Shelly Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Shelly was born 1980:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
Age 3
May 1983 Grandma McClintic shortened some sleeves on TJ's shirts. Shelly took the articles from her with cut off sleeves when they fell to the floor. She looked at Olivia and said "Grandma, you broke my Daddy's shirt!"
June 6, 1983 As we were going to the Indiana Dunes with Shelly we kept going through toll booths and finally Shelly asked why Grandfather was throwing away his money in those baskets.
June 17, 1983 Shelly noticed me writing in this book and said "That's God's book. We better take it back to God."
June 20, 1983 During a late afternoon bath I asked Shelly what she was going to wear. "A beautiful dress"
"Because I am going dancing."
June, 1983 Shelly had done something and I had said to her, "Well, bless your heart," and she ran to her mom and said, "Mommie, she blessed my heart!"
August 3, 1983 I called Shelly "My Darling" when we were visiting Grandma in Monroe and Shelly said, "Can I stay all night here at Grandma's with you? I want to stay and be Your Darling'."
August 5, 1983 Tom and I were going walking at Grandma's and Dave and Shelly were planning to join us, too. Tom was taking his time getting ready to walk, opening and shutting car doors, etc. Shelly said, "Is your Dad going to walk in the car???"
August 6, 1983 Dave blew up an inflatable Barbie doll chair and it immediately deflated. Shelly was very exasperated. I asked her if that was the chair that Dave had blown up and she said, "No, it's the one he blew down."
August 1983 Shelly asked Dottie "Did you see my dream last night?"
August 29, 1983 Shelly handed me my contact lens case and said "Here Mommy - put your eyes on."
October 23, 1983 Tom "You are getting better at coloring"
Shelly "I color nice."
October 23, 1983 "Oh no! The moon is broken!"
December 1983 Shelly passed gas in the bathroom. When asked "What was that?" she replied "That's my gasoline."
December 1983 "Mommy, you and I are girls because we're ladies… Daron and Daddy are boys because they are mans."
December 1983 After watching Christmas commercials Shelly informed me Santa did not live at the North Pole. He lived at the Christmas store.
December 1983 Shelly just handed me a broken fingernail and told me to put it in my plants. Wonder what taught her that?
December 1983 "All I want for Christmas is a necklace, a sleeping bag, , and a whole lot of toys." She later added to her list a Barbie Doll, a ring and jewelry box, (and a whole lot of toys). Santa was very good to her.
December 1983 6 mo old Daron waking from nap and crying. Shelly ran to him and said "Who rang your bell?"
December 1983 "Mommy, I love Nanny because I'm her Darling."
December 1983 Kleenex is pronounced "Kleen-sex"
December 1983 Took Shelly to Diemakers to see their Christmas lights. At home she told Tom "Daddy, we went to Diamond Makers to see the Christmas trees."
December 1983 After watching me make Daron's formula for the past 6-7 months, Shelly questioned her milk. While having a glass with cookies she asked how to make her milk. I told her about milking cows and sending the milk to a factory where they cooked it like she does Daron's milk. Then they put it in jugs and send it to the store. She dipped her cookie in her glass and said "Look, I have cow's milk on my cookie." She took a bite and said "Now I have cow's milk in my mouth". The rest of the night was a barrage of "cow's milk comments"
December 15, 1983 Shelly is running all over the house with a feather duster, poking it everywhere and making sweeps across the floor. The more she poked and jabbed the more active she got. When asked what she was doing she said "I'm setting your house on fire."
December 1983
December 1983 Christmas decorations on Main Street, Monroe City, is her jingle bells. It became known as "Jingle Bell Street"
December 1983 The entire long drive Shelly sings (like a broken record), "Jingle Bells all the way" "Jingle Bells all the way" "Jingle Bells all the way" "Jingle Bells all the way…"
December 1983 Tom came into house, Shelly climbed up in my lap and said "Mommy, do you have a whole lot of money?" I told her I didn't so she jumped down, ran to Tom, shook her finger and said, "Daddy, you go to work so Mommy can have more money."
December 21, 1983 I came home depressed and wasn't saying much. Shelly followed me around and finally asked. "Mommy, are you sad?" "Yes" "Are you crying?" "No" "Mommy, are you mad at me?" "No, Honey, I am not mad at you." "Then why are you sad?" "Because Daddy is not home very much." "Don't be sad Mommy. He'll be home when it gets night time. You can see him then."
December 27, 1983 "Mommy, do you know what?"
"I swear to my time."
December 1983 Shelly didn't want a fire in the woodstove for Christmas because she didn't want Santa to get dirty.
December 21, 1983 Shelly got concerned because everyone had a present under the tree but her Mom. She was afraid if her Mom did not have a present under the tree Santa would think her Mom had been bad. So, Shelly wrapped up an EverReady battery and told her she got her an energizer.
December 17, 1983 Shelly waited and waited in line to see Santa. When she finally got to talk to him she told him how good she'd been and what she wanted for Christmas. Later she realized she forgot to tell him she wanted a sleeping bag. The rest of the day she became more and more depressed until finally she said (with her lower lip out) "That's okay. I didn't want one anyway." I told her when we got home we'd write Santa a letter and tell him. She was overjoyed!
December, 1983 A week later, Shelly asked if her Mother if she had sent the letter to Santa about the sleeping bag. When her Mother assured her she had Shelly asked if she had told Santa she wanted a Garfield (cat) bag. (Santa had already bought a CareBear bag.)
1 9 8 4
January 28, 1984 Shelly stumbled on the concrete steps, scraping her skin pretty bad. With a look of pain on her face she turned to her Mother and said "That's okay Mommy, I'll live."
January 28, 1984 On our way to town a car pulled out in front of us (Shelly and her Mother). As her Mom stepped on the brakes she held out her arm in front of Shelly. Shelly answered "That's okay Mommy, I'm hanging on". She pointed to the armrest and said, "This is my hanging me on."
January 28, 1984 Shelly felt a baby's forehead and exclaimed the baby had a fever. She told her when we got home she would give her some pretend Tylenol.
Age 4
February, 1984 Don't chew with your mouth full.
February, 1984 Shelly noticing her fever had broke, felt of her arms, shoulders, and legs and exclaimed "Its gone all over me."
February 8, 1984 "Do you have the hook ups?" (hiccups)
February 24, 1984 To TJ from Shelly regarding her bathwater. "Make it warmer, Daddy. Make it warmer. It is too hot!"
February 25, 1984 After eating a plate full of cornbread, I asked Shelly if she wanted some milk to wash it down. After taking a drink, she said, "Look Mommy, I washed it down my drain."
February 27, 1984 Tom got stuck in Bowling Green and had to sleep over at the office. The next morning I began telling Shelly about Daddy sleeping on the floor at his work. She was worried about his head being hurt. I told her Daddy wanted to thank her for the pillow she had put in the care because he used to sleep with. She responded with "Goodie, Goodie, now my Daddy's head won't hurt."
February 28, 1984 The next day when she saw TJ she asked, "Daddy, who did you sleep with last night?"
February 28, 1984 In seeing a nursing gown hanging up, Shelly asked "Mommy, are you going to wear the one with the broken boobies?"
March 1, 1984 Shelly going to bed said "Make sure and lock the doors and don't let no bad guys come in - just Daddy."
March 4, 1984 Shelly's definition of a restaurant - "The cooking place where everybody eats."
March 30, 1984 While waiting for a train to clear and intersection, the end of the train had a caboose followed by a passenger car. Shelly asked "Why is the end in the middle?"
March 30, 1984 Shelly didn't eat her raisin bran for breakfast because she didn't like the bugs floating in the milk.
March 30, 1984 "Mommy, that's a pretty dress. When I get big as you, can I wear it?"
April, 1984 Shelly is refusing to eat meals because she’s afraid she’ll get big and fat and have babies in her tummy.
April, 1984 Picking the kids up in Tom's car (standard shift), we all got in and as I turned the ignition a little voice said "Mommy, do you know how to drive this?"
April, 1984 As I tucked Shelly in for the night she asked "Mommy, why do you have big boobs and Daddy has little boobs? Why does Daddy have little boobs and big circles? Why does Daron and me have little boobs and little circles? Mommy, why do you wear a bra?"
"Goodnight Shelly"
May 1984 During the 2 weeks since exposure to Chickenpox Shelly was convinced they were animals of some kind. Here are some of her comments during her illness with Chickenpox.
  • "We’re going to throw our Chickenpox in the fence and the cows will go away."
  • "Does Chickenpox eat grass?"
  • "If we don’t like our chickenpox can we sell them?"
  • "Does Chickenpox have legs?"
  • "If we throw them in the fence they need legs so they can run."
  • "I hate these spots. They are killing me!"
  • "These bubbles are all over me."
May 1984 Shelly’s Chickenpox had begun to face when Shelly came running out of the bathroom super excited "Look, my skin is coming back!"
May 1984 When Daron broke out with Chickenpox a week later, Shelly began to cry because she thought she was going to get them all over again.
May 1984 Shelly rubbing her arms, "Mommy. I need to take my skin outside for some fresh air."
May 1984 Mom: "Are you pulling my leg?"
Shelly: "No, I am pulling your face."
September 1984 "I am so tired of living with holes in my pockets."
September 1984 "I am so tired of living with holes in my pockets."
1 9 8 6
Age 6
June 7, 1986 Shelly called me into the guest room early one morning while still in bed and pointed to the left side of the bed and said, "Is this the wrong side of the bed, Nannie? I want to get up on the right side of the bed today."
June 8, 1986 Shelly and the twins from next door (Amanda and Melissa Presnak) plus Dave and Tom stayed in the pool on the deck almost all day! At 9 PM when they got out I said it's bedtime and Shelly said, "But, Nannie, we didn't get to play at all today!"
June 9, 1986 Shelly told me the last time she was visiting us (in April) I was nice and the twins were mean, but we must have practiced and changed places because now I am mean and they are nice. Can't win them all, Shelly.
June 19, 1986 Shelly said she was sad about her bus driver so I asked why and she said he got dead.
June 11, 1986 Shelly said sadly that she doesn't know how to play house or Mommie. A thought provoking comment, I would say.
1 9 8 7
Age 7
August 19, 1987 Shelly said in all seriousness, "My Dad has two wives. . . his step-wife and his real wife."
August 22, 1987 Shelly just can't get over me being 'so old' and still having a mother living. Makes me feel absolutely ancient! Just kiddin', Shelly.

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