Paul Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years.

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 9 0
Age 7
September 19, 1990 I showed Paul the 'Fighting Jaguars' stadium in Beaumont and told him that was where the football team played and he immediatley started arguing that it is not 'Jaguars' but a 'Jogger's' stadium so they can jog there. We discussed this for awhile but he never, ever changed his mind.
1 9 9 1
Age 8
March 1, 1991 Paul had a blood test and told his dad he gave blood for the soldiers in the war (Desert Storm War.)
March 2, 1991 Paul introduced me at his school to some of his friends as his Grandma and then quickly added, "But, she's a Mom and a Grandma, too!" He put the emphasis on the mom part. I thought that very clever. Remember, kids, Dave was still pretty young and still at home then.
March 3, 1991 Paul asked me if Uncle David is still wearing that stupid package on his head (the ice pack he wore when he had his wisdom teeth removed!!).
March 5, 1991 Maureen and I were talking about how we (housewives) are expected to be 'Super-Moms'. Maureen said she used to try to do everything but gave up. Paul said, "My mom tries to do everything but sometimes she just can't get it sll done". I guess she is still trying to be Super Mom and doing a terrific job of it. Slow down, Mrs. Housewife alias HomeMaker.
March 5, 1991 Paul was letting a popsicle melt in his mouth because he said then he was going to melt the 'plastic' thing around his pill (Gelatin capsule) so he could taste the medicine. Ugh.
August 6, 1991 Paul informed me he is growing all right, but the only trouble is, he's growing down instead of up!!!!!
Age 11
1 9 9 2
Summer 1992 When leaving the airport in Houston Paul exclaimed, "Oh, my gosh, we're going to hit the ground." He was doubly sure when the plane turned and banked and headed for Dallas. Ann commented that the planes wings were like birds. Katie's comeback was, "But, birds wings go up and down." First leg of the families trip to Belgium.

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