Patrick Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years.

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 9 0
Age 3
February 2, 1990 Patrick said Grandpa is not fat, he is just strong. He was arguing with Jeffrey over the issue.
February 2, 1990 It was starting to rain and Patrick was outside with me without his jacket. I told him we needed to go in the house so he wouldn't get sick. He said he would not get sick because the rain was not getting into his mouth.
1 9 9 1
Age 4
February 8, 1991 Patrick saw a can of Slim Fast and stated emphatically that that stuff didn't make Grandpa 'Yiddler'.
February 19, 1991 Patrick went to the bathroom and saw Aunt Debbie's 'hose' in the sink to be washed and he asked Teri what they were. Teri told him they were 'hose' and Patrick thought she said holes' and said, "No, they aren't holes. . . this is a hole" and he pointed to the hole in the bottom of the bathroom stool.
February 24, 1991 Patrick was watching Teri and Aunt Becky prepare for Tracy's birthday party and he asked Teri if he was going to be one of the 'Peoples' at Tracy's brthday party.
February 24, 1991 I was driving Patrick and Tracy to the library and at every stop sign I would say to the car "Whoa Jessie" and then spell 'STOP' to the kids to help them learn how to spell. Patrick said he knows what I am spelling. I asked what did I spell and he said, "WHOA!"
March 14, 1991 Patrick told me I'm a Mommie and I asked him how he knew and he said because I babysit Leticia, Chandra, Brenna and Derek. Then he added, "You are a Nannie and a Mommie!" (Well, what do you know. Repitition of Paul's sentiments.).
April 26, 1991 While listening to a tape I made from old albums Patrick and I heard Dave's voice in the background suddenly say "Surprise!" and Patrick, knowing today is Dave's birthday, wanted to know if it was Uncle David's surprise birthday party and I told him no and then he wanted to know if balloons fell from the ceiling when he said, "Surprise???!!!" Patrick just could not understand the tape was three years old and made in Lisle, Illinois.
May 8, 1991 As I tossed Greg some towlettes I said, "Here, catch Las Vegas." (Had brought the towelettes back home from a previous trip to Vegas). Patrick's hands were all sticky and I asked Greg to wash Patrick's after he finished washing his own. Patrick washed and then told Greg he needed some more 'Las Vegas' because his hands were still sticky.
May 10, 1991 Derek watched the movie "10 Brave Men" about Powell who discovered the Grand Canyon. Patrick said, "Oh, I saw him before. He was with Grandpa one day!".
June 10, 1991 Jeffrey and Patrick said they have a pool just like ours. Their daddy bought it for them but he does not put 'soil' in it like Grandpa does. We decided they meant chlorine bleach or all the dirt and grass the kids drag into the pool while getting in and out so much.
July 11, 1991 Patrick wanted some pretzels. I got out the new 3 pound bag to open and he looked at it in dismay and said, "But, Nannie, I don't want all of them.".
September 5, 1991 Patrick was playing with my left arm around the elbow area and said it's so soft and skinny and that means I haven't had any babies yet. Wanna bet, Patrick!!!!
Age 5
December 7, 1991 Patrick said the lights outside are people 'and' bird lights.
December 8, 1991 Patrick's spaghetti was too hot for him to eat. I told him to just move it around till it cooled. He picked up his plate and was trying to move it around on the plate. . . swivel style. Age 5 years.
December 24, 1991 We were opening Christmas gifts and it was Patrick's turn to open his gift. He said, "Gimme it" and Deborah held onto it and corrected his manners by saying, "May I have it, please?" Patrick said, "No, I want it so I can open it!".
1 9 9 2
April 9, 1992 Patrick said his egg was 'crapped'. . . meant cracked.
April 17, 1992 Patrick said, "I felt Great, great Grandma in the coffin and she felt hard and 'sort of flat' like you, Nannie!" Thanks a heap, Patrick. He said both of his Grandpa's are fat and his Great, great Grandpa that lives with Great Grandma is skinny. (Great, great Uncle Alfred?)
September 23, 1992 Patrick was eating ice cream and said when he gets a headache from the cold ice cream he hits his head with his hand and the headache flies right out his ear!
September 24, 1992 Brenna, Patrick and I went for a walk. As we started out Patrick said he would probably fall asleep while he was walking because his bedtime is at 8 and he falls asleep awfully easy.
1 9 9 3
Age 6
While melting the unopened carton of Ice Cream to make it easier to open and dip out of the carton into a dish Patrick got all shook up and said, "But, Nannie, I don't want warm Ice Cream!".
August 7, 1993 Patrick asked Derek what that crack in his chin is (dimple) and Patrick told him it looked like a double chin.
August 7, 1993 Derek served Mass and Patrick said he didn't know Derek was a 'FATHER' already!
1 9 9 4
Age 8
August 6, 1994 Lake of the Ozarks. After 5 or 6 nightly baths a very tired and disgruntled Patrick declared he was beginning to hate baths a lot!
1 9 9 7
Age 10
June 7, 1997 I placed a call to Teri and Patrick answered the phone. Teri was not at home so I used an 'olden day phrase' and said, "Okay, see you in the movies, Pat." Pat was startled and said, "Huh, what, when?" Guess he was not familiar with that saying!

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