Rachel Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Rachel was born 1983:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 8 9
Age 5
July 8, 1989 Rachel and Sarah are visiting for a month. They watched the movie "The Ten Commandments" a number of times cause they liked it so much. Rachel came into the kitchen and said in a deep voice, "The Lord told me to come down and eat lunch".
July 15, 1989 I was giving Rachel milk to drink and she didn't want it. She said, "I can't drink milk. It makes me have crabs!". I guess she means it makes her crabby.
1 9 9 1
Age 8
July 7, 1991 Rachel wanted to know how to play a game called (Hi-2) and I told her you jump the pieces. Dave set it on the floor and told her to jump over it. She did and knocked all of the pieces asunder. Then, we told her "Now, you play "Pick up'". She did and when the boys came in Rachel told them what a fun game she had just learned and wanted them to learn, too.
December 19, 1991 Rachel was being questioned about something and refused to answer. . . said she was standing on the 5th commandment (sure it isn't the 5th amendment, Rachel?)
1 9 9 2
Age 9
April 8, 1992 Rachel said Matt was so well mannered today. She could tell cause he was using the '' to cover his mouth.
1 9 9 3
Age 10
August 19, 1993 Rachel asked Uncle David where he got his computer from and he told her from work. She asked, "Which work, Burger King or your 'Rafting Job"? She thought her Mom had said David worked for a Rafting Company. She missed the boat on that one!
1 9 9 4
Age 11
June 12, 1994 Rachel and I went for a walk and we were discussing family resemblances. When we got to who Uncle Tommy Joe was, Rachel asked who he was and I told her he is Shelly, Daron, Scott, Kassie and Clint's daddy. Rachel said, "Oh, I thought Tommy Joe was your brother cause he is so old"!!!!!!"
1 9 9 5
Age 12
June 6, 1995 Rachel Told Dave she believes when folks get to their 50's they start losing their smarts and men go first. (Sorry, dear, some of us lose it earlier!!!)
2 0 0 0
Age 17
November 23, 2000 While watching old movies from 1991 at Deb's house on Thanksgiving Day some parts of the movie showed Christmas in Independence in the olden days. We tried to identify each place and someone said about one scene, "Oh, that's Spring." Rachel looked puzzled and said, "I thought Christmas was in the winter.".

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