I finished, Colton (4) wanted to read it to us. I read a page and then he would recite it back following along the words with his finger, pretending to read.
September 15, 2006 Tyler 3 Tyler reached up to play with the reindeer Pernilla had given us from Lapland and Deb told him not to touch. Tyler was fascinated by the bell that hung from the reindeers neck. He said, "That deer has a doorbell on it".
September 15, 2006 Colton 4 Debbie, Kami and I were singing "There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza" and Colton looked at Debbie and said, "Quit singing so I can hear!"
September 15, 2006 Kami 10 Kami was getting upset about something and finally said, "THIS HAS TO STOP. I AM DOWN TO MY LAST NERVE."
September 16, 2006 Colton 4 I asked Kami what she did with the clothespin I gave her. She went to get it and Colton kept asking her to get the "clothes pinned."
September 16, 2006 Colton 4 Colton, Tyler, and Kami were playing Superman (C), Spiderman (T), and Kami was the good girl/bad girl. When she got near them she was the good girl and when she was further away she was the bad girl. They chased her down and when they caught her, she was a good girl. Colton, finally fed up, told her she could only be a good girl.
September 16, 2006 Tyler 3 Tyler saw Chandra was sunburned and he told her she wouldn't get sunburned if she used sunblock. (6/27/12 The darn girl is still getting sunburned. Come on, nurse Chandra. You've just got to know better by now!)
November 13, 2006 Colton Wick 4 This morning I could not find Colton's shoes anywhere. I was running around the house, searching frantically. I thought he had taken them off with the rest of his clothes last night when I gave them a bath, but the shoes were not with the rest of his clothes from yesterday. I was asking him where he had taken them off, looking upstairs and downstairs. Really needed to be going out the door.

I hollered as I came down the stairs for Colton to help me find his shoes because they were hiding from me. When I turned the corner to come down the second half of the stairs, Colton was standing there with his hands on his hips and that one eyebrow raised up the way he does. And he said to me in all seriousness..."Mom, just count to ten and say 'Ready or not, here I come shoes!!!' and then you'll find them."
November 1996 Debbie, Matt 6 D.J. wsa sitting in the LR talking and Matt was hiding under the TV wall set when he heard D.J. say burgler and he shot out from under his hiding place exclaiming "Burglers? Burgler?? Where? Where?"
November 1996 Matt 6 At Mass Fr. announced this is the Gospel according to St. Matthew and Matt said "Me??"
November 1996 Matt 6 Matt looked at the half moon and said "Oh, lok the moon is cut in half."
2 0 0 7
January 24, 2007 Colton 4 I picked Colton and Tyler up from daycare. I didn't realize what Colton was doing at first, but he grabbed his cuffs before putting his arms into his coat sleeves so they would not ride up. Smart.
January 28, 2007 Tyler 3 Colton and Tyler were taking turns playing chase. Every time Tyler got discouraged, he would say he didn't want to play anymore. Colton could be heard to say, "Tickle, tickle, tickle. Where's that smile? Come on. Where's that smile? There it is." Then he'd say, "Okay, come chase me!" The amazing this was, this occurred several times and it worked every single time.
April 6, 2007 Cody McClain
Morgan Rhew
Brenna Smith
Cody McClain and Morgan Rhew were playing baseball out in our front yard. Morgan was at bat and Cody was catching as Brenna Smith threw pitches to them. Morgan swung the bat and then let the bat fly from his hands. It flew backwards and was aimed straight toward Cody. He jumped out of the way and Brenna said in a stern voice, "Morgan, what did you do wrong just then?" Morgan looked sad and in a quiet and innocent voice he said, "I threw my bat." Brenna said, "Was that safe?" He shook his head and said, "Noooo."

Then Brenna said, "What could you have done differently?" He said, "Hit him." Five minutes later he did hit Cody with the bat and we had a bloody eyebrow.
April 12, 2007 Colton 4 Debbie had a lettuce salad for supper last night which consisted of leaf lettuce and red cabbage plus a bit of carrot tossed in. When Colton (Leticia's son, age 4 ˝) saw the salad he asked Debbie why she had ruined the carrots. Debbie explained it's the way she eats her salad. When Deb finished her salad, Colton apparently thought the carrots were not ruined after all because he said, "Nana, can I have the 2 little pieces of carrots you didn't eat?"
June 25, 2007 Colton 4 OH MAN! Did I tell you what Colton did yesterday??

Ok… so a teacher at the daycare…Miss Barbara…is very large. She was going to sit down yesterday…and Colton puller her chair out from under her!!!! *gasp*

She almost fell… and with her size, she would've hit the ground really hard! Another teacher saw him do it and shouted just as she was starting to sit, so she caught herself. They told me about it when I got there to pick him up. I made him go apologize to Miss Barbara and he went without dessert last night.
July 17, 2007 Colton 4 Scary. I did something awfully naughty when in first or second grade. I was standing near two girls, took their heads, and banged them together. Now, why did I do that? I had never see that done either as we did not have TV or go to the movies. Suddenly it just seemed something to do that was different. I have no idea whether I got into trouble about it or not, but I knew afterward that I had done a naughty thing. I don't know if I apologized or was told to either. I simply recall the act. Perhaps that is what happened to Colton. No pre meditated thought to it. Just did it. Kids do not have much sense, you know. Or ability to think things out ahead of time. Might ask him again why he had no dessert Tuesday night. If he can remember that far back. [sic]
September 9, 2007 Tyler 4 I fixed spaghetti and to the household I hollered that food was "on" if anybody wanted some. Tyler said, "I don't like food on."
September 16, 2007 TJ 53 Baking Soda ToothepasteThe other night I was brushing my teeth and I thought, "This toothpaste is really bland. I must have Sweetie's baking soda toothpaste. Gee, you would at least have thought they would add some mint or something." Before I left the bathroom, as an afterthought, I opened the drawer back up to see what kind of toothpaste it was – being as I didn't want to use it anymore. It said "Cortisone", as in "Anti-Itching".

I used a little bit of mouthwash after that. It was a little greasy.
September 18, 2007 TJ 53 A mis use of Toothepaste.I told our Small Group about the incident on Tuesday evening. I explained I was in the main bathroom (Sweetie's) instead of the master bathroom (mine). While everyone was laughing, Sweetie turned on me and challenged "What were you doing in my drawers?".

"Looking for toothpaste!"
October 15, 2007 Colton
Debbie told Colton (5) and Tyler (4) if they did not behave she was going to put them in her doghouse and then they both started insisting she put them in her doghouse and wanted to know where it was, etc. She had a hard time getting them to understand what and where her fictional doghouse really was.
November 25, 2007 Tyler 4 Brenna had been playing hide and seek with Colton and Tyler when she caught them she would "gobble them up." Yum . . . yum . . . yum . . . Well, after a late lunch at 3:00 p.m., Brenna told everyone she was so full and so stuffed, she couldn't eat any more. Then piped up, "Then you don't need to eat us anymore."
November 25, 2007 Tyler 4 Colton was correcting Tyler on his pronunciation of Jack Frost telling Tyler it was "Jack Frosting. Frosting—NOT Frost."
December 2007 Tyler 4 Colton and Tyler were in their coats. I told them to take their "clothes" off so we could eat. Tyler asked, "Why do we have to eat with our clothes off?" Oops. Not a mind reader. We all know what I really meant.
December 15, 2007 Tyler 4 Colton, Tyler and I were playing "I see something…" and for Tyler's turn I watched him look at the tree and could tell that the "something white going up and down was the beaded garland. So my guess was "beads." He said "no." Then Colton said, "necklace." Tyler said, "That's right! You're the winner! Now it's your turn" Man we are talking about some really loooooooooooong-necked women here!
December 15, 2007 Colton 5 Colton picked up the Jiffy Pop and came to show me his "spatula." He didn't know it was popcorn.
December 16, 2007 Colton 5 Colton said salad was leaves.
2 0 0 8
January 17, 2008 Colton 5 I am soooo proud of Colton!!
Yesterday, when I got to the daycare to pick up the kids, the teachers were singing Colton's praises.

Apparently, the older boys have all been working together recently to try to hurt one of the teachers there - Miss Jennifer. How crazy is that??? Little kids! I know one of them must be the ringleader who's thinking up this stuff. I find it a bit scary that these kids would be doing this.

When all the kids are outside in the big play area playing, Miss Jennifer walks laps around the yard. Well, yesterday, they were laying booby traps for her…like rolling the play tires over into the path she walks and covering them with leaves so she wouldn't see them.

Colton…instead of going along with the other boys…did his best to put a stop to it. He stopped Miss Jennifer from walking by blocking her…and told her and the other teachers what was going on because he didn't want her to get hurt.

I am so proud of him. He did not go along with what all the other boys were doing. He did what was right and tried to keep someone from getting hurt.

I told him that night that he did not have to do what everyone else was doing, especially if it might hurt someone, and I was so proud of him to realizing that.

Me: Leticia then said, and I quote, "That boy is getting ice cream tonight!"
January 19, 2008 Tyler 4 Tyler was looking at the rat's cage (Cody's hairless rat) and asking questions and I was answering. Next, we talked about the rat cleaning itself and Tyler was showing me how the rat was doing this when I mentioned the rat got a bath in the sink just like Tyler when he was a baby and Tyler asked, "when I was a rat?"
January 19, 2008 Tyler 4 Tyler said Teri's "black feet cry." I have NO idea what he meant.
January 22, 2008 Chandra 28 I have no idea why I wrote down that Chandra said fairy dust. Darn it! Help?
January 22, 2008 Chandra 28 I put Cody's insulated lunchbox in the cabinet over the microwave and told Chandra what I had done and asked her to repeat it. Then I asked her where I had put it and Chandra said, "You put it where I can't reach it."
February 29, 2008 Colton 5 Kids had a surprise party for me. Was I ever surprised! During the party Colton found a round packet of pink lemonade that made 2 quarts. He came to me and asked me if it really made "2 quarters."
April 3, 2008 Tyler 4 Cody and Tyler were watching the Jimmy Neutron movie. At one point a very familiar tune was heard and Tyler informed us the outer space aliens were making all the children's parents so do the "The Chicken Dance." Tyler said, "See, they are all moving like ducks." Okaaaaaaaaaay
April 3, 2008 Tyler 4 Chandra purchased a trampoline and set it up in the back yard this weekend. Colton got into trouble at school and to make sure he got the lesson, I picked up Tyler and took him to my house so he could jump on the trampoline while Colton sat at home and wrote sentences.

At the house, Cody was real excited about jumping on the trampoline with Tyler but he kept knocking him down on purpose, using "TV wrestling" moves like a loose version of the "clothesline" etc. I told Cody he better stop that before Tyler got frustrated. Every time Tyler would "try" to get up, Cody would put him back down. Not much fun for anyone but Cody. Anyway . . . Cody pretty much ignored me and before long Tyler, trying to get up from his supine position on the trampoline, told Cody to "stop it" because he has making Tyler "frus and station." Okaaaaaaaaaay
April 15, 2008 Colton 5 Colton didn't finish his chocolate pudding when he got up from the table and sat in the rocking chair. I asked Colton why he was out of his chair when he wasn't finished and he said he wasn't finished and he said he was, "full, f-o-o-l, full"
May 21, 2008 Tyler 4 Both of my darling boy-o's decided they wanted to wake up early this morning. I woke up to them standing over me. (Two dark figures in front of you… always something you want to see in the dark… lol.)

Well, I told them if they wanted to be up that early, they would have to stay quiet and let mommy get ready for work. So I got them some books out and set them up in the living room, reminding them to be quiet because daddy was sleeping. After a while I noticed that it was a little too quiet… so I went out to investigate. When I was getting closer to the living room I heard some whispering and figured they were doing something they shouldn't, ya know? Well, I came around to the door in the bar area, so I could come in behind them. I saw two little dark heads bent together on the couch. A few steps closer and I saw that Tyler was snuggled up next to Colton… they were both sitting there nice and quiet… and Colton was reading a book to Tyler as quietly as he could. Was the cutest darn thing I've seen in a while. I almost cried it was so cute.
June 12, 2008 Colton 5 Beazil was getting creamed by the aliens in the game and Colton, sitting quietly at the table behind, watching for a bit, and then piped up from behind "May I suggest a bigger gun?"
June 18, 2008 Colton 5 Was standing around the corner at your house this weekend and overheard Tyler ask Colton what a butt cheek was (why this was a topic of conversation, I dunno). Colton in a very matter-of-fact tones said that butt cheeks were the things on your butt that protect your butt crack. So glad to have THAT cleared up.
June 18, 2008 Tyler 4 Tyler was wanting more to drink after having had plenty…I told him no…so he came in a few minutes later and told me his tummy hurt so he needed a drink. Made me think of Chandra and the cheese.
June 25, 2008 Tyler 4 Did I tell you about giving Colton and Tyler a real close haircut a couple of weeks ago? Leticia and I kept telling him (Tyler) how handsome he looked. Well, he sure enjoyed looking in the bathroom mirror approving it and darned if on Monday he didn't pop into his daycare center and pipe out "LOOK HOW HANDSOME I AM!"

Funny (NOT) this is; with Tyler it is a real tough battle to give him a haircut at all. It's a horrible experience for all. He turtles his head down as far into his shoulders as possible. Tilts his head on the side you are trying to work on so you can't cut anything because his head is on his shoulder or too close to get the electric razor in there. He screams, cries, and squirms horribly. Before you're done he will most likely be pinned to the floor held down by 2 large adults.

Ideas fly fast and furious and there is NO solution to the problem. I am disgusted. This CANNOT continue! I thought it was the electric razor (which was the ancient one I used on Derek when he was small), so I purchased a brand new one. Not the solution. Or, perhaps, it was the darn vibration just really upsets him so much he literally could not stand it. So, I just went back to the way I did with Derek for a long time when he was a real young tot; just using my fingers and hair clippers/scissors. This is a loooooooooooooong process, but Tyler actually sits still for this. Then I used a lady Bic disposable razor on his neck. The first time I did this it was a flaming success. However, the second time I did this he had become so hot as the temperatures began rising under the apron I decided to go ahead and see if I could get away with the electric razor this time. Well, he definitely did NOT like it, but he did NOT turtle on me and although his body language was signaling he was just about to lose it, we finished the job.

Yes, he soaked up the praise and was so tickled when he next saw me the following weekend he touched the back of his neck with his fingers and told me his hair was getting long and he thought he needed a haircut. What?!??
June 29, 2008 Colton 5 Leticia was looking at herself in the mirror. Colton came up behind her and said, "I really like your eyes. I really like the color." Then, "Nana sure did a good job when she was making you."
July 19, 2008 Cody 9 Cody passed gas quite loudly and I wanted him to use his good manners and asked him "What do you say?" "It was loud" was his only comment.
October 26, 2008 Colton 6 Colton thought my eyelash curler was a cheese cutter. Ha!
October 30, 2008 Colton 6 Colton is really enjoying his dance class. At the end of each class, they call the parents in toe watch the kids dance as far as they've gotten through it. Colton has the routine down really well. The other parents remarked that he seem gifted at it.

Well… last night, Colton was putting his shoes on after class, and I said to him that he did great in his dance. He looked up at me with an eyebrow cocked and stated rather matter-of-factly, "Of course I did… I'm a natural at dance" and went right back to putting on his shoes.

Was just soooo funny the way he said that.
November 9, 2008 Colton 6 Colton, Tyler, Kami and Cody were wrestling when someone started yelling "dog pile!" Colton piped up, "Don't dog pile on me, I'm just a little boy."
November 23, 2008 Tyler 5 Tyler Wick born 08/14/2003 Funny in church today. We sit over on the left side of the church by the statue of Mary up on the wall with the vase of flowers on it. If you notice, she has her hands extended before her like she is welcoming a child or her childern. Tyler looked at it and said "Mary is picking flowers." Also, in church, in the book we use had two "II" after a word. Tyler pointed to it and said it said "Pause." If you notice on your computer and CD players and remotes the two hatch marks side by side are the symbols you press to "pause" something. Never entered my mind that it was anything other than "the second."
December 26, 2008 Cody 10 Cody and Chandra were playing a word game and Chandra told Cody she needed a past tense verb. He said "jamped."
2 0 0 9
February 6, 2009 Tyler 5 Tyler emptied my bottle of liquid soap into the bathroom sink and proceeded to fill it full of bubbles. In the meantime, I kept telling him from the kitchen that he needed to turn off the water. Finally, I went in and found him with the empty bottle and bubbles higher than his need. He got a lecture from me about washing water and I let him know I was angry with him. I went back to supper preparation and could hear small sobs and growls coming from the bathroom. Puzzled, I went in to investigate and yes, he was growling and very angry with me. I walked up to him and he looked up at me and said, "I hate you." That was a surprise. Anyway, I explained that I loved him always no matter if he was doing something good or doing something bad… lecture, lecture, lecture and after I left he finished cleaning up, then came out, and wrote me the note below.
April 2, 2009 Cody 10 I was reading questions to Cody at the doctor's office and when I asked him what it meant when he heard a siren. He popped up with "Somebody needs a prayer." Yes! Correct answer! This is what I'd tried to teach my own children for years.
April 9, 2009 Cody 10 Cody, Brenna, and Chandra were playing school. Cody and Chandra were students and Brenna the teacher. Cody keeps passing notes… and getting caught! What fun.
Note 1: do you like the teacher?
  • ? Yes
  • ? No
  • ? Maybe
  • I think she's crazy.

Me 2/She's mean.
Note 2: Call me
April 14, 2009 Colton 6 I picked up Colton and Tyler from day care and we went to the park to plant wild flowers. We kept our boxes of seeds in plastic bags so no one would know what we were doing. A lady passing us by said something to us about our feeding the birds and so as people came tramping by the boys would tell them they were feeding the birds until one time Colton said, "We are feeding the birds, not planting flowers." I hope someday we do actually see some spring flowers growing in all those weeds. We've done this for several years now and have yet to see nary one single blossom.
April 15, 2009 Cody 10 Chandra told Cody to pick up his toys and stuff before his dad came to pick him up. Cody said they'd pick themselves up. Chandra asked, "They'd magically pick themselves up?" He said, "Yea." (When he left they were all laying there and when he got back they were always all picked up.)
April 16, 2009 Cody 10 Cody was yack, yack, yacking away trying to get out of the chicken casserole on his plate. Chandra told me Cody had a game that night and Cody said he probably wasn't going to make it. (Meaning he'd still be sitting there eating.) Ha!
June 18, 2009 Colton 6 Was dabbing suntan lotion on Colton's arms, cheeks, etc. prior to spreading over his body and he said, "My mom doesn't do it that way." And I said, "Do I look like your mother?" He said, "No. You're old and wrinkly." Colton! Thank you very much, but you'll never win any prizes that way.
June 21, 2009 Nannie 78 I was talking to dad and a group about Derek having gone on a secret mission in the military. (We were talking about someone leaving their job and not telling (not allowed to) where their new job was and Mom caught the conversation as she passed by and said Pat went there too.) How could she know if Pat went to the same place when no one knows where Derek's went since he was never allowed to tell anyone?
June 21, 2009 Debbie 51 Dad was teasing Rachel (newly engaged) about liking older men. Chandra agreed. I said I preferred my "men" in diapers. Ha! Ha!
June 27, 2009 Chandra 30 Hunter was in the hallway saying "huh, huh, huh, huh." Chandra tells David and Drew that's what you're supposed to say back. So here's all these "big" people, and the baby huh, huh, huhing away in the hallway. (Who's leading/teaching whom?)
June 29, 2009 Tyler 6 Pressed for time getting Tyler to vacation bible school, I swung by McDonald's to get 2 hamburgers. Tyler said he didn't like hamburgers, only cheeseburgers. Then he promptly told me he wanted a "cheeseburger with no cheese and ketchup only."
June 29, 2009 Tyler 6 On the way to McDonald's to get a bite before vacation bible school, Tyler told me he lost his new sandals in the car. I replied, "Oh, no! Your mom is going to be sooo upset with me for losing your new sandals in my car." He guffawed and said, "I can't believe you fell for tat! Ad he must have thought I was such a gullible soul that he tried it on me again. Silly old Nana repeated her lines just right so he could guffaw again and chortle, "I can't believe you fell for that."
July 2, 2009 Cody 10 Cody overheard on the phone "I think you should do it. I'm the child. You're the parent."
July 12, 2009 Chandra 30 I was putting my blue tooth (earpiece for my cell phone) away when my phone rang. It was Jennifer's name on the caller I.D. Chandra said, "Don't answer. She'll talk your ear off."
September 19, 2009 Tyler 6 Leticia drew some cougars for Cody's football team's fan's shirts. Colton saw them and said he didn't know the public was going to be wearing them. He said, "My mother drew those." Tyler piped in "How come there's a panther on their shirts?" (Went originally from 8 colors down to 4. Certainly made a difference in the presentation but was still a fine piece of artwork.) Way to go, Leticia.
October 2, 2009 Tom Dierkes 50+ A question on the hearing doctor's form was "Has anyone been neglecting you or hurting you or threatening you?" My answer was "Yes, but I do not have another appointment with the Dentist for a couple more months."
October 19, 2009 Tyler 6 Colton and Tyler were talking about where Galon lived and Colton said, "I bet he only goes to Arlington Park (ball field). Tyler said, "Huh unh. Galon doesn't go to any forest." Colton trying to explain started singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Still went right over his head. Oh, well…
October 14, 2009 Morgan 9 Born 03/23/2000 Morgan was explaining to Rachel why Grandma Treece would not be coming until next weekend. He said that she has a weasel in her throat so she is going to take it easy this weekend. (He meant a wheeze in her chest)
October 30, 2009 Daniel 2 Daniel was wanting a drink of cold water so he led his mom to the fridge and asked for a "cold shower."
November 1, 2009 Kami 13 The priest was saying "Remember Lord, those who have died… May these and all who sleep in Christ… share the fellowship of your apostles and martyrs, w/ John the Baptist, Stephen, Mathias, Barnabus, Ignacius, Alexander… Kami asked if the visiting priest was speaking a foreign language.
November 8, 2009 Tyler 6 Colton will be starting to study "ento-" on Monday. Tyler wants to "ology" too.
2 0 1 0
February 20, 2010 Morgan, Thomas 9 Born 03/23/2000, 2 Nannie, Teri, Morgan, & Thomas all went for a walk (Morgan rode his bike). You should know first, that Thomas adores Morgan & wants to do all things Morgan does. Thomas & Morgan are dropped off at the house. Morgan brought his helmet & bike into the living room & propped it between the couch & chair. Jeff went to peak in at Thomas who walked into the Living room & put on Morgan's helmet & was in the process of trying to climb up on Morgan's bike. Poor little guy was so determined. He wants to be a big kid like Morgan.
September 25, 2010 Brenna> 29 Brenna said burping was too much effort. (The baby after nursing.) Maybe by the time she has kids they’ll have a burping machine. Brenna said, "There will be and it’s called David." Ha! Ha!
October 1, 2010 Tyler> 7 Colton and Tyler were watching Wonder Pets on TV with Daniel and Hunter. The Wonder Pets are a baby turtle, baby guinea pig, and baby duck. They were trying to help a baby elephant get its trunk unstuck from the mud. Tyler said, "They’re too little. They could probably do it if they had a dog." What? You are joking right, Tyler?
October 23, 2010 Tyler> 7 Tyler saw the Texas Rangers playing the San Francisco Giants and asked how they knew to speak English?
October 25, 2010 Thomas Treece 2 This morning Alicia went to wake Thomas up after 7:30 and each time he gave Alicia a typical "No! I'm sleeping", "I don't wanna go to school", and the standard moan/"uh-uh".

The last one really got Alicia...he was laying down, opened his eyes, and looked at me scornfully. He said slowly, as if Alicia just didn't understand "Mommy... my eyes..... are closed" pointed to his eyes as he re-closed them, rolled over and pulled up the blanket.

A Two Year old just got the better of me (Alicia)!

It was as if he said "Gee, mom are you blind, I am sleeping here!"
November 12, 2010 Daniel> 3 Daniel pooped in his Pullup after having 4 great days free of accidents when he tells his mom what he’d done. Jennifer said aloud, "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel" in which he replied "I’m just one Daniel, mom" Ha! Ha! Then she said, "Oh, is that right?" He replied, "Yea, and there is only one Hunter too!"
November 14, 2010 Thomas Treece 2 Jeff and his wife started a fire in their fireplace and Thomas knew what to do. He started yelling "Don't Touch", "It's Hot", "Get Water"...

His mommie said she is guessing the dad is a firefighter.... Smile. It is true. He is.
November 14, 2010 Thomas Treece 2 Jeff Treece was playing hide and seek with Morgan (10) and little Thomas (2 1/2). The boys were hiding in Teri and Greg's laundry room. Jeff was stomping outside the laundry room door and said, "Whhhhheeeeerrree's Thomas and Morgan????? And a little pipsqueak voice from behind the door says "I don't know!"
November 23, 2010 Thomas Treece 2 Jeff gave Thomas some juice, and after a couple of swigs, Jeff asks him "Hey did you know that is half juice, half water?". Thomas wails "I don't want half water, I WANT half juice!"
November 23, 2010 Thomas Treece 2 His mommie gave him a dum dum and said "mmmm banana split" which was the flavor of the sucker. Thomas answered with much authority, "Mommy, it's not banana , it's candy?"
December 25, 2010 Yadier 9 Yadier gave Grandpa his Christmas gift and his Mother told Grandpa he paid for it himself. "Well then, I know it is going to be real expensive because he gets such a real big allowance!"

"Uh Uh!" Yadier protested. "I only spent $1.00!" he boasted.
December 29, 2010 Hunter> 2 Hunter was playing with something he shouldn’t (big kid’s puzzle book). He got caught by daddy who told him "no." Derek picked it up and put it on the arm of the couch then walked away. Hunter gently slid it over the edge and onto the seat. Then he walked around to the front of the couch to resume play. Oops. Caught again. Thought he’d outsmart us.
2 0 1 1
February 2011 Thomas Treece 2 Rachel Legh-Page had baby sat Thomas and said she took Thomas upstairs to play pool and when he found the pool table brush he asked what it was. Rachel told him 'that’s a brush', so then he put it in front of his mouth like he was going to brush his teeth. Haha! Glad he didn't actually do it.
February 2011 Gavin Gross 1 So, Jason almost lost our son out the dog door today. It's been in our plans to replace the old door with one that is more energy efficient...looks like we will also go smaller.
February 4, 2011 Daniel> 5 There was 6" of snow on the ground. Jennifer’s dad called to talk to him Daniel and said, "Daniel, can Papaw and Uncle Matt go play in the snow?" Daniel replied, “Nah.” Papaw asked "Why not?" Then Daniel answered, "No Papaw, you’re too big. It’s just for kids."
February 13, 2011 Alicia Treece 26 So today, I got pulled over. At first I was doing a check list of what I could have possibly done wrong. I wasn't speeding, my tags were up-to-date, I was baffled. Alas it was for checking for underage driving. He even saw the fire emblem on the back of the van and said, "So I see your dad is a firefighter, eh?" I said, "No, my HUSBAND is." Once he saw my ID he let me go. Crazy!
February 13, 2011 Alicia Treece 2 Alicia Treece I don't think it is possible to be more in love with Thomas. We just sat at the couch watching the "Pirate Leap Frog" video while he kept eating my meatballs, and giving me his... Then he looks up and says "Mommy, I'm happy", puts down my meatball and hold my hand... Heart melted.
February 26, 2011 Tyler Daniel Wick 8 Tyler asking back-to-back "Why" questions. Frazzled Me: "Why are you asking so many questions!" Super smooth Tyler: "I'm just a kid that likes to ask questions... and pie." Hahaha
February 27, 2011 Gavin Gross 1 Gavin sang froggy to sleep, tucked him in then said, "Froggy was stinky and needed a new diaper." Then I heard Jason whimpering and say, leg hair is not for pulling. And Talia just looks at him and smiles and pulls again.
March 1, 2011 Jeffrey Treece 8 Thought I was done with the alarm, tested out all the features, then put it back together then I went to go get Thomas. Only to discover that the ignition was not hooked up. Meaning that every thirty seconds the alarm would arm, then start going off cause the car was in motion. So I would have to hit disarm every thirty seconds. I will fix it... Eventually.
  1. Alicia is amazing!
  2. Going to get the awesome Thomas!
  3. Runner now has a fully operational alarm to go with its power locks, next on the list is three point seat belts for the back seat.
Well, with the top off I was nervous about the stereo getting taken some day in a parking lot, so I installed an alarm as a deterrent. It's not like I got gps tracking and a camera, just a cheap little thirty dollar alarm.
March 5, 2011 Jennifer Smith 28 So I finally got into my favorite pants I haven’t been able to wear since I got pregnant =) Then I do some dishes and Joshua starts crying so I go get him out of his play pin and sit him on my lap when I hear and feel a toot on my leg. Then all of a sudden my leg was wet... WAY TO POOP ON MY PARADE SON!! haha LOLZ
March 6, 2011 Thomas Treece 2 Thomas sure is a funny one. I said "Thomas, you're awesome" and he said, "No, mommy, I'm trouble." what?!?!
March 8, 2011 Alicia Treece 26 So we were at the Mall Playground, and I hate it when all these kids leave their shoes on, cause someone always gets hurt. Signs Everywhere reminding parents to do take them off, and yet here we are. I tell that to Jeff and he then looks around. He leans in and says, "Well it might be because all the signs are in English". Doh! Wish the signs were in picture format, so they wouldn't have an excuse...
March 10, 2011 Gaving Gross 1 The line of the day came at my bed side at 5:11 this morning. "Me nap all day. Me get up now. Where my monkey?" all while wearing his monkey jammies and trying to make Mickey balance on his tail by my head.
Shelly Gross
March 13, 2011 Thomas Treece 2 What?! Yeah this just happened...
*Thomas (on dinner):"I don't like those".
*Me: "Do you know what is in a quesadilla"
*Thomas: "Yeah, things I don't like"
*Me: "It has chicken"
*Thomas: "I don't want chicken... how about a cupcake?"
March 16, 2011 Alicia Treece 26 Got a wicked headache after dinner, so I let Thomas watch a Leap Frog Movie right after bath... I lay my head on the couch and Thomas got up went to the wall and started jumping...I ask him what he was doing and he said "Turning the lights off! I'm helping you mommy!" Awww! I helped with the light and he kissed my head... snuggle time!
March 16, 2011 Gavin Gross 1 During dinner Gavin started crying. Talia threw pizza at him. I bursted up laughing... and even more when I saw the pizza strung from his temple to his chin. I got him to laugh when I took a picture of it and showed him.
April 14, 2011 Daniel 4 Daniel pointed to the space between his two front bottom teeth and told Hunter he lost a tooth.
April 14, 2011 Daniel 4 Daniel and Hunter were eating corn on the cob. Daniel told Hunter that corn was for eating and the handles were for… um… um… handing.
May 17, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Not kidding - Thomas is in his bath, suddenly looks down at the water and asked "Why did it get warmer?" oh goodness...drained the tub and gave him a shower.
May 24, 2011 Gavin Gross 1 Hearing Gavin scream bloody murder is cute but finding out that the monster that made him scream was a baby bunny jumping out of his play house at his feet is just funny. Now he keeps loking for the bunny to come back.
May 26, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Presenting another funny Thomas moment...

Requires some back story - Jeff has been teaching Thomas about how no one is allowed to touch Thomas's private parts. General no touchy adult/child safety guidelines type thing. And the few times Thomas has seen all of me, I explain that my "boobies" are my private parts, and he shouldn't play with or poke.
He's pretty smart and caught on.

Fast forward a month or so, to Thursday morning: I'm getting dressed for work and about to put on a shirt when Thomas comes in. He points and laughs at mommy's semi-nakedness...

The golden moment is when Thomas, in that cute high pitchy innocent voice, says, "Mommy, My boobies are in my pants..."

July 2, 2011 Tyler 7 Tyler said he was going to take wine at mass. I told him that I just wet my lips and licked them, made the sign of the cross, and said amen. Tyler said he took a small gulp because he needed more because he got into things.
July 8, 2011 Thomas 4 I don't know where he heard it, but when I said he needed to eat his dinner before going on the playground he said (in pipsqueak vocals) "Are you kidding me? Is that you joking?" and he tried to dash off... seriously?
July 18, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 This morning with Thomas: I told him I would start up the last half of his barnie episode from the night before, for him to watch while I make his breakfast. Suddenly he drops his toys and yells, "No, you will start the TV and I will make the breakfast!" and he runs into the kitchen. A few seconds later he comes out with container of m&m's and says, "This is breakfast!"
July 22, 2011 Thomas 4 So Thomas and I are playing with his toys, and out of nowhere he says, "I want a baby sister"...ummm...what...? So after my shock I ask him a few questions. One was "If you had a sister, what would her name be"...he says "War Machine"
July 23, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Life of Luxury: We were putting sunscreen on Thomas...and Thomas says he wants some on his feet. So he's lying on his back and Jeff rubs lotion on his feet. Thomas pipes in "I LOVE this part" and just looks completely relaxed. Little guy knows what he likes
July 24, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 So me and Thomas are playing with his toys, and out of nowhere he says "I want a baby sister"...ummm...what...? So after my shock I ask him a few questions. One was "If you had a sister, what would her name be"...he says "War Machine".

And now he wants Batman as a baby brother...I don't think he is hinting for a sibling as much as demanding....too bad he'll have to wait till we adopt one.
August 8, 2011 Thomas 4 We were at the table eating, and we told Thomas he needed to take another bite. Suddenly he says "Owww!", Jeff and I look at him and ask what’s wrong...He says "I hurt!" To which we look concerned and ask "What hurts?" Pipsqueak voice, "My feelings...My feelings hurt..." Awwww...
August 15, 2011 William Michael Treece 2 I broke the seal of a Dr. Pepper, and will heard it, looked up and said, “Bless you"
August 16, 2011 Daniel Hosea Smith 4 So Daniel comes up to me and says, "Mom you're my girlfriend." So I ask him what does he know about or where did he learn about "girlfriends" and he says, "Cuz Mom, you're a girl and your my friend so you're my girlfriend" LOLZ Whew scared me for a min there son!!
August 17, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Really? Thomas gets home from staying at Sarah's and run towards me. I'm so excite to see him, and he gets right to me... gives me his juice box, and hugs the dog. What?!?!

He redeemed himself with a lot of hugs afterwards...
August 20, 2011 Thomas 4 Jeff and I occasionally get playful and ask Thomas "Who do you love more, mommy or daddy"...He always answers mommy/daddy or daddy/mommy really fast... but tonight when we asked, "Hey Thomas, Who do you love more, mommy or daddy"...without even thinking he says simply "Bobby"... our dog
August 21, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Ordering Dominos - I asked Thomas what he wanted on his pizza - "Pepperoni, Mac and Cheese, and a Sandwich"....
August 25, 2011 Thomas 4 Thomas woke up calling for me, I ran in. He just wanted to ask if he could sleep with me. I said 'no' and that he is a big boy, yada yada.
He then asks "Can I dream about sleeping in your room?".
Me: "Of course honey, dream away"...
His response, "You want all my dreams to come true, right?". Doh
September 5, 2011 Alicia Treece 26 Got to love guys, they'll alibi you out of anything:

At the In-laws when I see a pudding cup on the counter. Instant craving for pudding! So I went to the garage and ask Mr. T and
Patrick if I could eat the pudding cup.
They said "Sure cause" they didn't know who it belonged to.
I said, "Well if anyone asks - let them know I ate it, and I'll get em a new one"
To which Mr. T said: "If anyone asks, we'll say"...
Then in unison, both men said..................."What pudding cup?"
September 20, 2011 Thomas 4 Poor Thomas. He was playing right along, and said his tummy hurt a little. He wanted to keep playing and playing. Then all the sudden, whatever was in his tummy decided to come up. He was so sad.

But then... randomly... he perked up and said, "I get to watch ninja turtles now!"

Apparently we have a "sick kid" protocol I was unaware of. He is now snuggled on the couch with some crackers... watching ninja turtles...
October 2, 2011 Thomas 4 I ask my toddler if he was hungry and he replied – Thomas: "Yes, go to kitchen and make me dinner now!"

Me: "Ummm…no….that is not how you ask"

Thomas: "Sorry…make me a sandwich"

Me: "Try again"

Thomas: "Now Please"

Are you kidding me?!?! Where did this come from?

After we talked a bit, he said his friend said, "Girls make boys sandwiches"

Though this is slightly funny in a meme kind of way… I will find this friend and tell him different… in the meantime – I had Thomas make his own dinner. And he had a blast doing so.
October 11, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Casual Update: Not quite my night... I left my personal phone at work, and I'm 90% sure I broke a toe. Luckily it’s my night with Thomas, and those are the best.

We went to the store and saw an Angry Bird Doll (Angry Birds is an electronic game) and Thomas said, "What's That?"

I said, "That's an Angry Bird"

Thomas retorts, "It’s not angry, it might just be sad or hungry"

October 17, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Thomas must be growing…the poor kid has fallen over 4 times in 20 minutes just walking. He tried to run and face-planted. I just finished carrying him home from the park. He sobbed a little.

Best part was when I tried to explain that one of his legs was growing faster than the other and he looked down at his feet and said, "Stop it! You got to play together!" hahahahaha
November 4, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Thomas is a funny kid. This morning he said, "Mommy I'm going to go read a book"... (Btw he can't read, but he tells a good story with the pictures).

So I give him a few minutes while I get dressed and then I go check on him. He is sitting on his bed with the BIGGEST smile on his face. He holds up his "book" and says, "Mommy, this book is awesome. I love it! I'm going to read it again"

Ladies and Gentleman, he was reading the Target Christmas Toy Catalog
November 6, 2011 Gavin Gross 2 Gavin decided he finally wanted to eat his sloppy joe when I was getting Talia ready for bed. He went to eat it in the living room, Jason told him he couldn't b/c it could make a mess. So, Gavin crawled inside the laundry basket with it to eat in there. Oh my...the boy is good/fast.
November 23, 2011 Thomas 4 Actual conversation with toddler at 12:25am…
Thomas waddles sleepily into my room "Mommy am I a nice boy"
Me: "Um… yeah...typically, what are you doing out of bed?"
Thomas: "Santa gives stuff to nice boys right?"
Me: "Yes, if they are good nice boys, let’s get you back into bed"
Thomas: "Wait! Can I ask Santa to sleep in your bed?"
Me: "Yes, but he doesn’t come until Christmas"

Thomas: "Ah, Man! That’s not tonight" Frowns and walks back to his room…
November 28, 2011 Thomas 4 My son calls to me to his room in a weak "Mommy" cry. I go in there and ask what’s up. He is sitting up in his bed looking like he isn't quite awake.
Thomas: "Mommy can you tell Simba to be nice to the little Mermaid or he won’t get Cars from Santa"
Me: "Uh… sure…"
Thomas: "Thanks Mommy" ZZZZ zzz ZZZZ
November 29, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Toddler Thomas Story:
My son calls to me to his room in a weak "Mommy" cry. I go in there and ask what’s up. He is sitting up in his bed looking like he isn't quite awake.

Thomas: "Mommy can you tell Simba to be nice to the little Mermaid or he won’t get Cars from Santa"
December 18, 2011 Thomas Treece 3 Today with Thomas - He was laying on the floor with his favorite toys, battling superheroes together, when Jeff told him he needs to come eat dinner.

Thomas: "I'm busy"
Jeff: "You need to eat now, so you’re not hungry later" Thomas: in a super whiny voice "But if I eat, I won't get to save the day." moans

It may be funnier just hearing it, but it was a real super cute.
December 19, 2011 Thomas 4 I just asked Thomas how he was feeling after being sick this morning. He said, "I am B for Better!" Rock on!
December 25, 2011 Derek 28 Derek and Jennifer were at her parents’ house on Christmas and Jennifer’s dad grabbed a jar full of Tootsie Rolls and Smarties candies and told everyone to guess how many were in the jar.

Derek said, "Ugh those are for a game?"
"Yes it’s for a game. What’s your guess?"
In which Derek replied,"Well whatever the total number was in the jar of tootsie rolls take away 3 since I kind of ate them!"

HaHa!! He thought the jars were for everybody since they were on the counter with all of the other goodies.
December 25, 2011 Thomas 4 "Mommy, I didn't fart...I tooted. It’s not the same."
December 30, 2011 Tyler 9 Tyler was causing a ruckus so I called him into the kitchen to "redirect" him. I needed his "help." I had him get a sharp knife and as I held the HOT baked potatoes still, he sliced them length-wise with the knife. When his mommy came home he very proudly said, "I helped Nana make dinner!"
2 0 1 2
January 3, 2012 Tyler 9 Tyler likes to slowly turn up the TV volume to full blast every time he can manage it. I am always having to go in and turn it down from blaring to tolerable. Like just now:

Me: Where is the remote for the TV? (After looking all over the living room)
Me: Tyler?
Tyler: (Looks hesitant for a moment) It's in the bathroom.
Me: Why’s it in the bathroom?
Tyler: 'Cuz I knew you wouldn’t look there.

Me: O_o
January 16, 2012 Thomas 3 Toddler Thomas = Chip Thief

We were eating lunch... corn dogs, oranges, and small bag of chips. My phone rang so I went to go get it. I come back and Thomas is happily sitting crisscrossed on the floor with my bag of chips. I ask him what he is doing, he said,

"I was just going to eat one, but they were delicious. I ate more. YUMMY! I'm making YOUR plate happy..."

Can't exactly find the heart to discipline him for taking things. He was honest about what and why he did it, and he was making a happy plate. I laughed once he told me, and you all know - if you laugh, you lose. So just letting it slide and getting me some more chips.
January 21, 2012 Thomas 3 At the grocery store, Jeff grabs a 1-gallon tub of ice cream. Thomas gets excited and touches it in the cart.

Then he looks at us innocently to say, "What about you guys? Are you going to get some for y'all too?"

Sorry kiddo, that much ice cream is for all of us! Lol
January 28, 2012 Thomas 3 Wow, kids really can be jerks. Thomas' school had a pajama day, so he was still in his dinosaur PJ's when we went tot he inside playground. And older told him he looked stupid. Thomas was so sad, and started crying.

I calmed him down by asking "Honey, do you think you look stupid?"

Thru the sobs he said "No, I don't."

"Well then, buddy, he was wrong huh? How do you think you look?"

Thomas smiled big, "Like a big boy! Thanks Mommy", kissed my cheek and ran off...
February 18, 2012 Thomas 3 Thomas was playing with the radio, and he landed on rap. I said "aww man, you're listening to rap music now?" and he chimes, "He is just talking, it's not music Mommy" and changed then changed station again... "I'm gonna find weal music" with the lisp.
February 20, 2012 Thomas 3 Jeff and I were looking at something on YouTube and Thomas wanted our attention. Jeff said "Count to 20 and I'll come"... so Thomas quickly said (in high pitched smiles) "123-GET UP!" Bossy little thing, huh?
March 1, 2012 Thomas 3 I make delicious, juicy, baked rosemary lemon pepper chicken, with roasted mini potatoes and green beans... and Thomas says "I want a hotdog"...
March 6, 2012 Thomas 3 I said "Thomas, you're awesome" and he said, "No, mommy, I'm trouble."
March 11, 2012 Thomas 3 I said "Thomas, you're awesome" and he said, "No, mommy, I'm trouble."
March 11, 2012 Thomas 3 Thomas Tales:

Out of nowhere Thomas asked: "If I don't bother dinosaurs, then they won't bother me, right?"
Me: "Uh... sure"
Thomas: "So, if I promise not to bother them, you know they won't hurt me... can we go visit them so I can look at them? I won't touch the dinosaurs. Just want to see them...."
Kid is a future negotiator... tried to verify my perceived potential objections and counter with a compromise. After I explained (again) that dinosaurs aren't around anymore he settled for one day seeing fossils.

Such a cool kid.
March 13, 2012 Thomas 3 Thomas (on dinner): "I don't like those".

Me: "Do you know what is in a quesadilla"

Thomas: "Yeah, things I don't like"

Me: "It has chicken"

Thomas: "I don't want chicken... how about a cupcake?"
March 21, 2012 Hunter 3 Hunter was copying everything his big brother did at the breakfast table…even down to "spilling" cereal on the floor, until, that is, when Daniel dropped his cup on the floor. Hunter lifted his cup and held it over the floor, looked at his cup again, then decided he’d much rather have a drink, and did. I mean, you can play follow the leader all you want, but sometimes you have to put your foot down when enough is enough.
April 5, 2012 Colton 9 Leticia was driving the boys to school this morning…and they were talking about the dollars Nannie gave them and how nice she was. I told them that when I was a kid, we had lived with Nannie and Pops for a while and so Nannie was almost like a second mom to us. Colton said excitedly, "So you must’ve gotten a lot of cheese sticks, right?" Ha! Ha! (Yes. That seems to be the big food item on offer whenever the kids go visit at Nannie and Pops.)
June 1, 2012 Colton 9 Colton wanted me to print a star chart for him. Tyler said "No. Mom said we couldn’t print anything." So Colton asked me if I wanted to print a start chart for my home. Ha! Ha! Nice try.
June 1, 2012 Colton 9 Colton wanted me to print a star chart for him. Tyler said "No. Mom said we couldn’t print anything." So Colton asked me if I wanted to print a start chart for my home. Ha! Ha! Nice try.
June 6, 2012 Colton 8 When I walked into the daycare to get the boys, I saw a pile of pillows with little girls curled up on them, all very quiet and listening to Colton. He was laying in the middle, reading a book aloud to them all. It was THE sweetest/cutest thing.

June 6, 2012 Alicia 27 Moron Me...
I pull into a store’s parking lot, turn off ignition, and go to hide my valuables. An Incredible lightning flash with an immediate resonating thunder crack fills the sky. I am startled as my car lights instantly went out. I admit... very briefly thought, "Rats, blackout".

Ladies and case you missed why that was a stupid thought...

I'm in a CAR, not a power-line tethered facility. My interior lights go off after 30 seconds... weather has nothing to do with it... Face palm...
June 10, 2012 Hunter 4 Hunter got out of the pool and came in the house. Derek asked him why he got out of the pool and Hunter said, "Because us was wet." Derek asked him if he was through swimming for the day and he responded, "No" then went running out of the house and back into the pool.
June 18, 2012 Gavin 3 All of a sudden, Gavin is really trying to put full sentences together and tell stories. He is getting very funny. Not to mention confusing. So, periodically during this tellings, he'll stop mid sentence or at the end of a sentences, put is hands up at his sides and say, "You got me?" And he waits very seriously for you to answer and retell him some of what he was just saying. If you don't fully get it or say it right, he sounds exasperated and starts again, asking even more if, "You got me? You understand?"
June 20, 2012 Thomas 4 This mosquito was buzzing around, and I clap and kill it. Thomas asked me why I did that and I explained I killed it so it wouldn't bite us. His response "So you’re going to put it outside so it can fly to another house?"

Uhhh... yeah... sure... and he and Jeff took the dead mosquito outside for it to 'fly away'. My son is truly a kind kid...
June 21, 2012 Colton 9 Colton was wanting to go to swim lesson at Tim’s because he said that the last time we were having swim lessons until everyone came and then we just had swimming.
June 24, 2012 Daniel 4 Daniel decided to "try" and climb into Hunter’s crib and give his brother some company. I woke up this morning to Daniel crying "Mama, whaah, ouch, whaah, whaah, ouch, Mama." So I looked up and saw Daniel dangling over the side of the crib. Funny thing was his face was hanging right in front of Hunter’s and Hunter was grabbing his ear. Ha! Ha! That’s where the "ouch" came into play.
July 1, 2012 Tyler 8 Tyler asked me how come the priest spoke so slowly during mass. I told him because he was older than Nannie and Pops. He asked, "Combined?" Anwered, "No, Tyler." I mean combined would be 162. No, I really don’t think so, Tyler.
July 4, 2012 Ainsley 1 Ainsley recently learned to blow on her food when it is hot. We went outside and she said "hot hot" and then blew in the air. I don't think she quite understood that she couldn't cool it down by blowing.
July 3, 2012 Dottie 81 Nannie’s phone was ringing so she jumped up to answer it. No matter what button she pushed, she couldn’t pick up the call. I looked over and couldn’t figure out why she was trying to answer the phone with the television remote. Did I miss something here? When I pointed it out to her she said she and Dad did that all the time. Ooooookaaaaay
July 4, 2012 Thomas 4 Rachel (Rachel LePage (Treece) (29 yrs. 4 mos.))was showing Thomas how to snorkel and Jeff (Jeff Treece (27 yrs. 5 mos.)) said, "See, she’s still breathing." Thomas took his hand and promptly set it over the opening. See, she’s no longer breathing.
October 14, 2012 TP 82 On Sunday I had the opportunity to go with Grandfather as we took a defective chair back to Office Depot. The chair tends to sink when 400 lbs sits in it. And, having gone on the little trip, did ANYONE think I it was to Office Depot and back again? On contraire! We looked at neighborhoods and flood plains and construction and whatnot. Then, when we neared the house, we took a shortcut through an alley. "This will save 4 tenths of a mile."
October 14, 2012 TP 82 Grandfather has been hospitalized again and this time he resolved to cut the sugar out of his diet. So he loaded Beth up with all the malted milk balls. 3 weeks later Grandfather tells Tom, "I have 2 or 3 boxes of malted milk balls I need you to take. I am not supposed to have them anymore." "Oh? And when did you happen to buy these malted milk balls?" "Last week." "Sorry. We do not need them."
August 25, 2013 TJ, Ela 50+ 5 "Ela, can you help Grandpa."
"What Grandpa?"
"I have lost my energy and I do not remember where I left it. Can you help me find it?"
"Okay, let’s go look!".

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