Teri (Bug) Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my 9 children have said to me over the years. Teri was born 1959:

How did Teri get the nick name of Teri Bug? Was there a reason?

Oh, yes, there is a reason!!! Teri was our most adventuresome baby/child. She was into absolutely everything and on top of and under and inside of things. I would wake up in the morning and she would have gotten out of bed and climbed on top of the cabinets and gotten into food on top of the refrigerator. She demolished a cake one morning with her fingers. It was chocolate and she ate her fill with her fingers. She was not very old. She climbed out of her baby crib before she was one year old. She would not stay in bed during the night. We eventually had to put the harness on her at night and attach it to the bunk bed post! Aunt Billie thought that cruel until she took care of Becky and Teri one time when Tom and I took a wee trip. But, Billie changed her mind before we got back and ended up also doing what we had done. Teri seemed to be allergic to a bed! Thankful she did not get into poisons and cleaning stuff or medicines. One time I commented to Tom that Teri was like a Bug. She found access to everywhere in the house. So, he started calling her Bug.

_____Date_____ They Said What?
Age 2
March 10, 1961 Teri wanted some of Becky's baby food and I wouldn't let her have any so she got a spoon and caught Becky's drippings as they fell out of her mouth!!!!! (How gross can one get???)
November 17, 1961 I went into the boy's room to check on Teri, who was being very quiet. She was lying on her tummy studying the decals on the boys dresser. Looked so cute.
April 23, 1962 Teri got into the baby vitamins behind my back today.
April 24, 1962 Teri got into Tom's liquid black shoe polish in the garage. She polished her white shoes, herself, her dress, and the table and floor.
April 24, 1962 Teri was looking at a picture of some pigs and called them dogs and I told her they were pigs. Teri said 'igs' and I said, "No, pigs, Teri. Look at me, Teri, me, me," and she said, "Oh, you", and pointed to the pigs.
April 24, 1962 I got up at 5:30 this morning and found Teri had gotten up even earlier and was in the process of emptying Tom's hair tonic on her head. Had used half the bottle already.
May 23, 1962 I gave Teri a pickle to eat and she said, "Ooh, a hot-dog!"
Age 3
October 24, 1962 Teri asked me if my daddy painted the bathroom and then quickly changed it to "I mean your Tom".
January 11, 1963 Teri was hunting a puppet and said, "Don't let Billy pup my puppet".
May 12, 1963 Teri came in to eat and said, she was "real big hungry".
June 12, 1963 Teri asked me if I played the piano and I said I did and she asked me to 'sit down and play with it then'.
Age 4
September 5, 1963 Teri complained about Debbie spraying her with the garden hose and said she had water in her eyes and it made her eyes nervous!
October 15, 1963 I was stressing to the children not to feed the dog before his surgery tomorrow because he would get sick if we did feed him. Teri (being super sensitive to all wheat products with diarrhea as the result of her exposure to it) wanted to know if the dog food had flour in it, too!
November 20, 1963 I was getting set to bake pumpkin pies and also peel potatoes for lunch. I asked Teri to get me some potatoes and she looked puzzled and thought a bit and then said, "Potatoes in pumpkin pie"?
December 7, 1963 Teri asked what hospital Tom was staying in and I told her it was her hospital and she said, "Oh, I thought maybe it was his hospital now". (Six of the nine were born in the Independence Hospital.)
March 18, 1964 Teri said to bring in the thing that she and Bill coughed at. After much questioning I found it she meant the vaporizer.
March 26, 1964 Teri came in complaining that Debbie wasn't very friendly because she would not share her cookies with her.
March 26, 1964 Teri said, "Eenie, Meanie, Might and Moe".
March 27, 1964 I told the children their Daddy was going to call them every name in the book and the house every name in the book when he got home from work because every thing was in such a mess and they were supposed to have cleaned up before he got home. Teri said, "Well, how's Dad going to call us every name in the phone book and the house every name in the phone book, too"?
April 19, 1964 Teri and Becky were looking at a Lysol box and it showed pictures of numerous places in the house to be cleaned with Lysol. Teri said you can wash any where with it and Becky piped up with, "Yea, lots of where's".
January 1, 1965 Teri came into the kitchen holding a magic wand. She asked if we knew who she was and we didn't. She said she is a teacher.
October 16, 1965 Teri heard the TV announcer say the Camp Fire Girls were passing in review in the American Royal Parade in Kansas City so she hastily dropped her dish towel and ran to see, exclaiming as she ran, "Oh, I want to see the Camp Fire Girls, they might be carrying a fire".
November 11, 1965 Teri was explaining how the vowels worked in set, sat, sit, sot, and sut. I told her there is no such word as sot and sut and she said, "Yes, there is, you know, like 'sot' and pepper your potatoes".
June 12, 1966 Teri was reading and was stumped on the word 'Uncle'. I asked her if she knew what an aunt was and she said she did so then I asked her what Jim and Wheel were (meaning uncles). Teri replied, "People?"
October 15, 1966 While trying to cross Highway 40 on this lovely Saturday I remarked to Teri about the large amount of traffic and she said, "Well, no wonder, this is tripping day. People take trips on Saturday and Sunday, you know."
August 10, 1967 I told the children that Lillian (babysitter) had been here with her fiance and Teri popped up all excited saying she knew what that meant. I asked her what it means and she said, "It's one of those things you put in both hands, push back and forth and play with your fingers like a piano and it makes pretty noise." (Accordian).
October 2, 1967 Teri said her third grade teacher is a "public". (Protestant).
November 19, 1967 Teri said she knows why brothers and sisters can't marry. I asked her why not and she said, "Because everyone is supposed to have two grandma's and two grandpa's and if brother's and sister's married each other their children wouldn't get any more grandparents."
Age 8
January 25, 1968 Teri said if I would give her the names of the "Apostibles" she would spell them for me.
Age 9
August 8, 1968 Teri was telling me that Robin and Tammy Tuttle were going to move to Lake Tapioca. (Tapawingo.)
September 5, 1968 Teri had piles of homework to do. After an hour or so she came to me and said Debbie is doing some of her homework for her. I was surprised at such a thing and said, "Why, Teri, that won't help you any." Teri answered, "Unhuh, I've still got lots to do yet."
September 14, 1969 Tim had a bill from Doctors Pope and Mount and both Debbie and Teri picked up the envelope and in hushed tones asked if Tim had really gotten a letter from the Pope.
Age 13
July 5, 1972 Ricky sprayed Grandpa and then Grandpa said he guessed he would just have to go hang on the line and went outside. Later I looked out and said, "Well, what do you know, Grandpa did go hang on the line." Teri jumped up and said, "This I gotta see." Gullible Teri, I got you there!
Age 20
June 16, 1980 Teri served Gumbo over rice and when Dave saw the rice he poured it in his dish and then very happily asked for the milk and sugar and didn't realize rice could be used any other way than for cereal. He did not like the idea of Gumbo on top of it at all!!!

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