Leticia Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years.

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 7 9
Age 1
July 1979, Leticia's really a great help when unpacking groceries. She really loads the cans on the shelves. Lo be unto me if I throw a sack into the trash because she also loves to throw the cans back into the sacks. A wonderful sight when I use the garbage can and find it full of our canned goods.
September 25, 1979 Leticia drinking out of opened tennis ball cans and unopened soup cans. Really cute.
1 9 8 1
Age 3
July 1981 Opening beans, David showed Nannie a bean full of seeds and Nannie said, "Holy cow!" Leticia handed Nannie a bean to open and said, "Here, find me a cow too!"
July 1981 Grandfather said at bedtime last night (to get the show on the road.) "Who's going to bed with me?" Leticia and Chandra both looked at each other and Leticia looked up at him and quipped, "How about Nannie?"
July 15, 1981 Leticia pumping the tire pump and said she's pumping Chandra up higher.
July 15, 1981 Leticia was touching Nannie's cheek (wrinkles) and said, "Your face is getting crooked!"
July 15, 1981 Nannie and the girls were shelling beans and Chandra laid her head down on the table and Doug said, "are you tired Chandra.?" She shook her head yes and he said, "Okay, let's go bye-bye." The Leticia piped up with, "I want to go too! I'm tired!"
July 16, 1981 Leticia passed gas and said, "Whoops! I burped out of my bottom!"
July 16, 1981 David said to Leticia, "If you don't quit crying, I'm going to sock you in the nose," and she said, "No, I don't have any. See?" And pointed to her plain "unsocked" nose. Then she said quietly to Nannie, "I really have a green shoe nose." Huh?
July 16, 1981 David asked Leticia what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said, "Oh, I want to be big!" Then she said, "Oh, no, I don't cause I'm already big," and spread her arms wide.
July 16, 1981 Leticia CaGoose (train).
September 1, 1981 Some while back, Doug showed the girls how to scale the doorway. Ugh! Monkey see. Monkey do. Leticia keeps getting into trouble all day because I keep catching her at the top of the doorway. Such a shock. Chandra has had her hand in the pie as well and I keep turning the corner to see her in midair. Brenna, now 13 months, wants to follow suit, but can't quite do it yet. I don't know whether to applaud or give up on it. Although I know it's wrong, I can't help but smile to see their accomplishments.
October 4, 1981 Leticia looked at the pendulum swinging on the clock said to me, "Mama, the clock is swinging his tail?"
October 4, 1981 Leticia looking in my nose wanted to know if I had hair in there. I said, "Yes." Looking harder, she still couldn't find any. Finally she asked me if they were "hiding in there."
November 6, 1981 I had left the house to run some errands when I suddenly remembered I'd left Doug's dry cleaning at home. I turned around and went home and Leticia greeted me at the door asking, "Did you forget something, momma? You forgot something didn't you?" How astute!
November 6, 1981 Anna Mae was working on some ponchos for the girls and found that Brenna's was a little small. She was thinking out loud asking herself, "What am I going to do now?" Leticia told her, "Use your imagination."
November 6, 1981 Brenna had been awake for more than three hours and I was the only one to keep her content. She wanted me to hold her, kiss her, love, and play with her. Leticia was watching us and I asked Leticia what I should do. Leticia said, "put her in the swing then you can think about it."
November 8, 1981 When readying to leave grandma and grandpa Smith's house, we noticed Leticia had taken off her snow boots. What had started out as a small search became more concentrated in looking in, under, and in-between. Finally, Dwayne found them very well hidden and set them on the end of the table. After Leticia came out of the bathroom she saw them and ran to pick them up. "I found them! Look, mom, I found them!" It sure provided us all with a good laugh. All that searching and Leticia proudly found them in plain sight. Silly people.
November 16, 1981 Leticia was playing with Legos and I asked her to pick them up so I could put dinner on the table and she said, "I'm doing with them." And she surely was, a great, long, zigzag wall. Amazed how she already identifies patterns.
November 1981 Leticia was trying to comfort Brenna while mommy was indispose and so played mommy as she had so often heard me. I guess I've never been very articulate. I know it for a certainty when Leticia was cooing "Brenna Noocold."
November 1981 Siting at the table Leticia shushed us so we could hear the geese, "Beep. Beep."
November 1981 Doug was speaking to me from the other room and I couldn't understand what he was saying. I sent Leticia in to ask him what he meant. Well, she phrased it in her own words. Standing there with her hands on hips and a serious expression on her face, she demanded of Doug, "What's the idea? Hey, you! What's the idea?"
1 9 8 2
Age 3
January 22, 1982 I told the girls I needed them to be quiet so I could listen to the news/weather to find out if we could go to great grandma's or not. Leticia told me, "if you go to great grandma's, me and Chandra will miss you soooo bad!" The weather was too bad. Wonder why they thought I‘d leave them behind. Sweeties!
January 23, 1982 Leticia was calling to me from the high chair and said, "Mommy, here I am in Brenna's something!"
February 17, 1982 I had made the girls their favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch minus their potato chips and boy was Leticia surprised. She cried, "What! No chips?"
February 17, 1982 The girls were always following me into the bathroom and Leticia got a little shaken when she saw blood on my panties. She asked me, "Mommy! Did you fall down and hurt yourself?" Now just try to explain my monthly to a 3-year-old.
April 26, 1982 Becky was asking the girls if they wanted to learn a new song and asked Leticia if she knew what a "caboose" was. Leticia said, "Uh huh. A cow."
July 20, 1982 Leticia told Doug he had hair on his toes and he was turning into a werewolf.
July 26, 1982 Leticia eating Broccoli—pointing. "Is this seeds here?"
Nannie. "Yes"
Leticia, pointing again. "Is this a leaf?"
Nannie. "Yes."
Long look at or through Nannie. "Am I eating grass?"
July 26, 1982 Oh, how many times have I asked Leticia to go open the door to let Chandra in? Today Chandra was squawking to get in and Leticia looked up at me (so mature, so much older than 4 years old) and says, "Would you please open the door and let Chandra in?"
November 24, 1982 Was trying to teach Leticia to say "sister" instead of "stisters." After several tries she finally gave up and said she had two girls named Chandra and Brenna.
1 9 8 4
Age 5
May 5, 1984 Mommy: "Doing pretty good"
Kiddo: "I'm pretty, but not very good."
(Wish I could remember who said this. Must have thought I'd remember which one later. Ha!)
May 5, 1984 Leticia and Clayton (neighbor boy) were cleaning up their play house downstairs after I told them I wanted it neat as a pin. I overheard Leticia telling Clayton that they had to clean it up as neat as a PAN!
1 9 8 9
Age 11
August 15, 1989 Leticia was taking a pot with seed outside and Grandma asked, "What are you going to do with them?" Leticia replied, "Grow ‘em." Grandma said, "Don't throw ‘em!"
August 16, 1989 Brenna exclaimed at how hot the fried chicken was and wanted to know if I put spices in it. Leticia commented it must be "Mexican" chicken.
December 11, 1989 Leticia was asking Nannie for help to find "a dusty feather." (Adeste Fideles). She said all she could find was "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." She sure doesn't know her Latin!!!
1 9 9 0
Age 12
August 13, 1990 Leticia said she would like to have a slumber party and invite all of the girls in her 7th grade class from her new school. Since she has no idea of the size of the school I thought I might get an idea of how large she thought her class was going to be so I asked her how many girls she thought might be in her class and she said, "Oh, 11 or 12". Now, what do you think, Leticia?
October 5, 1990 Leticia saw a head of lettuce on the counter and also knew I was heating her supper in the Micro. She asked if I was heating up lettuce for her, too. Looked very baffled about the whole business.
November 25, 1990 Greg was hanging all of the Christmas stockings in the playroom. Becky's stocking fell and Becky said, "Oh, my head". Leticia overheard and said, "Don't you mean you stubbed your toes?".
1 9 9 3
Age 15
January 21, 1993 Leticia told me the reason the days were so long in Belgium was because the sun rises in the west and sets in the east because they are in a different hemisphere.

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