Ricky Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my 9 children have said to me over the years. Ricky was born 2/26/1955 and Died 7/27/2008:
_____Date_____ They Said What?
Age 2
1 9 5 7
May 1957 When Tom took TJ, Rick and Billy into Kentucky when they were very small Rick looked at the grass and in shock he just stared at the grass. He finally asked if this was "Kentucky Bluegrass" or what? He thought the grass was supposed to be blue and had been looking forward to seeing it.
Age 4
1 9 5 9
November 1959 Ricky, after being caught closing and rubbing his eyes said, "I am not sleepy, Mommie. I was just closing my eyes so no one could see who I was".
1 9 6 0
February 2, 1960 I asked Tommy Joe and Ricky if we should go to Grandma's during the two weeks their dad was slated to be in Chicago on business in April and they were all enthused but I told them Tommy Joe would have to miss school if we went. Tommy Joe paused, thought and then grinned, "That will be okay". Ricky says, "We like Grandma's better than school. . . do we, Tommy Joe?"
Age 5
March 6, 1960 Ricky was complaining about his brains moving around. I asked where and he pointed to his chest and stomach.
January 1, 1960 After very carefully explaining something to the children Ricky cupped his hand to is ear and very seriously said, "What, Mommie, I didn't quite follow you."
February 24, 1960 Ricky was planning to attend kindergarten on his birthday but TJ's teacher said no one was to bring their little sisters or brothers to school. But, TJ told the teacher Ricky wouldn't be his brother any more because she didn't say other children couldn't go. Later Ricky was talking about going and I told him what the teacher said but Ricky said, "But, Tommy Joe isn't my brother anymore, so can I go??"
March 7, 1960 Ricky was holding his nose closed trying to exhale and became all excited and said, "Mommie, I'm blowing air out and it's not coming out of my nose, but it's coming out both of my ears!"
March 29, 1960 Ricky said, "Mom, when I get grown, Daddy will be a grandpa, won't he?" and TJ overhearing replied in disgust, "OH, Ricky, Daddy can't be a grandpa, he's not a farmer." (Like TJ's grandpa.)
May 3, 1960 Ricky said he was playing daddy and TJ told him he didn't look like a daddy but like a grandma because he has red hair (like Grandma McClintic's.)
May 25, 1960 TJ and Ricky had been playing cowboys all morning and suddenly Ricky said, "Tommy, let's just play Tommy and Ricky now." (Received $2.00 from The Capper's Weekly for this one saying.)
September 14, 1960 Ricky said his stomach hurt because the bones that protect his heart got all twisted up and made his tummy hurt.
October 13, 1960 Ricky and TJ were writing their alphabet and being very chummy toward each other. I heard Ricky say to TJ, "Tommy, I like you so much I feel like I could pop."
October 31, 1960 I asked Ricky if I should make a Devil's Food Cake and he said very vehemently, "No, No."
1 9 6 1
January 3, 1961 Ricky told TJ that the extension cord was the plug and the thing where you plugged in is the plug "end" because it's the end of the plug. Simple!!
January 24, 1961 Ricky showed TJ a picture of a boy turning a somersault and he said, "Tommy, that's called a somersault because your're just supposed to do in in the 'summer' time."
January 24, 1961 Mel Blanc, the "Voice" of Bugs Bunny, Petunia Pig, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, etc, was seriously injured in an auto crash today and Ricky said he might be dead. Ricky was looking for the 4 o'clock cartoons and he said to TJ, "Tommy, the cartoons might not be on cause the cartoon man might be dead." Coincidentally, there were no cartoons on and Ricky said, "Yep, he's dead." (The next day after I wrote this, early part of July, 1989, Mel Blanc really did die but not from a car accident. He died of old age.)
January 28, 1961 Tom made the remark that he wondered what I would look like as a blond and then asked me why I didn't dye my hair. Ricky chimed in with "Wouldn't mommie look funny dead in all that dirt and it will be all over her face, too."
January 28, 1961 Ricky told TJ he can't catch up with TJ in numbers of birthdays because TJ was born first (February 24th over Rick's February 26th) but then he thought he might have two birthdays pretty soon and pass TJ up.
January 1961 I overheard Ricky telling Billy that their plastic cowboy was dead and he'd better leave him laying in bed or he'd die again and he's never get him fixed up again.
February 14, 1961 Ricky told Teri she had better not turn over Becky's bed or Teri would break Becky's head open and then she would have to buy a new baby for him. (Rick was sort of in charge of Becky.)
January 16, 1961 Ricky said negroes are made out of mud because they are black and mud is black. White people are made out of dirt because they are white and dirt is white. Indians are made out of dust and then they paint themselves red.
Age 6
March 1, 1961 Ricky wishes he was named Pat after Joe Maher's son, Pat. TJ said, "Oh, like Pat Kelly (fellow student at St. Mary's school.) and Ricky said, "No, I don't want to be a killer". . . slight misunderstanding here.
April 24, 1961 Ricky was talking very loudly (as usual) and I said, "Ricky, I'm not deaf." He stopped short, looked at me strangely and said, "I didn't call you deaf."
April 26, 1961 Ricky said to Becky, "Becky, I'll be a grandpa by the time you are all grown up."
May 23, 1961 Ricky was telling me that sheep can't jump a fence because their skin is too heavy, but after some men cut off their skin then they can jump.
July 22, 1961 Ricky told TJ that Becky has the hic-cups because she is hiccuping in the kitchen.
November 17, 1961 TJ was talking about the movie, "Ben Hur" which we saw last summer and he said, "Ben Hur lived because he had hayfever in his eyes and hayfever makes you live a long time." I was stumped over that one until I remembered the captain of the ship saying "You have 'hate fever' in your eyes and that will keep you alive."
November 26, 1961 Msgr Freshel was quizzing Ricky to find out if he was ready to receive the Eucharist for the first time. He asked Ricky, "When your daddy goes to confession does he say this to the priest, 'Bless me Father it is my 4, 897th confession' or something else?" Ricky, without a moment's pause said, "No, Father, my daddy is only 30 years old."
December 2, 1961 Ricky wanted a barn door like his Daddy's. . . he meant pompadour (hair style).
December 8, 1961 Ricky said Mary Hagan has the measles and I asked him what kind and he said, "The outside kind."
1 9 6 2
Age 7
March 17, 1962 Today was Tom's birthday and I baked him a chocolate cake. He informed us at the supper table that he knew I had baked because he could smell the chocolate cake and chocolate icing. I was amazed because I could not smell anything and said just that. Ricky said, "Well, no wonder. . . Dad's nose is bigger than yours, Mom".
March 19, 1962 Ricky said Mike Lucas is his best 'boyfriend' and then quickly changed his mind and said, "He's my best friend of a boy".
April 3, 1962 Ricky said he 'pianoed' a piece for sister at school.
October 19, 1962 Ricky was singing 'She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes' and when he got to the part of 'We'll kill the old red rooster when she comes' he stopped and said, "Well, Mom, they call the rooster a she". I tried to explain but he still thinks the whole song is about a rooster coming around the mountain.
November 2, 1962 Ricky was helping to make a cream sauce and when I added the milk it had an egg look and Ricky said, "Is this going to be scrambled eggs"?
December 4, 1962 Ricky is writing a paragraph about his favorite shoes for his homework assignment and his subject is 'paratrooper' boots like Billy has. Ricky says the reason he likes paratrooper boots is because they protect his feet. Billy then decides to test Ricky's theory and climbed up on the table and jumped off and let out a big yelp because he said he about broke his leg! Ricky calmly said, "Yes, but you didn't hurt your feet, did you"?
December 8, 1962 Ricky was watching 'Jungle Jim' on TV and was telling me that people on TV don't really get killed when they are shot because it is really catsup that runs on them instead of blood and when they are shot in cold blood they use cold catsup they get right out of the freezer.
1 9 6 3
January 7, 1963 The Christmas tree water made a terrible odor and as we were cleaning it up the children were watching a circus on TV. When the camel performance started Ricky said to Billy, "I think the little camel stinks the most, don't you"? They actually thought the tree water was coming from the TV set.
January 24, 1963 Billy asked me how old I would be next year and I jokingly said '99'. He said, "Oh, I didn't know that was a real number. Ricky told me there was a '99' and I didn't believe him, but you will be 99 next year so it is real". After supper Billy told the boys I would be 99 next year and Ricky said, "Oh, Bill, Mom isn't that old and besides if she was, she would have more children".
Age 8
March 1, 1963 Ricky was telling Debbie she is nice to him when he is sick and then he added, "Mom, you are always good to me".
May 31, 1963 Ricky saw the First Baptist Church of Independence and said, "Mom, it looks more like the last Baptist Church to me". I asked why and he said it still looked awfully new to him.
June 3, 1963 When looking at the tombstone my Dad had erected in Holy Rosary Cemetery in Monroe Ricky pondered over the dates on it and saw my Dad's birthdate (1891) and also Mom and Dad's wedding date already inscribed on the stone and commented that the man buried there sure was old when he died. My dad was standing there and he sure had a big laugh over that. He was 73 years young at that time. Age 73 & 8
September 21, 1963 Ricky was drinking his third glass of tomato juice and asked me if he'd get drunk if he drank too much of the juice. He sure hoped not cause he sure loves it.
October 15, 1963 As we passed the First National Bank in Independence Ricky looked at it and couldn't figure out why it looked so new for being the 'First' National Bank. He then said, "I am sure there is a newer one in Kansas City that looks older than our 'First' one does".
November 22. 1963 Ricky was complaining because he thought his daddy didn't like him because he has red hair and I assured him that was ridiculous and asked why he thought that and he said because Tuesday Daddy had spanked him two times with the belt easy and he spanked TJ real hard two times and said that was to teach him a lesson. Ricky said, "Daddy doesn't love me because he doesn't want to teach me a lesson, too, so I will be good when I grow up".
November 30, 1963 Rick and TJ were looking at a book and wondering aloud which cow was Grandpa's, the Jersey or the Guernsey. Rick decided it was the Jersey since it was standing beside a chicken and Grandpa's cow isn't afraid of chickens.
1 9 6 4
Age 9
March 18, 1964 Ricky was talking about a nun and Bill said, "What's a nun. .. . a nothing"?
1 9 6 5
Age 10
September 14, 1965 When we brought red headed Timmy home from the hospital, Ricky immediately went to check him out and then doubtfully said, "Where's his freckles"? They are here now, aren't they, Tim?
1 9 6 6
Age 11
August 22, 1966 I commented to whomever would listen that I would like to get TJ active in some sport and Ricky quickly commented, "He can't, cause his active glands don't work".
1 9 6 7
Age 12
July 26, 1967 Ricky returned a jug to the store for me and I forgot to tell him he was returning it because Tom found a stronger and cheaper one. Ricky told the girl at the counter that he was returning it because his dad found a cheaper one. He knows his dad, right?
1 9 7 4
January 5,1974 This is a day in the lives of the Dierkes family. Rick burned his toast while I was on the phone. Bill knocked over a 6 qt pack of pop while at the grocery store. (Nope, that child is not mine!! I have never ever seen him before!) Becky turned over a full glass of tea. Dave fell down the basement steps in his stroller! Bill fainted twice in the bathroom after taking a hot bath (aftermath of his broken neck surgery) Scared me out of six years growth, sweetie! Ages Rick 18, Bill 16, Becky 13, Dave 8 months.
1 9 7 6
Age 21
November 21, 1976 Rick thought he was at school (Conception, MO) and stepped out of the top bunk in Tim's room to turn off the alarm. What a crash!!! Tim observed him very cooly and with a bit of admiration and awe, too, he said, "Gee, Rick, that was sure a neat way to get out of bed."
December 27, 1976 TJ saw Rick's Greek Bible and asked him what kind it was and Rick told him Greek. TJ said, "Really, what language is it written in?"
1 9 7 7
Age 22
March 6, 1977 I was telling Rick about throwing one's bread upon the water and so on and asked him if he knew what happens then. He looked puzzled and finally asked hesitantly, "It gets soggy?" Wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but okay that part was right, I am sure.
1 9 9 1
Age 36
February 3, 1991 Rick was looking at Uncle Jim's back X-rays and after studying them for awhile he finally asked Jim why there was a curve on his upper back. Jim looked at what Rick was looking at and started laughing and told him he had the X-ray upside down!
1 9 9 2
Age 36
February 2, 1992 Rick asked if I had listened to his tape. I told him I'd listened all the way and he looked startled and asked, "All the way??? All the way to where." I meant all the way through, Rick.
1 9 9 8
Age 43
April 1998 Rick's second graders were getting ready to make their First Holy Communion while we were up there the last of April. The teacher had assigned a little task to each so they could all participate. When she finished and was ready to dismiss the class one little boy raised his hand and asked "Who got to be the slaves???" The teacher was baffled! "What slaves???" The little boy replied, "Oh, those guys up there with father wearing the long white dresses". Cute, right?

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