McClintock / McClintic Chapter 2

McClintic Saga

WILLIAM MCCLINTOCK bought 175 acres of land for 154 pounds in the Adam Dickenson Grant of 1750 from a man named Bourland. He had a family of 7 children: JOSEPH, WILLIAM, ROBERT, ALEXANDER, MARGARET, JANE AND NANCY. He died in 1801 and his wife NANCY SHANKLIN died in 1809. According to his will recorded at Warm Springs, Virginia, he was a man of moderate means for those time. Money was so scarce and precious in those days that almost every article of personal property, such as horses, cattle, sheep, farm tools, household furniture and even wearing apparel were listed as a supplement to the will. He could not read or write according to his X signature made in the presence of two witnesses. His will, probably written by some lawyer, specified clearly what each of his children should receive of his property, and his widow should be properly cared for the balance of her days.

"The old form of spelling the name was changed to the modern form of McClintic around 1800 by the Bath County Branch of the family. Most of the Pennsylvania branches kept the old form of spelling in later generations. The descendants of the Bath County branch now number into the hundreds and maybe thousands and are scattered over many states."

On part of the old Bath County Homestead is the McClintic graveyard where several generations of the local MCCLINTIC CLAN are buried. All the graves have headstones giving the names and dates of their birth and death. Although no burials have been made there in the past 30 or 40 years, the old cemetery is well cared for and a fence built around it to keep out stray livestock and other animals.


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