Sissy Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Mackenzie was born 1995:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 9 8
Age 3
April 29, 1998 Tom was pretending to cry, actually sort of whimpering that he wanted his Mommie. Sissy came and hid behind me and peeked around my side to look at him in amazement. She did not know what to make of her Grandpa whimpering like that. I asked Sissy what was the matter and she whispered, "Pops wants his Mommie". I asked her where she thought his Mommie was and she said very quietly, "Oh, she's at work". The new era, my children!!!!!
May 25, 1998 Sissy saw her daddy carrying around Kami and she said with a pout, "She can't use my daddy."
November 24, 1998 Have I told you yet that Mackenzie was sitting on Dee's lap and put her hands up to smooth across her cheeks and said, "Mommie, you sure are going to be pretty when you get old."
November 23, 1998 Mackenzie was making the sign of the cross with Tom and he still says Holy Ghost instead of Holy Spirit. Mackenzie stopped dead in her tracks and said, "There's no ghost in here!!!"
December 15, 1998 Mackenzie said she can tell I am old and I asked her why and she replied because I don't go to work anymore. (The new generation of working mothers)
1 9 9 9
Age 4
January 25, 1999 Tim was helping Mackenzie with her prayers and said, "God and Jesus bless you", and she looked up at him and told Tim that Jesus died. Tim agreed and said, "Yes, He did, but He's alive now." Mackenzie disagreed and then thought a minute and said, "And so did that other guy." Tim asked "What other guy?" "Oh, that OTHER guy... you know, the other guy!" Tim had to think about that for a bit and then it dawned on him what Mackenzie was talking about and said to her, "Oh, you mean God?" Mackenzie smiled real big and said, "Yeah, God! The other guy!"
April 14, 1999 Mackenzie told me her daddy had gone to the hospital and he had to wear a gown, too. I am sure she was visualizing him wearing a gown like her mommie wears! What a sight! Then she added, "And he had a fever, too." Not true since he went in for a colonoscopy!
June 22, 1999 Mackenzie saw Tom sitting on the side of his bed with just his walking shorts on and exclaimed, "Boy, you sure do have big boobs, Pops!".
2 0 0 0
Age 5
March 16, 2000 Mackenzie was getting all tucked in for a good night's sleep when she spied my silk pillowcase and decided she would like to have it on her pillow so I pulled it off and told her to 'put it on her pillow'. This morning when making the bed I discovered she had done exactly that! She had 'put' it on the pillow by laying it on 'top' of the pillow. It had not even rolled or slipped off of the pillow top all night! Naturally, I had meant to slip it over/on the other pillowcase but didn't check to see what she did.
May 27, 2000 Mackenzie was up early after having spent the night here and we needed to check with her mother to see if she could go to Kid's Kingdom with us. Mackenzie was hesitant about anyone calling her mother because she was afraid her mom would still be asleep. It was after 8:30 AM. This is how she phrased her concern. "I don't think we should call my house. They sleep 'early' over there." Think she meant they like to sleep in on the weekend.
June 7, 2000 Mackenzie was walking around with the hiccups and kept telling us she was 'hicking' up.
June 9, 2000 (I still feel I am writing the wrong century when I put anything 2000.) Mackenzie was complaining about Matt teasing and pestering her a lot and declared vehemently, "If he kills me he is going to be grounded to his room for the rest of his life and he will only have one friend to play with and one toy."
June, 2000 Mackenzie and Kami and Zak all call water 'goggles' 'water gaggles'.
July 7, 2000 Mackenzie found out her parents are going to London, England in August and excitedly told me her mommie and daddy are going to London. I asked her how they are getting there and she said, "Oh, Daddy is going to drive his new car."
August 11, 2000 While driving by a cemetery I told Mackenzie I was going to say a prayer for the dead and she said she wanted to and not me but I had already started one by then and when I finished we were past the cemetery and I told her to say her's now but she declined so I told her when we went past the next it would be her turn. We came to one shortly and I told her it was her turn now so she said, "Ok. God bless mommie and daddy and God bless Jesus and Mary, Amen.".
August 10, 2000 While peeling an apple for Mackenzie she came by to remind me to be sure and take the crust off of the apple. She will not eat the crust on bread so guess she assumed the peel is also called the crust.
October 7, 2000 Mackenzie had just won another soccer game in Garland, Texas and came excitedly to Tim, Dee and me to tell her score. She said, "We won!!! Our score was three squirrels to nothing." Are we sure she was playing soccer?
October 10, 2000 During Matt's make up soccer game Mackenzie curled up on her Mom's lap and said to Dee. "I sure hope Matt doesn't get killed out there."
October 29, 2000 Mackenzie came from CCD kg class and informed us her teacher's daddy had died and gone up to Canada. (Fine, if you like Canada, but she meant he had been taken to Canada for the burial.)
November 26, 2000 Mackenzie was helping to put out the Christmas figures for the manger. When she picked up Baby Jesus she asked where His dad is. I showed her St. Joseph and told her this is His foster dad. Mackenzie looked at Joseph and said, "No, I mean where is His real dad,,,God."
November 30,2000 Dee, Matt, Mackenzie and I were driving up to Luby's to eat supper and Dee commented to me she was getting hoarse from yelling at the kids so much and then added, "I think I have a frog in my throat.". Matt and Mackenzie listened up real quick and Matt said, "Where did you find a frog this time of year?" and Mackenzie quickly added, "Is it alive?". Neither had heard the expression before and thought Dee was serious in her comments. Then one asked if it hurt? Dee and I were laughing a lot so very hard for us to answer the children right away.
Age 6
March 17,2001 I asked Mackenzie if it rained while she and her brother and mom were visiting their aunt and cousins in Sonora, TX. She said, "Oh, yes, it rained one time and the other time these big round drops fell out of the sky." She made a circle with her thumb and forefinger about the size of a silver dollar. I asked her if she was talking about hail and she said, "Oh, yes, that is what those big drops were called."

That's pretty good size hail, don't you think???

March 16, 2001 Mackenzie celebrated her 6th birthday on March 16th. I told her Pops birthday was the next day and she said, "But, I thought he already had a birthday." I said he did have a pretend one in January but we also know his real birthday is the next day after hers. She looked very seriously at me and said, "You mean when you get old you get to have two birthdays every year?" No, dear heart, but it sure seems as though one does because they seem to come faster and faster.

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