McClintock / McClintic Chapter 4

Children of William & Nancy Shanklin McClintic

McClintic Saga

JOSEPH: Oldest son of William and Nancy left home soon after his father settled along Jackson's River, probably around 1780. He settled in Greenbrier county, which is now West Virginia, near Falling Spring (Renick). He donated land on which the First Presbyterian Church was erected. His old homestead in later years was known as the Albert Hanna land. His home was a very crude log cabin, built like a fort to withstand Indian raids, and withstood the ravages of time until about 1870 when it was torn down. (N.W.Zimmerman's MCCLINTIC family article in Greenbrier Independent, published in 1884). In Greenbrier, Joseph married a MRS. MCCLURE and they had five (5) children.



A. WILLIAM married AGNES HANNA april 2, 1801.

B. MARGARET married her first cousin, WILLIAM MCCLINTIC, son of ROBERT AND JANE MANN MCCLINTIC. (NO WONDER WE ARE ALL HALF IDIOTS!!!) They married April 10, 1807 and lived on a farm near Williamsburg, West Virginia and had nine (9) children among who were: THOMAS C.; JOSEPH; ARCHIBALD; JANE MCCLURE AND SARAH MCCLURE. MARGARET MCCLINTIC WAS BORN SEPT 10, 1774 AND DIED IN MARCH 1875. SHE WAS 100 YEARS OLD.

C. MARY (POLLY) MCCLINTIC married ROBERT HANDLEY July 1816. ROBERT WAS BORN MARCH 1, 1792 AND DIED OCTOBER 19, 1845. He was the son of Sarah Campbell and John Handley of Greenbrier, West Virginia. The couple lived in Greenbrier until 1839. Then they moved to LaFayette County, Missouri. At first they lived near Wellington then took up a homestead near Aullville in the southern part of the county. Soon after this, they both died within two years of each other and are buried in the old Scott Cemetery near where they lived. Their children are: JOSEPH BORN 1818; JOHN C. 1821-1903; WILLIAM 1817-1845. All married and left children except John C who married his brother William's widow. Many of their descendants are now living in Lafayette and Vernon Counties, Missouri. (History of LaFayette County, Missouri and family records.) I would say Polly died either in 1843 or 1847 since they died within two years of each other.

D. DAUGHTER----married JAMES SCOTT. No further record.

E. DAUGHTER----married a Mr. HODGE. No further record.

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