Ruth and Billie Joe McClintic's home

Israel Clark is the first known owner. He bought about 320 acres in 1835. Nicholas Lambert owned it next. One member of the Lambert family stopped by Ruth and Billie Joe's house one day and said the house was originally one and a half stories. There was a kitchen and a dining room downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. There was a small staircase between the up and downstairs rooms. (I asked Uncle Bill in a note if he remembered when our staircase on our farm was on the west side of the house and you entered it from the southwest corner of the dining room. Skinny staircase like Alfred's but straight up. Two bottom steps in the dining room, I think. When Mom had the upstairs remodeled they put the stairs in the middle of the house which was a clever idea and also put the step that lifted to put/hide toys in. Very cleverly done. Where the bathroom is now, used to be part of the back porch. There was a big closet out there in the porch which became part of the bathroom. Mom put her washing soap, etc and rags in there. Lots of clutter.)

Onward! Sometime in the 1870's Wm. Shields McClintic bought the house and 640 acres. Billie Joe told Ruth that there were many small buildings all around the house. Wash house, coal shed, carriage house, a brooder and chicken house, and a renter's house which Billie Joe and Ruth made into their home. Ruth thought she might have forgotten some of the other buildings. Forgot the barn, obiviously. The house was remodeled into a full two story house by Wm S. McClintic family. She was going to draw a diagram but she forgot. The north and south end of the house were joined together by a 13 to 14 inch wall. The foundation was rock, later replaced with concrete. He had at least two sons,,,,, Robert Shields, who became a state senator and moved to Monroe to live. Harry farmed and built the house where Tim and Janice Kendrick now live. Ruth said she did not know when W.S. McClintic died. Said she took Mom to the cemetery one time to look up his grave. (I am sure I know where it is. Close to our grandparents graves....McClintic, that is.)

Billie Joe also told Ruth that Charley McClintic and his family lived there and also the Inghram family (Russell and Pete and their mother,who ever that is!!) Billie Joe's folks bought the 160 acres, plus the big barn, 2 graneries, the big house, and the 2 room renter's house. The summer before last they put a new layer of shingles on the big house. She hopes that will not have to happen again in her lifetime.