Zak Said What?

I have kept track of some of the things my Grandchildren have said to me over the years. Zak was born 1993:

_____Date_____ They Said What?
1 9 9 5
Age 2
October 8, 1995 Zak punched a little playmate at daycare in the eye and said, "No bite!" Surprised the care taker cause Zak took up for himself after having been bitten!!!
1 9 9 7
Age 3
July 21, 1997 Zak saw a convertible going down the highway and excitedly said to his Mom, "Look, there's a broken car driving down the road!"
1 9 9 8
Age 4
February 15, 1998 While driving up to the postoffice with Zak in the front seat I was calling the car by its name "Hessie" and when we came to a stop sign Zak said, "Whoa, Pepsi!" He misunderstood the Hessie part.
May, 1998 Zak and Sonya had just left the check-out stand at the big Super WalMart in Greenville and Zak looked at his mom and asked, "Where do all of those people sleep anyhow?" Guess he thought they all lived there! They probably feel as tho they do a lot of the time.
May, 1998 Zak was trying to corral Kami and was telling her no, no. He said, "I.O.N." (Obiviously can't spell). Kami put her hands on her hips and said right back to Zak in the same tone of voice, "I.O.N".
July 06, 1998 Sonya was playing baseball with Zak in the yard/field. Usually they just let him hit the ball but tonight they decided he should learn to run the bases so they explained the process and she pitched and he hit the ball (and surprised them all). Kami and Sonya ran to get the ball and while Zak was running they were encouraging him by yelling "Run, run, run, and Yeah, Yeah, run, Zak!" When he got to third base they yelled, "Now run home" and he did just that. Ran straight to the house!!!!
August 20, 1998 Sonya was trying to teach Zak about the 'Knock, knock' jokes. She told him they are supposed to be funny when she gives the answer to his 'Knock, knock' question. So, after she thought he understood the meaning of the jokes she tried one on him. After she finished it he literally rolled on the floor with laughter and Sonya was so proud of her ability to explain the jokes and his ability to understand them. Then, Zak said, "Did I laugh enough, Mommie?" Burst her bubble!
August 20, 1998 Zak is using his imagination more than he used to. En route to swim lessons he said, "Mom, I wish I could turn into a bird and fly to swim lessons and do the speed limit, then change back into a boy to swim then change back to be a bird to speed limit home."
October 14, 1998 I asked Zak if he wanted some ice cream and he said, "Sure but I don't want any of that down there in the cabinet" and pointed to a box in the lazy susan swing around cabinet. I had to laugh and asked him to go open the box. He did and was he surprised to find it is where I store batteries for the toys!

He sure did not want any of that kind of ice cream, for sure!!! He thought that was pretty funny.

1 9 9 9
Age 5
January 17, 1999 Sonya had made advent type calendars with a piece of candy for each day for Kami and Zak so they could count down the days till Kami's birthday party in February. While Sonya was napping the children got their calendars down and ate all of the candy pieces except 4 and woke Sonya up and excitedly said, "Look, mommie, now it's only 4 days till Kam's birthday. Yeah!!".
November 4, 1999 Sonya and the children were in the grocery store looking at the cakes, and Sonya asked Kami and Zak which one they should have for Jesus' birthday. They both thought Poke'mon, and then Kami looked at Sonya very puzzled and asked how they would get a piece to Jesus. And then she asked if they would be celebrating the baby Jesus birthday or the grown up Jesus birthday. Sonya figured Kami see's baby Jesus and the big Jesus that died on the cross as two different people.
2 0 0 0
Age 6
March 15, 2000 Zak now calls his real father "stepdad" and his mother's fiance Daddy. Zak was telling me something about his 'stepdad' and Kami corrected him and said, "You can't have a stepdad, Zak. You can only have a mean stepmother". Guess there are no fairy stories about mean stepdads, are there?
February 17, 2000 Sonya reports Zak is becoming quite the gentleman now. He likes to seat her in the car and then have her stay seated after the car stops so he can get out of the car and open the car door for her. Both children like picking weeds (flowers) for their mother from the yard now. Zak especially feels very important doing these things.
April 16, 2000 Kami was helping her mother do a chore and Sonya commented to her, "Kami, you are growing up to be quite a lady." Zak quickly chimed in and said, "Yeah, Kami, and 'Sirs' will love you, too."

Both children are being taught to call older men sirs and ladies Ma'am so he thinks when Kami is older a 'sir' will fall in love with her.

May 2, 2000
Kami& Zak
4 & 6
Sonya reports Kami is at the stage where she likes to "push Zak's buttons" and aggravate him, but she is very calm and cute about it. He falls for it every time. Kami knows Zak well. To demonstrate what she was talking about Sonya said the following: She told the children to go brush their teeth.

Kami said, "Oh, me first, me first", meaning she intended to use the sink and brush her teeth first.

Very sternly Zak said, "Kami, that is so rude." As a comeback Kami said, "What is so rude?" Zak answered, "To say 'me first, me first' is rude. You should always let others go first!"

Kami still looking cute and calm and happy as ever said, "That was so rude?"

Zak answered very plainly "YES, THAT WAS RUDE!"

Kami quipped back, "So rude you can hardly believe your eyes" and laughed merrily as she brushed her teeth first.

June, 2000 Mackenzie and Kami and Zak all call water 'goggles' 'water gaggles'.
June 19, 2000
Kami& Zak
4 & 6
Kami told her mother she is now going to marry Eian. Her mother said, "Kami, I thought you were going to marry Josh... why are you going to marry Eian?" Kami replied, "Because Eian let me see his Pokemon cards and he's a good Christian." Zak piped up and said, "Kami, I think you should take some time on this. I took some time, and I'm going to marry McKaelah now."
Septmber 8, 2000
Kami& Zak
4 & 6
Kami informed me she is going to the college I went to when she gets big and Zak piped in he was, too, and they both said they are going to be "Aggies". I told them I went to college in Kansas and it is far away. Both were silent for a bit and then Zak asked where it was. Told him it is about 12 hours away and he asked if he would have to fly there. Told him one could drive there but shorter to fly. Kami then said, "But, we want to be Aggies". Told them Brenna and Dave were Aggies and that would be a great school to go to. Both were happy to hear that and decided they would still go to the Aggie school.
September 8, 2000 I mentioned to Zak that Matt was having a hard time finding a playing field to practice soccer in and Zak said there are a lot of places over by him in Mesquite. (Long way for the team to go for practice but I didn't mention that to Zak). Zak said there is a black and white college near them with a big field Matt could use. I asked Zak if the building had black and white squares on it to make it black and white or did that mean black and white people went to that school or were there black and white stripes on the front of the school or what? He thouht and thought and then said, "I think the building must have black and white bricks." Poor guy was caught off guard and didn't quite know what to answer.
Age 7
November 11, 2000 Sonya spent some extra time with the children to find out if there was anything they might want to share with her. Zak was quick to tell her there was something bothering him. Sonya asked him to talk to her about it and he said (very seriously and solemnly) "Mom, about that grey dog (a robot he saw in the store).. Do you have any idea how important this is to me?. Mom, this really means a lot to me. If we wait until Christmas.... all those dogs will be gone." Sonya and Zak worked out a 21 day compromise concerning his school work at school. He was motivated the first day and only 20 to go!.
November 11, 2000 Sonya reports there was a commercial on TV with a little girl wearing a cute little dress. Kami noticed right away the little girls neck-line was down a bit low, and piped out real fast "Ooohh... she's too sexy...she's showing too much skin!"

Zak looked at the TV and said. ... "Oh.. I like to see that!"

February 10th, 2001 Sonya had to go buy Zak's baseball equipment bag but found the stores were charging too much money so they went to a thrift shop to look for a used one. She eventually found a brand new red one for only four dollars. Sonya felt quite blessed. Later in the car Zak noticed the brand name of "Franklin" written in big black lettering across the front of the bag and although he didn't want to seem ungrateful for the new bag he was caught in a dilemna. He and Kami did some whispering in the back seat and then suddenly Kami piped up, "Excuse me, we need to take this bag back to Franklin's house. It belongs to Franklin." Sonya said the look on Kami's face was priceless. It was obvious they were worried that Franklin would not have a baseball bag and they had the wrong bag.
April 25, 2001 Zak is studying metamorphosis at school, (even had it as a spelling word). He and his mom caught some tad-poles for this school project, and they were going to send them in a container with a small amount of water. Zak looked doubtful about something and then said, "Mom we need a lid in case they go through metamorphosis sometime and we will have frogs hopping all over the school."
April 26, 2001 Zak drew some pictures for his parents of Star Wars. He labeled one for me and one for dad. They were the same picture. He even labeled who Luke Skywalker was, but spelled it like this. "Look Skywaker". Darth Vader was also spelled like this "Dark Vatere" and Star Wars is spelled "Stare Wors".
Age 8
July 8, 2002 Sonya wrote that she had Zak sorting through his drawer for outgrown underwear for their upcoming garage sale. Zak was not a bit happy to be doing this. He got rather sarcastic about it and said, "Uh, Moooommmmm, I'm sure some little kid is going to run up to his mom and say.... Mom oh I want this underwear. Please, mom, oh please can I have this underwear!. Oh... I can just see that now mom. What are you thinking, Mom?! Zak was embarrassed, as you can tell.
July 2002 Sonya asked Kami and Zak to put the video tapes away in the boxes that they go in. They squabbled for a bit, and then Kami comes out of the room and says "Zak said I was fired". Sonya thought that very funny because that is Kami to the T. She is the type that is just going to do things the way she thinks they should be done and doesn't "bend" very easily. Sonya felt sure Zak just decided it was easier to do the work himself.
August 28, 2002 Sonya and childen were listening to a radio program as they drove along the highway. The announcer was discussing prizes that could be won if one entered a contest the station was holding. One prize was for a bedroom suit. Zak excitedly told his mom that she might not want the suit but his dad would probably really like it if she won so she could just give it to him as a present. Of course, Zak thought a bedroom suit was for a man to wear and not a bedroom suite.
Age 9
December 2, 2002 Zak and Kami took Sonya to Furr's to help her celebrate her Birthday. Zak was trying very hard to be grown up. He opened her car door, walked right beside her, and ordered chopped steak, etc..

He was sitting up soooo straight at the table trying so hard to be older and then in his most manly voice and oh so seriously said. . Please pass the All (A1 sauce).

Sonya said she looked to her right and saw the "A1" steak sauce. She didn't want to embarrass Zak so didn't laugh but it was a challenge to refrain from laughing.
Age 13
April 9, 2006 My cute little kiddos made me a candle lit dinner last night with a sweet "I love you Mom" note beside my plate. While I was teaching piano they were busy cooking up a storm... It was all ready by the time I was finished teaching. I sat down to a wonderful dinner of cupcakes with extra icing and ice water. My dinner consisted of 4 of those cupcakes with extra, extra icing with a big cup of ice water. It was sooooooooo cute! I hope I remember that candle lit dinner the rest of my life!!

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