Tim Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my 9 children have said to me over the years. Tim was born 1965:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
Age 18 Mo
March 2, 1967 Tim tried for about 30 minutes to get a pair of jeans on. He finally gave up and put them on his head for a cap.
Age Almost 3
August 19, 1968 I asked Timmy if he was Daddy's boy and he said, "No, I'm Mama's baby."
Age 3
Setpember 11, 1968 Tim awoke after a short nap, pottied and started back to bed. I told him to go on back to bed as he was turning around and coming back. He told me his pillow was wet. I asked him if he had pottied in his pants and he replied, "No, but my face pottied."
October 7, 1968 When Timmy is upset with me he calls me a bad boy. But, tonight he was really exasperated and said, "All right, you're not my boy any more!" and stomped off to bed.
January 20, 1969 Becky was telling Tim she was going to buy him a new truck and I reprimanded her for telling Tim that because she has no money and I said, "Becky, you're telling Tim a bad story and you mustn't do that." Tim interrupted excitedly and said, "No, no, mom, that's a good story."
May 17, 1969 While teaching Tim the names of flowers he saw a spirea bush and exclaimed excitedly, "Oh, Mom, there's a diarrhea bush."
July 10, 1969 On the way to Great Uncle Alfred's farm Tim decided he didn't want to go there at all. He wanted to go to Old McDonald's farm and see his pigs. But, we continued on and while at the farm Tim tried to get Great Uncle Alfred to get a bridle so he could ride a sheep.
July 11, 1969 Tim asked Grandma if she was going to marry Grandpa and she said she already married him and Tim walked off in disgust and said, "Ooooh, Broooother!"
July 12, 1969 Every time Tim was naughty at Grandma's I threatened to send him to bed. After spilling some milk he said, "Oh, I know. I'm going to bed," and he did just that. The next day I didn't threaten bed at all, but after he spilled something else he walked off and said, "Im going to bed again."
July 14, 1969 Tim wanted his second glass of juice and while I was filling the glass he said, "I'm going to be a pig."
July 14, 1969 While being tested for allergies at Dr. Cox's office a lady asked Tim where he lived and without a pause he answered, "At home."
July 14, 1969 Tim and I went into the post office and Tim said, "Oh, this is the hungry place." (Not a restaurant, Tim, honest.)
September 14, 1969 Tim had a bill from Doctors Pope and Mount and both Debbie and Teri picked up the envelope and in hushed tones asked if Tim had really gotten a letter from the Pope.
Age 4
September 19, 1969 Tim wanted a slipper spoon but asked for a foot flipper.
September 19, 1969 I was studying when Tim came in the house from outside. He walked in and sat down beside me and said, "You were all alone, Mom, till I came and sat down." I jumped up to go to the bathroom and he said kind of quietly and sadly, "Now, I'm all alone."
September 21, 1969 Tim asked me if his fingers and toes and head were going to fall off so he could bigger ones.
September 22, 1969 Tim loves to kiss and kiss and tries to get his friends to do likewise. He says to his friends, "Let's all go kiss my mom."
September 26, 1969 I was going over to Pat Coomes and told Tim we were going to see Mike Coomes and he was very excited but kept calling him Rac Coones or Racoon Mike.
September 30, 1969 Tim was playing quietly all morning suddenly he asked, "How do dinosaurs kiss?"
September 30, 1969 I was explaining to Tim how everything God creates is good, but people's misuse of God's creations can create untold problems. Tim asked, "Are grasshoppers good?" I said I guess so and Tim replied "Why do we kill them then?" Good point.
October 12, 1969 Bill, Debbie and I were playing a game of Probe. I asked Bill if he had a blank and Tim said he does and disappeared into the other room in a hurry! We paid no attention but shortly Tim reappeared beside and me and said, "See, Mom, here's my blank (a heavy blanket). Then he looked questioningly at me and said, "Isn't this a blank, Mom?" I told him it was not a blank but a blanket and where did it come from. Tim said, "Off of my bed."
October 13, 1969 Tim came home and said he had learned a new song at nursery school called "My Body Lies Over The Sea". I tried to talk him into saying it correctly, which is "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" but Tim was not buying my version.
October 17, 1969 Great Uncle Alfred Parsons asked Tim if he wanted to go to Grandma's with him and Tim said very indignantly, "No, I don't want to go to your Grandma's house but I want to go to my Grandma's and Grandpa's." Uncle Alfred tried to explain that Grandma is his sister and Tim then wanted to know if he was going to marry her now.
October 28, 1969 Tim said he loves Patricia (Uncle Dick's wife). Then Tim added, "She is so beautiful." After thinking awhile he added, "I wish Daddy would marry her." I asked what he would do with me then and Tim thought for a bit and said, "Oh, John could marry you, Mom."
November 1, 1969 Tim came to me full of indignation and said, "MOTHER, why did we put the Christmas presents under the tree last year before Santa came? We weren't supposed to do that. Santa Claus was!"
November 7, 1969 Tim and I went to school and Sister Karen said, "My goodness, Tim, you look handsome with your hair all slicked down." Tim, without missing a beat said, "It's combed."
November 9, 1969 Tim was pretending to be "Batman" and playing in the kitchen. Tom decided to tease him a little and said, "You're not "Batman", you're just a chicken." Tim replied, "Oh, yeah, Super-chicken!!"
November 16, 1969 As we were riding someplace in the car I noticed Tim was putting his fingers in his ears and experimenting with sounds. He finally said, "Now you can't hear me because I have my fingers in my ears."
December 4, 1969 Tim was enjoying playing with his tinker toys and made a wheel of sorts, that is, one round tinker toy with yellow pieces sticking out all around and very proudly said, "Look at my 'Movie Star'."
December 5, 1969 Tim was feeling the fur on my coat collar and I told him it came from an animal. He said, "Did it come from a 'kunk'?"
December 10, 1969 Ricky told Tim we have to shampoo the carpet and Tim said, "No, no, we shampoo our hair, not the rug!"
December 23, 1969 Tim told us his teeth are going to fall on his other teeth! Figure that one out!
January 11, 1970 Tom told Tim to turn and face the wall while the girls were changing their clothes. When Teri finished Tim said, "You took off your pj's and still had your clothes on under them!" (Someone was peeking!)
January 15, 1970 Tim gave Tom a big, big bear hug and Tom said, "Why don't you ever give your mom a big bear hug like that?" Tim thought a bit and said, "Because she's too 'kinny'."
January 25, 1970 Tim was eyeing John's new cowboy boots and realized they would be his when John outgrew them. He asked Tom when and how the boots were going to get little so he could wear them.
January 25, 1970 Tom was watching John draw and exclaimed, "Boy, you sure are a good artist." Tim said, "Yea, and he's a good drawer, too." Tom then said to Tim, "Is John your hero?" Tim answered, "Yea, and my friend, too."
February 24, 1970 Teri was getting ready to vacuum the living room and Tim was on the floor playing. Tim looked up and said, "Don't vacuum me up, too!"
February 23, 1970 Joe Maher (Grandpa's neighbor) took his boots off on the porch at Grandpa's house and proceeded to walk in with his socks coming off of his feet. Tim was aghast at both the socks sliding off and no shoes on either. He tried to pull up Joe's socks for him. He wasn't having much luck getting them up so he pulled his own shoes and socks off and showed Joe how to pull up his socks and asked him if his Mom forgot to show him how to put his socks on! Joe told him he doesn't wear shoes, so Tim decided to not wear his shoes anymore either. Joe told Tim he had a boy living in Kansas City and Tim said, "Does he wear shoes?" Joe kept teasing Tim until Tim finally lost patience and told Joe he would punch Joe in the stomach if he didn't quit teasing. Joe kept it up and Tim did punch Joe twice in the stomach and ended up with a hurt fist and then said, "You shouldn't hide your stomach like that, it hurt my hand." Later Joe told Tim he was going to take Tim home with him and Tim said, "Oh, no." Joe changed the subject by telling us that someone had stolen the battery out of his self-propelled combine and told Tim again he was taking him home with him. I told Joe Tim could go next summer and even drive his tractor and Joe said he would have to buy a new one and Tim said, "Will it have a battery?"
March 2, 1970 Tim said he wants to grow up to be like his Dad, but, he doesn't want to go to work because then he can't watch "Batman".
March 12, 1970 Tim didn't want to wear his coat outside in this 20 degree weather, but wanted to wear his towel (Superman cape) instead. Ronnie Rottinghaus, his friend, called and wanted Tim to come up to his house and play so I told Tim to wear his coat up to his house and then take it off and put his cape back on. Tim decided to comply. A bit later Tim came walking back in the house wearing the cape (towel) and tossed his coat onto the chest. I was puzzled as to why he came in coatless, so questioned him. He told me he had done exactly as I had said, meaning, I did not say anything about having to wear the coat home!
March 19, 1970 We were shoppping in a store in North Kansas City when Tim saw a six foot (plus) skinny Mom with her little girl (about 2 years old). Tim was awe struck and stared and stared. Tim came over to me and said in a hushed tone, "Gosh, Mom, that sure is a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggg Mom!"
April 1, 1970 I was taking Teri to Dr. Cox for allergy tests while a terrible blizzard was in progress. Everyone was slipping and sliding all over the roads. The city ordinance was put into effect while we were en route home. The ordinance was that anyone without chains or snow tires would be ticketed. I moaned, "Oh, no, I don't have chains on and the police will give me a ticket." Tim said, "You mean you are supposed to have chains on so you won't get loose? Are they going to put handcuffs on you, too?"
April 4, 1970 I thought I had explained how huge and how small God is to Tim. We were talking about God being in the kitchen with us. Tim said, "Does God live up in the sky?" I told him that God does live in the sky and in everyone's home and all over the world and Tim said, "Well, is He going to break our roof down now?"
April 4, 1970 Tim wanted some money to buy a hamburger and said to his Dad, "Does Mom have any money?" His Dad said, "Yes, but she can't afford to spend it." Tim replied quietly, "Well, I can."
Age 5
October 1, 1970 Tim stuck himself with a pin and said,"Mom, I pinned myself."
October 2, 1970 Grandpa put his cold hands on Tim and Tim said, "Oh, Grandpa, don't. You 'colded' me."
October 3, 1970 After I cut my bangs too short Tim said, "Mom, your hair looks pretty." I felt much better about the state of my bangs after that comment but then Tim added, "I had to say that so you would feel good,"
Age 5
March 3, 1971 Grandpa and Grandma McClintic came for a visit for the first time since last August. Grandpa looked at the backyard and said, "Dorothy, is that your backyard? It has been so long since I have seen it." I told him it was and Tim said, "No, Grandpa, that's everyone's yard."
March 15, 1971 Tim was looking out the window and saw a red bird. He yelled very excitedly, "Mom, there's a Blue Jay, no, I mean there's a Red Jay outside."
March 15, 1971 The cleaners man came back with Tom's cleaned suit and rang the doorbell. Tim ran down to the door and opened it and said, "Don't ring that doorbell anymore. You will use up our electricity."
March 15, 1971 Tim was holding a plate on top of his head and Ricky said, "You should be able to balance that plate on your head like the Chinese do." Tim said, "I can't", and proceeded to bounce it, thinking Rick had said bounce, not balance.
March 20, 1971 Tim saw Uncle Bob Dierkes smoking and said to him, "You know I told you not to smoke anymore, Uncle Bob." Uncle Bob said, "Why not?" Tim answered, "Because you'll die and get sick."
Summer 1971 Lucyle Piercall asked John where Grandma was and Tim said, "Oh, she's out at Alfred's Parsonage, meaning Alfred Parsons house.
January 4, 1972 Msgr. Bauer was questioning Tim in preparation for his First Holy Communion. He asked Tim if he was the baby in the family and Tim, more than a little miffed over that question answered, "No, I'm the youngest, but not the baby." Msgr kept chuckoing over Tim's answer till finally Tim said, "Stop laughing so much. This isn't funny." Msgr later asked Tim if he had ever heard of Easter Sunday and Tim replied, "No, but I've heard of Easter."
Age 6
July 3, 1972 Tim asked me if I knew why the moon is half a moon and I said part of the time I did and Tim said, "Well, I know all of the time."
Age 7
December 13, 1972 Tim was sweeping the basement and kept asking for the sandpan to pick up the sawdust.
December 14, 1972 Tim found 8 spark plugs and wanted to keep them. He was very excited because he had a motor now. All he needed was the rest of the engine!!!
Moved to Harris Street, Independence, Missouri
June 12, 1973 John and I told Tim that June the 21st was the first day of summer and John said, "Yes, it is the longest day of the year, too." Tim was surprised and said, "Oh, really? How many hours does it have?"
June 13, 1973 Tim and I were driving out to Tope's farm and Tim was wondering if there would be any water there to drink and I assured him there would be. He then asked if we would have to drink out of the pond.
December 14, 1973 Tim hoped Doctor Cox (allergist) would not give third grade shots becaue they hurt worse than the rest!
December 15, 1973 Tim was wearing baggy knit pj's and said they looked just like Grandpa's baggy long john's and they sure did!
Age 8
January 7, 1974 Tim leaned over at Mass and whispering in my ear asked me if my wedding and engagement rings were real 'chrystal'.
April 23, 1974 Tim came to the table and with a shocked expression on his face said a boy at school called Pat Fetters "A big, fat 'Jasax'" and Tim said that word means a camel so guess it's not really that bad to say.
Age 10
April 20, 1976 Tim asked me if Tommy (TJ) is a man yet and I said, "I hope so, he is 22 and now married." Tim said, "Well, he doesn't look like a man. He still looks like my brother to me."
Age 11
November 17, 1976 Bishop Fitzsimmons was celebrating Mass with another priest at Nativity and Tim asked which of those guys up there was the Pope.
November 21, 1976 Rick thought he was at school (Conception, MO) and stepped out of the top bunk in Tim's room to turn off the alarm. What a crash!!! Tim observed him very cooly and with a bit of admiration and awe, too, he said, "Gee, Rick, that was sure a neat way to get out of bed."
November 21, 1976 Bill couldn't go to Mass with us at 12:30 because he said he didn't have any hot water to shower with cause two people had already taken a shower together (the same time but in different bathrooms, thank you). Tim asked who took showers together and we said John had, then Tim replied, "Well, who was taking a shower with John?"
January 30, 1977 Tim said we didn't fight in the Civil War because Dad was still a German then.
Age 12
June 30, 1978 Tim accidentially hit my arm and I said nothing. He was very quiet and soon came to me and asked if I still loved him and I assured him that I did and asked why he had questioned my love. He said, "Because I hit your arm and you didn't say anything." What was I supposed to do????
Age 13
September 20, 1978 Tim asked me if I was going to be a Crown in Amway and Dave cut in and said, "But, you've got to be a Direct first, right Mom?" Who says little people don't listen to what is going on around them.
September 21, 1978 Tim asked if I would sponsor him in a 'Walk-A-Thon' and Dave apparently only heard the word 'sponsor' because he came to me and asked if I would please sponsor Tim into Amway and I asked why and Dave said, "Just because I want 'you' to sponsor Tim, that's why."
Age 16
May 25, 1980 Tom, Tim, Dave and I went to the MayFest in Ft. Worth and enjoyed it so much we decided to go again on Sunday. Tom and Tim went to 5:30 Mass that night and I took Dave to CCD and went to 9:15 Mass the next morning. I left everything upside down at home and the guys all in bed. When we got home Tim had just finished cleaning the kitchen. On the way to the MayFest I complimented Tim on the good job he had done in the kitchen and Tom said he didn't even have to be told to clean the kitchen. I said I noticed our bed was made and Tom said he had done that and Tim said in a quiet and sarcastic voice, "And, he didn't even have to be told." Okay, Tim, you made your point.

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