McClintock / McClintic Chapter 5

McClintic Saga

2. MARGARET MCCLINTIC married in 1788. (I have not one idea where she fits into this at all, but she is down under the other names.) MARGARET married WILLIAM MORRIS, son of RICHARD MORRIS AND JANE CALLISON, who was a pioneer along Jackson's River. WILLIAM MORRIS seems to have been a man of considerable intelligence and integrity, for he was one of the Executors of his father-in-laws will. (Be nice if the father-in-laws name had been mentioned.) He died in 1824 and left a family of nine (9)children: JEAN, ANN, WILLIAM, RICHARD, NANCY, JOHN (NED), MARGARET, ELIZABETH AND BENJAMIN. Soon after his death his widow and children moved to Jackson County, Ohio along with other members of the Morris family. Around 1860 a Reverend Richard Morris, an Episcopal Minister visited Pocahontas, West Virginia and Bath County, Virginia relatives and baptized several infants. He was a son of Margaret Morris. Nothing more is known of this family.

NOTE: Records from MARY KEYSOR MEYER indicate MARGARET MCCLINTIC MORRIS married WILLIAM NORRIS on March 27, 1788. (Botecourt County records). Nothing is known of the date of her birth or death. It is known however, that her daughter Margaret was born in 1802 and contrary to the above statement, WILLIAM MORRIS died in 1808. His will was drawn on February 11, of that year and was proved in June 1808. It is on file in the Court House at Warm Springs, Virginia. Some time between 1802 and 1808 MARGARET MCCLINTIC died because WILLIAM evidently married a second time as his widow was named JANE. The will of WILLIAM MORRIS directed his family to sell the house and the land where they lived and move to the plantation which he owned and was called the RICHARD MORRIS estate. In the year 1812, a survey was made for the heirs of RICHARD MORRIS, deceased, where in ED MORRIS got 112 acres, GEORGE W. MORRIS got 124 acres, JANE MORRIS, his widow got 134 acres and ARCHIBALD MORRIS got 117 acres and the land that WILLIAM MORRIS, late husband of JANE MORRIS, in which she conveyed her dower interest. CHALKLEY'S record of Augusta County State that JANE MORRIS, widow of WILLIAM MORRIS, married the second time and the husband's name was EDWARD JACKSON and THEY moved to Ohio. The records of Bath County, however, show a JANE MORRIS married an EDWARD JACKSON in 1806. As this date was prior to the death of WILLIAM MORRIS, it may be reasonable to conclude that this JANE was the daughter of WILLIAM AND MARGARET MCCLINTIC MORRIS. However, on examining the records of Bath County further, we find the marriage of a JANE MORRIS, a widow, to one THOMAS HOWARD on September 13, 1821. It is possible this JANE MORRIS was the widow of WILLIAM MORRIS.

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