Sylvia's Letter in 1932

Letter to Alfred from his cousin Sylvia, Laura's sister. It was written in 1932 and is interesting.

Sylvia said she had just been 'listening' to the portrayal of some of the events in Abe Lincoln's life. It was interesting.

Then she adds, "OH, but you didn't know that we have a radio did you. Yes an eight tube Crosley. It isn't new now. We've had it over a month. Do we enjoy it? Of course it's an all electric!

We certainly get some grand programs. We've been getting the lectures from the Disarmament Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Heard the Japanese delegate explain the position of the Japanese in the conflict in the Orient now. We just missed the Chinese delegate's talk. Then Senator Swanson gave a nice oration. It was 12:30 AM there and 5 PM here. When he finished he said, "Good Night and Good Morning.". The Japanese spoke rather broken English but it was so clear we could understand him splendidly.

You'd better hold your head now for this next piece of news. It sounds so preposterous.

I'm going to Colorado on my vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, for heaven's sake say a prayer the bank won't go broke! Laura took out another insurance policy sometime ago and I decided I'd not take out any more but have a savings account and go somewhere on a vacation instead."

Suppose the bank went broke before Sylvia left????

Sylvia's mom also enclosed a letter with the same date. Said a man named Tom had gotten so sweet on her the year he taught Buckman school that her father (Robert F. Parsons, no less) got so alarmed that he stopped her from going to school. He need not have been concerned tho as she despised the guy.

'He' called on her one day to hear a spelling class and she gave out the word grammar and the kids couldn't understand and finally she called out gra-mare. And such an uproar as then happened. Everyone got tickled and she was teased about the poor ole gray mare for a long time.

Sylvia's mom asked Dovie (my granny Parsons) how her hens were doing. Said eggs are much cheaper and they can get guaranteed fresh eggs for 15 cents and they get fine fresh pork at nine cents and splendid beef roasts for 10 cents a pound. When the meat is that price what must the price of pork and beef be on foot." She also said she wondered what we are coming to. Then she referred to Olivia's baby who happened to me your mom.

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