Horse Barn Down

This horse barn had outlived it's usefulness, so as a favor to WellSpring Christian Church in Spring Hill, TN, Pat Williams is removing it. I do assist from time to time.

The project began by removing everything which was salvagable and not used to hold the barn up. Some helpers used to come by and help so as to salvage the best pickings. Once the easy pickings were done, they were done too. :)

There was an appartment attached to the front where the horse trainer lived.

Once the barn had been gutted, and all the supports either removed or let loosened, a long cable was attatched to 2 corners of the barn and Pat's bull dozer pulled it down.

The first pull ripped one pole off the corner of the barn while the barn remained standing.

The 2nd pull ripped a pole from the inside of the barn while the barn remained standing. We do have a movie of this.

The 3rd pull pulled the entire structure down with a clowd of dust! We have a movie of this also.

The horse barn mostly gutted.   The horse barn from the Church office view.   The horse barn with the new subdivision in background.   Neat looking old treehouse behind the horse barn.   Pat Williams unloads the bull dozer   Pat Williams piling up the unsalvaged debris.   One track came off the bull dozer.  It was tricky, but we got it back on.  Use the plow as a jack and puller.   Pat Williams on the bull dozer, straining against the horse barn.  Notice the wheel used to keep the cable from getting a chink in it.   Round 1 - The Dozer pulled and the barn gave up one leg on the front right and is still standing.   Pat Williams surveys the horse barn which was just pulled down.   The victorious bull dozer waits for a NEW challenge.