McClintock / McClintic Chapter 7

Robert & Jane Mann McClintic's Children:

McClintic Saga

A. ALEXANDER MCCLINTIC B. February 16,1787. ALEXANDER married ALICE BYRD daughter of "INDIAN JOHN" BYRD, son of JOHN BYRD who was killed by an Indian in 1757. ALICE was the sister of ANDREW BYRD of Bath County and to THOMAS BYRD of Greenbrier County and later of Saline County, Missouri. ALEXANDER MCCLINTIC lived on land inherited from his father east of Marlin's Bottom Turnpike near Lewisburg. Before the Civil War, he moved to Missouri and all contact with Greenbrier kinfolk was lost. He probably lived in Saline County, Missouri where THOMAS BYRD lived because around the year 1900, JOE, MARY AND SARAH MCCLINTIC, all old and unmarried, lived in Saline County, Missouri and were children of ALEXANDER MCCLINTIC and known by several of the distant and near kin living in Missouri.

B. JANE MANN MCCLINTIC B. October 3,1782 and D. December 10, 1832. Jane married JAMES BOWEN in December 1800. JAMES BOWEN was the son of ANTHONY BOWEN. JAMES was a prosperous farmer and owned a grist mill and flour mill along Spring Creek. Both were run by water power. In 1822 JAMES BOWEN built a nice brick home on his property. Eleven years after the death of JANE MANN MCCLINTIC he married NANCY MCCLINTIC, a cousin of his first wife. No children born to this union. A granddaughter, MISS LULU WALLACE, age 82, was still living in Williamsburg, West Virginia at the time this paper was written.

C. WILLIAM MCCLINTIC married MARGARET MCCLINTIC (his first cousin and daughter of JOSEPH AND MRS. MCCLURE MCCLINTIC). The couple married April 20, 1807. They lived on a farm near Williamsburg, West Virginia and had nine children.

D. MOSES MCCLINTIC B. 1789 and D. August 8, 1856. MOSES married MARGARET BEARD on October 20, 1820. MARGARET B. April 20, 1802 and D. July 8, 1876. MARGARET BEARD WAS THE DAUGHTER OF COLONEL SAMUEL BEARD. MOSES served in the WAR OF 1812 in CAPTAIN SOLOMON TAYLOR'S COMPANY in the Ohio Valley. As a youth, he attended Dr. MacElhennings Academy in Lewisburg. The year he married he built a cabin on Culverson's Creek, and served as Superintendent on COLONEL JOHN STUART'S farm near Frankford. He was a very frugal man with his money and when he died he had over $20,000.00 in cash and bonds. Although he was very conservative with his money in personal use, he was very lenient in helping his Church, M.E. South. MOSES paid off the mortgage at the Frankford Church while a member there and at Lewisburg when he transferred his membership. His only child was SAMUEL who was born in 1823 and died in 1840.

E. ARCHIBALD MCCLINTIC B. 1793. ARCHIBALD married MARGARET PRICE on January 30, 1817. They left Greenbrier before the Civil War and moved to Monroe or Pike County, Missouri. No record of children but some of their descendants are MR.DECARD of Chicago, Illinois in 1912, JOHN MCCLINTIC of Perry, Ralls County, Missouri in 1946 and his daughter DORIS MCCLINTIC, a teacher in the Perry School System.

F. NANCY MCCLINTIC B. November 1, 1795. D. April 1866. NANCY married JOHN BEARD on November 1, 1819. JOHN BEARD B. 1796. D. 1871. JOHN BEARD was the son of COLONEL SAMUEL BEARD (1771-1850). JOHN BEARD IS THE BROTHER TO MARGARET BEARD who married MOSES MCCLINTIC in 1820. BROTHER ANDREW BEARD MARRIED A MCCLINTIC, TOO, but I have not been able to find which one. JOHN was a farmer near Frankford, and raised a family of seven (7) children: SAMUEL (1820-1854); ROBERT M. (1821-1865); MOSES C.(1824-1896); SARAH JANE (1826-1881); ALICE C. (1831-1874); MARY E. (1832-1890); AND MARTHA JANE (1835-1891). All of these children married except one and their descendants now number in the hundreds. One granddaughter of SAMUEL'S, WILMA BEARD, now MRS. DON HARPER, lives in Elkins, West Virginia.

G. JOHN MCCLINTIC B. 1797 and died as a small boy.

H. SARAH MCCLINTIC B. Mar 6,1798. SARAH MCCLINTIC married JAMES PRICE on May 16, 1816. SARAH AND JAMES PRICE moved to Monroe or Ralls County, Missouri before the Civil War. Not much is known about their descendants. One descendant, MRS. JANE MANN KNIGHT, lived in 1912 at Perry, Missouri. At that time she owned the old family Bible of ROBERT AND JANE MCCLINTIC of Greenbrier, West Virginia.

I. ROBERT MCCLINTIC B. June 11, 1800. D. March 2, 1883. ROBERT MCCLINTIC married MARY C. LEONARD (B.SEPTEMBER 11,1807 D.JULY 1858). The couple married in 1827. ROBERT MCCLINTIC was a Methodist Minister and served for many years in various churches in Greenbrier County. He owned a nice home on Spring Creek near Williamsburg. His grandson, DR. CLIFTON F. MCCLINTIC, now owns this home and lives there with his sister, LAURA MCCLINTIC. (See who's who in America 1953 for further data on DOCTOR MCCLINTIC). REVEREND ROBERT MCCLINTIC'S CHILDREN WERE: ELIZABETH JANE(1828-1907); SALLY ANN PRICE (B.1830); ROBERT M. (B.1831); MOSES (B.1833); FRANCES L. (B.1837); MARY AGNES (B.1839); MARGARET VIRGINIA (B.1842); EMILY ADELENE (1844-1915); MICHAEL LEONARD (B.1847) HE IS THE FATHER OF THE ABOVE DOCTOR CLIFTON MCCLINTIC; ESTALINE SULLIVAN (1849-1904); CATHERINE E. AND CORNELIA (B.1852). Another descendant is MRS. ELDE WOOD (EDITH HOGSETTE, A GRANDDAUGHTER OF ELIZABETH JANE CRIST---oldest daughter of ROBERT AND MARY C.) who lives in Williamsburg, West Virginia.

J. JOSEPH MCCLINTIC B. June 30, 1803. D.January 13, 1854. JOSEPH MCCLINTIC MARRIED MARY MATTHEWS on November 4, 1832. MARY MATTHEWS MCCLINTIC D.1843. JOSEPH MCCLINTIC was a farmer living near Williamsburg, West Virginia. A daughter JANE MCCLINTIC married ADDISON WOLFENBERGER and they had four (4) children. Son JOHN STEEL MCCLINTIC (1840-1921) married FANNIE BROWN and they had nine(9)children. A daughter of JAMES is MISS BETTIE MCCLINTIC who now lives in Williamsburg. (Did then, anyway)

ROBERT (better known as Robin) MCCLINTIC became a son-in-law to an 'Old Mosey' Mann of Bath county. ROBIN by having chosen his wife (JANE) from this flock of sisters, settled on Culbertson's creek, Greenbrier County. And, what style of home do you suppose he selected as a dwelling? Advocating the ventilation theory, his home for years and years was nothing more than a 'half-faced' cabin, the exact counterpart of our present day open sugar camps. At least 45 years ago this old gentleman died (written in 1884) leaving to each of his children a farm of 129 acres or thereabouts. AILSEY (or ALICE) one of the daughters of "Puttery Billy" wedded ALEXANDER H.


A.....JOHN (NED) BORN 1796 IN Bath County, died 1882. Married on January 10, 1832 to MARY ANN CLARKSON. In 1822 they moved to Allen County, Ohio (now Auglaize County). He was the first Justice of the Peace of Clay Township, Allen County, and his oldest child JOHN was the first white child born in that Township. He raised a large family and descendants still live there.

B.....ELIZABETH married ? LOCKHARDT. No further information. record record

E.....RICHARD (probably married ELIZABETH ?)

F.....ANN married ? MINTERN. Lived at one time near Urbana, Ohio

G.....JEAN married EDWARD JACKSON in 1806.

H.....NANCY married prior to 1824. (Honestly, some of these dates just do not jive, but I am copying what I was given and will not edit for many years to come.)

I.....MARGARET born April 5, 1802. (How old were the parents, for goodness sake?) MARGARET was born in Bath County, Virginia. She died January 4, 1878 and is buried in Callahan Cemetery, just out of Forrest , Hardin County, Ohio. She first married DAVID KEYSER. Three children were born to this union. She married DAVID KEYSER in Bath County, VA May 12, 1819. He was the son of WILLIAM AND KESIA KEYSER. Children: JOHN FLEMING born May 7, 1820 or 21. Died December 1900. ADELAIDE married JOHN BRACKNEY. CATHERINE married JAMES LUSK. After DAVID KEYSER died, MARGARET married NELSON CLARKSON in Allegheny County, Virginia on November 10, 1832. It is assumed the couple went to Ohio the next year with her brother JOHN and his wife MARY ANN CLARKSON NORRIS. After NELSON CLARKSON died MARGARET married the third time, this time to LEMUEL LILES and the event too place in Aulaize County, Ohio on September 1, 1854. After his death, she made her home with the granddaughter she had raised, ELIZABETH BRACKNEY, who had married a grandson of her third husband, JOSEPH LILES. Her descendants are counted in the hundreds now living in Ohio, Michigan and New York State for the most part.

Think this is all a repeat of some of Chapter V maybe. Just following what Mom has in a bunch of papers.


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