Tracy Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Tracy was born 1987:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 9 0
Age 3
November 11, 1990 Becky asked Tracy if Uncle David fed her at Burger King yesterday and she said very indignantly, "No, I fed myself!".
November 26, 1990 Tracy fell asleep while riding in the car with Uncle David. Dave carried her into the house and laid her in bed. She sort of awoke and said to Becky, "Mom, I think I'll go to sleep now.".
1 9 9 1
February 23, 1991 Tracy told me she now has two freckles. I asked her when she got them and she said, "Oh, they came at night". I asked her how she knew they came at night is she was sleeping and she said, ",u>Oh, don't you know? I keep my eyes open at night when I sleep". I asked her why she would do that and she said, "Oh, so I can see that nothing bad happens". Live and learn for me.
Age 4
February 25, 1991 Tracy told me that when you die you become and 'Ancestor or an Anbrother' but she didn't know which.
May 4, 1991 Tracy said she knows when George Washington died and she was going to tell me so we'd be the only ones who knew. . . 789.4 FM. Okay, now we know what station Becky and Gary listen to.
December 22, 1991 Tom was wrestling with Tracy on the floor. He was the horse and Tracy was riding, then she slid off and fell under him. She turned over on her back and pointed toward his chest and said, "Now, I am the baby horse and it is time for me to drink my milk." End of game.
December 22, 1991 Tom was complaining about being cold and said he is going South to get warm and Tracy said, "Oh, Grandfather, you can't do that! You're not a bird. You can't fly!". (Blue Springs, MO)
1 9 9 2
March 24, 1992 Grandfather was knocking on the bathroom door and said, "I'm the big bad wolf. . . let me in!" Tracy replied in a high voice, "No, no, you can't come in. This is a house of brick!" Sure enough it is.
1 9 9 3
Age 5
February 13, 1993 Tracy 5 Tracy went to the potty in Tom's bathroom and, from habit, lined the seat with toilet paper just as she does in a public bathroom!
1 9 9 8
Age 11
February 28, 1998 Becky had two troops out on a Girl Scout camp out and she asked if anyone wanted hot chocolate and then told them to come into the kitchen and fix it themselves. Tracy asked, "Where's the microwave?" (That's how she makes it at home!) We all laughed and helped scoop out the choc. mix and pour hot water from a tea kettle into it. After all was settled, she made a comment at the table, "I still don't know how you made hot chocolate without a microwave?" We laughed again and realized she had never seen a gas stove or tea kettle before either! Amazing! :)
1 9 9 9
Age 12
June 19, 1999 Tracy helped Teri bake cookies. When she talked with her dad long distance that evening she excitedly said to Gary, "Dad, did you know you can make cookies from stuff you have in your cabinets and you don't have to buy frozen rolls of cookie dough from the grocery store?".

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